Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2023: F


F, Christiane
Born 20 May 1962  (Hamburg, Germany)
Born as Christiane Felscherinow. German author, whose story about her life as a teenage heroin addict became a best-seller in the late 70s.
[Picture of Christiane F]


Fabares, Shelley
Born 19 January 1944  (Santa Monica, California, USA)
US sitcom actress remembered for her roles on 'The Donna Reed Show' and 'Coach'. Like many child and teen stars of early 60s US TV, she had a short-lived recording career as well, topping the US charts with "Johnny Angel" in 1962.
[Picture of Shelley Fabares]


Fabian, Francoise
Born 5 October 1933  (Algiers, Algeria)
Born Michèle Cortes, French actress, appeared in more than 100 films.
[Picture of Francoise Fabian]


Fabiani, Joel
Born 28 September 1936  (Watsonville, California, USA)
Been in loads of long running crime related TV series including Department S
[Picture of Joel Fabiani]


Fagan, Mary
Born 11 September 1939  (Nottinghamshire, England)
British civil servant who served as Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire.
[Picture of Mary Fagan]


Fagan, Michael
Born 8 August 1948  (Clerkenwell, London, England)
British citizen who broke into the Queen's bedroom in 1982. Got away with it as trespassing Buckingham Palace wasn't a criminal act until 2007, but he later went to the slammer anyway for punching a cop and scheming to supply heroin.
[Picture of Michael Fagan]


Fahey, Peter
Born 18 January 1959  (London, England)
Former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police.
[Picture of Peter Fahey]


Fairuz, (singer)
Born 21 November 1935  (Zuqaq al-Blat, Lebanon)
You probably don't know her, but in the Arab world she's a super-duper-A List star singer
[Picture of (singer) Fairuz]


Faithfull, Marianne
Born 29 December 1946  (Hampstead, London, England)
Singer, actress and ex-girlfriend of Mick Jagger.
[Picture of Marianne Faithfull]


Fakir, Abdul "Duke"
Born 26 December 1935  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Last survivor of soul legends the Four Tops.
[Picture of Abdul


Falco, Edie
Born 5 July 1963  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Actress, best known the role of Carmela Soprano in 'The Sopranos'.
[Picture of Edie Falco]


Falder, Matthew
Born in Manchester, UK  (exact date unknown)
Oceanographer and Cambridge graduate who became one of the UK's most prolific child sex offenders. Currently serving a 25-year sentence for 137 offences against 46 children.
[Picture of Matthew Falder]


Fambrough, Henry
Born 10 May 1938  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Vocalist and last-surviving original member of R&B legends The (Detroit) Spinners.
[Picture of Henry Fambrough]


Fame, Georgie
Born 26 June 1943  (Leigh, Lancashire)
Jazz and pop pianist and musician who had a sting of hits in the 1960s. Reached number one in the hit parade with 'The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde' in 1967.
[Picture of Georgie Fame]


Fantarrow, Faye Faye Fantarrow is no longer with us
Born 28 April 2002  (Sunderland, UK)

Died 26 August 2023  (Sunderland, United Kingdom)

Age at death: 21  (read death notice)
Singer songwriter
[Picture of Faye Fantarrow]


Farage, Nigel
Born 3 April 1964  (Kent, England)
Leader of the ultra-eurosceptical UK Independence Party.
[Picture of Nigel Farage]


Farina, Johnny
Born 30 April 1941  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
The younger of the "Sleep Walk" brothers.
[Picture of Johnny Farina]


Farina, Santo
Born 24 October 1937  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
The elder of the "Sleep Walk" brothers.
[Picture of Santo Farina]


Farlowe, Chris
Born 13 October 1940  (London, UK)
English blues singer who had a 1966 #1 single with his cover of the Rolling Stones' "Out of Time".
[Picture of Chris Farlowe]


Farnham, John
Born 7 January 1949  (Dagenham, Essex, England)
Australian singer, a juggernaut Down Under best known for "You're the Voice". Also led the Little River Band in the mid-80s.
[Picture of John Farnham]


