Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2023: R


Peri Rossi, Cristina
Born 12 November 1941  (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Writer and literary critic from Uruguay.
[Picture of Cristina Peri Rossi]


Pombo, Jorge Reynolds
Born 22 June 1936  (Colombia)
Columbian bio-engineer who developed the internal pacemaker.
[Picture of Jorge Reynolds Pombo]


Radcliffe, Daniel
Born 23 July 1989  (Fulham, London, England)
Harry Potter. Now starring in a stage show where he takes his clothes off.
[Picture of Daniel Radcliffe]


Rader, Dennis
Born 9 March 1945  (Pittsburg, Kansas, USA)
Serial killer, convicted in 2005 for 10 brutal murders committed between 1974 and 1991.
[Picture of Dennis Rader]


Rae, Addison
Born 6 October 2000  (Lafayette, Louisiana, USA)
American influencer and model.
[Picture of Addison Rae]


Rae, Alanah
Born 9 February 1988  (Freehold, New Jersey, USA)
American pornographic actress, born Elizabeth Collman.
[Picture of Alanah Rae]


Rae, William
Date and place of birth unknown
Scottish former police officer who served as chief constable of the Strathclyde Police.
[Picture of William Rae]


Raghave, Vibhu
Date and place of birth unknown
Indian actor.
[Picture of Vibhu Raghave]


Raimondi, Ruggero
Born 3 October 1941  (Bologna, Italy)
Italian bass-baritone opera singer who has also appeared in motion pictures
[Picture of Ruggero Raimondi]


Ralphs, Mick
Born 31 March 1944  (Stoke Lacy, UK)
Founder member and guitarist of both Mott the Hoople and Bad Company.
[Picture of Mick Ralphs]


Ramey, Samuel
Born 28 March 1942  (Colby, Kansas, United Kansas)
an American operatic bass.
[Picture of Samuel Ramey]


Ramone, Marky
Born 15 July 1956  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
The second drummer for punk icons The Ramones.
[Picture of Marky Ramone]


Ramphal, Shridath
Born 3 October 1928  (New Amsterdam, Guyana)
Former Commonwealth Secretary-General (1975-1990). Was also Guyanese foreign minister from 1972 to 1975.
[Picture of Shridath Ramphal]


Ramsay, Gordon
Born 8 November 1966  (Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland)
Foul-mouthed ex-footballer, now a foul-mouthed celebrity chef.
[Picture of Gordon Ramsay]


Rand, Mary
Born 10 February 1940  (Wells, United Kingdom)
English former track and field athlete who won three medals at the 1964 Summer Olympics
[Picture of Mary Rand]


Randolph, Joyce
Born 21 October 1924  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Actress, perhaps best known (especially in the US) for playing Trixie Norton on 'The Honeymooners'.
[Picture of Joyce Randolph]


Rangel, Charles
Born 11 June 1930  (New York City, New York, USA)
American politician who served as a representative for New York for an uninterrupted 46 years. Beat the notorious Adam Clayton Powell to win his first election.
[Picture of Charles Rangel]


Ranglin, Ernest
Born 19 June 1932  (Manchester, Jamaica)
Guitarist credited with creating part of the Ska sound.
[Picture of Ernest Ranglin]


Rankin, Robert
Born 29 July 1949  (Parsons Green, London, England)
British author known for his humourous fantasy novels.
[Picture of Robert Rankin]


Rantanen, Siiri
Born 14 December 1924  (Tohmajärvi, Finland)
Finnish Olympian cross-country skier, gold medal winner in 1956. Died in May without an english-language obit.
[Picture of Siiri Rantanen]


Rantzen, Esther
Born 22 June 1940  (Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England)
Famously toothy TV presenter, journalist and campaigner. Presented 'That's Life' from 1973-1994 and is the widow of broadcaster Desmond Wilcox.
[Picture of Esther Rantzen]


Rao, Varavara
Born 3 November 1940  (Chinnapendyala, India)
Indian poet and activist, accused of terrorist involvement, but released in 2022
[Picture of Varavara Rao]


Raphael, (singer)
Born 5 May 1943  (Linares, Spain)
Miguel Rafael Martos Sanchez, Spanish singer and televisionm film and Thater actor.
[Picture of (singer) Raphael]


Raphael, Sally Jessie
Born 25 February 1935  (Easton, Pennsylvania, USA)
American talk show host.
[Picture of Sally Jessie Raphael]


Raskin, Jamie
Born 13 December 1962  (Washington DC, USA)
US representative from Maryland and part of their leadership, a second cancer fight in 2022
[Picture of Jamie Raskin]


Rasmussen, Bill
Born 15 October 1932  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
American co-founder, president, and CEO of ESPN.
[Picture of Bill Rasmussen]


