Ivana Trump


If you want a further sign of the deterioration of the BBC, the first wife of the “you’re fired” guy gets a BBC Breaking. At this rate the Beeb will have a wall-to-wall coverage section whenever Gabrielle D’Allonches dies, if she hasn’t already. Ivana Zelníčková married an Austrian ski instructor to escape the Communist grip on her native Czechoslovakia, and redeployed the art of strategic marriage shortly after meeting a rich New York businessman named Donald Trump. The pair became well known in Big Apple tabloids for some tower and a tumultuous marriage. The Trumps divorced in 1992, with Ivana frustrated by Donald being more interested in younger models and filming a Home Alone 2 cameo than her. Ivana Trump was 73 and her sudden death after a fall brings out a “LOSER Ivana Trump dies after falling down the stairs! This wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t divorce me! The stairs at TRUMP Tower are the best stairs in the world, you’ll never see better stairs. Beautiful stairs. Believe me.” comment from the Donald.

US right-wing theme team The Right To Die scores a unique hit, possibly picking her due to her ex-husband’s brief flirtation with the Reform Party presidential nomination in 2000.

Ivana Trump
20 February 1949 – 14 July 2022, aged 73
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