Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2022: G


Gable, June
Born 5 June 1945  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
American actress with a memorable role in Friends, but also a Tony winner for ther work on Broadway
[Picture of June Gable]


Gaines, Rosie
Born 26 June 1960  (Oakland, California, USA)
US singer and Prince collaborator.
[Picture of Rosie Gaines]


Gall, Sandy
Born 1 October 1927  (Penang, Malaysia)
British journalist and former ITN newsreader & reporter.
[Picture of Sandy Gall]


Galtung, Johan
Born 24 October 1930  (Oslo, Norway)
Norwegian sociologist, originally known for his founding work in peace and conflict studies but now famed for his massively anti-Semitic theories on media control.
[Picture of Johan Galtung]


Galway, James
Born 8 December 1939  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Esteemed flautist nicknamed "The Man with the Golden Flute".
[Picture of James Galway]


Gambon, Michael
Born 19 October 1940  (Dublin, Republic of Ireland)
Actor - made it big in 'The Singing Detective' and has been in the last 2 Harry Potter films as Dumbledore. Recently popped up in 'Doctor Who'.
[Picture of Michael Gambon]


Ganassi, Chip
Born 24 May 1958  (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
Longtime figure on the North American auto racing scene, as both a driver and a team owner.
[Picture of Chip Ganassi]


Garavito, Luis
Born 25 January 1957  (Génova, Quindío, Colombia)
Colombian serial killer who admitted to the rape and murder of 147 young boys in 1999 for which he received a sentence of just 22 years.
[Picture of Luis Garavito]


Garden, Graeme
Born 18 February 1943  (Aberdeen, Scotland)
Qualified doctor, but became famous as one of 'The Goodies', and has been involved in broadcasting ever since the late 1960s.
[Picture of Graeme Garden]


Gardner, Trixie
Born 17 July 1927  (Parkes, New South Wales, Australia)
Current member of the House of Lords.
[Picture of Trixie Gardner]


Garfield, David
Date and place of birth unknown
Actor ('Doctor Who'). Born 1930.
[Picture of David Garfield]


Garfunkel, Art
Born 5 November 1941  (Forest Hills, New York, USA)
Singer/songwriter, one half of Simon & Garfunkel.
[Picture of Art Garfunkel]


Gargan, Nick
Born in   (exact date unknown)
Former Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset, who was suspended in May 2014.
[Picture of Nick Gargan]


Garn, Jake
Born 12 October 1932  (Richfield, Utah, USA)
Former senator from Utah who became the first sitting congressman to fly into space in 1985.
[Picture of Jake Garn]


Garnett, Ruby Nash
Born 15 June 1934  (Akron, Ohio, USA)
R&B singer with the Romantics whose harmonies would later influence the Temptations.
[Picture of Ruby Nash Garnett]


Garr, Teri
Born 11 December 1944  (Lakewood, Ohio, USA)
US film & TV star, now battling MS.
[Picture of Teri Garr]


Gascoigne, Bamber Bamber Gascoigne is no longer with us
Born 24 January 1935  (London, England)

Died 8 February 2022  (London, Great Britain)

Age at death: 87  (read death notice)
Author & TV personality, former host of 'University Challenge'.
[Picture of Bamber Gascoigne]


Gascoigne, Paul
Born 27 May 1967  (Gateshead, Co Durham, England)
Flawed genius of the football field, who played for Newcastle United, Spurs, Lazio, Rangers and of course England, when he wasn't busy boozing and/or crying. On and off the wagon constantly.
[Picture of Paul Gascoigne]


Gastineau, Mark
Born 20 November 1956  (Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA)
NFL Hall of Famer who played for the New York Jets.
[Picture of Mark Gastineau]


Gastoni, Lisa
Born 28 July 1935  (Alassio, Italy)
Italian film actress named "Best Italian Actress of the Year 1966". After the 60s her career slowed down significantly.
[Picture of Lisa Gastoni]


Gates, Bill
Born 28 October 1955  (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Absurdly rich and much-vilified chairman of Microsoft.
[Picture of Bill Gates]


Gates, David
Born 11 December 1940  (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
American singer-songwriter, musician and producer, best known as the co-lead singer of the group Bread.
[Picture of David Gates]


Gates (football), Bill
Date and place of birth unknown
Former Middlesbrough player now with dementia, a pain to Google for.
[Picture of Bill Gates (football)]


