Mike Yarwood


Impressionist Mike Yarwood has died aged 82. One of the bastions of 70s British entertainment, at his peak he was capable of commanding a TV audience over twenty million. His act was notable as one of the first in the mainstream to impersonate politicians, with his trademark being a take on Harold Wilson that Wilson himself was a fan of. Some Yarwood-coined catchphrases, such as “silly billy” for Denis Healey, ended up being adopted by the celebrity in question. Rounding out his repertoire were personalities real and fictional such as the then-Prince Charles, Ted Heath, Ken Dodd, Alf Garnett, Lt. Columbo, Frank Spencer, Magnus Pyke, and Brian Clough.

During the 80s, Yarwood vanished into irrelevancy, partially as his soft-edge impressions seemed dated against more biting satire, partially due to demons with the bottle that he eventually conquered. In recent years he took up residence in Brinsworth House, the same care home Richard O’Sullivan is a part of. Five teams take a puff of their pipe, including Comedy Cremations and The Douglas Bader Dance Troupe 2023.

Mike Yarwood
14 March 1941 – 8 September 2023, aged 82
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