Gale Sayers


American football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers has died aged 77 after a long battle with dementia. Knee injuries restricted his career to six seasons, but in that time he made the Pro-Bowl 6 times. When his friend Brian Piccolo died of cancer in 1970, Sayers wrote about their opposites attract friendship, in a book turned swiftly into a film – Brian’s Song – where his friend was played by future DDP hit James Caan. After retirement he remained a respected administrator, and in 2013 he was part of the NFL concussion lawsuit. By that time he was already showing signs of the dementia, perhaps a result of too many concussions while playing. His record of 22 touchdowns in a rookie season still stands as a NFL record.

He was picked by two teams, Belmont Craigen Reaper, and Faster Than a Dead Horse.

Gale Sayers
30 May 1943 – 23 September 2020
2 teams