Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2014: B


Babs, Alice Alice Babs is no longer with us
Born 26 January 1924  (Kalmar, Sweden)

Died 11 February 2014  (Stockholm, Sweden)

Age at death: 90  (read death notice)
Swedish singer.
[Picture of Alice Babs]


Bacall, Lauren Lauren Bacall is no longer with us
Born 16 September 1924  (New York, New York, USA)

Died 12 August 2014  (New York City, New York, USA)

Age at death: 89  (read death notice)
Actress ('The Big Sleep', 'How To Marry A Millionaire', 'Murder On The Orient Express' etc etc), born Betty Joan Perske. Formerly married to Humphrey Bogart.
[Picture of Lauren Bacall]


Bacalov, Luis
Born 30 March 1933  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Argentine film composer.
[Picture of Luis Bacalov]


Bach, Johnny
Born 10 July 1924  (New York City, New York, USA)
Former Basketball player and coach.
[Picture of Johnny Bach]


Bacharach, Burt
Born 12 May 1928  (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)
Legendary songwriter and pianist. Has written over 70 U.S. Top 40 hit singles for artists such as Dionne Warwick, Dusty Springfield and Aretha Franklin.
[Picture of Burt Bacharach]


Bachman, Randy
Born 27 September 1943  (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
Guitarist for bands The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Let us rock!
[Picture of Randy Bachman]


Backshall, Steve
Born 21 April 1973  (Bagshot, Surrey, England)
Naturalist and presenter of children's series 'The Really Wild Show'.
[Picture of Steve Backshall]


Badat, Saajid
Born 28 March 1979  (Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England)
Islamic terrorist (again) who was co-conspirator of an attempt to blow up a bomb (again) in an aircraft (again) which was hidden in a shoe (OK, that was something new!).
[Picture of Saajid Badat]


Badie, Mohammed
Born 7 August 1943  (El-Mahalla El-Kubra, Egypt)
Current Supreme Guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Arrested in August 2013 following the coup against Muhammad Mursi.
[Picture of Mohammed Badie]


Baer, Ralph H. Ralph H. Baer is no longer with us
Born 8 March 1922  (Rodalben, Palatinate, Germany)

Died 6 December 2014  (Manchester, New Hampshire, USA)

Age at death: 92  (read death notice)
Inventor, seen by many as the father of the video game industry.
[Picture of Ralph H. Baer]


Baggot, Michael
Date and place of birth unknown
Silver expert from BBC One's 'Flog It!' Antique weighing scales not a priority for him. Born 1973.
[Picture of Michael Baggot]


Bahamontes, Federico
Born 9 July 1928  (Santo Domingo-Caudilla, Castile-La Mancha, Spain)
Former professional racing cyclist. Winner of the Tour de France in 1959.
[Picture of Federico Bahamontes]


Bahrami, Majid
Born in Tehran, Iran  (exact date unknown)
Iranian stage and film actor, known from Academy Award nominated film 'Farewell Baghdad'. Now suffering from cancer and receiving donations from other Iranian film personalities.
[Picture of Majid Bahrami]


Baker, Colin
Born 8 June 1943  (London, England)
Actor who played the sixth 'Doctor Who' from 1984-86.
[Picture of Colin Baker]


Baker, Danny
Born 22 June 1957  (Deptford, London, England)
Off-the-wall radio and television presenter and former NME journalist. Diagnosed with cancer in 2010 but seems to have recovered well.
[Picture of Danny Baker]


Baker, James
Born 28 April 1930  (Houston, Texas)
Former US Secretary of State.
[Picture of James Baker]


Baker, Jane
Date and place of birth unknown
Together with husband Pip, one part of a television writers-duo, known for their contributions to 'Doctor Who'. Those forever complaining about the current show should be grateful they've not been hired! Died in September 2014 but no obit.
[Picture of Jane Baker]


Baker, Kenneth
Born 3 November 1934  (Newport, Wales)
Former Tory MP and Home Secretary. To teachers and school kids, his main legacy is "Baker days", which allow them an extra day off school. To everyone else, he's best remembered as his caricature of a snail in the satirical TV show 'Spitting Image'.
[Picture of Kenneth Baker]


Baker, Kenny
Born 24 August 1934  (Birmingham, England)
Dwarf actor who played R2D2 in 'Star Wars'.
[Picture of Kenny Baker]


Baker, Leslie David
Born 19 February 1958  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Actor, Stanley Hudson in the US version of 'The Office'.
[Picture of Leslie David Baker]


Baker, Ox Ox Baker is no longer with us
Born 19 April 1934  (Sedalia, Missouri, USA)

Died 20 October 2014  (Hartford, Connecticut, USA)

Age at death: 80  (read death notice)
Professional wrestler, born Douglas A. Baker.
[Picture of Ox Baker]


Baker, Pip
Date and place of birth unknown
Together with wife Jane one part of the television writers-duo, known for their contributions to 'Doctor Who'.
[Picture of Pip Baker]


Baker, Richard
Born 29 May 1974  (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Labour politician and MSP for the North East Scotland region.
[Picture of Richard Baker]


Baker, Richard
Born 15 June 1925  (Willesden, Kent, England)
Former newsreader & broadcaster for the BBC for aeons.
[Picture of Richard Baker]


Baker, Tom
Born 20 January 1934  (Liverpool, England)
Actor who played the 4th Doctor Who from 1974-81. More recently known for his deadpan voiceovers on 'Little Britain'.
[Picture of Tom Baker]


Bakewell, Joan
Born 16 April 1933  (Stockport, England)
Television presenter, newsreader and interviewer. The original thinking man's crumpet. Had a long affair with the late playwright Harold Pinter.
[Picture of Joan Bakewell]


Bakri Muhammad, Omar
Born in Aleppo, Syria  (exact date unknown)
Born in 1958. Islamic radical who is a militant leader - formerly based in the UK.
[Picture of Omar Bakri Muhammad]


Balding, Toby Toby Balding is no longer with us
Born 23 September 1936  (New Jersey, USA)

Died 25 September 2014  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 78  (read death notice)
Racehorse trainer, part of the Balding family so entwined with horse-racing.
[Picture of Toby Balding]


