Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2023: W


Wagner, Chuck
Born 20 June 1958  (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
Broadway veteran who also starred on TV in the short-lived Tron rip-off "Automan".
[Picture of Chuck Wagner]


Wagner, Robert
Born 10 February 1930  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Hollywood actor of 'The Longest Day' fame, who went on to play Jonathan Hart in the TV series 'Hart to Hart'. Younger viewers may know him as Number Two out of the 'Austin Powers' films (as pictured here). He did not, repeat not, push his wife Natalie Woo
[Picture of Robert Wagner]


Wagner (darts), Robert
Born 14 June 1965  (Vienna, Austria)
Norwegian darts player nicknamed "The Magician".
[Picture of Robert Wagner (darts)]


Waite, Terry
Born 31 May 1939  (Styal, Cheshire, England)
Rotund, bearded Church of England envoy who hugged a radiator in Beirut for almost 5 years after a peace mission went wrong.
[Picture of Terry Waite]


Wakao, Ayako
Born 8 November 1933  (Toshima City, Tokyo, Japan)
Fairly notable Japanese actress
[Picture of Ayako Wakao]


Wakeham, John
Born 22 February 1932  ()
Cabinet minister who's wife was killed in the Brighton bombing of 1984.
[Picture of John Wakeham]


Waldegrave, William
Born 15 August 1946  (London, England)
Health secretary in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet and held a number of posts under John Major but lost his seat in 1997 and was elevated to the house of lords.
[Picture of William Waldegrave]


Waldo, Elisabeth
Born 18 June 1918  (Yakima, Washington, USA)
Composer and ethnomusicologist.
[Picture of Elisabeth Waldo]


Waleckx, Tristan
Born 28 September 1983  (Orsay, France)
French journalist.
[Picture of Tristan Waleckx]


Walesa, Lech
Born 29 September 1943  (Popowo, Poland)
Former Trade Unionist and electrician who later became President of Poland and a noted peace activist.
[Picture of Lech Walesa]


Walken, Christopher
Born 31 March 1943  (Queens, New York, USA)
Quirky film and stage actor and dancer who first came to fame in 1978 in 'The Deer Hunter'. Also known for his role of Bruce Dickinson (Yes, the Bruce Dickinson) in 'Saturday Night Live'.
[Picture of Christopher Walken]


Walker, Amanda
Born 29 November 1935  (Scotland)
Highly busy TV bit actress, but also some side parts on movies The English Patient and Cloud Atlas
[Picture of Amanda Walker]


Walker, Billy
Born 3 March 1939  (Stepney, London, United Kingdom)
British boxer, and later also actor
[Picture of Billy Walker]


Walker, Jimmie
Born 25 June 1947  (The Bronx, New York, USA)
Actor and comdedian, best known as J.J. Evans in the U.S. 1970s sitcom 'Good Times'.
[Picture of Jimmie Walker]


Walker, John
Born 12 January 1952  (Papakura, New Zealand)
Gold medal winning New Zealand middle-distance runner who was first person to run sub 3:50 for a mile
[Picture of John Walker]


Walker, Johnnie
Born 30 March 1945  (Hampton-in-Arden, Birmingham, England)
DJ who started out on the pirate Radio Caroline in 1966, before moving to BBC Radio 1 not long after Caroline's demise. Since then he's been a continual presence on various stations, most recently presenting Radio 2's Drivetime Show. Born Peter
[Picture of Johnnie Walker]


Walker, Roy
Born 31 July 1940  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Comedian and presenter of the popular gameshow 'Catchphrase' from 1986-2002. If he doesn't croak it this year, then this pick would be guud but naht ryeet...
[Picture of Roy Walker]


Walker, Rudolph
Born 28 September 1939  (Trinidad, West Indies)
Actor, best known for 'Love Thy Neighbour', 'The Thin Blue Line' and now on 'EastEnders' as Patrick Trueman.
[Picture of Rudolph Walker]


Wallace, Danny
Born 21 January 1964  (Greenwich, London, England)
Former footballer for Southampton, Manchester United & England, who now suffers from MS.
[Picture of Danny Wallace]


Wallace, Julie T.
Born 28 May 1961  (London, England)
Tall actress still best known for her breakthrough role in the BBC TV adaptation of 'The Life and Loves of a She-Devil' in 1986.
[Picture of Julie T. Wallace]


Wallace, Willie
Born 23 June 1940  (Kirkintilloch, Glasgow)
Celtic Lisbon Lion who scored over 250 Scottish league goals.
[Picture of Willie Wallace]


