Yoo Sang-Chul


Footballer Yoo Sang-Chul has died aged 49 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was part of the South Korean side that shocked the world by getting to the 2002 World Cup semifinals, defeating heavy favourites Portugal, Italy and Spain along the way. Sang-Chul scored in their 2-0 win over Poland with a smash hit that had our commentators purring. He was named in the FIFA team of the tournament, and played in 2 World Cups and 1 Olympic Games;. He was renowned for his box to box play, defending one moment and attack the next, and is still revered as one of South Korea’s greatest midfield players. All the more incredible given he was blind in one eye from childhood!

A Drop 40 pick, Yoo Sang-Chul was picked by 69 teams, including Banana, Deceased Hose, DDP Tofoa, Drollercoaster, The Living End, Going Underground, Heading Nowhere and Thomas Jefferson Survives, as well as Stop the Steal, Salmon Mousse, Poochie and GUN Fishing. Who could forget to pick a properly notable person with pancreatic cancer? Well, this DDP co-host for one. D’oh. Actually, Reptile too and we can make it a DDP hosting hattrick as David Quantick’s Showbiz Pals dropped the midfielder too! Well, two of them have DDP titles to fall back on. This does continue a long standing curse for Pan Breed, in which every year they’ve been playing the DDP, they drop a survivor from their side who go on to die the next year. So, err,  my humble apologies to the family of Mr Sang-Chul…

Yoo Sang-Chul
18 October 1971 – 7 June 2021
69 teams (Drop 40)