Gatiss, Mark
Born 17 October 1966  (Sedgefield, County Durham, England)
Comedian, actor and writer who emerged in the late 1990s with the comedy group 'The League of Gentlemen' before embarking on a successful solo career.
[Picture of Mark Gatiss]


Gaulle, Philippe de
Born 28 December 1921  (Paris, France)
French politician and son of Charles.
[Picture of Philippe de Gaulle]


Gaunt, Jon
Born 3 March 1961  (Coventry, United Kingdom)
English comedian and social commentator with a Joe Rogan-like "bro conservative" angle
[Picture of Jon Gaunt]


Gaunt, William
Born 3 April 1937  (Pudsey, UK)
Long-time TV actor, most famously as one of the three super-agents in 60s sci-fi thriller "The Champions".
[Picture of William Gaunt]


Gaynor, Mitzi
Born 4 September 1931  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Hollywood singer and dancer of the 1950s. Was the second musical guest on the night of The Beatles' debut appearance on 'The Ed Sullivan Show'.
[Picture of Mitzi Gaynor]


Gebremichael, Debretsion
Born 7 July 1956  (Shire, Ethiopian Empire)
Ethiopian politician and current President of the Tigray Region, bprn in the 1960s
[Picture of Debretsion Gebremichael]


Gee, Prunella
Born 17 February 1950  (London, United Kingdom)
English therapist who turned to acting in a role for Coronation street, and quite a few theatre and screen roles.
[Picture of Prunella Gee]


Gehry, Frank
Born 28 February 1929  (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Canadian-born American architect, whose works are cited as being among the most important works of contemporary architecture in the 2010 World Architecture Survey, which led Vanity Fair to label him as "the most important architect of our age".
[Picture of Frank Gehry]


Geiberger, Al
Born 1 September 1937  (Red Bluff, California, USA)
Golfer, the first to hit a score of 59 in a PGA Tour. A different hole-in-one came when his colon was removed in 1980.
[Picture of Al Geiberger]


Geldof, Bob
Born 5 October 1951  (Dun Laoghaire, Republic of Ireland)
Former Boomtown Rats front man turned shouty, sweary Live Aid and Live 8 organiser. Has been looking even rougher than usual of late, which certainly takes some doing.
[Picture of Bob Geldof]


Gemayel, Amine
Born 22 January 1942  (Bikfaiya, Lebanon)
former President of Lebanon (1982-1988)
[Picture of Amine Gemayel]


Genefke, Inge Kemp
Born 6 July 1938  (Frederiksberg, Denmark)
A prize-winning campaigner and worker on behalf of torture victims.
[Picture of Inge Kemp Genefke]


Gento, Francisco Francisco Gento is no longer with us
Born 21 October 1933  (Guarnizo, Spain)

Died 18 January 2022  (Madrid, Spain)

Age at death: 88  (read death notice)
Legendary footballer for Real Madrid. Won 6 European Cup winners medals.
[Picture of Francisco Gento]


Gentry, Bobbie
Born 27 July 1942  (Chickasaw County, Mississippi, USA)
Trailblazing American country singer-songwriter.
[Picture of Bobbie Gentry]


George, Barry
Born 15 April 1960  (Hammersmith, London, England)
Accused, but subsquently cleared of killing TV presenter Jill Dando in 1999.
[Picture of Barry George]


George, Bobby
Born 16 February 1945  (Manor Park, East London, England)
Cockney darts player. The only person in the world who wears more jewellery than Jimmy Savile or Michael Carroll.
[Picture of Bobby George]


George, Boy
Born 14 June 1961  (Eltham, Kent, England)
Cross-dressing lead singer of Culture Club and later solo artist, born George Alan O'Dowd.
[Picture of Boy George]


George, Elizabeth
Born 26 February 1949  (Warren, Ohio, USA)
American author of the British-based 'Inspector Lynley' detective novels.
[Picture of Elizabeth George]


Gerard, Gil
Born 23 January 1943  (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)
Star of 'Buck Rogers in the 25th Century'. Also got to flirt with Erin Gray, the lucky ol' dog.
[Picture of Gil Gerard]


Gerstenhaber, Murray
Born 5 June 1927  (New York City, New York, USA)
US mathematician who is so good, he has a branch of algebra named after him
[Picture of Murray Gerstenhaber]