Rassimov, Rada
Born 3 March 1938  (Trieste, Italy)
Italian actress, most famous to international audiences for her role as Maria in "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly"
[Picture of Rada Rassimov]


Rather, Dan
Born 31 October 1931  (Wharton, Texas, USA)
Long time news anchor for CBS News until 2005.
[Picture of Dan Rather]


Ratna of Nepal, Queen
Born 19 August 1928  (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Queen consort of Nepal from 1955-1972.
[Picture of Queen Ratna of Nepal]


Rattle, Simon
Born 19 January 1955  (Liverpool, England)
British conductor who was principal conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic from 2002 to 2018.
[Picture of Simon Rattle]


Raven, Charlotte
Born 1 January 1969  (place of birth unknown)
Minor british author & feminist journalist and editor
[Picture of Charlotte Raven]


Rawls, Betsy Betsy Rawls is no longer with us
Born 4 May 1928  (Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA)

Died 21 October 2023  (Delaware, United States)

Age at death: 95  (read death notice)
Former ladies professional golfer. Won over 50 titles in her career.
[Picture of Betsy Rawls]


Rea, Chris
Born 4 March 1951  (Middlesbrough, England)
Gravelly-voiced singer/songwriter of 'The Road To Hell' fame.
[Picture of Chris Rea]


Rea (rugby), Chris
Born 22 October 1943  (Scotland)
Scotland international rugby union player.
[Picture of Chris Rea (rugby)]


Reardon, Ray
Born 8 October 1932  (Tredegar, Wales)
Six-times world snooker champion.
[Picture of Ray Reardon]


Reavis, Waylon
Born 19 September 1978  (Wilkes County, North Carolina, USA)
Singer for alternative Metal band Mushroomhead
[Picture of Waylon Reavis]


Redford, Robert
Born 18 August 1937  (Santa Monica, California, USA)
Heart-throb actor who didn't make the big time until the age of 32, with his role as The Sundance Kid, alongside Paul Newman's Butch Cassidy. Went on to star in 'The Sting' (again with Newman), 'A Bridge
[Picture of Robert Redford]


Redgrave, Steve
Born 23 March 1962  (Marlow, UK)
Rower, won Olympic medals in five consecutive games.
[Picture of Steve Redgrave]


Redgrave, Vanessa
Born 30 January 1937  (London, England)
Stage, TV & film actress, now the elder statesperson of the famous Redgrave acting dynasty. Lost two of her siblings within the space of a few days in 2010.
[Picture of Vanessa Redgrave]


Redman, Jim
Born 8 November 1931  (London, England)
Four time motorcyclist world champion.
[Picture of Jim Redman]


Redmayne, Eddie
Born 6 January 1982  (London, England)
Oscar winning actor, The Theory of Everything.
[Picture of Eddie Redmayne]


Reece, Dizzy
Born 5 January 1931  (Kingston, Jamaica)
Jamaican Jazz trumpeter on the Blue Note label
[Picture of Dizzy Reece]


Rees, Martin
Born 23 June 1942  (York, Yorkshire, England)
Incumbent Astronomer Royal.
[Picture of Martin Rees]


Rees, Ronnie Ronnie Rees is no longer with us
Born 4 April 1944  (Ystradgynlais, United Kingdom)

Died 31 October 2023  (Swansea, United Kingdom)

Age at death: 79  (read death notice)
Welsh former international footballer
[Picture of Ronnie Rees]


Reese, Mason
Born 11 April 1965  (Los Angeles, California, United States)
American child actor who appeared in numerous commercials throughout the 1970's
[Picture of Mason Reese]


Reeves, Jamie
Born 3 May 1962  (Sheffield, England, United Kingdom)
Former title holder of World's strongest man
[Picture of Jamie Reeves]


Reeves, Martha
Born 18 July 1941  (Eufaula, Alabama, USA)
Legendary R&B singer. She somehow didn't die of embarassment watching Bowie and Jagger slaughter her classic "Dancing In The Street", so I think she'll be good for another year.
[Picture of Martha Reeves]


Reeves, Vic
Born 24 January 1959  (Leeds, UK)
Born Jim Moir, one half of comedy double act Vic and Bob. Their work doesn't age well.
[Picture of Vic Reeves]


Regal, William
Born 10 May 1968  (Codsall, UK)
Retired professional wrestler
[Picture of William Regal]


Reich, Steve
Born 3 October 1936  (New York, New York, USA)
Influential minimalist composer with an emphasis on making his work's composition process discernible just by listening to it.
[Picture of Steve Reich]


Reid, Jamie Jamie Reid is no longer with us
Born 16 January 1947  (London, UK)

