Sir Everton Weekes


Sir Everton Weekes, the last surviving member of the famed West Indies 3 Ws, has died after a period of ill health. IN a long career he managed 12, 010 runs in 152 matches, and was considered one of the best cricket players in the world in the 1950s, with the 8th best batting average of all time. In 1979 he became manager of the Canadian cricket team for the World Cup, presumably as liked a handicap. Canada lost all three matches, but Weekes remaine a popular and successful name in his sport. Which is somewhat unusual for things named Everton.

Health woes meant 12 teams went for Everton including The Final Whistle, Grobler’s Stiff Ones and Eejit. And, why, yes, it’s a pick for Yvonne’s Gone Too. Yvonne’s Teams on Fire, your old picks are terrified…

Everton Weekes
26 February 1925 – 1 July 2020
12 teams