Gervais, Ricky
Born 25 June 1961  (Reading, Berkshire, England)
Annoying one trick pony. Hit paydirt with the mockumentary 'The Office' in 2001, perhaps the most monumentally overrated programme in the history of television.
[Picture of Ricky Gervais]


Getty, Gordon
Born 20 December 1933  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Member of the Getty business dynasty who also composes classical music to the side.
[Picture of Gordon Getty]


Ghezali, Mohammed Abdel Karim Al
Born in Yemen  (exact date unknown)
High ranking member of al-Qaeda's Yemeni branch.
[Picture of Mohammed Abdel Karim Al Ghezali]


Giacomelli, Bruno
Born 10 September 1952  (Poncarale, Italy)
Italian B-list racing driver
[Picture of Bruno Giacomelli]


Gibb, Barry
Born 1 September 1946  (Douglas, Isle of Man)
The eldest of the Bee Gees. The last one standing…
[Picture of Barry Gibb]


Gibbons, Billy
Born 16 December 1949  (Houston, Texas, USA)
AKA "Reverend Willie G", the guitarist in ZZ Top.
[Picture of Billy Gibbons]


Gibbs, Lance
Born 29 September 1934  (Georgetown, British Guiana)
West Indies cricketer, a stellar spinner in his prime who became the second player to take 300 wickets.
[Picture of Lance Gibbs]


Gibbs, Marla
Born 14 June 1931  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
American TV sitcom actress, best known as wisecracking maid Florence on 'The Jeffersons'.
[Picture of Marla Gibbs]


Giblin, John
Born 26 February 1952  (Bellshill, Scotland)
British studio musician who played bass on a high number of records
[Picture of John Giblin]


Gibson, Edward
Born 8 November 1936  (Buffalo, New York, USA)
Science Pilot on the Skylab 4 mission
[Picture of Edward Gibson]


Gibson, Kirk
Born 28 May 1957  (Pontiac, Michigan, USA)
American professional baseball player and manager for the Detroit Tigers, nicknamed Gibby
[Picture of Kirk Gibson]


Gilbert, Chad
Born 9 March 1981  (Coral Springs, Florida, USA)
American Musician and founder of New Found Glory
[Picture of Chad Gilbert]


Gilbert, Johnny
Born 13 July 1928  (Newport News, Virginia, USA)
Jeopardy Announcer.
[Picture of Johnny Gilbert]


Giles, Bill
Born 18 November 1939  (Dittisham, Devon, England)
Popular weather forecaster for the BBC for many years before his retirement in 2000.
[Picture of Bill Giles]


Giles, Johnny
Born 6 November 1940  (Dublin, Republic of Ireland)
Former Leeds United midfield maestro turned RTE pundit.
[Picture of Johnny Giles]


Gillespie, Gary
Born 5 July 1960  (Stirling, UK)
Coventry and Liverpool defender of the 1980s, stil works as a commentator on Liverpool TV.
[Picture of Gary Gillespie]


Gillespie, Robert
Born 9 November 1933  (Lille, France)
Veteran actor on British TV, in comic and serious roles. In recent years, he returned to his first love of the stage.
[Picture of Robert Gillespie]


Gilliam, Terry
Born 22 November 1940  (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
The only non-British member of the Monty Python team and director of a whole bunch of films that don't quite work.
[Picture of Terry Gilliam]


Gilmour, David
Born 6 March 1946  (Cambridge, England)
Guitarist & singer, member of Pink Floyd.
[Picture of David Gilmour]


Gilot, Francoise
Born 26 November 1921  (Neuilly-sur-Seine, France)
French painter and muse to the legendary Pablo Picasso.
[Picture of Francoise Gilot]


Ging, Jack Jack Ging is no longer with us
Born 30 November 1931  (Alva, Oklahoma, USA)

Died 9 September 2022  (La Quinta, California, USA)

Age at death: 90  (read death notice)
US TV and movie actor, for example, on The A-Team
[Picture of Jack Ging]


Giscard d'Estaing, Anne-Aymone
Born 10 April 1933  (Paris, France)
Former First Lady of France, widow of Valery Giscard d’Estaing
[Picture of Anne-Aymone Giscard d'Estaing]


Giuliani, Rudolph
Born 28 May 1944  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Mayor of New York, 1994-2001.
[Picture of Rudolph Giuliani]