Wallach, Brian
Born in Washington DC, USA  (exact date unknown)
ALS patient and advocate. Former Obama staffer.
[Picture of Brian Wallach]


Wallin, Pamela
Born 10 April 1953  (Wadena, Saskatchewan, Canada)
Canadian Senator for Saskatchewan since 2009, and host of the Canadian Who Wants to be a Millionaire for all two episodes of its run.
[Picture of Pamela Wallin]


Walser, Martin Martin Walser is no longer with us
Born 24 March 1927  (Wasserburg am Bodensee, Germany)

Died 26 July 2023  (Nussdorf, Germany)

Age at death: 96  (read death notice)
German writer.
[Picture of Martin Walser]


Walsh, M. Emmet
Born 22 March 1935  (Ogdensburg, New York, USA)
Frequently seen character actor in Hollywood films.
[Picture of M. Emmet Walsh]


Waltz, Christoph
Born 4 October 1956  (Vienna, Austria)
Austrian-born actor who won acclaim (and Best Supporting Actor Oscar) for his subtle portrayal of SS officer Colonel Lander in the Quentin Tarantino film 'Inglourious Basterds'.
[Picture of Christoph Waltz]


Wamala, Emmanuel
Born 15 December 1926  (Kamaggwa, Uganda)
Ugandan Roman Catholic cardinal and Archbishop Emeritus of Kampala.
[Picture of Emmanuel Wamala]


Wap, Fetty
Born 7 June 1991  (Paterson, New Jersey, USA)
Rapper of "Trap Queen" fame, gets into legal trouble for typical rapper reasons.
[Picture of Fetty Wap]


Ward, Bill
Born 5 May 1948  (Birmingham, England)
Drummer with the legendary heavy metal progenitors Black Sabbath.
[Picture of Bill Ward]


Ward, Burt
Born 6 July 1945  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Actor, best remembered as Robin in the 1960s 'Batman' TV series.
[Picture of Burt Ward]


Ward, Lyman
Born 21 June 1941  (Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada)
Canadian actor who portrayed Ferris's dad in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'.
[Picture of Lyman Ward]


Warner, Jack
Born 26 January 1943  (Rio Claro, Trinidad and Tobago)
Trinidad and Tobago politician, better-known now as a corrupt FIFA Vice president.
[Picture of Jack Warner]


Warwick, Dionne
Born 12 December 1940  (East Orange, New Jersey, USA)
Legendary soul singer, famous for her renditions of Burt Bacharach/Hal David songs.
[Picture of Dionne Warwick]


Wash, Martha
Born 28 December 1953  (San Francisco, California, USA)
Former singer with the Weather Girls and Black Box, although you wouldn't of known about the latter at the time…
[Picture of Martha Wash]


Washam, Rey
Born 14 March 1961  (Austin, Texas, USA)
American rock drummer.
[Picture of Rey Washam]


Wasmosy, Juan Carlos
Born 15 December 1938  (Asuncion, Paraguay)
The first democratically elected president of Paraguay, who squandered that goodwill by filling his cabinet with Stroessner lackeys.
[Picture of Juan Carlos Wasmosy]


Waters, Roger
Born 6 September 1943  (Great Bookham, Surrey, England)
Guitarist & singer, best remembered for his time with Pink Floyd.
[Picture of Roger Waters]


Waterston, Sam
Born 15 November 1940  (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
Veteran actor best known for his long-standing portrayal of Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy on 'Law & Order'.
[Picture of Sam Waterston]


Watkins, Ian
Born 30 July 1977  (Merthyr Tygfil, Glamorganshire, Wales)
Singer with noughties metallers Lost Prophets. Faces trial for sexual abuse of children.
[Picture of Ian Watkins]


Watkins, Peter
Born 29 October 1935  (Norbiton, Surrey, England)
Film and television director, a pioneer in docudrama whose works frequently embody an anti-war message. His 'The War Game', which hypothesised a nuclear attack on Kent, was met to critical acclaim despite being banned by the BBC.
[Picture of Peter Watkins]


Watson, Charles "Tex"
Born 2 December 1945  (Dallas, Texas)
Man convicted in 1971 for the murders of five people including Sharon Tate in the notorious "Tate Murders".
[Picture of Charles


Watson, Dr James
Born 6 April 1928  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Molecular biologist, one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA. Recently in a spot of bother over racial comments he made.
[Picture of Dr James Watson]


Watson, John
Born 4 May 1946  (Belfast, UK)
Former F1 driver, finished third in the 1982 Drivers' Championship. Took to commentary after retirement.
[Picture of John Watson]


