David Stoddart


Former Labour politician turned independent member of the House of Lords, Lord Stoddart has died aged 94. He was the elected Labour MP for Swindon from 1970 until1983, during which time he was a government whip. Despite this, he was expelled from the Labour party in 2002 by Tony Blair after Stoddart refused to support Shaun Woodward’s chicken run into a safe Labour seat in St Helens. Woodward had been a Tory MP who jumped ship to the Labour party at the promise of a government spot, which made him enemies on both sides of the political spectrum. Stoddart never returned to the Labour party, styling himself as an independent socialist Lord, and championing the case for leaving the EU. David Stoddart remained active on his areas of interest till the end, voting in favour of increased food safety checks 5 days before his death. He was a unique pick for No More Expenses.

David, Lord Stoddart
4 May 1926 – 14 November 2020
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