Gladys, Maria
Born 23 November 1939  (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Brazilian actress.
[Picture of Maria Gladys]


Glanville, Brian
Born 24 September 1931  (London, England)
Football journalist, the doyen of the genre - has been in the industry since the early 1950's.
[Picture of Brian Glanville]


Gleason, Joanna
Born 2 June 1950  (Toronto, Canada)
Tony-award winning actress and musical singer
[Picture of Joanna Gleason]


Gleason, Steve
Born 19 March 1977  (Spokane, Washington, USA)
Former American footballer, who is now suffering from ALS.
[Picture of Steve Gleason]


Glen, John
Born 15 May 1932  (Sunbury-on-Thames, England)
English film director, film editor and author best known for his directorial and editing work on eight James Bond films from the 1960s to the 1980s.
[Picture of John Glen]


Glenn, Glen
Born 24 October 1934  (Joplin, Missouri, USA)
Rockabilly singer/songwriter whose career started in the 1950s and ended in late 2015 due to health reasons. Died in March but did not get a qualifying obit.
[Picture of Glen Glenn]


Glenn-Copeland, Beverly
Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  (exact date unknown)
American singer and songwriter who was only really discovered at an advanced age, born 1944.
[Picture of Beverly Glenn-Copeland]


Glitter, Gary
Born 8 May 1944  (Banbury, Oxfordshire, England)
1970s glam rocker who was jailed in 1999 for possession of hardcore child porn. "Do you wanna be in my gang?" Er...we'll give it a miss, thanks, Gary.
[Picture of Gary Glitter]


Glock, Gaston
Born 19 July 1929  (Vienna, Austria)
Found of the firearms company Glock, who didn't start designing guns until he was well into his 50s. Well, it's something to do…
[Picture of Gaston Glock]


Glover, Bruce
Born 2 May 1932  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Actor - played the camp assassin Mr Wint in the 1971 James Bond film 'Diamonds Are Forever'.
[Picture of Bruce Glover]


Glover, Julian
Born 27 March 1935  (London, England)
Reknowned actor who's appeared on stage, screen and tv and is an aluminous of the 'Star Wars, 'James Bond' and 'Doctor Who' series.
[Picture of Julian Glover]


Goalby, Bob Bob Goalby is no longer with us
Born 14 March 1929  (Belleville, Illinois, USA)

Died 20 January 2022  (Belleville, Illinois, USA)

Age at death: 92  (read death notice)
Golfer who won the 1968 PGA Masters due to an incorrectly filled-in scorecard.
[Picture of Bob Goalby]


Godard, Jean-Luc Jean-Luc Godard is no longer with us
Born 3 December 1930  (Paris, France)

Died 13 September 2022  (Rolle, Switzerland)

Age at death: 91  (read death notice)
Acclaimed French film director from the "New Wave" school of film-making.
[Picture of Jean-Luc Godard]


Godard, Vic
Born in Mortlake, London, United Kingdom  (exact date unknown)
British singer-songwriter formerly of the punk group Subway Sect. 
[Picture of Vic Godard]


Goddard, Liza
Born 20 January 1950  (Smethwick, West Midlands, England)
Despite her roles in countless kids' TV series, still best known for being the female team captain on 'Give Us A Clue' for years.
[Picture of Liza Goddard]


Godley, Janey
Born 20 January 1961  (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
Scottish stand-up comedienne
[Picture of Janey Godley]


Godwin, Tim
Born in   (exact date unknown)
Senior British police officer, and former Deputy Commissioner of London's Metropolitan Police Service, having served from 2009-2011.
[Picture of Tim Godwin]


Gold, Marian
Born 26 May 1954  (Herford, West Germany)
Frontman of synth band Alphaville who does not want to be forever young
[Picture of Marian Gold]


Goldberg, Whoopi
Born 13 November 1955  (New York, New York, USA)
Comedienne and actress, famous for her roles in 'Ghost' & 'The Color Purple'.
[Picture of Whoopi Goldberg]


Goldblum, Jeff
Born 22 October 1952  (West Homestead, Pennsylvania, USA)
Actor with a sense of his own absurdity, dominated the box office in the mid 90s and still has his fans now.
[Picture of Jeff Goldblum]


Goldfarb, Eddy
Born 5 September 1921  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
American toy inventor best known for the Yakity Yak Talking Teeth, Battling Tops, KerPlunk, Stompers, and Vac-U-Form
[Picture of Eddy Goldfarb]