Farr, Felicia
Born 4 October 1932  (Westchester County, New York, USA)
Jolly US actress
[Picture of Felicia Farr]


Farr, Jamie
Born 1 July 1934  (Toledo, Ohio, USA)
Former M*A*S*H* star, also a TV game-show panellist in the US
[Picture of Jamie Farr]


Farrakhan, Louis
Born 11 May 1933  (The Bronx, New York, USA)
Outspoken and often controversial leader of the Nation of Islam. Real name Louis Eugene Walcott.
[Picture of Louis Farrakhan]


Farrell, Mike
Born 6 February 1939  (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA)
American actor. Captain B.J. Hunnicutt in the TV smash 'M*A*S*H', natch…
[Picture of Mike Farrell]


Farrell, Terry
Born 12 May 1936  (Sale, Cheshire, United Kingdom)
Post-modern British architect who designed the new MI6 building
[Picture of Terry Farrell]


Farrell, Yvonne
Born in Tullamore, Ireland  (exact date unknown)
Irish architect and recipient of the Pritzker Prize in 2020, born 1951
[Picture of Yvonne Farrell]


Fauci, Dr. Anthony
Born 24 December 1940  (New York City, New York, USA)
US health official who spearheaded the public response to the AIDS virus and COVID 19
[Picture of Dr. Anthony Fauci]


Fawcett, Micky
Born in Silvertown, London, UK  (exact date unknown)
Member of The Firm, associate with the Kray twins. Born 1937.
[Picture of Micky Fawcett]


Fede, Emilio
Born 24 June 1931  (Barcellono Pozzo di Gotto, Italy)
Very promiment Italian anchorman
[Picture of Emilio Fede]


Feeney, Chuck Chuck Feeney is no longer with us
Born 23 April 1931  (Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA)

Died 9 October 2023  (San Francisco, California, USA)

Age at death: 92  (read death notice)
Businessman who made his billions by being an early proponent of duty-free shopping. Known for his frugality (he still rents his own house) and donating money to the 'ra.
[Picture of Chuck Feeney]


Feiffer, Jules
Born 26 January 1929  (New York City, New York, USA)
American cartoonist and author considered the most-widely read satirist for a while
[Picture of Jules Feiffer]


Feinstein, Dianne Dianne Feinstein is no longer with us
Born 22 June 1933  (San Francisco, California, USA)

Died 29 September 2023  (Washington DC, USA)

Age at death: 90  (read death notice)
Former mayor of San Francisco and Senator for California since 1992.
[Picture of Dianne Feinstein]


Feldman, Corey
Born 16 July 1971  (Chatsworth, California, USA)
Hugely successful child & teenage actor who has found it difficult to repeat his success of the '80s & early '90s in recent years.
[Picture of Corey Feldman]


Feldon, Barbara
Born 12 March 1933  (Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, USA)
Actress best known as Agent 99 in the cult '60s comedy series 'Get Smart'.
[Picture of Barbara Feldon]


Félix Gallardo, Miguel Ángel
Born 8 January 1946  (Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico)
One of the first major drug traffickers in Mexico, earning him the nickname of "The Godfather". Arrested in 1989.
[Picture of Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo]


Fell, Stuart
Date and place of birth unknown
British actor and stuntman.
[Picture of Stuart Fell]


Ferencz, Benjamin B. Benjamin B. Ferencz is no longer with us
Born 11 March 1920  (Transylvania, Romania)

Died 7 April 2023  (Boynton Beach, Florida, USA)

Age at death: 103  (read death notice)
Romanian-born US Lawyer who was Chief Prosecutor for the US Army at the Nuremburg trials.
[Picture of Benjamin B. Ferencz]


Ferguson, Alex
Born 31 December 1941  (Govan, Glasgow, Scotland)
Angry, bullying, unsmiling, much-loathed manager of Manchester United.
[Picture of Alex Ferguson]


Fernández de Kirchner, Cristina
Born 19 February 1953  (La Plata, Argentina)
President of Argentina since 2007, succeeding her husband, Néstor who died in 2010.
[Picture of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner]