Died 8 August 2023  (Liverpool, England)

Age at death: 76  (read death notice)
British artist, the man who created most of the Sex Pistols' artwork, including the "Queen with a safety pin through her nose" picture. Born c. 1947.
[Picture of Jamie Reid]


REID, Sheila
Born 21 December 1937  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Veteran actress best known as the sour-faced holidaymaker Madge Harvey in 'Benidorm'.
[Picture of Sheila REID]


Reid, Susanna
Born 10 December 1970  (Croydon, London, England)
English former co-presenter of BBC Breakfast.
[Picture of Susanna Reid]


Reign, Tasha
Born 15 January 1989  (Laguna Beach, California, USA)
American porn star and sex columnist known for her Penthouse stuff. Not checking to see if thats the columns…
[Picture of Tasha Reign]


Reilly, George
Born 14 September 1957  (Belshill, Scotland)
Scottish footballer, while playing for Watford scored the winning goal against Plymouth Argyle in the 1984 FA Cup semi-final and then 20 years later got "Evander Holyfield"ed by an overly-zealous Plymouth fan!
[Picture of George Reilly]


Reilly, Paddy
Born 18 October 1939  (Dublin, Ireland)
Irish (the name may have been a giveaway) folk singer. His version of "The Fields of Athenry" stayed in the Irish charts for 72 weeks.
[Picture of Paddy Reilly]


reiner, rob
Born 6 March 1947  (New York City, New York, USA)
Actor and director who's assured of cinematic immortality as the actual director (and fictional director Marty Di Bergi) of the classic mockumentary 'This is Spinal Tap' in 1984.
[Picture of rob reiner]


Reiner, Thomas
Born 29 October 1926  (Stuttgart, Germany)
German voice actor, has dubbed Vincent Price, Peter Boyle, John Neville, Statler the Muppet, and Professor Farnsworth from 'Futurama'.
[Picture of Thomas Reiner]


Remus, Robert Rudolph
Born 27 August 1948  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
AKA Sgt. Slaughter, WWE Champion with a Vietnam veteran-fashioned persona later incorporated into a G.I. Joe character. Has occasionally received death threats from his wrestling gimmick.
[Picture of Robert Rudolph Remus]


Ren, Alexis
Born 23 November 1996  (Santa Monica, California, USA)
American influencer and model.
[Picture of Alexis Ren]


Renaud, (singer)
Born 11 May 1952  (Paris, France)
Popular French singer.
[Picture of (singer) Renaud]


Rennie, Malcolm
Born 17 February 1947  (Aberdeen, Scotland)
British TV actor and son-in-law of Peter Ustinov
[Picture of Malcolm Rennie]


Rescher, Nicholas
Born 15 July 1928  (Hagen, Germany)
Philosopher, one of the most prodigious of the 20th century. His work tries to balance Germanic idealism with American pragmatism.
[Picture of Nicholas Rescher]


Ressa, Maria
Born 2 October 1963  (Manita, Philippines)
Fiipino journalist and founder of the new portal Rappler, received a Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 for her work
[Picture of Maria Ressa]


Reubens, Paul Paul Reubens is no longer with us
Born 27 August 1952  (Peekskill, New York, USA)

Died 30 July 2023  (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Age at death: 70  (read death notice)
Actor best known as Pee Wee Herman.
[Picture of Paul Reubens]


Revill, Clive
Born 18 April 1930  (Wellington, New Zealand)
Actor. Was the original voice of Emperor Palpatine in 'The Empire Strikes Back'.
[Picture of Clive Revill]


Rhea, Caroline
Born 23 April 1964  (Westmount, Quebec, Canada)
Actress who played Hilda Spellman, one of the titular witch's two aunts on 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'.
[Picture of Caroline Rhea]


Rhoades, Robert Ben
Born 22 November 1945  (Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA)
Known as the Truck Stop Killer, serving life without parole for the murder and rape of Regina Kay Walters.
[Picture of Robert Ben Rhoades]


Rhodes, Harold
Born 22 July 1936  (Hadfield, Derbyshire, England)
English former cricketer.
[Picture of Harold Rhodes]


Rhodes, Richard Lee
Born 4 July 1937  (Kansas City, Kansas, United States)
American historian, journalist, and author of both fiction and non-fiction,. Won Pulitzer Prize in 1986 for The Making of the Atomic Bomb
[Picture of Richard Lee Rhodes]


Rhodes, Zandra
Born 19 September 1940  (Chatham, United Kingdom)
Presitigious British fashion designer
[Picture of Zandra Rhodes]


Ricco, Louis
Born 13 February 1929  (place of birth unknown)
Longtime member of the Gambino crime family. Died unnoticed in 2019 - oops.
[Picture of Louis Ricco]


