DDP 2020

No sooner had he joined the new DDP Committee than The Love Boat won its first DDP title. It seems putting your team in before the contenders was a winning combination, as did a unique on gaelic football coach Sonia Kinsella. In the most mental year for deaths since 2020 (thanks covid, ya fucker!), the DDP smashed the all time hits record, although it took until the final days of the year for some obits to arrive.

“Most important skill in deadpooling is timing!” agreed Tom Belso, who got a QO 350 odd days after dying…

DDP 2020 – Teams: 488 Hits: 278


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There were too many notables to count lost in 2020. But if you force us to mention some – Diana Rigg, Sean Connery, Terry Jones, John Lewis, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Kirk Douglas, Vera Lynn, Olivia de Havilland, Stirling Moss, Barbara Windsor, Little Richard, Kenny Rogers, Derek Fowlds, Max von Sydow, Honor Blackman, Ian Holm, John le Carre and John Hume. Among many, many others…


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