Geoffrey Chater


Actor Geoffrey Chater has died aged 100. Cbater was a familiar face on TV, film and stage for the better part of 70 years.  On TV, he was the go to pick for playing lords, knights of the realm and head teachers. He played judges and magistrates in Lucky Jim, Brideshead Revisited and even The New Statesman. Chater also had memorable roles in Tales of the Unexpected, The Aerodrome and Mapp and Lucia, as well as being one of the powers behind the scenes in Harry’s Game. In film, he was both the chaplain in If… and the Amritsar investigator in Gandhi. And we’ve yet to mention The Avengers, or Thriller, or his recurring role as Bishop in Callan. Basically, if you need an actor to bring authority and gravitas to a small but crucial role, Geoffrey Chater was first on the call sheet in British acting in the 1960s and 1970s. He has hundreds of these roles, far too many to cover most, and you could always count on him to knock it out of the park.

Geoffrey Chater served in Burma during WW2, and when not acting, was an active member of Marylebone Cricket Club. He was picked by three teams: Checking Out by Christmas, LFN PLC and The Rotting Corpses of the Undead.

Geoffrey Chater
23 March 1921 – 16 October 2021
3 teams

EDIT – Barry Lyndon, of course. Should have mentioned that.