Rice, Pat
Born 17 March 1949  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Former Arsenal FC captain and assistant manager.
[Picture of Pat Rice]


Richard, Cliff
Born 14 October 1940  (Lucknow, India)
Actor, singer, colostomy bag-wearer and insufferably smug Christian.
[Picture of Cliff Richard]


Richard, Duke of Gloucester, Prince
Born 26 August 1944  (St Matthew's Nursing Home, Northampton, England)
British royal family member, second son of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester.
[Picture of Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester]


Richards, Barry
Born 21 July 1945  (Durban, Natal Province, Union of South Africa)
South African cricketer, one of his country's best batsmen.
[Picture of Barry Richards]


Richards, Bob Bob Richards is no longer with us
Born 20 February 1926  (Champaign, Illinois, USA)

Died 26 February 2023  (Waco, Texas, USA)

Age at death: 97  (read death notice)
The Reverend Robert Eugene Richards, twice Olympic Pole Vault champion, hence the nickname "The Vaulting Vicar".
[Picture of Bob Richards]


Richards, Gavin
Born 3 July 1946  (London, United Kingdom)
British TV actor, Cpt. Bertorelli in Allo Allo and Terry Raymond on Eastenders
[Picture of Gavin Richards]


Richards, Keith
Born 18 December 1943  (Dartford, Kent, England)
The guitar-playing Rolling Stone with the distinctive death-warmed-up constitution.
[Picture of Keith Richards]


Richards, Richard N.
Born 24 August 1946  (Key West, Florida, USA)
American astronaut, participated on 4 Space Shuttle missions
[Picture of Richard N. Richards]


Richards, Viv
Born 3 July 1952  (St. John's, British Leeward Islands)
Antiguan cricket great who typically batted at number three.
[Picture of Viv Richards]


Richardson Khan, Helen
Born 21 November 1938  (Yangon, Myanmar)
Burma-born actress who achieved long-lasting popularity in Indian cinema.
[Picture of Helen Richardson Khan]


Richmond, Fiona
Born 2 March 1945  (Hillborough, UK)
English former glamour model and actress who was a British sex symbol in the 1970s
[Picture of Fiona Richmond]


Richter, Gerhard
Born 9 February 1932  (Dresden, Germany)
German visual artist.
[Picture of Gerhard Richter]


Ridge, Tom
Born 26 August 1945  (Munhall, Pennsylvania, USA)
US politician, first Secretary of Homeland Security, also one of the last living pro-choice Republicans
[Picture of Tom Ridge]


Ridgway, Gary
Born 18 February 1949  (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)
American murderer known as the Green River Killer. Serving life imprisonment without parole.
[Picture of Gary Ridgway]


Riel, Jorn
Born 23 July 1931  (Odense, Denmark)
Danish writer known in his homeland for his books on Greenland.
[Picture of Jorn Riel]


RIEU, Andre
Born 1 October 1949  (Maastricht, Netherlands)
Internationally known Dutch violinist and conductor. Founder of the Johann Strauss Orchestra.
[Picture of Andre RIEU]


Rifkin, Ron
Born 31 October 1939  (New York City, New York, USA)
US actor, probably most notably opposite Jennifer Garner in Alias
[Picture of Ron Rifkin]


Rihanna, (singer)
Born 20 February 1988  (Saint Michael, Barbados)
R&B singer, best known for the hit single 'Umbrella'.
[Picture of (singer) Rihanna]


Riley, Bridget
Born 24 April 1931  (London, England)
Artist and main proponent of the eye-mangling op art movement.
[Picture of Bridget Riley]


Riley, Terry
Born 24 June 1935  (Colfax, California, USA)
Minimalist composer known for his experiments with tape loops and pioneering electronic work.
[Picture of Terry Riley]


Rimbaud, Penny
Born 8 June 1943  (Northwood, London, England)
Despite the name, a male musician who formed the anarcho-punk band Crass in 1977.
[Picture of Penny Rimbaud]


Rimmer, Jimmy
Born 10 February 1948  (Southport, England)
Goalkeeper who played for both Manchester United and Arsenal, but was better known for winning the 1982 European Cup with Aston Villa.
[Picture of Jimmy Rimmer]


Riordan, Richard Richard Riordan is no longer with us
Born 1 May 1930  (New York, USA)

Died 19 April 2023  (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Age at death: 92  (read death notice)
Investment Bank and former Republican politician who was 39th Mayor of Los Angeles from 1993 to 2001
[Picture of Richard Riordan]


Rippon, Angela
Born 12 October 1944  (Plymouth, Devon, England)
Newsreader and TV presenter who famously showed off her legs in the 'Morecambe and Wise' show in 1976.
[Picture of Angela Rippon]


