Johnny Harris

Johnny Harris has died aged 87. The Scottish born composer could play piano and synthesizer, and worked on classical pieces and TV. The Johnny Harris Orchestra led performances from all the top stars of the 1960s on the BBC, before he moved to the US to lead Elvis Presley’s band in Las Vegas. He is perhaps best known for two things, an 80s disco hit called Odyssey which was used in Grand Theft Auto, and the theme tune for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

Harris was picked by a trio of reserve teams: Pan Breed’s C team, Day in the Death’s B team and The B-team itself. So two thirds of the Cmme and a future Cmme member there.  [insert evil laughter here at the unnecessary heart attack that just caused, purely on mischief grounds…]

Yes, this is an obit Joey Russ (Day in the Death) was really excited to see, but your host kept forgetting about it, on account of it taking bloody forever for a qualifying obit to sneak through. These things happen. DDP is average around 1 death per day right now, which would obviously smash all previous records if it kept up, but things will presumably quieten down soon. “Take over the obits”, Mr Cooley said, “it’s going to be a quiet year…”


Johnny Harris
9 November 1932 – 20 March 2020
3 teams