Baldwin, Dorothy Dorothy Baldwin is no longer with us
Born 8 February 1902  (Carrington, Greater Manchester, England)

Died 1 January 2014  (Bulwell, Nottinghamshire, England)

Age at death: 111  (read death notice)
Second oldest person in Britain.
[Picture of Dorothy Baldwin]


Baldwin, William
Born 21 February 1963  (Massapequa, New York, USA)
Actor, producer, writer and brother of Alec, Daniel and Stephen. Also a look-alike of the first one.
[Picture of William Baldwin]


Bale, Christian
Born 30 January 1974  (Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales)
Eccentric actor and star of the Batman films.
[Picture of Christian Bale]


Ball, Errie Errie Ball is no longer with us
Born 14 November 1910  (Bangor, Wales)

Died 2 July 2014  (Stuart, Florida, USA)

Age at death: 103  (read death notice)
Golfer, the youngest ever to play in the Open Championship and the first to win the Masters at Augusta in 1934.
[Picture of Errie Ball]


Ball, Johnny
Born 23 May 1938  (Bristol, England)
Former TV presenter - Zoe's dad and hence Fatboy Slim's father-in-law.
[Picture of Johnny Ball]


Ballard, Kaye
Born 20 November 1925  (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
US actress, mostly on TV and Broadway. Has survived breast cancer.
[Picture of Kaye Ballard]


Balotelli, Mario
Born 12 August 1990  (Palermo, Sicily, Italy)
Mercurial striker for Liverpool FC & Italy. Why always him?
[Picture of Mario Balotelli]


Bamber, Jim
Born 1 January 1948  (Preston, Lancashire, England)
Cartoonist specialising in motor sport. Died in June 2014 but no obit.
[Picture of Jim Bamber]


Bandura, Albert
Born 4 December 1925  (Mundare, Alberta, Canada)
Psychologist, specialising in social cognitive theory.
[Picture of Albert Bandura]


Bangalter, Thomas
Born 3 January 1975  (Paris, France)
One half of the house music duo Daft Punk.
[Picture of Thomas Bangalter]


Banks, Gordon
Born 30 December 1937  (Sheffield, Yorkshire, England)
Legendary England goalkeeper - in goal the day England won the World Cup in 1966.
[Picture of Gordon Banks]


Banks Stewart, Robert
Born 16 July 1931  (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Television writer and producer. Creator of 'Shoestring' and 'Bergerac' amongst others.
[Picture of Robert Banks Stewart]


Bannatyne, Duncan
Born 2 February 1949  (Clydebank, Scotland)
Tight-arsed businessman off of 'Dragon's Den'. Suffered a heart attack in 2012. Will he be "oot" in 2014?
[Picture of Duncan Bannatyne]


Bannister, Jack
Born 23 August 1930  (Wolverhampton, England)
Former right-hand-bat for Warwickshire, now Talksport radio cricket correspondent.
[Picture of Jack Bannister]


Bannister, Roger
Born 23 March 1929  (Harrow, London, England)
Athlete - the first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Later became a neurologist.
[Picture of Roger Bannister]


Bannon, Ann
Born 15 September 1932  (Joliet, Illinois, USA)
Author who wrote six lesbian pulp fiction novels in the 1950s and 1960s known as 'The Beebo Brinker Chronicles'.
[Picture of Ann Bannon]


Baradar, Abdul Ghani
Born in Weetmak, Afghanistan  (exact date unknown)
One of the major Taliban members. Co-founder of the movement in Afghanistan and deputy of Mullah Omar. Arrested in 2010 but released in September 2013 to facilitate the peace process, although not really to be an expert on that sort of thing..Born ca. 1968.
[Picture of Abdul Ghani Baradar]


Baraka, Amiri Amiri Baraka is no longer with us
Born 7 October 1934  (Newark, New Jersey, USA)

Died 9 January 2014  (Newark, New Jersey, USA)

Age at death: 79  (read death notice)
African-American poet, writer and activist.
[Picture of Amiri Baraka]


Barber, Bob
Born 26 September 1935  (Withington, Manchester, England)
Cricketer who played for Cambridge University, Lancashire and Warwickshire in the 1950s and 1960s.
[Picture of Bob Barber]


Bardon, John John Bardon is no longer with us
Born 25 August 1939  (Brentford, Middlesex, England)

Died 12 September 2014  (Hitchen, Hertfordshire, England)

Age at death: 75  (read death notice)
Actor, Jim Branning in 'EastEnders'. Suffered a stroke in 2007.
[Picture of John Bardon]


Bardot, Brigitte
Born 28 September 1934  (Paris, France)
French actress, sex symbol, model and animal rights activist.
[Picture of Brigitte Bardot]


Bare, Bobby
Born 7 April 1935  (Ironton, Ohio, USA)
Country music singer.
[Picture of Bobby Bare]


Bare, Richard L.
Born 12 August 1913  (Modesto, California, USA)
Veteran film director, producer, screenwriter and author of 'Confessions of a Hollywood Director', memoirs which pay tribute to the behind-the camera-work of Hollywood's golden era.
[Picture of Richard L. Bare]


Barenblatt, Grigory
Born 10 July 1927  (Moscow, Russia)
Russian mathematician.
[Picture of Grigory Barenblatt]


Barker, Bob
Born 12 December 1923  (Darrington, Washington, USA)
Presenter of the US version of 'The Price is Right' for 35 years until he retired in 2007 after suffering ill health.
[Picture of Bob Barker]


Barker, Jean
Born 23 October 1922  (London, England)
Baroness Trumpington. Former Conservative government minister.
[Picture of Jean Barker]


Barker, Travis
Born 12 November 1975  (Fontana, California, USA)
Drummer with punk-pop band Blink-182.
[Picture of Travis Barker]


Barlow, Thelma
Born 29 June 1929  (Middlesbrough, England)
Televison actress, still best known as the dithering Mavis Wilton in 'Coronation Street' despite leaving the soap in 1997.
[Picture of Thelma Barlow]


Barnes, Joanna
Born 15 November 1934  (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
Actress and writer.
[Picture of Joanna Barnes]


Barnett, Joel Joel Barnett is no longer with us
Born 14 October 1923  (Manchester, England)

