Theme Team League 2021

The theme team league shall appear here. It is manually updated so wont be updated as often as the main scoreboard.

Updated to 28th March 2021 – do we have a winner already?

Position Team Theme Hits Points
1st GUN Cold in Here K2 mission 4 68
2nd End of the Ball Game sports stars 3 31
3rd The Talking Dead talk show folk 2 29
4th Cant Sleep, Clown Will Eat Them Simpsons guest stars 2 23
5th  Old People Party of 20 Old Celebs 5 23
6th Pazuzu XP People born in the 1920s 2 21
7th Kennedy Driving School/All Quiet on the Westerns Front/Oscar Strikeouts US politics/Westerns/Oscar non-winners 1 or 2 20
10th Cobbles to a Coffin Corrie alumni 2 17