Eddie Large


Big funnyman Eddie Large has died after coming into contact with coronavirus. Apparently there are DDP players running sweepstakes on how many picked celebrities will fall to My Corona. I hopefully suggested none, as I write the bloody things, but the numbers are increasing. Nobody picked Adam Schlesinger, though, so you can avoid my gags about covid-19 has got it going on…

Eddie Large and Syd Little were a comedy duo who made it big through Opportunity Knocks (a sort of 70s X-Factor for actually talented people) and went onto become one of the biggest TV acts of the 1970s and 80s. The Little and Large Show ran for 11 series, and at its peak was getting regular audiences of over 15 million viewers. They deuted with Kevin Keegan, and performed impersonations of familiar figures on Who Do You Do? Then, after the TV show ended, came the falling out sadly common place among comedy double acts.

In the last two decades, Large suffered many health issues, including the need for a heart transplant in 2002. He also suffered a collapsed lung and pneumonia in 2013 after falling over a road sign. He was also able to bury the hatchet with Syd, and the two were reunited on Pointless Celebrities last year.

Eddie was a pick on 3 teams, including the Rotting Corpses of the Undead and The Glasgow Effect.

Eddie Large
25 June 1942 – 2 April 2020
3 teams