Died 1 November 2014  (Manchester, England)

Age at death: 91  (read death notice)
Now Baron Barnett, former MP & Chief Secretary of the Treasury from 1974-1979.
[Picture of Joel Barnett]


Baron Cohen, Sacha
Born 13 October 1971  (Hammersmith, London, England)
Comic actor who was already inexplicably popular in the UK thanks to his Ali G character, but really made it big internationally in 2006 with his 'Borat' film.
[Picture of Sacha Baron Cohen]


Barratt, Michael
Born 3 January 1928  (Leeds, Yorkshire, England)
'Nationwide' presenter from 1969-77.
[Picture of Michael Barratt]


Barré-Sinoussi, Francoise
Born 30 July 1947  (Paris, France)
Virologist and winner of the Nobel Prize in 2008 in helping to discover HIV.
[Picture of Francoise Barré-Sinoussi]


Barrie, Amanda
Born 14 September 1935  (Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire,England)
Actress. Was Alma Sedgewick in Coronation Street.
[Picture of Amanda Barrie]


Barrie, J. J.
Born 7 July 1933  (Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)
Born Barry Authors. Country music singer, best known for his sentimental 1976 UK-chart topper 'No Charge'.
[Picture of J. J. Barrie]


Barrington-Coupe, William
Born 10 July 1931  (Llanelli, Wales)
Record promoter and agent as well as husband to the late concert pianist Joyce Hatto. Jailed for a year in 1966 for fraud, he attained notoriety again in 2007 by confessing that a large number of piano concert CDs sold by his label were copies and not played by his recently deceased wife.
[Picture of William Barrington-Coupe]


Barrino, Fantasia
Born 30 June 1984  (High Point, North Carolina, USA)
Grammy nominated R&B-singer.
[Picture of Fantasia Barrino]


Barris, Chuck
Born 3 June 1929  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
American game show producer, who also claimed to be a CIA hitman.
[Picture of Chuck Barris]


Barry, Christopher Christopher Barry is no longer with us
Born 20 September 1925  (London, England)

Died 7 February 2014  (Banbury, Oxfordshire, England)

Age at death: 88  (read death notice)
Former 'Doctor Who' director.
[Picture of Christopher Barry]


Barrymore, Drew
Born 22 February 1975  (Culver City, California, USA)
Actress who has made a successful transition from child star (in E.T.) to grown up star. Entered rehab aged 13.
[Picture of Drew Barrymore]


Barrymore, Michael
Born 4 May 1952  (Bermondsey, London, England)
Entertainer and game show host, born Kiernan Michael Parker. In March 2001, an unfortunate incident involving a dead homosexual in his swimming pool wrecked his career and made some DDPers feel that suicide may be on the cards.
[Picture of Michael Barrymore]


Barth, John
Born 27 May 1930  (Cambridge, Maryland, USA)
American postmodernist author.
[Picture of John Barth]


Bashir, Martin
Born 19 January 1963  (London, England)
Slimy, arrogant television journalist, best remembered for his Panorama interview with Princess Diana in 1995.
[Picture of Martin Bashir]


Basil, Toni
Born 22 September 1943  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Singer-songwriter, most famous for her 1981 Number One hit 'Mickey'.
[Picture of Toni Basil]


Basinger, Kim
Born 8 December 1953  (Athens, Georgia, USA)
Actress. Became an 80s sex symbol after 9 1/2 weeks with Mickey Rourke before landing an Oscar in 1998 for her role as Lynn Bracken in 'L.A. Confidential'. Was married to Alec Baldwin.
[Picture of Kim Basinger]


Bassey, Shirley
Born 8 January 1937  (Cardiff, Wales)
Singer who had several hits in the 1950s and '60s, as well as singing the theme tunes to 3 James Bond films. Had a minor comeback in the late '90s as an ironic cult heroine.
[Picture of Shirley Bassey]


Bastedo, Alexandra Alexandra Bastedo is no longer with us
Born 9 March 1946  (Hove, Sussex, England)

Died 12 January 2014  (Worthing, West Sussex, England)

Age at death: 67  (read death notice)
One-time glamour puss in 'The Champions'. Later ran an animal sanctuary.
[Picture of Alexandra Bastedo]


Bates, Kathy
Born 28 June 1948  (Memphis, Tennessee, USA)
Oscar-winning actress known for the parts of quirky and quite often dangerous women she has played on screen.
[Picture of Kathy Bates]


Bates, Ken
Born 4 December 1931  (Ealing, London, England)
Outspoken football chairman, formerly of Chelsea and Leeds United.
[Picture of Ken Bates]


Bates, Simon
Born 17 December 1947  (Birmingham, England)
Quintessentially smooth disc jockey for Radio 1 from 1977-1993.
[Picture of Simon Bates]


Batlle Ibáñez, Jorge
Born 25 October 1927  (Montevideo, Uruguay)
President of Uruguay from 2000-2005.
[Picture of Jorge Batlle Ibáñez]


Bauer, Cate
Born 27 August 1922  (London, England)
Actress who voiced the character of Perdita in 'One Hundred and One Dalmatians'.
[Picture of Cate Bauer]


Baxter, Stanley
Born 24 May 1926  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Comic actor, impressionist & female impersonator, who retired after starring in children's TV show 'Mr Majeika'. Now lives in Berkshire.
[Picture of Stanley Baxter]


Baxter, Trevor
Born 18 November 1932  (London, England)
Character actor, most notably in the classic 'Doctor Who' adventure 'The Talons of Weng-Chaing' in 1977.
[Picture of Trevor Baxter]


Bayh, Birch
Born 22 January 1928  (Terre Haute, Indiana, USA)
Former US Senator for Indiana.
[Picture of Birch Bayh]


Bayldon, Geoffrey
Born 7 January 1924  (Leeds, Yorkshire, England)
UK actor, best remembered as the star of 'Catweazle'.
[Picture of Geoffrey Bayldon]


Baylis, Trevor
Born 13 May 1937  (Kilburn, London, England)
Inventor of the wind-up radio, which was an absolute godsend for many in the developing world. More importantly, though, he was voted Pipe Smoker of the Year 1999.
[Picture of Trevor Baylis]