Ferrell, Will
Born 16 July 1967  (Irvine, California, USA)
Comedian and actor ('Elf', 'Anchorman').
[Picture of Will Ferrell]


Ferrigno, Lou
Born 9 November 1951  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Actor and bodybuilder who used to scare the living shit out of the Man In Black when he was a nipper, when he played the 'Incredible Hulk' in the 1970s series.
[Picture of Lou Ferrigno]


Ferry, Bryan
Born 26 September 1945  (Washington, Tyne and Wear, England)
Musician and lead singer of art-rock giants Roxy Music.
[Picture of Bryan Ferry]


Fetterman, John
Born 15 August 1969  (West Reading, Pennsylvania, USA)
American politician and current governor of the state of Pennsylvania.
[Picture of John Fetterman]


Field, Frank
Born 16 July 1942  (Edmonton, Middlesex, England)
Veteran British Labour politician known for his independent streak.
[Picture of Frank Field]


Field (meteorologist), Frank Frank Field (meteorologist) is no longer with us
Born 30 March 1923  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Died 1 July 2023  (Florida, USA)

Age at death: 100  (read death notice)
NYC-based meteorologist, advocate of the Heimlich manoeuvre, and close friend of Johnny Carson (who once dubbed Field "NBC's crack meteorologist").
[Picture of Frank Field (meteorologist)]


Fiennes, Ralph
Born 22 December 1962  (Ipswich, Suffolk, England)
Bad actor.
[Picture of Ralph Fiennes]


Fierstein, Harvey
Born 6 June 1954  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Gravelly-voiced actor, playwright ('Torch Song Trilogy', 'La Cage aux Folles'), and screenwriter.
[Picture of Harvey Fierstein]


Figueredo, Eugenio
Born 10 March 1932  (Santa Lucia, Uruguay)
Corrupt football executive from Uruguay
[Picture of Eugenio Figueredo]


Figueroa, Elias
Born 25 October 1946  (Valparaiso, Chile)
Chilean centre-back who was part of their World Cup squad in 1966, 1974 and 1982
[Picture of Elias Figueroa]


Fikotova, Olga
Born 13 November 1932  (Libis, Czechia)
Czechoslovak and later American discus thrower, who won gold at the 1956 Olympics and was married to American Olympian Hal Connolly amidst the Cold War!
[Picture of Olga Fikotova]


Filipacchi, Daniel
Born 1 December 1928  (Paris, France)
Famous art collector. Former paparazzo.
[Picture of Daniel Filipacchi]


Filkin, Elizabeth
Born 24 November 1940  (Keynsham, Somerset, UK)
Civil Servant, lead the inquiry into the News International phone hacking scandal.
[Picture of Elizabeth Filkin]


Finch, Ninette
Born in Croydon, Surrey, UK  (exact date unknown)
Actress, Cruella, Juliet Naked.
[Picture of Ninette Finch]


Fincher, David
Born 28 August 1962  (Denver, Colorado, USA)
American filmmaker with over 40 Academy Award nominations.
[Picture of David Fincher]


Finnbogadóttir, Vigdís
Born 15 April 1930  (Reykjavík, Iceland)
The World's first elected female head of state when she became President of Iceland in 1980.
[Picture of Vigdís Finnbogadóttir]


Finnigan, Judy
Born 16 May 1948  (Manchester, England)
Former news reader & reporter who progressed to TV & chat shows. Both her & her husband, Richard Madeley were involved in a phone competition scandal in 2007, but both claim no involvement in the affair.
[Picture of Judy Finnigan]


Fischer, Peter S. Peter S. Fischer is no longer with us
Born in   (exact date unknown)

Died 30 October 2023  (Pacific Grove, California, USA)

Age at death: 88  (read death notice)
American television writer and producer, most notably of 'Murder, She Wrote'.
[Picture of Peter S. Fischer]


Fischer, Takayo
Born 25 November 1932  (Hardwick, California, USA)
American voice-over actress with the occasional real life performance
[Picture of Takayo Fischer]