Goldsmith, Jemima
Born 30 January 1974  (London, England)
Journalist who was once married to Imran Khan and whose brother is the former Tory MP Zac.
[Picture of Jemima Goldsmith]


Goldsmith, Lady Annabel
Born 11 June 1934  (Westminster, London, England)
English socialite and the eponym for a London nightclub of the late 20th century, Annabel's.
[Picture of Lady Annabel Goldsmith]


Goldthwait, Bobcat
Born 26 May 1962  (Syracuse, New York, USA)
American actor with a distinct voice, also an active stand-up comedian
[Picture of Bobcat Goldthwait]


Goldust, (wrestler)
Born 11 April 1969  (Austin, Texas, USA)
Pro-wrestler who has had several long runs with the WWF/E and now works for his brothers AEW company.
[Picture of (wrestler) Goldust]


Gollmann, Rosi
Born 9 June 1927  (Germany)
Co-founder of the Rosi Gollmann Andheri Foundation.
[Picture of Rosi Gollmann]


Golpayegani, Lotfollah Safi
Born 20 February 1919  (Golpaygan, Iran)
Iranian cleric. Born 1918. Died in February but did not receive a qualifying obit.
[Picture of Lotfollah Safi Golpayegani]


Golson, Benny
Born 25 January 1929  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Jazz musician.
[Picture of Benny Golson]


Gomez, Wilfredo
Born 29 October 1956  (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Bazooka Gómez, Puerto Rican former professional boxer and three-time world champion
[Picture of Wilfredo Gomez]


Gonzalez, Luis Pareto
Born 29 August 1928  (Santiago, Chile)
Chilean politician and former President of the Chamber of Deputies. Died in January without a QO.
[Picture of Luis Pareto Gonzalez]


Goodenough, John B.
Born 25 July 1922  (Jena, Germany)
Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry from 2019.
[Picture of John B. Goodenough]


Goodman, Len
Born 25 April 1944  (Bethnal Green, London, England)
Ballroom dancer, best known as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars. Known for shouting out "Seven" in a particularly strange way.
[Picture of Len Goodman]


Goodyear, Julie
Born 29 March 1942  (Heywood, Lancashire, England)
Gobby Northern actress who played Bet Lynch in 'Coronation Street' for 25 years. Her off-screen love life has been the stuff of a tabloid editor's dreams: 3 short-lived marriages (one of which was annulled after the reception), 2 called-off engagements,
[Picture of Julie Goodyear]


Goraguer, Alain
Born 20 August 1931  (Rosny-Sous-Bois, France)
French jazzman, who was at the side of Boris Vian and Serge Gainsbourg, and composed several film scores
[Picture of Alain Goraguer]


Gorbachev, Mikhail Mikhail Gorbachev is no longer with us
Born 2 March 1931  (Privolnoye, Stavropol, Russia)

Died 30 August 2022  (Moscow, Russia)

Age at death: 91  (read death notice)
Joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1952, rising steadily to become its General Secretary from 1985-91 and President of the USSR from 1990-91. Has a map of Italy tattooed on his head for some reason.
[Picture of Mikhail Gorbachev]


Gordon, Josh
Born 13 April 1991  (Houston, Texas, USA)
NFL player who took "indefinite leave" from the sport in December 2018 to focus on his mental health.
[Picture of Josh Gordon]


Gordy, Berry
Born 28 November 1929  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Record executive & producer, mostly associated with "Motown" music.
[Picture of Berry Gordy]


Gorgatti, Guido
Born 5 December 1919  (Rovigo, Veneto, Italy)
Italian-born Argentine film actor joining Jeanne Calment and George Burns as a cautionary tale against smoking.
[Picture of Guido Gorgatti]


Gorman, John
Born 4 January 1936  (Birkenhead, United Kingdom)
founder of comedy music group The Scaffold
[Picture of John Gorman]


Gormley, Phil
Born in Surrey, England  (exact date unknown)
Former Chief Constable of Police Scotland.
[Picture of Phil Gormley]


Gorrie, John
Born 11 August 1932  (Hastings, East Sussex, England)
BBC director, including of the early 'Doctor Who' short 'The Keys of Marinus'.
[Picture of John Gorrie]


Gossett, Jr., Louis
Born 27 May 1936  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Gangly actor who turned down an offer to play professional basketball in order to go into films instead. Won an Oscar in 1982 for his part in 'An Officer and a Gentleman', and has gone on to play various tough guys and rough diamonds since.
[Picture of Louis Gossett, Jr.]


