Pat Arrowsmith


Peace activist Pat Arrowsmith has died aged 93, although we’re half expecting her to rise from her grave in a show of rebellion against the Reaper. She was most dedicated to nuclear disarmament, co-founding the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in 1957 and co-organising the first Aldermaston march. Other causes dear to her included anti-war activism, feminism, and LGBT rights. A lesbian who came out through her Who’s Who profile, she married a man for one day as it was the only way she would gain her father’s inheritance, which she promptly donated to pride marches.

She challenged James Callaghan’s seat in the 1979 general election on a platform of withdrawing British troops from Northern Ireland. Arrested for a protest the day before the election, Arrowsmith was present at the announcement of results. As Callaghan gave his speech, Arrowsmith heckled him, leading to the commentator to observe “She was arrested yesterday in Cardiff. It looks as if she may be arrested again today” and Callaghan to quip about the “not particularly tuneful duet” being shared!

Overall she was jailed eleven times for her protests, and escaped one by climbing over a wall. Her only regret was not attempting more escapes! Someone who very much marched to her own drum was fittingly a unique hereabouts, for Here’s Who You Could Have Won.

Pat Arrowsmith
2 March 1930 – September 2023, aged 93
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