Doug Padgett


Cricketer Doug Padgett seemed a prime BBC year-end sports roundup QO, but the Telegraph backlog has hastened the wait time considerably. He was a key figure to Yorkshire and according to cricket writer Colin Bateman, he was β€œnimble, happy anywhere in the order, he was a great technician and one of the best batsmen of his era on a bad wicket”. He was 89 and picked by Ashes to Ashes XI.

Young softball player Alexis Buchman has also died aged 22, and shows that Banana will be a tough squad to dislodge as he aims to make the first set of back-to-back wins since Spade’s four-year reign.

Doug Padgett
20 July 1934 – 20 January 2024, aged 89
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Alexis Buchman
1 June 2001 – 15 February 2024, aged 22
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