Gotti, Gene
Born in New York, New York, USA  (exact date unknown)
Mobster in the Gambino crime family. Born 1946.
[Picture of Gene Gotti]


Gould, Elliott
Born 29 August 1938  (New York City, New York, USA)
Star of 'The Long Goodbye' and 'M*A*S*H', married to Barbra Streisand for eight years.
[Picture of Elliott Gould]


Gradi, Dario
Born 8 July 1941  (Milan, Italy)
Manager of Crewe Alexandra FC since 1983, and is currently the longest serving manager at one club in the football league.
[Picture of Dario Gradi]


Grady, Mike
Born 6 February 1946  (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England)
Best known for playing the henpecked Barry in 'Last of the Summer Wine'.
[Picture of Mike Grady]


Graham, "Superstar" Billy
Born 7 June 1943  (Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA)
Born Eldridge Wayne Coleman. Former WWF World Heavyweight Champion.
[Picture of


Graham, Bob
Born 9 November 1936  (Coral Gables, Florida, USA)
Former Florida Governor (1979-87) and Senator (1987-2005).
[Picture of Bob Graham]


Graham, Caroline
Born 17 July 1931  (Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England)
Novelist and creator of Inspector Barnaby, of which the endless 'Midsomer Murders' TV series is based on.
[Picture of Caroline Graham]


Graham, David
Born 11 July 1925  (London, England)
English character actor and voice artist
[Picture of David Graham]


Graham, Jorie
Born 9 May 1950  (New York City, New York, USA)
Pulitzer winner and one of America's leading living poets.
[Picture of Jorie Graham]


Graham, Lindsey
Born 9 July 1955  (Central, South Carolina, USA)
South Carolina senator who tried to run for US President against Trump but failed miserably. As they all did…
[Picture of Lindsey Graham]


Graham-Smith, Francis
Born 25 April 1923  (Roehampton, Surrey, England)
Thirteenth Astronomer Royal from 1982 to 1990.
[Picture of Francis Graham-Smith]


Grandin, Temple
Born 29 August 1947  (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
American professor and doctor of Animal Science.
[Picture of Temple Grandin]


Granger, Ann
Born 12 July 1939  (Portsmouth, Hampshire, England)
Writer who switched from historical romances to crime novels with great success. Born 1939.
[Picture of Ann Granger]


Grant, Lee
Born 31 October 1927  (New York City, New York, USA)
Actress. Blacklisted by Hollywood in the 1950s.
[Picture of Lee Grant]


Grant, Richard E.
Born 5 May 1957  (Mbabane, Eswatini)
Withnail and I star who is instantly recognisable.
[Picture of Richard E. Grant]


Grant, Russell
Born 5 February 1951  (Middlesex, England)
Large, camp TV and newspaper astrologer.
[Picture of Russell Grant]


Grassley, Chuck
Born 17 September 1933  (New Hartford, Iowa, USA)
US Republican Senator from Iowa since 1981.
[Picture of Chuck Grassley]


Gravy, Wavy
Born 15 May 1936  (East Greenbush, New York, USA)
US hippie entertainer and activist.
[Picture of Wavy Gravy]


Gray, Erin
Born 7 January 1950  (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)
Former model who played Colonel Wilma Deering in the 70s version of "Buck Rogers". Very popular with teenage boys of the time.
[Picture of Erin Gray]


Gray, Ugly Dave
Born 26 December 1933  (Manchester, England)
Australian TV personality.
[Picture of Ugly Dave Gray]


Grayco, Helen Helen Grayco is no longer with us
Born 20 September 1924  (Tacoma, Washington, USA)

Died 20 August 2022  (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Age at death: 97  (read death notice)
Singer, actress, and widow of Spike Jones.
[Picture of Helen Grayco]


Grayling, Chris
Born 1 April 1962  (London, United Kingdom)
Former secretary for Transport who once symbolically injured a cyclist with his car door
[Picture of Chris Grayling]


Graziano, Renee
Born 12 July 1968  (Staten Island, New York, USA)
Mobster's daughter who has used her background as a launchpad for reality TV, particularly 'Mob Wives'.
[Picture of Renee Graziano]


