Colin Skipp


British actor Colin Skipp has died aged 80 after a long period of ill health. Skipp was a voice actor best known for playing the role of Tony Archer in never-ending BBC radio soap The Archers. Skipp first took on the role of the farmer in 1967 and held it until 2013, at which point he was a pub trivia favourite answer for being one of the longest running soap actors in the world. In 2013, his run at Ambridge came to a sudden end with a series of severe heart attacks, and he was little heard of since. His death follows soon after Archers long-timer and fellow DDP alumni, Edward Kelsey. Skipp was a unique hit for the nefarious A Pelican in the Wilderness, a DDP veteran and a big Archers fan, so we hear.

And yes, this is not Spade Cooley. Don’t worry, you’ll get to hear his views from now until Christmas on whoever snuffs it and earns points. However from January 1st 2020, Spade will return to what he does best – killing everyone on the DDP – and the role of these hopefully interesting and informative front page obits will be taken by yours truly: ie MSC, the chap behind the perennially under-performing Pan Breed team. All change soon, oh heck!

Colin Skipp
1939 – 21 November 2019
Died aged 80 (unique pick)