Theme Team League 2021

The theme team league shall appear here. It is manually updated so wont be updated as often as the main scoreboard.

23 September 2021-  can the late charge of End of the Ball Game dislodge the K2 climbers?

UPDATE 15th December 2021 – No, Sudden Death’s late Cowie hit puts them above Grim’s K2 fallers after they lead since January!

Position Team Theme Hits Points
1st Sudden Death football 8 77
2nd GUN Cold in Here K2 mission 4 68
3rd End of the Ball Game football 6 59
4th Old as Dirt old celebs 11 53
5th  All Quiet on the Westerns Front westerns 5 49
6th DDP Tofoa former picks as it says on the tin 6 48
7th Old People Party of 20 old folk 8 47
8th Kicking Buckets instead of Balls football 6 45
9th God Gonna Gettem religious folk 4 44
10th Pazuzu CP people born in 1920s 5 43