Bean, Sean
Born 17 April 1959  (Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England)
Actor, often used to great effect to add a bit o' nurthern grit to films such as 'Lord of the Rings' and the cult TV hit 'Game of Thrones'.
[Picture of Sean Bean]


Beard, Frank
Born 11 June 1949  (Frankston, Texas, USA)
Drummer and non-bearded member of blues-rock group ZZ Top.
[Picture of Frank Beard]


Béart, Guy
Born 16 July 1930  (Cairo, Egypt)
French singer-songwriter. Born Guy Béhart-Hasson.
[Picture of Guy Béart]


Beatrix, Princess
Born 31 January 1938  (Soestdijk Palace, Baarn, Netherlands)
Queen of The Netherlands from 1980 until her abdication in 2013.
[Picture of Princess Beatrix]


Beatriz, Ana
Born 18 March 1985  (São Paulo, Brazil)
Racing driver in the Indycar series.
[Picture of Ana Beatriz]


Beattie, Johnny
Born 9 November 1926  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Actor and one of Scotland's earliest comedy figures since 1956.
[Picture of Johnny Beattie]


Beatty, Ned
Born 6 July 1937  (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)
Stocky, genial-looking supporting actor.
[Picture of Ned Beatty]


Beaumont, Bill
Born 9 March 1952  (Chorley, Lancashire, England)
Former rugby union player, turned broadcaster of rather dour persona. Later on TV as a captain on 'A Question of Sport'. More recently works as a rugby pundit.
[Picture of Bill Beaumont]


Beaumont, Kathryn
Born 27 June 1938  (London, England)
Actress who was the voice of Alice in Disney's 'Alice in Wonderland'.
[Picture of Kathryn Beaumont]


Beck, Glenn
Born 10 February 1964  (Everett, Washington, USA)
Possibly crackers right-wing media personality/host on Fox News.
[Picture of Glenn Beck]


Becker, Jason
Born 22 July 1969  (Richmond, California, USA)
Neo-classical (whatever that is) metal guitarist. Has ALS, or "Lou Gehrig's Disease"
[Picture of Jason Becker]


Beckett, Sister Wendy
Born 25 February 1930  (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Nun and art expert, a consecrated virgin.
[Picture of Sister Wendy Beckett]


Bedi, Kabir
Born 16 January 1946  (Punjab, India)
Indian actor who starred in both Bollywood and western films.
[Picture of Kabir Bedi]


Bednarik, Chuck
Born 1 May 1925  (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA)
One of the most devastating tacklers in American Football history. Played for the Philadelphia Eagles.
[Picture of Chuck Bednarik]


Beecher, Franny Franny Beecher is no longer with us
Born 29 September 1921  (Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA)

Died 24 February 2014  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Age at death: 92  (read death notice)
Lead guitarist for Bill Haley & His Comets from 1955 to 1962.
[Picture of Franny Beecher]


Beer, Jacqueline
Born 14 October 1932  (Paris, France)
Television actress with a short Hollywood career as well. Widow of explorer Thor Heyerdahl.
[Picture of Jacqueline Beer]


Beevers, Geoffrey
Born in London, England  (exact date unknown)
Third actor to play The Master in sci-fi classic 'Doctor Who'. Born 1941.
[Picture of Geoffrey Beevers]


Bega, Lou
Born 13 April 1975  (Munich, Bavaria, Germany)
German musician. Mr. 'Mambo No. 5'.
[Picture of Lou Bega]


Behn, Peter
Born 4 July 1934  (San Francisco, California, USA)
Actor - the voice of Thumper in 'Bambi'.
[Picture of Peter Behn]


Belafonte, Harry
Born 1 March 1927  (Harlem, New York, USA)
Easy-listening singer, popular for many decades now. Survived a fight with prostate cancer.
[Picture of Harry Belafonte]


Belgrave, Elliott
Born 16 March 1931  (Boscobel, Barbados)
Governor General of Barbados since 2012.
[Picture of Elliott Belgrave]


Beligan, Radu
Born 14 December 1918  (Galbeni, Bacau County, Romania)
Actor, active in film, television, radio and stage since 1937!
[Picture of Radu Beligan]


Béliveau, Jean Jean Béliveau is no longer with us
Born 31 August 1931  (Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada)

Died 2 December 2014  (Montreal, Canada)

Age at death: 83  (read death notice)
Legendary ice hockey player for the Montreal Canadiens. Won the Stanley Cup 10 times in his career.
[Picture of Jean Béliveau]


Bell, Andy
Born 25 April 1964  (Peterborough, England)
Ex-lead singer of Erasure, who announced in 2004 that he is HIV positive.
[Picture of Andy Bell]


Bell, Judy
Born 23 September 1936  (Wichita, Kansas, USA)
Former president of the United States Golf Association. Diagnosed with cancer in September 2001.
[Picture of Judy Bell]


Bell, Melissa
Born 5 March 1964  (Islington, London, England)
Former singer, member of Soul II Soul. Her daughter, Alexandra Burke won the X-Factor in 2008, but Bell is in poor health & a lot of the "human story" element had focused on Bell as a result.
[Picture of Melissa Bell]


Bellamy, Craig
Born 13 July 1979  (Cardiff, Wales)
Tenacious, often irritating footballer who has enjoyed a somewhat chequered career.
[Picture of Craig Bellamy]


Bellfield, Levi
Born 17 May 1968  (London, England)
Scumbag serial killer, convicted for three murders. Incidentially, the was the last of these, of the teenage Milly Dowler which unwittingly opened up the phone hacking scandal in 2011.
[Picture of Levi Bellfield]


Bellingham, Lynda Lynda Bellingham is no longer with us
Born 31 May 1948  (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Died 19 October 2014  (London, England)

Age at death: 66  (read death notice)
Canadian born actress, still best known as playing the mother in the Oxo adverts of the 1980s. Has the noble distinction of being the first topless woman The Man In Black ever saw on television.
[Picture of Lynda Bellingham]


Bellini, Hilderaldo Hilderaldo Bellini is no longer with us
Born 7 June 1930  (Itapira, São Paulo, Brazil)

Died 20 March 2014  (São Paulo, Brazil)