Rittenhouse, Kyle
Born 3 January 2003  (Antioch, Illionois, USA)
Some guy whose killing of two civil protesters at Kenosha, Wisconsin, became a conservative cause celebre
[Picture of Kyle Rittenhouse]


Rius, Diana
Born 20 February 2000  (Spain)
Porn Star - check her out on XXXGerbil
[Picture of Diana Rius]


Riva, Maria
Born 13 December 1924  (Berlin, Germany)
Actress daughter of Marlene Dietrich.
[Picture of Maria Riva]


Rivera, Chita
Born 23 January 1933  (Washington D. C., USA)
Hispanic actress, singer and dancer.
[Picture of Chita Rivera]


Rivera, Geraldo
Born 4 July 1943  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
American trash talk show host, who later went to Fox News because the standards there were easier to uphold
[Picture of Geraldo Rivera]


Rivers, Johnny
Born 7 November 1942  (New York, New York, USA)
60s singer who saw US success with his covers of hits by Chuck Berry and the Four Tops as well as original songs such as "Poor Side of Town" and "Secret Agent Man".
[Picture of Johnny Rivers]


Rizzo, Socrates
Born 14 September 1945  (Linares, Mexico)
Mexican politician affiliated with the Institutional Revolutionary Party
[Picture of Socrates Rizzo]


Roache, William
Born 25 April 1932  (Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England)
TV actor, who, despite playing the part of Ken Barlow in 'Coronation Street' since 1960, still manages to be more wooden than your average Ikea bookcase. Arrested and charged with rape in 2013.
[Picture of William Roache]


Robach, Amy
Born 6 February 1973  (East Lansing, Michigan, USA)
News anchor for 'Good Morning America' on ABC.
[Picture of Amy Robach]


Roberts, Adele
Born 9 March 1979  (Southport, England, United Kingdom)
British TV presenter and celebrity Big Brother participant.
[Picture of Adele Roberts]


Roberts, Jake "The Snake"
Born 30 May 1955  (Gainesville, Texas, USA)
Another US professional wrestler.
[Picture of Jake


Robertson, Gavin
Born 28 May 1966  (St Leonards, Australia)
Australian cricketer.
[Picture of Gavin Robertson]


Robertson, John
Born 20 January 1953  (Viewpark, UK)
Scottish footballer who played his league football in England predominantly for Nottingham Forest in their glory years where he helped them win 2 European Cups, a first division title and two league cups. He also played 28 times for Scotland scoring 8 goa
[Picture of John Robertson]


Robertson, Oscar
Born 24 November 1938  (Charlotte, Tennessee, USA)
Basketball great with the Cincinnati Royals and the Milwaukee Bucks.
[Picture of Oscar Robertson]


Robertson, Pat Pat Robertson is no longer with us
Born 22 March 1930  (Lexington, Virginia, USA)

Died 8 June 2023  (Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA)

Age at death: 93  (read death notice)
Extremely controversial televangelist, with a hugely significant political say in each election as he feels he represents the "Bible Belt" of America.
[Picture of Pat Robertson]


Robertson, Robbie Robbie Robertson is no longer with us
Born 5 July 1943  (Toronto, Canada)

Died 9 August 2023  (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Age at death: 80  (read death notice)
Musician who was lead guitarist and songwriter for The Band.
[Picture of Robbie Robertson]


Robinson, Ann
Born 25 May 1929  (Hollywood, California, USA)
Actress best known for her role in 'The War of the Worlds' from 1953.
[Picture of Ann Robinson]


Robinson, Bruce
Born 2 May 1946  (London, United Kingdom)
English director of the cult classic Withnail and I
[Picture of Bruce Robinson]


Robinson, Geoffrey
Born 25 May 1938  (Sheffield, UK)
Labour MP for Coventry North West since 1976, his resignation over undisclosed loans in 1998 was arguably the first scandal of the Blair government.
[Picture of Geoffrey Robinson]


Robinson, Marian Shields
Born 30 July 1937  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Mother of the USA's First Lady Michelle Obama.
[Picture of Marian Shields Robinson]


Robinson, Peter
Born 3 November 1962  (Kingston, Jamaica)
New romantic popster under the pseudonym Marilyn, and custard cousins with Gwen Stefani.
[Picture of Peter Robinson]


Robinson, Rachel
Born 19 July 1922  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Former nurse and widow of the legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson.
[Picture of Rachel Robinson]


Robinson, Rony
Born 24 December 1940  (Sheffield, UK)
Writer and long-time host on Radio Sheffield. "Rony" is short for "Goronwy", if you were wondering.
[Picture of Rony Robinson]


