Derby Dead Pool 2022: Drop Forty

The celebs you think won't see 2023...

Total dropped in 2022...20!

Pos Celeb Picture # Teams
1 George Alagiah
[Picture of George Alagiah] 139
2 Jimmy Carter
[Picture of Jimmy Carter] 125
3 Linda Nolan
Loose Woman
[Picture of Linda Nolan] 116
4 Shannen Doherty
'Charmed' actress
[Picture of Shannen Doherty] 111
5 Pele
Football GOAT
[Picture of (footballer) Pele] 108
6 Tom Parker
very Wanted singer in the DDP
[Picture of Tom Parker] 106
9 Frank Field
Old-School Labour politician/yodeler
[Picture of Frank Field] 104
7 Bill Turnbull
'BBC Breakfast' host
[Picture of Bill Turnbull] 103
8 James Whale
Radio host as big as a...
[Picture of James Whale] 103
10 Queen Elizabeth II
[Picture of Queen Elizabeth II] 99
11 Tom Smith
Northampton Saints Prop host
[Picture of Tom Smith] 92
12 Olivia Newton-John
Pop star and 'Grease' actress
[Picture of Olivia Newton-John] 91
13 Leslie Phillips
[Picture of Leslie Phillips] 79
14 Dick Van Dyke
Song-and-dance man
[Picture of Dick Van Dyke] 75
=15 Henry Kissinger
Realpolitik fan
[Picture of Henry Kissinger] 69
16 Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Former pontiff
[Picture of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI] 67
17 Prunella Scales
Sybil Fawlty
[Picture of Prunella Scales] 66
18 Gary Burgess
ITV journalist/free spot on the 2022 bingo card
[Picture of Gary Burgess] 65
19 Angela Lansbury
your TV gran
[Picture of Angela Lansbury] 61
20 Doddie Weir
Scottish Rugby legend
[Picture of Doddie Weir] 54
21 Bob Barker
US gameshow host
[Picture of Bob Barker] 53
22 George Perez
Comic Book artist
[Picture of George Perez] 52
24 Rob Burrow
Rugby Player
[Picture of Rob Burrow] 52
23 Jerry Lee Lewis
Great Balls of Fire
[Picture of Jerry Lee Lewis] 51
=25 Billy Connolly
Big Yin
[Picture of Billy Connolly] 48
=26 Mikhail Gorbachev
Mr. Glasnost
[Picture of Mikhail Gorbachev] 48
27 Yoko Ono
singer/activist/married to some Beatle
[Picture of Yoko Ono] 47
28 Jean-Louis Trintignant
French actor ('Amour')
[Picture of Jean-Louis Trintignant] 46
29 Tony Bennett
Mr. Lady Gaga
[Picture of Tony Bennett] 47
=30 Rolf Harris
Ruined TV career/sex abuser
[Picture of Rolf Harris] 41
=31 Tom Weiskopf
PGA-winning golfer
[Picture of Tom Weiskopf] 41
=32 Tim Bilton
TV chef
[Picture of Tim Bilton] 39
=33 Ghislaine Maxwell
Child sex trafficker / suicide watch
[Picture of Ghislaine Maxwell] 37
=34 Susie Steiner
Crime Novelist
[Picture of Susie Steiner] 36
=35 Bobby Charlton
Football legend/Cup hero
[Picture of Bobby Charlton] 36
=36 Shane MacGowan
Pogue / breathing miracle
[Picture of Shane MacGowan] 35
=37 Russell Bishop
Babes in the Woods murderer
[Picture of Russell Bishop] 35
=38 Jana Bennett
Ex BBC TV boss
[Picture of Jana Bennett] 34
=39 June Brown
Dot Cotton
[Picture of Jne Brown] 33
=40 Milos Zeman
Czech president
[Picture of Milos Zeman] 32

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