Watson, June
Born in Edinburgh, UK  (exact date unknown)
Character actress who tends to take matronly roles. Pops up on Sky comedies a lot. Born 1935.
[Picture of June Watson]


Watson (defender), Dave
Born 5 October 1946  (Stapleford, England)
Great English defender of the 60s and 70s, now with the all-too-well-known neurological problems
[Picture of Dave Watson (defender)]


Watsuki, Nobuhiro
Born 26 May 1970  (Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan)
Creator of "Rurouni Kenshin", very popular in japanese MADs
[Picture of Nobuhiro Watsuki]


Watt, James G. James G. Watt is no longer with us
Born 31 January 1938  (Lusk, Wyoming, USA)

Died 27 May 2023  (Arizona, USA)

Age at death: 85  (read death notice)
Former Secretary of the Interior under President Reagan.
[Picture of James G. Watt]


Wayne, Lil'
Born 27 September 1982  (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)
American rapper, born Dwayne Carter.
[Picture of Lil' Wayne]


Wayne, Ronald
Born 17 May 1934  (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
The less-remembered third of the trio that founded Apple, along with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
[Picture of Ronald Wayne]


Wearing, Clive
Born 11 May 1938  (United Kingdom)
British classical musician, who suffers from heavy amnesia and thinks every day that he woke up from a coma
[Picture of Clive Wearing]


Weaver, Lee
Born 10 April 1930  (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA)
Film and TV actor
[Picture of Lee Weaver]


Webber, Peggy
Born 15 September 1925  (Laredo, Texas, USA)
Former actress of Film, TV and radio, Dragnet, the Waltons, the Smurfs.
[Picture of Peggy Webber]


Webster, William
Born 6 March 1924  (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
Attorney, one of the few to work at a high level for the CIA and FBI.
[Picture of William Webster]


Weicker, Lowell Lowell Weicker is no longer with us
Born 16 May 1931  (Paris, France)

Died 28 June 2023  (Middletown, Connecticut, USA)

Age at death: 92  (read death notice)
Former Governor of Connecticut 1991-1995
[Picture of Lowell Weicker]


Weil, Cynthia Cynthia Weil is no longer with us
Born 18 October 1940  (New York City, New York, USA)

Died 1 June 2023  (Beverly Hills, California, USA)

Age at death: 82  (read death notice)
Songwriter who along with her husband Barry Mann wrote a string of hits including You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin and We Gotta Get Out of this Place.
[Picture of Cynthia Weil]


Weinstein, Harvey
Born 19 March 1952  (Flushing, New York, USA)
Hollywood honcho, co-founder of Miramax. Something of a provocative figure in the industry due to his history of tantrums and his overtampering with the foreign films he distributes.
[Picture of Harvey Weinstein]


Welch, Bobby Bobby Welch is no longer with us
Born 12 March 1929  ()

Died 1 November 2023  (Brockley, South London, United Kingdom)

Age at death: 94  (read death notice)
Last surviving member of the gang behind the Great Train Robbery.
[Picture of Bobby Welch]


Welch, Bruce
Born 2 November 1941  (Bognor Regis, England)
Rhythm guitarist for The Shadows, also served as the songwriter for many of Sir Cliff's early hits.
[Picture of Bruce Welch]


Welch, Raquel Raquel Welch is no longer with us
Born 5 September 1940  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Died 15 February 2023  (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Age at death: 82  (read death notice)
American actress & sex symbol.
[Picture of Raquel Welch]


weldon, fay fay weldon is no longer with us
Born 22 September 1931  (Birmingham, England)

Died 4 January 2023  (Northampton, United Kingdom)

Age at death: 91  (read death notice)
Old school feminist writer who works include 'The Life and Loves of a She Devil' and 'The Cloning of Joanna May'.
[Picture of fay weldon]


Weldon, Jimmy Jimmy Weldon is no longer with us
Born 23 September 1923  (Dale, Texas, USA)

Died 6 July 2023  (Paso Robles, California, USA)

Age at death: 99  (read death notice)
Retired voice actor, best known for the Hanna-Barbera character Yakky Doodle.
[Picture of Jimmy Weldon]


Welker, Frank
Born 12 March 1946  (Denver, Colorado, USA)
Veteran voice actor, the go-to guy in the industry if you need someone to mimic animal noises. Has also voiced meddling kid Fred in nearly all of the umpteen 'Scooby-Doo' incarnations.
[Picture of Frank Welker]