Fish, Michael
Born 27 April 1944  (Eastbourne, East Sussex, England)
Arguably the most famous weather forecaster in the UK. Famously pilloried after playing down the 'Great Storm' of 1987 in a forecast that evening. Will there be a cold front for Michael this year?
[Picture of Michael Fish]


Fish (designer), Michael
Born in London, Great Britain  (exact date unknown)
Not the weatherman, but rather the fashion designer who invented the kipper tie and helped create famous looks for David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Jon Pertwee.
[Picture of Michael Fish (designer)]


Fittipaldi, Emerson
Born 12 December 1946  (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
Championship winning Formula One and Cart driver from Brazil
[Picture of Emerson Fittipaldi]


Fitzwater, Marlin
Born 24 November 1942  (Salina, Kansas, United States)
Writer-journalist who served as White House Press Secretary for six years under U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, making him one of the longest-serving press secretaries in history.
[Picture of Marlin Fitzwater]


Flack, Audrey
Born 30 May 1931  (New York City, New York, USA)
American artist, proponent and leading figure in the photorealist movement.
[Picture of Audrey Flack]


Flack, Roberta
Born 10 February 1937  (Black Mountain, North Carolina, USA)
R&B singer whose biggest hit was 'Killing Me Softly with His Song' in 1973.
[Picture of Roberta Flack]


Flagg, Fannie
Born 21 September 1944  (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)
US actress / game show panelist / author and even oscar-nominated screenwriter
[Picture of Fannie Flagg]


Flair, Ric
Born 25 February 1949  (Memphis, Tennessee, USA)
Retired professional wrestler, born Richard Morgan Fliehr.
[Picture of Ric Flair]


Flanagan, Caitlin
Born 14 November 1961  (Berkeley, California, USA)
American writer and social critic
[Picture of Caitlin Flanagan]


Flanagan, Ronnie
Born 25 March 1949  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Former Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary and it's successor Police Service of Northern Ireland.
[Picture of Ronnie Flanagan]


Flannery, Kate
Born 6 October 1964  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Actress, Meredith Palmer on 'The Office'.
[Picture of Kate Flannery]


Flash, Grandmaster
Born 1 January 1958  (New York City, New York, USA)
Old school hip-hop legend, real name Joseph Saddler
[Picture of Grandmaster Flash]


Flatley, Michael
Born 16 July 1958  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Dancer, most famous for his performance in 'Riverdance'.
[Picture of Michael Flatley]


Fleiss, Heidi
Born 30 December 1965  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Infamous Hollywood "madam", jailed for 20 months in 1996 for runing a prostitution ring.
[Picture of Heidi Fleiss]


Fleming, Lucy
Born 15 May 1947  (Nettlebed, United Kingdom)
UK TV actress, she's one of the "Survivors"
[Picture of Lucy Fleming]


Fletcher, Lloyd Clark
Born in Australia  (exact date unknown)
Convicted rapist and murderer, born 1958
[Picture of Lloyd Clark Fletcher]


Fletcher, Viola
Born 5 May 1914  (Comanche, Oklahoma, USA)
Oldest known survivor of the Tulsa race massacre.
[Picture of Viola Fletcher]


Flint, Hughie
Born 15 March 1940  (Manchester, UK)
Drummer best known for his work with John Mayall.
[Picture of Hughie Flint]


Flintoff, Andrew
Born 6 December 1977  (Preston, Lancashire, England)
Overweight, boozy & incredibly stupid individual who, when he decides to play properly & not go on 24 hour drinking sessions or pedalo boating in the dark, is generally one of England cricket's finest players of the modern age.
[Picture of Andrew Flintoff]


Flosse, Gaston
Born 24 June 1931  (Rikitea, Mangareva, French Polynesia, France)
President of French Polynesia on five separate occasions, with corruption scandals in the mix.
[Picture of Gaston Flosse]


