Frankie Banali


Musician Frankie Banali has died after a long battle with cancer. The Queens born drummer was best known for his tenure in American rock band Quiet Riot, whom he joined in 1982 and was a member on and off until his death 38 years later. He was part of the band in the 1980s when they had their biggest successes, covering Slade hits and nabbing two US top 40 singles. Another big hit was Metal Health, which is a popular background theme in Grand Theft Auto video games, and used to be the entrance theme for pro-wrestler Necro Butcher (for more information, see the DDP front page in 2021).

Banali worked with Steppenwolf, Ozzy Osbourne and W.A.S.P. before discounting Quiet Riot on the death of lead singer Kevin DuBrow in 2007. They reformed in 2010 for the touring money. Besides DuBrow, Banali also suffered the early deaths of both parents from cancer and his wife. Last October he announced he was struggling from Stage IV pancreatic cancer, an announcement that tends to make you even more popular with deadpoolers than if you offered free chocolate bars.

And so perhaps it is no surprise he is the 12th member of the Drop 40 to die in 2020. 59 teams cashed in, not such a quiet riot. Teams that won points included: Bleaching the Bottom of the Barrel, Cancerous Hatrd, Carkers Convention, The Love Boat, Poochie, Day in the Death, Drollercoaster, I’m Sorry for your Trouble, Jackie Treehorn, Misers, Noah Reason, Pan Breed (who is this guy?), Prophet, Shaun of the Dead, Heading Nowhere, The Living End, Skinny Kiltrunner, To Kill A Gabor Sister, Tommy Jefferson Survives and Wormer! What a motley crew. But that is a different band all together. Back next year for Nikki Six?

Frankie Banali
14 November 1951 – 20 August 2020
59 teams