Weller, Rene Rene Weller is no longer with us
Born 21 November 1953  (Pforzheim, Germany)

Died 22 August 2023  (Pforzheim, Germany)

Age at death: 69  (read death notice)
German boxer and European champion, tabloid favourite, but suffering from advanced dementia for years
[Picture of Rene Weller]


Wells, Don Dyke
Born 13 February 1925  (South Africa)
a South African former rower who competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics.
[Picture of Don Dyke Wells]


Wells, Stanley
Born 21 May 1930  (Kingston-Upon-Hull, England)
Shakespearean scholar editor of the Oxford Shakespeare series. Was formally married to 'Woman In Black' author Susan Hill.
[Picture of Stanley Wells]


Wells, Vernon
Born 31 December 1945  (Rushworth, Australia)
Actor who was "Bennett" in "Commando"
[Picture of Vernon Wells]


Wenders, Wim
Born 14 August 1945  (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Artistic german director and a favourite of the critics, for example for Wings of Desire
[Picture of Wim Wenders]


Wendt, George
Born 17 October 1948  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
TV actor - plays the part of Norm in 'Cheers'.
[Picture of George Wendt]


Wenner, Jann
Born 7 January 1946  (New York City, New York, USA)
Founder of Rolling Stone magazine and the man behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Doesn't like The Monkees.
[Picture of Jann Wenner]


Wepper, Fritz
Born 17 August 1941  (Munich, Germany)
Veteran german film and television actor of the harmless senior TV variety
[Picture of Fritz Wepper]


Wermick, Richard
Born 16 January 1934  (Boston, Massachusetts, United States)
American composer. He is best known for his chamber and vocal works. His composition Visions of Terror and Wonder won the 1977 Pulitzer Prize for Music
[Picture of Richard Wermick]


West, Kanye
Born 8 June 1977  (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Increasingly self-important rap artist and musician.
[Picture of Kanye West]


West, Norma
Born 19 November 1943  (Cape Town, South Africa)
TV actress ("The Prisoner", "The Shadow of the Tower")
[Picture of Norma West]


West, Rose
Born 29 November 1953  (Devon, England)
Born Rosemary Letts, in 1972 she married Fred West, with whom she committed a series of murders at the now infamous 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester, during the 1970s. In 1995 her husband hanged himself in prison while awaiting trial; she is serving a life
[Picture of Rose West]


West, Simon
Born in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, England  (exact date unknown)
British film director of 'Con Air' and 'The Expendables 2'.
[Picture of Simon West]


West, Timothy
Born 20 October 1934  (Bradford, Yorkshire, England)
Actor, mostly on stage, but has had loads of TV roles. Married to Prunella Scales
[Picture of Timothy West]


Westbrook, Daniella
Born 5 November 1973  (Walthamstow, London, England)
EastEnders actress of yore who is better remembered for her cocaine habit which destroyed the septum in her nose.
[Picture of Daniella Westbrook]


Westheimer, Dr Ruth
Born 4 June 1928  (Frankfurt, Germany)
American sex therapist & author. Also, believe it or not, was a trained sniper during the Arab-Israeli war of 1948.
[Picture of Dr Ruth Westheimer]


Weston, David
Born 28 July 1938  (London, United Kingdom)
English actor, director and author, probably more prominent on stage than on the screen
[Picture of David Weston]


Weston, Kim
Born 20 December 1939  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Motown singer best known for dueting on It Takes Two with Marvin Gaye.
[Picture of Kim Weston]


Whale, James
Born 13 May 1951  (Ewell, Surrey, England)
Right-wing radio 'Shock Jock'.
[Picture of James Whale]


Whalley, Joanne
Born 25 August 1961  (Salford, Lancashire, England)
English BAFTA-nominated actress.
[Picture of Joanne Whalley]


Whitaker, Chico
Born in   (exact date unknown)
Brazilian architect and liberation theologist, heavily involved with the Wikileaks organisation. Born 1931.
[Picture of Chico Whitaker]


Whitaker, Johnny
Born 13 December 1959  (Van Nuys, California, USA)
US child actor who did the expected thing and sank into the drink/drugs mire.
[Picture of Johnny Whitaker]


White, Angela
Born 4 March 1985  (Sydney, Australia)
32GG-breasted adult actress, arguably Australia's greatest ever contribution to the industry.
[Picture of Angela White]


White, Arthur
Born in London, England  (exact date unknown)
Elder brother of Sir David Jason and his co-star in 'A Touch of Frost'. Born 1933.
[Picture of Arthur White]