Flowers, Herbie
Born 19 May 1938  (London, England)
Session player, RAF tuba player, wrote the bass line for Lou Reed's 'Walk on the Wild Side' and Clive Dunn's 'Grandad'.
[Picture of Herbie Flowers]


Flynn, Raymond
Born 22 July 1939  (South Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
Veteran Massachusetts politician and former mayor of Boston
[Picture of Raymond Flynn]


Fogerty, John
Born 28 May 1945  (Berkeley, California, USA)
Lead singer and songwriter of Creedence Clearwater Revival.
[Picture of John Fogerty]


Foley, Ellen
Born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA  (exact date unknown)
American singer and actress and frequent collaborator with Meat Loaf.
[Picture of Ellen Foley]


Fonda, Jane
Born 21 December 1937  (New York, New York, USA)
Actress, daughter of actor Henry Fonda.
[Picture of Jane Fonda]


Fontaine, Brigitte
Born 24 June 1939  (Morlaix, France)
Avant-garde singer, songwriter and poet.
[Picture of Brigitte Fontaine]


Fontaine, Just Just Fontaine is no longer with us
Born 18 August 1933  (Marrakech, Morocco)

Died 1 March 2023  (Toulouse, France)

Age at death: 89  (read death notice)
Moroccan-born France International footballer. Scored a remarkable 13 goals in the 1958 World Cup, a record unlikely to be broken.
[Picture of Just Fontaine]


Ford, Alan
Born 23 February 1938  (London, United Kingdom)
British Film and TV actor, apparently either a cop or a criminal
[Picture of Alan Ford]


Ford, Anna
Born 2 October 1943  (Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England)
Popular newsreader on both BBC and ITN. Was one of the 'famous five' that launched TV-am in 1983.
[Picture of Anna Ford]


Ford, Harrison
Born 13 July 1942  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Well-established film star who, after a couple of minor TV parts, actually gave up on acting and became a carpenter. But first the success of 'American Graffiti' (1973) and then the role of Han Solo in 'Star Wars' (1977) secured his place on Hollywood's
[Picture of Harrison Ford]


Foree, Ken
Born 29 February 1948  (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)
Hulking actor who starred in 'Dawn of the Dead'. Later played Kenan's stern father on Nickelodeon sitcom 'Kenan & Kel'.
[Picture of Ken Foree]


Foreign, Fivio
Born 29 March 1990  (New York City, New York, USA)
relatively new US rapper whose durability remains to be seen
[Picture of Fivio Foreign]


Foreman, Freddie
Born 5 March 1952  (London, England)
"Brown Bread Fred", Kray twins associate who helped dispose of Jack McVitie's body.
[Picture of Freddie Foreman]


Forlani, Arnaldo
Born 8 December 1925  (Pesaro, Italy)
Former Italian PM who resigned in disgrace after the P2 Affair. Died in July but did not receive a qualifying obit, surprisingly.
[Picture of Arnaldo Forlani]


Forrest, Frederic Frederic Forrest is no longer with us
Born 23 December 1936  (Waxahachie, Texas, USA)

Died 24 June 2023  (United States)

Age at death: 86  (read death notice)
U.S. film actor, recognisable from films such as 'Apocalypse Now' and 'Falling Down'.
[Picture of Frederic Forrest]


Forrest, Jim Jim Forrest is no longer with us
Born 22 September 1944  (Glasgow, UK)

Died 27 September 2023  (United Kingdom)

Age at death: 79  (read death notice)
Scottish Footballer who was a prolific goalscorer for Rangers and Aberdeen
[Picture of Jim Forrest]


Forster, Jill
Born in England  (exact date unknown)
UK-born Australian actress mostly known for her roles in TV dramas.
[Picture of Jill Forster]


Forster, Nora Nora Forster is no longer with us
Date and place of birth unknown

Died 6 April 2023  (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Age at death: 80  (read death notice)
German publishing heiress better known as the wife of Sex Pistols legend, John Lydon. Born c. 1943.
[Picture of Nora Forster]


Forsyth, Brigit Brigit Forsyth is no longer with us
Born 28 July 1940  (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Died 1 December 2023  (United Kingdom)

