Jill Gascoine


Popular actress Jill Gascoine has died after a long battle with dementia. She was best known for her role in The Gentle Touch, the first TV drama ever to focus on a female police lead, pre-empting Juliet Bravo by weeks. The Gentle Touch was a massive ratings winner for ITV, and led to a spin off, C.A.T.S Eyes in 1985. She made appearances in Home To Roost, Taggart (as a villain), and Touched by an Angel.

She was married to actor Alfred Molina. In 2013, she announced publicly that she was suffering from Alzheimer’s, and went onto raise money for research into the illness, but by 2016 she was housebound and in the final stages of the disease. That these final stages took four years shows the difficulty with the disease. She also wrote romance novels at one point.

58 teams went for Jill. This includes former league leaders You Might Be a King or a Little Street Sweeper, as well as Tomb It May Concern, Sovereign-Reaper, The Beatles…, Lardy, Girlfriend in a Coma, and Banana’s Bruises.

Jill Gascoine
11 April 1937 – 29 April 2020
58 teams