White, Edmund
Born 13 January 1940  (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)
Gay writer and literary critic.
[Picture of Edmund White]


White, Frances
Born 1 November 1938  (Leeds, UK)
English actress, perhaps best known for her roles as Kate Hamilton in Crossroads and as Vera Flood in the BBC sitcom May to December
[Picture of Frances White]


White, Jack
Born 9 July 1975  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
US rock musician and muso darling, first with The White Stripes, and then successfully solo
[Picture of Jack White]


White, Jimmy
Born 2 May 1962  (London, England)
Popular snooker player, who has never won the World Championship, finishing runner-up 6 times.
[Picture of Jimmy White]


White Jr., Marco Pierre
Born in London, England  (exact date unknown)
Marco Pierre White's son. Apparently.
[Picture of Marco Pierre White Jr.]


Whittaker, Roger Roger Whittaker is no longer with us
Born 22 March 1936  (Nairobi, Kenya)

Died 13 September 2023  (Southern France)

Age at death: 87  (read death notice)
Easy-listening musician.
[Picture of Roger Whittaker]


Whittington, Dick
Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  (exact date unknown)
American actor with numerous roles in television and film in the 70's and 80's.
[Picture of Dick Whittington]


Whittington, Harry Harry Whittington is no longer with us
Born 3 March 1927  (Henderson, Texas, USA)

Died 4 February 2023  (Austin, Texas, USA)

Age at death: 95  (read death notice)
A lawyer who made headlines in 2006 when he was accidentally shot in the face by Vice President Dick Cheney while they were both out hunting.
[Picture of Harry Whittington]


Widdecombe, Anne
Born 4 October 1947  (Bath, Somerset, England)
Tory politician, former cabinet minister. Also a novelist & TV presenter.
[Picture of Anne Widdecombe]


WIESEL, Torsten
Born 3 June 1924  (Uppsala, Sweden)
Neurophysiologist, co-recipient of the 1981 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his studies of the visual system.
[Picture of Torsten WIESEL]


Wild, Susan
Born 6 July 1957  (Wiesbaden Air Force Base, West Germany)
US Democratic Representative from Pennsylvania.
[Picture of Susan Wild]


Wilde, Marty
Born 15 April 1939  (London, England)
Rug-toting '60s pop star, and father of '80s pop star Kim.
[Picture of Marty Wilde]


Wilder, Douglas
Born 17 January 1931  (Richmond, Virginia, USA)
Virginia Governor from 1990 to 1994.
[Picture of Douglas Wilder]


Wilders, Geert
Born 6 September 1963  (Venlo, Netherlands)
Dutch MP and outspoken critic of Islamic fundamentalism.
[Picture of Geert Wilders]


Wiley, (rapper)
Born 19 January 1979  (London, United Kingdom)
British grime MC, veteran of the genre who got his start in the late 90s garage scene
[Picture of (rapper) Wiley]


Willey, Kathleen
Born 6 February 1946  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
White House aide during the Clinton administration, one of many to accuse ol' Bubba of being handsy.
[Picture of Kathleen Willey]


Williams, Alyson
Born 11 May 1962  (New York, New York, USA)
R&B singer, had top 10 single with "I Need Your Loving" in 1989. Hospitalised with likely COVID in late 2021.
[Picture of Alyson Williams]


Williams, Billy Dee
Born 6 April 1937  (New York City, New York, USA)
Actor, chiefly recognised as Lando Calrissian in the 'The Empire Strikes Back' and 'Return of the Jedi'. Surely he's not 75?
[Picture of Billy Dee Williams]


Williams, Deniece
Born 6 March 1951  (Gary, Indiana, USA)
Soul singer, "Let's hear it for the boy", four time Grammy winner.
[Picture of Deniece Williams]


Williams, John
Born 8 February 1932  (Floral Park, New York, USA)
Award-winning composer of such legendary film scores as 'Star Wars', 'Superman', 'ET', 'Indiana Jones' and many more.
[Picture of John Williams]


Williams, Kate
Born in London, UK  (exact date unknown)
Actress, played Audrey in the original "Widows" trilogy, as well as popping up in "Eastenders" about a decade back.
[Picture of Kate Williams]


Williams, Leila
Born in Walsall, England  (exact date unknown)
Beauty queen who became the first female presenter of 'Blue Peter' in 1958. Born 1937.
[Picture of Leila Williams]


Williams, Lucinda
Born 26 January 1953  (Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA)
A-List US singer, songwriter and guitarist, playing country, a bit of blues, and classic rock
[Picture of Lucinda Williams]