Age at death: 83  (read death notice)
Former Brazil international footballer. Played in central defence in Brazil's World Cup winning sides of 1958 and 1962.
[Picture of Hilderaldo Bellini]


Belmondo, Jean-Paul
Born 9 April 1933  (Neuilly-sur-Seine, France)
Actor, mainly in films from the 'New Wave' of French filmmakers.
[Picture of Jean-Paul Belmondo]


Beltoise, Jean-Pierre
Born 26 April 1937  (Paris, France)
French motorsport star.
[Picture of Jean-Pierre Beltoise]


Ben Ali, Zine el-Abidine
Born 3 September 1936  (Hammam Sousse, Tunisia)
Recently overthrown long-time President of Tunisia.
[Picture of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali]


Ben Halim, Mustafa
Born 29 January 1921  (Alexandria, Egypt)
Former Prime Minister of Libya in the days before Colonel Gaddafi.
[Picture of Mustafa Ben Halim]


Benaud, Richie
Born 6 October 1930  (Penrith, NSW, Australia)
Half-decent spin-bowler turned vaguely irritating cricket commentator.
[Picture of Richie Benaud]


Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus
Born 16 April 1927  (Marktl am Inn, Bavaria, Germany)
Former member of the Hitler Youth and professor of theology who was elected Pope following the death of his predecessor, John Paul II, in April 2005. Stepped down as Pope in March 2013.
[Picture of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI]


Benitez, Wilfred
Born 12 September 1958  (New York City, New York, USA)
Former boxer, a welterweight.
[Picture of Wilfred Benitez]


Benjamin, Christopher
Born 27 December 1934  (Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England)
Character actor known for his parts in 'The Prisoner' and most notably 'Doctor Who'.
[Picture of Christopher Benjamin]


Benn, Tony Tony Benn is no longer with us
Born 3 April 1925  (London, England)

Died 14 March 2014  (London, England)

Age at death: 88  (read death notice)
Veteran radical left-wing politician, despite being born into the nobility. Full name Anthony Neil Wedgwood "Wedgie" Benn.
[Picture of Tony Benn]


Bennett, Alan
Born 9 May 1934  (Leeds, West Yorkshire, England)
Lugubrious playwright.
[Picture of Alan Bennett]


Bennett, Hywel
Born 8 April 1944  (Garnant, Carmarthenshire, Wales)
Once a heart-throb of sorts in 'Shelley' and 'Loot'. Now grossly overweight, a drunk & only plays heavies/drunks/fat people in his rare TV appearances.
[Picture of Hywel Bennett]


Bennett, Tony
Born 3 August 1926  (Astoria, Queens, New York, USA)
Crooner, who famously left his heart in San Francisco. Still performing.
[Picture of Tony Bennett]


Bennett, William
Born 31 July 1943  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
US Secretary of Education from 1985-88.
[Picture of William Bennett]


Bennett Kennedy, Joan
Born 2 September 1936  (Riverdale, New York, USA)
Former wife of Ted Kennedy. Has had well-known drink problems, and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006.
[Picture of Joan Bennett Kennedy]


Bentley, Roy
Born 17 May 1924  (Bristol, England)
Former Chelsea and England international footballer.
[Picture of Roy Bentley]


Berger, Helmut
Born 29 May 1944  (Bad Ischl, Austria)
Actor of Luchino Visconti films as well as German production 'Ludwig', where he portrayed the former Bavarian King. Had been a sex-symbol in the 1960s, openly bisexual in relationships to Visconti as well as Alain Delon, Marissa Bell and Bianca Jagger. Now still in the news as bankrupt alcoholic and two-day contestant of the German version of 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!'
[Picture of Helmut Berger]


Bergman, Alan
Born 11 September 1925  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Lyricist and songwriter.
[Picture of Alan Bergman]


Bergman, Marilyn
Born 10 November 1929  (New York City, New York, USA)
Songwriter and composer along with her husband Alan, writing the lyrics to 'Windmills of Your Mind' and 'The Way We Were' among others.
[Picture of Marilyn Bergman]


Bergmann, Gretel
Born 12 April 1914  (Laupheim, Germany)
German high jumper who despite being Jewish, competed for Germany in the 1936 Olympics before emmigrating to the USA.
[Picture of Gretel Bergmann]


Bergoglio, Maria Elena
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina  (exact date unknown)
Sole surviving sibling of current pope Francis, the first Pope since records began who has not been picked for the DDP!
[Picture of Maria Elena Bergoglio]


Berkoff, Steven
Born 3 August 1937  (London, England)
Acclaimed stage and film actor with the recognisable mole on his forehead.
[Picture of Steven Berkoff]


Berkowitz, Daisy
Born 28 April 1968  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Founder member and lead guitarist of nu-metal band Marilyn Manson. Born Scott Mitchell Putesky.
[Picture of Daisy Berkowitz]


Berkowitz, David
Born 1 June 1953  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
American serial killer, currently serving a long jail term for his crimes.
[Picture of David Berkowitz]


Berlusconi, Silvio
Born 29 September 1936  (Milan, Italy)
Former Prime Minister of Italy, who as well as being a media mogul and president of AC Milan. Convicted of tax fraud in 2013.
[Picture of Silvio Berlusconi]


Bernhard Of Orange-Nassau, Prince
Born 25 December 1969  (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
Second son of Princess Margriet and nephew of former Dutch Queen Beatrix which makes him cousin to the current King Willem-Alexander. Lost his 11th place in line of succession to the Dutch throne due to the fact that cousins cannot be counted. Known as Bernhard Lucas Emmanuel van Vollenhoven.
[Picture of Prince Bernhard Of Orange-Nassau]


Berra, Yogi
Born 12 May 1925  (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
Baseball great, with the New York Yankees. Later became a baseball coach.
[Picture of Yogi Berra]


Berry, Chuck
Born 18 October 1926  (San Jose, California, USA)
Rock 'n' roll guitarist and singer, who has a string of dodgy misdemeanours in his past. Reportedly not in the best of health, but still active.
[Picture of Chuck Berry]


Berry, Halle
Born 14 August 1966  (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Film actress & former model who has appeared & acted well in some excellent movies but will also be remembered for her awful performance in the god-awful 'Catwoman'.
[Picture of Halle Berry]