Age at death: 83  (read death notice)
Thelma from 'Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?'.
[Picture of Brigit Forsyth]


Forte, Fabian
Born 6 February 1943  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Minor teen idol of the late 50s who was marketed as a more wholesome version of Elvis Presley. Dodged military service thanks to a doctor's note that suggested he would "develop homosexual tendencies" if conscripted.
[Picture of Fabian Forte]


Fortune, Lance
Born in Birkenhead, Merseyside, England  (exact date unknown)
Managed by the legendary Larry Parnes, Fortune had a big hit in 1960 with 'Be Mine'.
[Picture of Lance Fortune]


Fossey, Brigitte
Born 15 May 1946  (Tourcoing, France)
French actress, best known for Oscar winning movie Forbidden Games
[Picture of Brigitte Fossey]


Foster, Alan Dean
Born 18 November 1946  (New York, New York, USA)
American sci-fi and fantasy writer. His first Star Wars novelizations basically started the novelization industry that you now get with every successful fantasy or sci-fi series, movie, or video game
[Picture of Alan Dean Foster]


Foster, Brendan
Born 12 January 1948  (Hebbern, Tyne & Wear, England)
Athletics commentator who held world records in distance events in the 1970s.
[Picture of Brendan Foster]


Foster, David
Born 1 November 1949  (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
Canadian producer with 16 Grammies. His career started as keyboardist of band Skylark.
[Picture of David Foster]


Foster, Norman
Born 1 June 1935  (Reddish, Stockport, England)
Architect & designer, perhaps best known either for the Swiss Re tower, aka the London Gherkin, or for the Hearst Tower in New York City.
[Picture of Norman Foster]


Foulds, Geoff
Born in   (exact date unknown)
Former professional snooker player who's son Neal also took up the cue.
[Picture of Geoff Foulds]


Foulkes, Arthur
Born 11 May 1928  (Matthew Town, Bahamas)
Governor-General of the Bahamas since 2010.
[Picture of Arthur Foulkes]


Fowler, Christopher Christopher Fowler is no longer with us
Born 26 March 1953  (Greenwich, London, England)

Died 2 March 2023  (United Kingdom)

Age at death: 69  (read death notice)
Prolific English thriller writer, particularly of the 'Bryant & May' series.
[Picture of Christopher Fowler]


Fowler, Daphne
Born 5 January 1939  (Warwick, Warwickshire, England)
TV quiz veteran, one of the so-called 'Eggheads'.
[Picture of Daphne Fowler]


Fowler, Norman
Born 2 February 1938  (Chelmsford, United Kingdom)
British conservative politician and cabinet member of both Thatcher and Major governments, then elected House Speaker
[Picture of Norman Fowler]


Fox, Adrian Francis
Date and place of birth unknown
British published author and former drummer for The Nipple Erectors, aged 62 (as of Aug 5, 2022).
[Picture of Adrian Francis Fox]


Fox, Edward
Born 13 April 1937  (London, England)
British actor, known for his "siff upper lip" roles but his best known turn was as the would-be assassin of Charles de Gaulle in 'The Day of the Jackal'.
[Picture of Edward Fox]


Fox, James
Born 19 May 1939  (London, England)
Actor & general luvvy type, often plays snooty or posh roles.
[Picture of James Fox]


Fox, Michael J.
Born 9 June 1961  (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
Pint-sized actor of 'Back To The Future' fame. Diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1991.
[Picture of Michael J. Fox]


Fox, Paul
Born 27 October 1925  ()
Television executive. Controller of BBC1 from 1967 to 1973.
[Picture of Paul Fox]


Fox, Vicente
Born 7 February 1942  (León, Guanajuato, Mexico)
President of Mexico from 2000-06, a popular, telegenic candidate who didn't really break ties with the corruption of previous tenures.
[Picture of Vicente Fox]


Frampton, Peter
Born 22 April 1950  (Bromley, England)
Singer-songwriter (Show Me The Way, Baby I Love Your Way).
[Picture of Peter Frampton]