Williams, Maurice
Born 26 April 1938  (Lancaster, South Carolina, USA)
Lead singer of doo-wop group the Zodiacs, whose "Stay" remains the shortest-length song to top the US charts.
[Picture of Maurice Williams]


Williams, Otis
Born 30 October 1941  (Texarkana, Texas, USA)
Baritone singer of The Temptations.
[Picture of Otis Williams]


Williams, Paul
Born 19 September 1940  (Omaha, Nebraska, USA)
Singer-songwriter who has written for acts as varied as The Carpenters, Daft Punk and Kermit the Frog. Very distinctive singing voice as well.
[Picture of Paul Williams]


Williams, Rex
Born 20 July 1933  (Halesowen, West Midlands, England)
Former snooker player, who spent over 40 years playing the sport.
[Picture of Rex Williams]


Williams, Robbie
Born 13 February 1974  (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England)
The apparently directionless one out of Take That who unexpectedly made it huge as a solo artist, but now just bleats on about how hard his life is, despite having £95m in the bank. Has returned to the Take That fold for a new album and tour.
[Picture of Robbie Williams]


Williams, Royce
Born 4 April 1925  (Wilmot, south Carolina, USA)
Former US Naval Aviator who took on seven Soviet MiG fighters in the Korean war, shooting down six.
[Picture of Royce Williams]


Williams, Steven
Born 7 January 1949  (Memphis, Tennessee, USA)
American actor of film and TV.
[Picture of Steven Williams]


Williams, Wendy
Born 18 July 1964  (Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA)
US media figure on radio and TV
[Picture of Wendy Williams]


Williams (actor), David
Date and place of birth unknown
Minor British actor with a role in Last of the Summer Wine
[Picture of David Williams (actor)]


Williamson, Marianne
Born 8 July 1952  (Houston, Texas, USA)
Author running for US President (but might be out by the time you see this).
[Picture of Marianne Williamson]


Willis, Bruce
Born 19 March 1955  (Idar-Oberstein, Germany)
Vest wearing hard-man movie star who started his career in the postmodern rom-com detective comedy TV drama 'Moonlighting' alongside Cybil Sheppard.
[Picture of Bruce Willis]


Willis, Elliot
Born 16 June 1983  (Kent, England)
Sailor whose hopes of partaking in the 2016 Olympics were dashed by a bowel cancer diagnosis in late 2015.
[Picture of Elliot Willis]


Wills, Garry
Born 22 May 1934  (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Historian and faith writer, one of the US's leading authorities on the history of the Catholic Church.
[Picture of Garry Wills]


Wilms, Dorothee
Born 11 October 1929  (Grevenbroich, Germany)
German politician, final secretary for intra-german relations, you know, when there were two of them
[Picture of Dorothee Wilms]


Wilmut, Ian Ian Wilmut is no longer with us
Born 7 July 1944  (Hampton Lucy, United Kingdom)

Died 10 September 2023  (Scotland)

Age at death: 79  (read death notice)
British geneticist who lead the research team that created cloned sheep Dolly
[Picture of Ian Wilmut]


Wilson, Bob
Born 30 October 1941  (Chesterfield, England)
Former Arsenal and Scotland goalkeeper turned TV presenter.
[Picture of Bob Wilson]


Wilson, Brian
Born 20 June 1942  (Hawthorne, California, USA)
Founder member of, and producer, composer and arranger for, The Beach Boys. Has suffered from long-term mental illness and drug problems.
[Picture of Brian Wilson]


Wilson, Demond
Born 13 October 1946  (Valdosta, Georgia, United States)
Film and TV actor who played Lamont Sanford in Sanford and Son
[Picture of Demond Wilson]


Wilson, Jo
Born 25 September 1985  (Perth, UK)
Sky Sports News presenter
[Picture of Jo Wilson]


Wilson, Rebel
Born 3 February 1986  (Sydney, Australia)
Australian comedian and actress.
[Picture of Rebel Wilson]


Wilson, Richard
Born 9 July 1936  (Greenock, Inverclyde, Scotland)
Actor (real name Ian Colquhoun Wilson) famous for playing the grumpy Victor "I don't believe it!" Meldrew in sitcom 'One Foot in the Grave'. Will the other foot follow this year?
[Picture of Richard Wilson]


Wilson, Thomas F.
Born 15 April 1959  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Biff Tannen in the 'Back to the Future' films, also a surprisingly passable stand-up comedian nowadays.
[Picture of Thomas F. Wilson]


