Kathleen Blanco

Remember Hurricane Katrina? George Bush Don’t Care About Black People, lots of blues musicians losing their homes, FEMA camps, Dubbya playing guitar and a whole heap of conscious southern rap tracks that still contained hooks about cocaine dealing. One of the key figures in the whole affair was Kathleen Blanco, the governor of Louisiana at the time. A Democrat, and the first female to hold the position, she was criticised for a lack of preparation for severe weather events (days before Katrina she bragged that “we are always prepared”) and a breakdown in communication between the state and federal levels that saw funding take a scenic route before getting to those displaced. She also put 300 troops fresh back from Iraq on the streets of Louisiana to stop looters, because US soldiers who served in the second Gulf War have a reputation for keeping things calm and not overreacting to civilian actions.

Blanco was first diagnosed with cancer in December 2017, which saw her enter a few DDP lineups last time out. When she made it through to 2019, she was always going to be a popular pick and she becomes the sixth faller from this year’s Drop 40. Nearly all the major teams had her, so the rankings aren’t shaken up too heavily, but three teams have now passed the 100-point barrier. 

Elsewhere, another cancer mum has died – this one a joker pick for the team Faster Than A Dead Horse, who enter the top 20.

Kathleen Blanco
December 15, 1942 – August 18, 2019
Died aged 76 (62 picks, six jokers)