Frampton (makeup), Peter
Born in London, England  (exact date unknown)
Oscar-winning makeup artist who showed the way for 'Braveheart'. Born 1950.
[Picture of Peter Frampton (makeup)]


Francis, Connie
Born 12 December 1938  (Newark, New Jersey, USA)
Pop singer, particularly big in the late 1950s but has kept a low profile since the mid 1980s.
[Picture of Connie Francis]


Francis, Pope
Born 17 December 1936  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Pope since 2013.
[Picture of Pope Francis]


Francisco, Don
Born 28 December 1940  (Talca, Chile)
Chilean-born TV presenter.
[Picture of Don Francisco]


Francisco, Silvino
Born 3 May 1946  (Cape Town, South Africa)
South African former snooker player, who has been in trouble with the law in recent years.
[Picture of Silvino Francisco]


frank, barney
Born 31 March 1940  (Bayonne, New Jersey, USA)
Retired member of US congress who never minced his words
[Picture of barney frank]


Franklin, Richard Richard Franklin is no longer with us
Born 15 January 1936  (London, England)

Died 25 December 2023  ()

Age at death: 87  (read death notice)
Actor best recognised as the flawed Captain Mike Yates in the Jon Pertwee era of 'Doctor Who'. Also dabbled in politics and has stood as a candidate in four general elections for four different parties! Maybe he needs to have another look at that blue cry
[Picture of Richard Franklin]


Fraser, Antonia
Born 27 August 1932  (London, England, United Kingdom)
Aristocratic english author and widow of Harold Pinter
[Picture of Antonia Fraser]


Fraser, Brendan
Born 12 March 1968  (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)
Towering actor known for a variety of action, drama, and comedy roles.
[Picture of Brendan Fraser]


Fraser, Dawn
Born 4 September 1937  (Balmain, NSW, Australia)
Australian Olympic swimmer who caused controversy at the 1964 games in Tokyo when she stole an Olympic flag from outside Emperor Hirohito's palace.
[Picture of Dawn Fraser]


Fraser, Helen
Born 15 June 1942  (Oldham, England)
Actress in Billy Liar and Repulsion.
[Picture of Helen Fraser]


Fraser, Tamie
Born 28 February 1936  (Adelaide, Australia)
Widow of Malcolm Fraser, the Australian PM between 1975 and 1983. Kept a relatively low profile during her time as First Lady.
[Picture of Tamie Fraser]


Freeman, Morgan
Born 1 June 1937  (Memphis, Tennessee, USA)
Actor, who waited ages to make it big & ever since he did, with 'Driving Miss Daisy' in 1989, has been in a string of award-winning films.
[Picture of Morgan Freeman]


French, Dawn
Born 11 October 1957  (Holyhead, Wales)
Comedienne - one half of 'French & Saunders'. Also played 'The Vicar of Dibley'.
[Picture of Dawn French]


French, Ray
Born in   (exact date unknown)
Former rugby league & union player, now a broadcaster & commentator on the league side of the sport. Born 1939.
[Picture of Ray French]


Freud, Jill
Born 22 April 1927  (London, UK)
Actress and theatre director also known by her stage name Jill Raymond
[Picture of Jill Freud]


Fricke, Janie
Born 19 December 1947  (South Whitley, Indiana, USA)
Country singer.
[Picture of Janie Fricke]


Friedkin, William William Friedkin is no longer with us
Born 29 August 1935  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Died 7 August 2023  (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Age at death: 87  (read death notice)
Key "New Hollywood" director and screenwriter, behind the lens for both "The Exorcist" and "The French Connection".
[Picture of William Friedkin]


Friedlander, Saul
Born 11 October 1932  (Prague, Czechia)
Historian whose parents were gassed at Auschwitz. Won, amongst many other awards for his wirtings, the Pullitzer Prize in 2008 for The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939–1945
[Picture of Saul Friedlander]


Friel, Anna
Born 12 July 1976  (Rochdale, UK)
Brought hot girl-on-girl action to prime-time British TV with a landmark lesbian angle on "Brookside", has gone on to enjoy a middling career stateside.
[Picture of Anna Friel]