Wilson (musician), Charlie
Born 29 January 1953  (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
US musician and songwriter, frontman of the Gap Band
[Picture of Charlie Wilson (musician)]


Winans, Delores
Born 22 September 1936  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Gospel singer, often in conjunction with late husband Pop Winans.
[Picture of Delores Winans]


Winchester, Simon
Born 28 September 1944  (London, United Kingdom)
British-American journalist and authorwho covered many important events for The Guardian
[Picture of Simon Winchester]


Windass, Dean
Born 1 April 1969  (Kingston upon Hull, England)
The very epitome of the journeyman footballer. Helped his home club Hull City win promotion to the Premier League for the first time in their history in 2008.
[Picture of Dean Windass]


Windham, Barry
Born 4 July 1960  (Sweetwater, Texas, USA)
Wrestler, son Blackjack Mulligan.
[Picture of Barry Windham]


Wingrove, Marina
Date and place of birth unknown
Fan favourite on 'Gogglebox', born c. 1934.
[Picture of Marina Wingrove]


Winkler, Henry
Born 30 October 1945  (Manhatten, New York, USA)
Fonzie! The Fonz from Happy Days. TV legend. Heyyy!
[Picture of Henry Winkler]


Winner, Reality
Born 4 December 1991  (Alice, Texas, USA)
American former intelligence specialist who leaked info pertaining to the 2016 presidential election. The only reality winner involved with that election.
[Picture of Reality Winner]


Winnick, David
Born 26 June 1933  ()
Labour MP for Walsall North since 1979.
[Picture of David Winnick]


Winter, Edgar
Born 28 December 1946  (Beaumont, Texas, USA)
American songwriter and keyboardist.
[Picture of Edgar Winter]


Winterton, Nicholas
Born 31 March 1938  (Rugeley, England)
Husband of Ann, Tory MP for Macclesfield from 1971 to 2010 until undone by the expenses scandal, and claiming rent for a flat they’d bought.
[Picture of Nicholas Winterton]


Winwood, Muff
Born 15 June 1943  (Birmingham, England)
born 15 June 1943, Erdington, Birmingham, England) is a British songwriter and record producer, and the older brother of Steve Winwood. Both were formerly members of the Spencer Davis Group in the 1960s, in which Muff Winwood played bass guitar. He produc
[Picture of Muff Winwood]


Wochy, Steve
Born 25 December 1922  (Fort William, Ontario, Canada)
Centenarian former hockey player from Canada
[Picture of Steve Wochy]


Wolde-Yohannes, Legesse
Born in   (exact date unknown)
Ethiopian horticultral scientist. Answers on a postcard please for a more obscure pick than this one for 2014...
[Picture of Legesse Wolde-Yohannes]


Wolfe, Donald
Born 13 December 1931  (Los Angeles, USA)
Screenwriter and film editor, All the President's men.
[Picture of Donald Wolfe]


Wolfhard, Finn
Born 23 December 2002  (Vancouver, Canada)
Canadian actor anf musician, Mike Wheeler in Stanger Things.
[Picture of Finn Wolfhard]


Wolfshohl, Rolf
Born 27 December 1938  (Cologne, Germany)
German cyclo-cross racing cyclist and a world champion at that
[Picture of Rolf Wolfshohl]


Wolfson, Moshe
Date and place of birth unknown
American rabbi.
[Picture of Moshe Wolfson]


Wonder, Stevie
Born 13 May 1950  (Saginaw, Michigan, USA)
Singer & songwriter, blind since birth, hugely influential in the pop music world.
[Picture of Stevie Wonder]


Wood, Ronnie
Born 1 June 1947  (Hillingdon, Middlesex, England)
Guitarist who played with Jeff Beck and the Faces before becoming a permanent member of the Rolling Stones.
[Picture of Ronnie Wood]


Wood, Roy
Born 8 November 1946  (Kitts Green, Birmingham, England)
Lead singer of the Move, then Wizzard.
[Picture of Roy Wood]


Woodburn, Kim
Born 25 March 1942  (Eastney, Hampshire, England)
TV presenter & cleaner, one half of the presenting duo of TV programme 'How Clean Is Your House?'.
[Picture of Kim Woodburn]


Woodcock, Jacci
Born in   (exact date unknown)
Terminally ill woman who sued her firm for forcing her out because of her illness.
[Picture of Jacci Woodcock]


Woodmore, Steve
Born in London, United Kingdom  (exact date unknown)
for a while the world's fastest talker, who then turned his skills into a series of TV appearances, born 1959. Died in February without a qualifying obit.
[Picture of Steve Woodmore]