Greatbatch, Shaun Shaun Greatbatch is no longer with us
Born 13 July 1969  (Newmarket, Suffolk, England)

Died 5 June 2022  (England, United Kingdom)

Age at death: 52  (read death notice)
Darts player, now suffering from cancer.
[Picture of Shaun Greatbatch]


Green, Al
Born 13 April 1946  (Forrest City, Arkansas, USA)
Legendary singer, songwriter and record producer, best known for recording a series of soul hit singles in the early 1970s, including 'Take Me to the River', 'Love and Happiness' and his signature song, 'Let's Stay Together'.
[Picture of Al Green]


Green, Philip
Born 15 March 1952  (Croydon, Surrey, United Kingdom)
British retail businessman, and, or so I hear, twat
[Picture of Philip Green]


Green, Seth
Born 8 February 1974  (West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Actor, best known as Oz in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and Scott Evil in the Austin Powers franchise.
[Picture of Seth Green]


Green, Tim
Born 16 December 1963  (Liverpool, New York, USA)
Former NFL linebacker who later became a news host on Fox.
[Picture of Tim Green]


Green, Tony
Born 29 January 1939  ()
Veteran Darts commentator for the BBC and co-host of 'Bullseye' for Central Television in the 1980s. Treatment for cancer of the tongue (oh, the irony) prevented him from commentating on the BDO World Darts Championships for the first time since the tourn
[Picture of Tony Green]


Greenbaum, Norman
Born 20 November 1942  (Malden, Massachusetts, USA)
Singer - 'Spirit in the Sky'
[Picture of Norman Greenbaum]


Greene, Shecky
Born 8 April 1926  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Comedian who has been a headline act in Las Vegas for over 30 years. Real name Sheldon Greenfield.
[Picture of Shecky Greene]


Greenspan, Alan
Born 6 March 1926  (New York, New York, USA)
Economist, former US Federal Reserve chairman from 1987-2006.
[Picture of Alan Greenspan]


Greenway, Harry
Born 4 October 1934  (Great Britain)
British Conservative politician and the former MP for Ealing North
[Picture of Harry Greenway]


Greenwood, Jonny
Born 5 November 1971  (Oxford, England)
Radiohead guitarist and keyboardist.
[Picture of Jonny Greenwood]


Greer, Germaine
Born 29 January 1939  (Melbourne, Australia)
Six-foot tall, tub-thumping feminist Aussie writer, best known for her book 'The Female Eunuch' and her frequent appearances on chat shows, where she tries to make out that she isn't that scary really.
[Picture of Germaine Greer]


Grey, Beryl Beryl Grey is no longer with us
Born 11 June 1927  (Highgate, London, England)

Died 10 December 2022  ()

Age at death: 95  (read death notice)
One of the finest ballerinas Britain had in the 20th Century.
[Picture of Beryl Grey]


Grey, Jerry
Born 9 July 1963  (Akron, Ohio, USA)
US minor wrestler, "golden boy"
[Picture of Jerry Grey]


Grey, Joel
Born 11 April 1932  (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Played the Master of Ceremonies in 'Cabaret' and came out of the closet (as if there was any need to) at the age of 82.
[Picture of Joel Grey]


Grier, Rosey
Born 14 July 1932  (Linden, New Jersey, USA)
Former New York Giants football player, Christian minister, guitar-strumming folk singer and actor, who, despite his poncey name, is in fact a large hard bloke, Rosey being short for Roosevelt. Happened to be standing next to (THEME) Gimme One Last Score . . . .
[Picture of Rosey Grier]


Griffin, Kathy
Born 4 November 1960  (Oak Park, Illinois, USA)
Actress and comedian.
[Picture of Kathy Griffin]


Griffiths, Derek
Born 15 July 1946  (Woking, Surrey, England)
Much adored children's TV presenter and actor from 'Play School' and 'Heads and Tales'.
[Picture of Derek Griffiths]


Griffiths, Merlin
Born in London, United Kingdom  (exact date unknown)
The bartender in TV production First Dates, born in February 1975
[Picture of Merlin Griffiths]


Griffiths, Riley
Born 14 May 1997  (Cedar City, Utah, USA)
American Actor who yet has to follow up his first significant role in Spielberg's Super 8.
[Picture of Riley Griffiths]