Robinson, Smokey
Born 19 February 1940  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
R & B singer, one of the heroes of Motown music.
[Picture of Smokey Robinson]


Robinson, Tommy
Born 27 November 1982  (Luton, UK)
Born Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, a former sunbed shop owner who cosplayed as a football hooligan long enough to become a far-right political activist.
[Picture of Tommy Robinson]


Robinson, Tony
Born 15 August 1946  (Homerton, London, England)
Comic actor, best known for his role as Baldrick in 'Blackadder'.
[Picture of Tony Robinson]


Robson, Ivor Ivor Robson is no longer with us
Date and place of birth unknown

Died 18 October 2023  ()

Age at death: 83  (read death notice)
Former Scottish golf pro, better known as British Open announcer, born 1941.
[Picture of Ivor Robson]


Rockefeller, Jay
Born 18 June 1937  (New York City, New York, USA)
Senator from West Virginia 1985-2015 and member of the famous political/business dynasty.
[Picture of Jay Rockefeller]


Rodd, Michael
Born 29 November 1943  (South Shields, Tyne and Wear)
Presenter of 'Tomorrow's World' and 'Screen Test' in the 1970s.
[Picture of Michael Rodd]


Rodgers, Bill
Born 28 October 1928  (Liverpool, England)
One of the "Gang of Four" who split from the Liberal Party to form the SDP.
[Picture of Bill Rodgers]


Rodgers, Clodagh
Born 5 March 1947  (Warrenpoint, UK)
British pop star of the late 60s and its Eurovision entry in 1971.
[Picture of Clodagh Rodgers]


Rodnina, Irina
Born 9 December 1949  (Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union)
Figure skater-turned-politician.
[Picture of Irina Rodnina]


Rodrigo, Olivia
Born 20 January 2003  (Murrieta, California, USA)
Disney starlet-turned-popster very popular with the kids these days.
[Picture of Olivia Rodrigo]


Rodriguez, Chi-Chi
Born 23 October 1935  (Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico)
Professional golfer, first Puerto Rican to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.
[Picture of Chi-Chi Rodriguez]


Rodriguez, Guillermo
Born 4 November 1924  (Pujili, Cotopaxi, Ecuador)
Former military dictator of Ecuador from 1972 to 1976.
[Picture of Guillermo Rodriguez]


Rodriguez, Sixto Sixto Rodriguez is no longer with us
Born 10 July 1942  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

Died 8 August 2023  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

Age at death: 81  (read death notice)
Singer-songwriter who was little known in his native USA but masssive in South Africa before finally getting belated exposure, thanks to a documentary film, 'Searching for Sugar Man' released in 2012.
[Picture of Sixto Rodriguez]


Rodz, Johnny
Born 16 May 1941  (New York City, New York, USA)
American former professional wrestler and WWF Hall of Famer.
[Picture of Johnny Rodz]


Roe, Tommy
Born 9 May 1942  (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
60s singer who began the decade as a rocker in the mould of Buddy Holly and ended it with a number of bubblegum hits such as transatlantic chart-topper "Dizzy".
[Picture of Tommy Roe]


Roker, Al
Born 20 August 1954  (New York City, New York, USA)
Weatherman for NBC's 'Today' programme.
[Picture of Al Roker]


Rolfe, James
Born 10 July 1980  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States)
Youtuber best known for The Angry Videogame Nerd
[Picture of James Rolfe]


Rolie, Gregg
Born 17 June 1947  (Seattle, Washington, United States)
Lead singer of Santana and Journey
[Picture of Gregg Rolie]


Rollins, Sonny
Born 7 September 1930  (New York City, New York, USA)
Jazz tenor saxophonist, with a long career in music.
[Picture of Sonny Rollins]


Rongji, Zhu
Born 23 October 1928  (Changsha, China)
Premier of China from 1998 to 2003.
[Picture of Zhu Rongji]


Ronstadt, Linda
Born 15 July 1946  (Tucson, Arizona, USA)
Popular singer, known for her collaborations with various other singers. Announced that she had Parkinson's disease in 2013.
[Picture of Linda Ronstadt]


Rosbach, Lee
Born 15 November 1949  (Saginaw, Michigan, United States)
Yacht Captain from TV show Below Deck
[Picture of Lee Rosbach]


Rosberg, Keke
Born 6 December 1948  (Solna, Sweden)
Finnish Formula One championship winner of 1982, father of the later champion Nico Rosberg.
[Picture of Keke Rosberg]


Rose, Axl
Born 6 February 1962  (Lafayette, Indiana, USA)
Lead singer of Guns n' Roses.
[Picture of Axl Rose]


