Poul Schluter


Former Danish Prime Minister Poul Schluter has died aged 92. He was Danish leader for 9 years between 1983 and 1992, having been the first right winger to lead Denmark in 80 years! He was forced to resign after having been found to have misled the Danish parliament over the reunification of refugees in Denmark from the Sri Lankan Civil War. He was best known for introducing the krone peg (linking the Danish currency to the German internationally) to stop devaluation and was a fiscal disciplinarian in the mould of a Thatcher. He was also known for his sunny demeanour, and catchphrase that the economy, no matter the outlook or prognosis, was doing “reasonably well”. He claimed that ideology is trash. His view on deadpools is not known. 

Schluter was yet another unique pick for Gooseberry Crumble, this time for the Blueberry Crumble squad. Their esoteric selections are unlikely to win the DDP, but for sussing out under the radar frail picks, they might be second to none currently playing.

Poul Schluter
3 April 1929 – 27 May 2021