Woods, Slick
Born 13 August 1996  (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
American model whose career has been championed by Rihanna
[Picture of Slick Woods]


Woods, Tiger
Born 30 December 1975  (Cypress, California, USA)
Golfer, one of sport's greatest ever players. Struggling to get his career back on track after a series of revelations about his private life.
[Picture of Tiger Woods]


Woodvine, John
Born 21 July 1929  (Tyne Dock, County Durham, England)
Actor, mostly on TV & stage, who has a penchant for playing police officers.
[Picture of John Woodvine]


Woodward, Joanne
Born 27 February 1930  (Thomasville, Georgia, USA)
Veteran film actress, widow of Paul Newman, who she was married to for 50 years.
[Picture of Joanne Woodward]


Woolery, Chuck
Born 16 March 1941  (Ashland, Kentucky, USA)
Original US host of Wheel of Fortune. Has Alex Trebek started a trend?
[Picture of Chuck Woolery]


Woolf, Gabriel
Born 2 October 1932  (England)
Well travelled English actor on film, TV and radio. Voice instantly recognisable to all geeks as that of Sutekh the Destroyer from Doctor Who's classic Pyramids of Mars.
[Picture of Gabriel Woolf]


Woollard, William
Born 23 August 1939  (London, England)
British television producer and presenter.
[Picture of William Woollard]


Woolsey, Lynn
Born 3 December 1937  (Seattle, Washington, United States)
American politician who served as the U.S. representative for California's 6th congressional district from 1993 to 2013
[Picture of Lynn Woolsey]


Worede, Melaku
Born in Shewa, Ethiopia  (exact date unknown)
Agricultural scientist from Ethiopia. Recipient of the "Right Livelihood Award" in 1989. Died in Late July but did not obit.
[Picture of Melaku Worede]


Workman, Reggie
Born 26 May 1937  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Avantgarde jazz bassist
[Picture of Reggie Workman]


Worley, Jo Anne
Born 6 September 1937  (Lowell, Indiana, USA)
American comic actress from "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In".
[Picture of Jo Anne Worley]


Worthington, Tony
Born 10 November 1941  (Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England)
Former MP for Clydebank and Milngavie until the constituency was abolished.
[Picture of Tony Worthington]


Wreford, Catherine
Born 26 June 1980  (Winnipeg, Canada)
Professional dancer and actress.
[Picture of Catherine Wreford]


Wright, Charles
Born 6 April 1940  (Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA)
Songwriter and leader of the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. Not a godfather.
[Picture of Charles Wright]


Wright, Letitia
Born 31 October 1983  (Georgetown, Guyana)
British actress who now has to carry the Black Panther franchise on her shoulders
[Picture of Letitia Wright]


Wright, Matthew
Born 8 July 1965  (Richmond upon Thames, United Kingdom)
British TV presenter and journalist, The Wright Stuff
[Picture of Matthew Wright]


Wright, Rob
Born 12 March 1954  (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Bassist for the Hanson Brothers.
[Picture of Rob Wright]


Wrigley, Bernard
Born in Bolton, UK  (exact date unknown)
Singer and comic, nicknamed "The Bolton Bullfrog". Born 1948.
[Picture of Bernard Wrigley]


Wu, Bowie
Born 18 January 1932  (Guangzhou, China)
Hong Kong actor also known as Woo Fung he earned the title the Dance King for his dancing skills in musicals.
[Picture of Bowie Wu]


Wyatt, Oscar
Born in Beaumont, Texas, USA  (exact date unknown)
American businessman who was convicted for making illegal payments to Saddam Hussein's Iraq via the Oil for Food program in 2007. Born 1924.
[Picture of Oscar Wyatt]


Wyllie, Hugh Hugh Wyllie is no longer with us
Born 11 October 1934  (place of birth unknown)

Died 31 October 2023  (near Glasgow, Scotland)

Age at death: 89  (read death notice)
Scottish Presbyterian minister and former moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.
[Picture of Hugh Wyllie]


Wylton, Tim
Born 27 February 1940  (Bangor-on-Dee, Wales)
One of those TV actors you recognise from loads of things but don't know the name. Well now you know!
[Picture of Tim Wylton]


Wyman, Bill
Born 24 October 1936  (Lewisham, London, England)
Guitarist for the Rolling Stones for over 30 years.
[Picture of Bill Wyman]


Wynant, H.M.
Born 12 February 1927  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Actor who appeared in Hogan's Heroes and Perry Mason, among many others.
[Picture of H.M. Wynant]

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