Berry, Mark
Born 18 April 1964  (Salford, Greater Manchester, England)
A.K.A. Bez, perennially hammered dancer for Baggy giants Happy Mondays.
[Picture of Mark Berry]


Berry, Mary
Born 24 March 1935  (Bath, England)
Food writer and television chef.
[Picture of Mary Berry]


Bertinotti, Dominique
Born 10 January 1954  (Paris, France)
Former mayor of Paris' 4th arrondissement despite born in the 16th, and current French minister for family.
[Picture of Dominique Bertinotti]


Bertolucci, Bernardo
Born 16 March 1941  (Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy)
Acclaimed Italian film director of films 'Last Tango in Paris' and 'The Last Emperor'. Will it be the 'last' time he appears on the DDP?
[Picture of Bernardo Bertolucci]


Best, James
Born 26 July 1926  (Powderly, Kentucky, USA)
Actor best known for his role as the hopless sheriff Rosco Coltrane in 1980s classic 'The Dukes of Hazzard'. Good-yew, good-yew...
[Picture of James Best]


Bettencourt, Liliane
Born 21 October 1922  (Paris, France)
One of the chiefs of L'Oreal & one the wealthiest women in the World.
[Picture of Liliane Bettencourt]


Betts, Robert
Born 21 December 1981  (Doncaster, England)
Midfielder, currently in non-league football.
[Picture of Robert Betts]


Bewes, Rodney
Born 27 November 1937  (Bingley, Yorkshire, England)
Actor who played Bob Ferris in 'The Likely Lads' and it's superior sequel 'Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?'.
[Picture of Rodney Bewes]


Bhosle, Asha
Born 8 September 1933  (Sangli, India)
Indian singer and actress.
[Picture of Asha Bhosle]


Bhumibol Adulyadej, King
Born 5 December 1927  (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
King of Thailand since 1946, the longest-serving current Head of State.
[Picture of King Bhumibol Adulyadej]


Bhutto, Bilawal
Born 21 September 1988  (Karachi, Pakistan)
Son of the late Benazir Bhutto. Currently a student, but may end up going into politics after his mother's assassination.
[Picture of Bilawal Bhutto]


Biafra, Jello
Born 17 June 1953  (Boulder, Colorado, USA)
Lead singer and songwriter for US punk band Dead Kennedys.
[Picture of Jello Biafra]


Biaggi, Mario
Born 26 October 1917  (East Harlem, New York, USA)
Former US representative for New York.
[Picture of Mario Biaggi]


Biddlecombe, Terry Terry Biddlecombe is no longer with us
Born 2 February 1941  (Woolwich, London, England)

Died 2 January 2014  (Wantage, Oxfordshire, England)

Age at death: 72  (read death notice)
Jockey & trainer - he was one of the top National Hunt jockeys of the 1960s & 1970s, but never won the Grand National.
[Picture of Terry Biddlecombe]


Bieber, Justin
Born 1 March 1994  (London, Ontario, Canada)
Canadian pop singer and teen idol.
[Picture of Justin Bieber]


Biggins, Christopher
Born 16 December 1948  (Oldham, Lancashire, England)
Outrageously camp comic actor, TV presenter and pantomime star.
[Picture of Christopher Biggins]


Bignone, Reynaldo
Born 21 January 1928  (Morón, Argentina)
Argentina's last military dictator before the restoration of democracy in 1983. And yes, there really is a town in Argentina called Morón.
[Picture of Reynaldo Bignone]


Bikel, Theodore
Born 2 May 1924  (Vienna, Austria)
Actor ('The African Queen', 'My Fair Lady', etc) and singer of Yiddish folk songs. Resident in the US since 1954.
[Picture of Theodore Bikel]


Bilk, Acker Acker Bilk is no longer with us
Born 28 January 1929  (Pensford, Somerset, England)

Died 2 November 2014  (Bath, Somerset, England)

Age at death: 85  (read death notice)
Jazz clarinettist of 'Stranger on the Shore' fame.
[Picture of Acker Bilk]


Billington, Tom
Born 5 December 1958  (Golborne, Lancashire, England)
Ex-professional wrestler known as 'Dynamite Kid', now in a wheelchair.
[Picture of Tom Billington]


Bingham, Billy
Born 5 August 1931  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Former Northern Ireland footballer & manager.
[Picture of Billy Bingham]


Binzer, Seth Brooks
Born 23 August 1974  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Better known as Shifty Shellshock from the band Crazy Town.
[Picture of Seth Brooks Binzer]


Bird, Dickie
Born 19 April 1933  (Barnsley, Yorkshire, England)
Well-respected but now retired cricket umpire, who also took the field as a player many moons ago.
[Picture of Dickie Bird]


Bird, Larry
Born 7 December 1956  (West Baden, Indiana, USA)
NBA-player for the Boston Celtics and coach for the Indiana Pacers.
[Picture of Larry Bird]


Bird, Simon
Born 19 August 1984  (Guildford, Surrey, England)
Actor. Will McKenzie in E4's 'The Inbetweeners' and Adam Goodman in Channel 4's 'Friday Night Dinner'.
[Picture of Simon Bird]


Biro, Val Val Biro is no longer with us
Born 6 October 1921  (Budapest, Hungary)

Died 4 July 2014  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 92  (read death notice)
Hungarian-born children's writer and illustrator.
[Picture of Val Biro]


Birtwistle, Harrison
Born 15 July 1934  (Accrington, Lancashire, England)
Composer, mainly for operas & jazz pieces.
[Picture of Harrison Birtwistle]


Bishop, Jean
Date and place of birth unknown
Bizzare granny in a bee costume called "bee lady", who became fundraiser of the year while raising £100,000 for Age UK and was honoured with a striped telephone box. Born around 1922.
[Picture of Jean Bishop]


Bisson, Yannick
Born 16 May 1969  (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Actor from Canadian period detective series 'Murdoch Mysteries'.
[Picture of Yannick Bisson]


Biya, Paul
Born 13 February 1933  (Mvomeka, Cameroon)
President of Cameroon since 1982.
[Picture of Paul Biya]