Grigorovich, Yuri
Born 2 January 1927  (St Petersburg, Russia)
One of Russia's leading ballet dancers and choreographers.
[Picture of Yuri Grigorovich]


Grimes, Karolyn
Born 4 July 1940  (Hollywood, California, USA)
Child actress best known for the Christmas classic 'It's A Wonderful Life'.
[Picture of Karolyn Grimes]


Grimes, Martha
Born 2 May 1931  (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
Detective novelist of the 'Richard Jury' books. Another American author writing 'British' mysteries!
[Picture of Martha Grimes]


Groark, Dave
Date and place of birth unknown
Competitor in the debut season of 'The Amazing Race'. Born c. 1937.
[Picture of Dave Groark]


Grobbelaar, Bruce
Born 6 October 1957  (Durban, South Africa)
Eccentric Liverpool goalkeeper of the 1980s whose clown-like behaviour overshadowed allegations of match-fixing and the fact he was in the Rhodesian Army.
[Picture of Bruce Grobbelaar]


Groom, Simon
Born 12 August 1950  (Chesterfield, England)
Blue Peter Presenter from 1978 to 1986. Don't knock 'im.
[Picture of Simon Groom]


Grosvenor, Luther
Born 23 December 1946  (Evesham, UK)
Guitarist, former member of both Mott the Hoople and Stealers Wheel.
[Picture of Luther Grosvenor]


Grusin, Dave
Born 26 June 1934  (Littleton, Colorado, USA)
Oscar-awarded American composer, arranger, producer, and pianist
[Picture of Dave Grusin]


Guaido, Veronica Penalver de Lepage y
Date and place of birth unknown
Former First Lady of Venezuela, Octavio Lepage’s widow
[Picture of Veronica Penalver de Lepage y  Guaido]


Gudnadottir, Hildur
Born 4 September 1982  (Reykjavik, Iceland)
Classically-trained Icelandic cellist and composer who has attained renown for her film and TV scores.
[Picture of Hildur Gudnadottir]


Guinness, Peter
Born 14 August 1950  (Whitstable, UK)
Baldy character actor.
[Picture of Peter Guinness]


Gullit, Ruud
Born 1 September 1962  (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Inventor of "sexy football", an all-time great player and a somewhat less impressive manager.
[Picture of Ruud Gullit]


Gummer, John
Born 26 November 1939  (Stockport, Cheshire, England)
Lord Deben. British Conservative Party politician now active in environmental work.
[Picture of John Gummer]


Gurwitch, Annabelle
Born 4 November 1961  (Mobile, Alabama, USA)
Hostess of Dinner and a Movie on TBS.
[Picture of Annabelle Gurwitch]


Guy, Athol
Born 5 January 1940  (Colac, Victoria, Australia)
Double bass player for The Seekers who later had successful careers in Australian light entertainment TV and politics.
[Picture of Athol Guy]


Guy, Buddy
Born 30 July 1936  (Lettsworth, Louisiana, USA)
Guitarist, best known for his extensive work in blues music.
[Picture of Buddy Guy]


Gwynne, John John Gwynne is no longer with us
Born 23 April 1945  (Shropshire, England)

Died 9 July 2022  (Ashton-under-Lyne, United Kingdom)

Age at death: 77  (read death notice)
Sky Sports Commentator
[Picture of John Gwynne]


Gyatso, Jigme
Born in Gansu province, China  (exact date unknown)
Tibetan activist, dissident and former monk, who is imprisoned for "endangering national security" since 1996. Member of the Association of Tibetan Freedom Movement. Born 1961. Died in July without a QO.
[Picture of Jigme Gyatso]


Gyatso, Tenzin
Born 6 July 1935  (Takster, Qinghai, China)
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. According to our contributor, he's a nice guy, you'd want him for a grandfather, and he is both the head of state and the spiritual leader of Tibet.
[Picture of Tenzin Gyatso]


Gyllenhall, jake
Born 19 December 1980  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Film actor, still best known as the troubled Donnie Darko in the cult 2001 film of the same name.
[Picture of jake Gyllenhall]


Mane, (rapper) Gucci
Born 12 February 1980  (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)
Trap rapper with 14 albums and 10 arrests since 2005. Has an ice cream cone tattooed on his face.
[Picture of (rapper) Gucci Mane]

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