Peter Sutcliffe


Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has died at the age of 74, in the region of 50 plus years older than some of his victims.  Former grave digger and lorry driver Sutcliffe started off as a bogstandard lassie beater in the 1960s before he graduated to his calling in life of murdering thirteen young women and attempting to murder seven others in a reign of terror lasting five years. Declaring that he was acting on messages from God, Sutcliffe was viewed as completely batshit insane and spent the majority of the next 40 years in Broadmoor.

In recent years the true crime genre has seen an uptick in fan interest, which has led not only to long overdue convictions (the Golden State killer/rapist for example) but postmoterms of famous cases, both in podcasts and on TV. The hunt for Sutcliffe showed up many inadequcies. There was John Humble, the hoaxer who led the police and media in the complete wrong end of the country to get attention, and took the heat off Sutcliffe to murder again. The media attention was on the life of a few of his victims, who happened to be prostitutes, rather than the hideous nature of his crimes, as if it was giving him the OK signal. As for the police, not only did they act within their own misogynistic culture of the time, but they interviewed Peter Sutcliffe NINE times and let him carry on his campaign of funeral creation. At least eight of these interviews came after Peter Sutcliffe was known as someone had ATTACKED A YOUNG WOMAN IN 1969 AND BEEN LET OFF THE HOOK BY THE POLICE. But no, off he went to kill 13 women and seriously injure another half dozen plus with intent to murder. There is an argument that all of these people – the police, the media, Sir Michael “some of the victims were innocent” Havers, that Humble fucker – were in fact complete and utter cunts, and that Sutcliffe was a product of the society he attacked.

And that is true.

But do you know who was also a cunt? Peter fucking Sutcliffe, the guy who murdered those poor women.

He died of covid following a heart attack.

Peter Sutcliffe
2 June 1946 – 13  November 2020
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