Bjork, (singer)
Born 21 November 1965  (Reykjavik, Iceland)
Completely bonkers Icelandic singer.
[Picture of (singer) Bjork]


Black, Cilla
Born 27 May 1943  (Liverpool, England)
Former cloakroom attendant at Liverpool's Cavern Club and then pop singer, now presenter of cheesy TV shows. Keeps harping on about how wonderful Liverpool is and how proud she is to be a Scouser, yet has lived in Surrey for the past 30 years.
[Picture of Cilla Black]


Black, Jet
Born 26 August 1938  (Ilford, Essex, England)
Drummer with New Wave band The Stranglers.
[Picture of Jet Black]


Black, Tori
Born 26 August 1988  (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Pornographic actress, born Michelle Chapman.
[Picture of Tori Black]


Blackburn, Elizabeth
Born 26 November 1948  (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)
Biological researcher who won the Nobel Prize in 2009 for her work in molecular biology.
[Picture of Elizabeth Blackburn]


Blackburn, Tony
Born 29 January 1943  (Guildford, Surrey, England)
Famous as the first DJ on Radio 1 in 1967. Now presenter of 'Pick of the Pops' on BBC Radio 2.
[Picture of Tony Blackburn]


Blackman, Honor
Born 12 December 1927  (London, England)
English actress, who has played upon her sex siren status since appearing as Pussy Galore in 'Goldfinger'.
[Picture of Honor Blackman]


Blackmore, Ritchie
Born 14 April 1945  (Weston-super-Mare, England)
Guitarist with heavy rock legends Deep Purple.
[Picture of Ritchie Blackmore]


Blair, Tony
Born 6 May 1953  (Edinburgh, Scotland)
MP for Sedgefield, County Durham since 1983, elected Labour leader in 1994 and Prime Minister in 1997. Not a popular DDP pick, as he's youngish and apparently in good health, but maybe he'll die of embarrassment if Cherie decides to sing in public again.
[Picture of Tony Blair]


Blake, George
Born 11 November 1922  (Rotterdam, Holland)
Spy, former double agent for the Soviet Union.
[Picture of George Blake]


Blake, Quentin
Born 16 December 1932  (Sidcup, Kent, England)
Illustrator, often in conjunction with legendary children's author Roald Dahl.
[Picture of Quentin Blake]


Blanchard, Susan
Born 8 March 1928  (New York City, New York, USA)
Socialite widow of actor Richard Widmark. Was also married to Henry Fonda.
[Picture of Susan Blanchard]


Blatter, Sepp
Born 10 March 1936  (Visp, Canton Valais, Switzerland)
Slippery president of world football body FIFA since 1998.
[Picture of Sepp Blatter]


Blessed, Brian
Born 9 October 1937  (Mexborough, Yorkshire, England)
Large, bearded actor whose presence and booming voice has landed him parts in everything from Shakespeare adaptations to Robin Hood to 'Star Wars'.
[Picture of Brian Blessed]


Bligh, Anna
Born 14 July 1960  (Warwick, Queensland, Australia)
Local Aussie politician, former Minister for Families, Community Services, Disability Services and Youth, Minister for Education, Minister for the Arts, Treasurer, Deputy Primer, Minister for Reconstruction and (finally) Premier, in Queensland.
[Picture of Anna Bligh]


Blix, Hans
Born 28 June 1928  (Uppsala, Sweden)
UN Weapons Inspector, former Swedish Foreign Minister. Got in trouble for not finding any weapons of mass destruction, which was a bit harsh, because there never were any.
[Picture of Hans Blix]


Bloembergen, Nicolaas
Born 11 March 1920  (Dordrecht, Netherlands)
Electrical engineering genius, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1981.
[Picture of Nicolaas Bloembergen]


Blofeld, Henry
Born 23 September 1939  (Hoveton, Norfolk, England)
BBC Radio 4 cricket commentator. His father went to school with Ian Fleming, who borrowed his surname for James Bond's long-time nemesis, Ernst Stavro.
[Picture of Henry Blofeld]


Bloodgood, Moon
Born 20 September 1975  (Anaheim, California, USA)
Model and actress, known for 'Terminator Salvation' and 'Falling Skies'.
[Picture of Moon Bloodgood]


Bloodvessel, Buster
Born 6 September 1958  (Hackney, London, England)
Formerly 30-stone (420 lb) front man of ska group Bad Manners. Collapsed and almost died during a gig in Italy in 2001, since when he is reputed to have lost a lot of weight. His real name is Douglas Trendle.
[Picture of Buster Bloodvessel]


Bloom, Claire
Born 15 February 1931  (London, England)
Actress known for her costumed roles in film.
[Picture of Claire Bloom]


Bloomfield, Colin
Date and place of birth unknown
BBC Radio Derby breakfast show presenter, now suffering from cancer. Born 1981.
[Picture of Colin Bloomfield]


Blue, Rabbi Lionel
Born 6 February 1930  (London, England)
Rabbi, journalist & broadcaster, who often does "Thought for the Day" on BBC Radio 4's 'Today' programme.
[Picture of Rabbi Lionel Blue]


Bluestein, Michael
Born in Brookline, Massachusetts, USA  (exact date unknown)
Keyboardist and producer. Member of soft rock legends Foreigner since 2008. Born 1969.
[Picture of Michael Bluestein]


Blume, Judy
Born 12 February 1938  (Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA)
Award-winning author of novels aimed at young adults.
[Picture of Judy Blume]


Bluthal, John
Born 21 October 1929  (Galicia, Poland)
Popular British character actor, often in comedies. Best known for his role as Frank Pickle in 'The Vicar of Dibley'.
[Picture of John Bluthal]


Bocuse, Paul
Born 11 February 1926  (Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or, France)
Nouvelle cuisine chef.
[Picture of Paul Bocuse]


Boesch, Rudy
Born 20 January 1928  (Rochester, New York, USA)
Former Navy SEAL who competed and very nearly won the US reality show 'Survivor' at the age of 72.
[Picture of Rudy Boesch]


Böhm, Gottfried
Born 23 January 1920  (Offenbach am Main, Germany)
German architect.
[Picture of Gottfried Böhm]


