David Soul


Starsky and Hutch star David Soul has died aged 80. His acting career started off with bit parts on Flipper and All in the Family before exploding into stardom with the popular buddy cop series. His cerebral Hutch and Paul Michael Glaser’s scrappy Starsky kept Bay City safe for four seasons and the duo remain fondly remembered to this day. So popular was Soul at his peak that he also leveraged his fame into a sedative “singing” career that topped both sides of the Atlantic with “Don’t Give Up On Us”.

Other roles included a recurring spot on Western comedy Here Come the Brides, the lead in Salem’s Lot, and British theatre spanning West End to Jerry Springer: The Opera. A more fraught behind-the-scenes included domestic abuse and alcoholism, and a “don’t give up on cigs” attitude he held for 50 years was backtracked on too late. Long ill with COPD, he was picked by Bromsgrove Deathtrove and a joker for Headstone Hunters.

David Soul
28 August 1943 – 4 January 2024, aged 80
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