Derby Dead Pool 2023: Drop Forty

The celebs you think won't see 2024...

Total dropped in 2023...13!

Pos Celeb Picture # Teams
1 James Whale
Radio host as big as a...
[Picture of James Whale] 165
2 George Alagiah
[Picture of George Alagiah] 160
3 Jimmy Carter
[Picture of Jimmy Carter] 153
4 Rolf Harris
Ruined TV career/sex abuser
[Picture of Rolf Harris] 147
5 Jonnie Irwin
Real Estate TV host
[Picture of Jonnie Irwin] 146
6 Frank Field
Old-school Labour politician / yodeler
[Picture of Frank Field] 131
7 Gianluca Vialli
Italy football great
[Picture of Gianluca Vialli] 127
8 Linda Nolan
Loose Woman
[Picture of Linda Nolan] 124
9 Rob Burrow
Rugby Player
[Picture of Rob Burrow] 123
10 Shannen Doherty
'Charmed' Actress
[Picture of Shannen Doherty] 114
11 Dick Van Dyke
Sing-And-Dance Man
[Picture of Dick Van Dyke] 106
12 Andy Taylor
Duran Duran guitarist
[Picture of Andy Taylor] 100
13 Henry Kissinger
Realpolitik fan
[Picture of Henry Kissinger] 86
14 Prunella Scales
Sybil Fawlty
[Picture of Prunella Scales] 68
15 Nigel Starmer-Smith
Rugby Commentator
[Picture of Nigel Starmer-Smith] 66
16 Tony Bennett
Mr. Lady Gaga
[Picture of Tony Bennett] 65
=17 Ryuichi Sakamoto
Electronic / Classical Composer
[Picture of Ryuichi Sakamoto] 63
=17 Rhod Gilbert
Stand-Up Comedian
[Picture of Rhod Gilbert] 63
18 Bobby Charlton
Football Legend / Cup Hero
[Picture of Bobby Charlton] 62
19 Shane MacGowan
Pogue/Breathing Miracle
[Picture of Shane MacGowan] 61
21 Bob Barker
US Gameshow Host
[Picture of Bob Barker] 57
22 Kate Keltie
Soaps Actress, 'Neighbours'
[Picture of Kate Keltie] 55
23 Billy Connolly
Big Yin
[Picture of Billy Connolly] 53
24 Vladimir Putin
[Picture of Vladimir Putin] 51
25 Roberta Flack
Singer ALS is Killing Softly
[Picture of Roberta Flack] 50
26 Steve McMichael
[Picture of Steve McMichael] 49
27 Yoko Ono
Singer/Activist/Married to some Beatle
[Picture of Yoko Ono] 48
=28 Tim Bilton
TV Chef
[Picture of Tim Bilton] 46
=28 Mel Brooks
Comedy Mensch
[Picture of Mel Brooks] 46
30 Johnny Ruffo
Aussie Popster
[Picture of Johnny Ruffo] 44
31 Ted Kaczynski
[Picture of Ted Kaczynski] 42
32 David Attenborough
Nature Documentary Icon
[Picture of David Attenborough] 37
=33 Harry Belafonte
Calypso Maestro, He Say Die?
[Picture of Harry Belafonte] 36
=33 Janey Godley
OTT Comedienne
[Picture of Janey Godley] 35
35 Simon Cowell
Wildlife SOS Host, no, not That One
[Picture of Simon Cowell] 34
=36 Randy Jackson
'American Idol' Judge
[Picture of Randy Jackson] 32
=36 Buzz Aldrin
Conspiracist-punching Moon Man
[Picture of Buzz Aldrin] 32
38 Frank McGarvey
Football/the Annual 'Thank feck he made it' Name
[Picture of Frank McGarvey] 31
39 Willie Nelson
High Name in Country Music
[Picture of Willie Nelson] 30
=40 Eva Marie Saint
Actress, 'On the Waterfront'
[Picture of Eva Marie Saint] 28
=40 Joanne Woodward
Hollywood Star
[Picture of Joanne Woodward] 28
=40 Glynis Johns
[Picture of Glynis Johns] 28
=40 Stanley Baxter
[Picture of Stanley Baxter] 28

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