Denis Goldberg


Anti-apartheid activist Denis Goldberg has died from cancer. Given months to live in 2016, he held on till now.The only white member of Nelson Mandela’s band of friends put on trial in 1962, Goldberg was jail for 22 years for his involvement in the armed struggle against South African apartheid. While in jail he helped several fellow inmates escape, including the author Tim Jenkin.

Released in 1985 after pressure from Israel, he gave speeches around the world condemning the South African regime, but chose to stay in London after the fall of apartheid to remain with family. When asked later why he, as a white Jew, had joined in a black struggle, he said that his parents had taught him you either are seen to fight intolerance, or you are seen to condone it. In later years he was critical of ANC corruption, but that didn’t stop the ANC giving him awards and acclaim.

He was picked by 14 teams, including Cmme member GUN Fishing, as well as Sovereign-Reaper and Terror of the Vervoorts.

Denis Goldberg
11 April 1933 – 29 April 2020
14 teams