Fritz, Frank
Born 10 November 1965  (Davenport, Iowa, USA)
Former co-host of antiques collection programme 'American Pickers'. Suffered a stroke in 2022.
[Picture of Frank Fritz]


Fritzl, Joseph
Born 9 April 1935  (Amstetten, Austria)
Evil Austrian rapist, child molester & killer, whose bizarre story became one of 2008's most shocking, yet intriguing stories.
[Picture of Joseph Fritzl]


Fromme, Lynette "Squeaky"
Born 22 October 1948  (Santa Monica, California, USA)
Member of Charles Manson's cult, who attempted (and obviously failed) to assassinate Gerald Ford. Now serving life in prison.
[Picture of Lynette


Fry, Arthur
Born 19 August 1932  (Owatonna, Minnesota, USA)
American inventor and co-creator of the Post-It Note.
[Picture of Arthur Fry]


Fry, Stephen
Born 24 August 1957  (London, England)
Cambridge-educated comedian, author, actor, wit and general smartarse.
[Picture of Stephen Fry]


Fugard, Athol
Born 11 June 1932  (Middelburg, South Africa)
Anti-apartheid campaigner and novelist. Wrote 'Tsotsi' which was filmed and won an Oscar in 2005.
[Picture of Athol Fugard]


Fujimori, Alberto
Born 28 July 1938  (Lima, Peru)
Disgraced former President of Peru. Convicted in 2009 of all manner of crimes including embezzlement, human rights violations, murder and kidnapping. And to think we in Britain complain bitterly about MP's expenses!
[Picture of Alberto Fujimori]


Fukuda, Yasuo
Born 16 July 1936  (Takasaki, Japan)
Former Prime Minister of Japan from 2007-08.
[Picture of Yasuo Fukuda]


Fuller, David
Born 4 September 1954  (place of birth unknown)
Had sex with over a hundred corpses in morgues. And when the morgues weren't enough, he created two more corpses himself
[Picture of David Fuller]


Fuller, Robert
Born 29 July 1933  (Troy, New York, USA)
Veteran American actor, often found in westerns like "Laramie" and "Wagon Train".
[Picture of Robert Fuller]


Fuller, Simon
Born 17 May 1960  (Cyprus)
manager of the Spice Girls and casting show mogul since Pop Idol
[Picture of Simon Fuller]


Fundin, Ove
Born 23 May 1933  (Tranas, Sweden)
Swedish motorcycle speedway racer, a 5-time Speedway World Champion.
[Picture of Ove Fundin]


Funk, Dory
Born 3 February 1941  (Hammond, Indiana, USA)
Regarded by most of wrestling as one of the greatest to ever perform the art, and as the second best living Funk brother after Terry by this contrarian.
[Picture of Dory Funk]


Funk, Terry Terry Funk is no longer with us
Born 30 June 1944  (Canyon, Texas, USA)

Died 23 August 2023  (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

Age at death: 79  (read death notice)
Yet another ex-pro wrestler.
[Picture of Terry Funk]


Funk, Wally
Born 2 January 1939  (Las Vegas, New Mexico, USA)
Aviator, part of the Mercury 13 group intended as the first female astronauts before NASA canceled the programme. Flew into space for the first time decades later, in 2021.
[Picture of Wally Funk]


Furchner, Irmgard
Born 29 May 1925  (Gdánsk, Poland)
Former concentration camp secretary at the Stutthof concentration camp. At 96 years charged with 11,412 counts of accessory murder.
[Picture of Irmgard Furchner]


Furie, Sidney j.
Born 28 February 1933  (Toronto, Canada)
Canadian director of such films as 'The IPCRESS File', 'Lady Sings the Blues' and 'Superman IV: The Quest for Peace'.
[Picture of Sidney j. Furie]


Futcher, Hugh
Born 29 October 1937  (Portsmouth, UK)
Stock actor in numerous Carry On films.
[Picture of Hugh Futcher]

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