Don Larsen



We move from basketball to baseball. This is going to be a theme, isn’t it? Well, TMIB knew feck all about pro-wrestlers, but if any of them die this year you can get jokes, anecdotes and funny stories about them.

So, take the jokes, anecdotes and funny stories as read here. New York Yankees hero Don Larsen pitched the only perfect game in World Series history, when he took on all 27 batters for the Brooklyn Dodgers and didn’t concede a single point.

After his sports career, Larsen worked briefly as a liquor salesman. Surely a profit making one as he presumably never had to buy a drink again in the presence of Yankees fans. The news that he was in hospice care came in very late on Hogmanay, and so Larsen was a unique hit on the DDP for YOUREOUT, who subsequently took a Day 1 lead on the DDP.

Don Larsen
7th August 1929 – 1st January 2020
Unique hit