Rose, Charlie
Born 5 January 1942  (Henderson, North Carolina, USA)
American journalist, memorably parodied as a creepy sex pest in The Royal Tenenbaums in 2001, and was fired from his TV gig for being a creepy sex pest a mere 16 years later.
[Picture of Charlie Rose]


Rose, Michael
Born 5 January 1940  (British India)
Commander UK forces in Bosnia
[Picture of Michael Rose]


Rose, Pete
Born 11 April 1941  (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)
Former Major League Baseball player, nicknamed "Charlie Hustle".
[Picture of Pete Rose]


Rosen, Michael
Born 7 May 1946  (Harrow, England)
Former Childrens Laureate adored by generations of kids for books such as We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Had a torrid time with covid in 2020, sadly.
[Picture of Michael Rosen]


Rosenthal, Laurence
Born 4 November 1926  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Film composer who worked on Clash of the Titans.
[Picture of Laurence Rosenthal]


Rosewall, Ken
Born 2 November 1934  (Sydney, Australia)
Legendary Australian tennis player. Won 8 grand slams and compteted in four Wimbledon finals across two decades.
[Picture of Ken Rosewall]


Ross, Diana
Born 26 March 1944  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Motown diva, of 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' fame. The former Supreme is no stranger to the law, and was recently busted for drink-driving.
[Picture of Diana Ross]


Ross, George H.
Born 6 January 1928  ()
Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization.
[Picture of George H. Ross]


Ross, Jim
Born 3 January 1952  (Norman, Oklahoma, USA)
Wrestling commentator, known to his fans as "J.R.".
[Picture of Jim Ross]


Ross, Jonathan
Born 17 November 1960  (London, England)
Obscenely paid former BBC television and radio personality. Quit the corporation early in 2010.
[Picture of Jonathan Ross]


Ross, Katharine
Born 29 January 1940  (Hollywood, California, USA)
Actress, supporting player in a number of New Hollywood classics (The Graduate, Butch Cassidy, The Stepford Wives).
[Picture of Katharine Ross]


Ross, Marion
Born 25 October 1928  (Albert Lea, Minnesota, USA)
Experienced American actress, perhaps best known as Marion Cunningham in 'Happy Days'.
[Picture of Marion Ross]


Rossington, Gary Gary Rossington is no longer with us
Born 4 December 1951  (Jacksonville, Florida, USA)

Died 5 March 2023  (United States)

Age at death: 71  (read death notice)
Last living member of the original Lynyrd Skynyrd lineup, who still plays with the band.
[Picture of Gary Rossington]


Rossington, Jane
Born 5 March 1943  (Derby, United Kingdom)
British actress best known for her role as Jill Richardson in the soap opera Crossroads
[Picture of Jane Rossington]


Roth, Claudia
Born 15 May 1955  (Germany)
German Green Party politician.
[Picture of Claudia Roth]


Rothschild, Jacob
Born 29 April 1936  (Berkshire, England)
British peer and member of the Rothschild family (4th Baron Rothschild).
[Picture of Jacob Rothschild]


Rothschild, Nadine De
Born 18 April 1932  (Saint-Quentin, France)
French socialite and widow of Edmond De Rothschild, occasional author and former actress
[Picture of Nadine De Rothschild]


Rothwell, Alan
Born 9 February 1937  (Oldham, Lancashire, England)
British actor famous for playing David Barlow in 'Coronation Street' and presenting the children's TV show 'Picture Box'. The one with the creepy theme tune…
[Picture of Alan Rothwell]


Roubicek, George
Born in   (exact date unknown)
Austrian born actor, who some might recognise from 'Star Wars' as the imperial commander advising Darth Vader. Born 1935.
[Picture of George Roubicek]


Rourke, Mickey
Born 16 September 1952  (Schenectady, New York, USA)
Actor, who has had something of an up and down career in Hollywood since breaking through in the early 1980s as part of the so-called 'Brat Pack'.
[Picture of Mickey Rourke]


Routledge, Lord Miles
Born 14 September 1999  (United Kingdom)
British video streamer who entertains us by getting into combat zones on purpose
[Picture of Lord Miles Routledge]


Routledge, Patricia
Born 17 February 1929  (Birkenhead, Cheshire, England)
Actress & comedienne, forever remembered for her role as Hyacinth Bucket in 'Keeping Up Appearances'.
[Picture of Patricia Routledge]


Rovere, Liliane
Born 30 January 1933  (Paris, France)
French actress.
[Picture of Liliane Rovere]


Rovner, Susan
Born in New York, New York, USA  (exact date unknown)
Entertainment executive. Born 1969.
[Picture of Susan Rovner]


Rowland, Steve
Born 3 September 1932  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
American producer and musician, discoverer of Peter Frampton, The Cure and Ginger Spice
[Picture of Steve Rowland]


