Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2022: Z


Zadora, Pia
Born 4 May 1954  (Hoboken, New Jersey, USA)
Child star actress, who later went into modelling and singing.
[Picture of Pia Zadora]


Zagallo, Mario
Born 9 August 1931  (Maceio, Brazil)
Former player and coach for the Brazilian national team, winning the World Cup as a player in 1958 and 1962 and again as manager in 1970.
[Picture of Mario Zagallo]


Zaitsev, Slava
Born 2 March 1938  (Ivanovo, Russia)
The Don of Russian Fashion
[Picture of Slava Zaitsev]


Zamir, Zvi
Born in Poland  (exact date unknown)
Director of the feared Mossad Israeli secret service from 1968-74. Born 1925
[Picture of Zvi Zamir]


Zanini, Marcel
Born 9 September 1923  (Istanbul, Turkey)
French jazz musician.
[Picture of Marcel Zanini]


Zavorotnyuk, Anastasia
Born 3 April 1971  (Astrakhan, Russia)
Russian soap actress.
[Picture of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk]


Zeman, Milos
Born 28 September 1944  (Kolin, Czechoslovakia)
Current President of the Czech Republic since 2013.
[Picture of Milos Zeman]


Zemin, Jiang Jiang Zemin is no longer with us
Born 17 August 1926  (Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China)

Died 30 November 2022  (Shanghai, China)

Age at death: 96  (read death notice)
Former Chinese President (1993-2003) & General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party
[Picture of Jiang Zemin]


Zerbe, Anthony
Born 20 May 1936  (Long Beach, California, USA)
US film actor, for example as a Henchman in License to Kill and as the Star Fleet admiral who gets facelifted to death in Star Trek IX
[Picture of Anthony Zerbe]


Zhan, Zhang
Born 2 September 1983  (Xianyang, Shaanxi, China)
Chinese citizen journalist imprisoned by her government for reporting on the COVID outbreak there.
[Picture of Zhang Zhan]


Zia, Khaleda
Born in Jalpaiguri, Bengal Presidency, British India  (exact date unknown)
Former PM of Bangladesh. Born 1945.
[Picture of Khaleda Zia]


Zidi, Claude
Born 25 July 1934  (Paris, France)
French film director, focusing mainly on broad, burlesque comedies.
[Picture of Claude Zidi]


Ziesmer, Jerry
Born 31 May 1939  (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)
American assistant film director on over 50 films but forever known for his acting role in 'Apocalypse Now', instructing Martin Sheen to "terminate... with extreme prejudice".
[Picture of Jerry Ziesmer]


Zimbardo, Philip
Born 23 March 1933  (New York City, New York, USA)
Psychologist, perhaps best known for conducting the Stanford Prison Experiment, in which he assigned a group of students the roles of guard and prisoner and observed extreme reactions on both ends.
[Picture of Philip Zimbardo]


Zuckerman, Mortimer
Born 4 June 1937  (Montreal, Canada)
Canadian-American billionaire mogul.
[Picture of Mortimer Zuckerman]


Zungul, Slavisa
Born 28 July 1954  (Pozarevac, Serbia)
known in the US as Steve Zungul, Yugoslav soccer player in the 70s who controversially left his homeland to play in the USA
[Picture of Slavisa Zungul]

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