Rowlands, Gena
Born 19 June 1930  (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)
Actress best known for her collaborations with her late husband, director John Cassavetes.
[Picture of Gena Rowlands]


Rowles, John
Born 26 March 1947  (Whakatane, New Zealand)
New Zealand singer popular in the late 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s, and best known for "Cheryl Moana Marie", which he wrote about his younger sister
[Picture of John Rowles]


Rowley, Mark
Born 1 November 1964  (place of birth unknown)
British police officer serving as commissioner of police of the Metropolis.
[Picture of Mark Rowley]


Rowling, J. K.
Born 31 July 1965  (Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England)
Absurdly wealthy author of the Harry Potter books.
[Picture of J. K. Rowling]


Roycroft, John
Born 25 July 1929  (London, United Kingdom)
English expert of the chess endgame.
[Picture of John Roycroft]


Rubbia, Carlo
Born 31 March 1934  (Gorizia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy)
Italian scientist. Co-winner of the 1984 Nobel Prize in Physics.
[Picture of Carlo Rubbia]


Rubik, Erno
Born 13 July 1944  (Budapest, Hungary)
Puzzle designer, of Rubik's cube fame.
[Picture of Erno Rubik]


ruddock, neil razor
Born 9 May 1968  (Wandsworth, London, United Kingdom)
Oft-seen premier league defender who eventually decided to join the trash TV circuit
[Picture of neil razor ruddock]


Ruffo, Johnny Johnny Ruffo is no longer with us
Born 8 March 1988  (Balcatta, Australia)

Died 10 November 2023  (Sydney, Australia)

Age at death: 35  (read death notice)
Australian singer and actor, won the 12th season of that country's version of Dancing with the Stars.
[Picture of Johnny Ruffo]


Ruini, Camillo
Born 19 February 1931  (Sassuolo, Emilia-Romagna, Italy)
Italian Roman Catholic cardinal.
[Picture of Camillo Ruini]


Ruiz, Bernardo
Born 8 January 1925  (Orihuela, Spain)
Trail-blazing Spanish cyclist, as the country emerged from the worst period of the Franco era
[Picture of Bernardo Ruiz]


Rumsey, Fred
Born 4 December 1935  (Stepney, London, England)
English former cricketer.
[Picture of Fred Rumsey]


Ruscha, Edward
Born 16 December 1937  (Omaha, Nebraska, USA)
Pop artist.
[Picture of Edward Ruscha]


Rush, Barbara
Born 4 January 1927  (Denver, Colorado, USA)
Film and television actress whose crefdirs include 'Batman' and 'Peyton Place'.
[Picture of Barbara Rush]


Rushdie, Salman
Born 19 June 1947  (Bombay (now Mumbai), India)
Novelist who ruffled so many feathers in his native India with his novel 'Midnight's Children' that he was forced to leave the country. Clearly having learnt nothing from the experience, he went on to write 'The Satanic Verses' in 1988, which was critica
[Picture of Salman Rushdie]


Russell, Austin "Chumlee"
Born 8 September 1982  (Henderson, Nevada, USA)
Dim-witted pawn shop assistant as featured in the reality show 'Pawn Stars'.
[Picture of Austin


Russell, Eric
Born 3 July 1936  (Dumbarton, Scotland)
Scottish former cricketer.
[Picture of Eric Russell]


Russell, Mark Mark Russell is no longer with us
Born 23 August 1932  (Buffalo, New York, USA)

Died 30 March 2023  (Washington DC, USA)

Age at death: 90  (read death notice)
American satirist who had a series of musical specials on PBS for 40 years.
[Picture of Mark Russell]


Russell, Ray
Born 4 April 1947  (Islington, North London, England)
Session guitarist best known for TV work including 'A Touch of Frost' and 'Bergerac'.
[Picture of Ray Russell]


Russell, William
Born 19 November 1924  (Sunderland, England)
Actor best known as Ian Chesterton in 'Doctor Who'.
[Picture of William Russell]


Russell (lord mayor), William
Born 15 April 1965  (London, England)
Financier and former Lord Mayor of London.
[Picture of William Russell (lord mayor)]


Russell-Clarke, Peter
Born 19 September 1935  (Ballerat, Victoria, Australia)
Australian chef cookbook writer and media personality.
[Picture of Peter Russell-Clarke]


Rutter, Barrie
Born 12 December 1946  (Hull, Yorkshire, England)
Actor and theatre director. Was escapee Rudge in the film version of 'Porridge'.
[Picture of Barrie Rutter]


Ryan, Richelle
Born 11 July 1985  (Rochester, New York, USA)
Adult actress, a bukkake specialise.
[Picture of Richelle Ryan]

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