Boksenberg, Alec
Born 18 March 1936  (London, England)
Astrophysicist. Won the Hughes medal for his landmark discoveries concerning the nature of active galactic nuclei, the physics of the intergalactic medium and of the interstellar gas in primordial galaxies.
[Picture of Alec Boksenberg]


Bolger, Jim
Born 25 December 1941  (Oylegate, County Wexford, Rep of Ireland)
Racehorse trainer and breeder.
[Picture of Jim Bolger]


Bolkiah, Hassanal
Born 15 July 1946  (Brunei Town, Brunei)
The Sultan of Brunei since 1967. If you're famous and fancy a quick quid, he's the man you want to hear from...
[Picture of Hassanal Bolkiah]


Bolling, Claude
Born 10 April 1930  (Cannes, France)
Jazz pianist and composer.
[Picture of Claude Bolling]


Bomhoff, Elisabeth
Born 8 March 1912  (Fakse Ladeplads, Hylleholt, Denmark)
Freedom fighter and member of Holger Danske, a Danish resistance group against the Nazis. Died in May 2014 and hasn't even got a Danish obit yet, let alone a British one!
[Picture of Elisabeth Bomhoff]


Bond, Michael
Born 13 January 1926  (Newbury, Berkshire, England)
Author, best known as the creator of Paddington Bear.
[Picture of Michael Bond]


Bongiovi, Stephanie
Born 31 May 1993  (Metuchen, New Jersey, USA)
Daughter of rock icon Jon Bon Jovi.
[Picture of Stephanie Bongiovi]


Boniperti, Giampiero
Born 4 July 1928  (Barengo, Piedmont, Italy)
Footballer, a legendary Italian centre-forward.
[Picture of Giampiero Boniperti]


Bonynge, Richard
Born 29 September 1930  (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
Australian conductor and widower of Dame Joan Sutherland.
[Picture of Richard Bonynge]


Book, Tony
Born 4 September 1934  (Bath, Somerset, England)
Former footballer & manager of Manchester City in the 1970s.
[Picture of Tony Book]


Boone, Pat
Born 1 June 1934  (Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
Crooner, most successful with ballads and blues.
[Picture of Pat Boone]


Boothroyd, Betty
Born 8 October 1929  (Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England)
Tiller Girl turned Speaker of the House of Commons between 1992 & 2000.
[Picture of Betty Boothroyd]


Borgnine, Tova
Born 17 November 1941  (Oslo, Norway)
Widow of actor Ernest Borgnine and cosmetics businesswoman.
[Picture of Tova Borgnine]


Borman, Frank
Born 14 March 1928  (Gary, Indiana, USA)
Astronaut who was part of the Apollo 8 crew which circumnavigated the Moon in 1968, months before the landing was attempted.
[Picture of Frank Borman]


Bornstein, Kate
Born 15 March 1948  (Neptune City, New Jersey, USA)
Gender theorist, born as a man, now a lesbian woman. Has suffered from PTSD and also diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and in September 2012 with lung cancer.
[Picture of Kate Bornstein]


Bossi, Rolf
Born 10 August 1923  (Karlsruhe, Germany)
German criminal defence lawyer, notable for defending prominent actors such as Ingrid van Bergen and Romy Schneider.
[Picture of Rolf Bossi]


Boston, Billy
Born 6 August 1934  (Tiger Bay, Wales)
Legendary rugby league player.
[Picture of Billy Boston]


Bough, Frank
Born 15 January 1933  (Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England)
British TV presenter, mainly on daytime television or sports programmes. Wearer of bad sweaters and target of unlikely sex orgy allegations. Had a liver transplant in 2001.
[Picture of Frank Bough]


Boulez, Pierre
Born 26 March 1925  (Montbrison, France)
French composer of classical & contemporary music.
[Picture of Pierre Boulez]


Bouteflika, Abdelaziz
Born 2 March 1937  (Oujda, Morocco)
President of Algeria since 1999.
[Picture of Abdelaziz Bouteflika]


Boutros-Ghali, Boutros
Born 14 November 1922  (Cairo, Egypt)
UN Secretary-General between 1992-96, whose name became a catchphrase on 'The Fast Show'.
[Picture of Boutros Boutros-Ghali]


Bowen, Jim
Born 20 August 1937  (Heswall, Cheshire, England)
Super, smashing, great. The avuncular presenter of ITV's 'Bullseye' (1981-93). You can't beat a bit of Bully!
[Picture of Jim Bowen]


Bowie, David
Born 8 January 1947  (Brixton, London, England)
Legendary "Chameleon of Rock" who burst back onto the music scene in 2013 after virtually a decade out of the spotlight.
[Picture of David Bowie]


Bowman, Scotty
Born 18 September 1933  (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Retired Canadian National Hockey League head coach.
[Picture of Scotty Bowman]


Boyce, Max
Born 7 September 1945  (Glynneath, Wales)
Welsh comedian & singer, particularly entwined with the Welsh rugby team and their ebbing & flowing fortunes.
[Picture of Max Boyce]


Boyd, Laura
Born in Bishopbriggs, Scotland  (exact date unknown)
Cancer-ridden TV presenter who did the Edinburgh MoonWalk, a marathon for women in their bras. Still goes partying until 3am. And of course one of those who blogs on their illness. Born 1982.
[Picture of Laura Boyd]


Boyd, Tommy
Born 14 December 1952  (London, England)
Broadcaster known for his acerbic style on radio. Was also a presence on children's TV as well.
[Picture of Tommy Boyd]


Boyer, Jaqueline
Born 23 April 1941  (Paris, France)
Singer and actress.
[Picture of Jaqueline Boyer]


Boyer, Paul D.
Born 31 July 1918  (Provo, Utah, USA)
Biochemist - co-winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1997.
[Picture of Paul D. Boyer]


Boyle, Frankie
Born 16 August 1972  (Pollockshaws, Glasgow, Scotland)
Egregious Scottish comedian. Known for his pessimistic sense of humor. Welcome to the DDP!
[Picture of Frankie Boyle]


Boyle, Katie
Born 29 May 1926  (Florence, Italy)
TV presenter, agony aunt & dog lover. Born Caterina Irene Elena Maria Imperiali di Francavilla, so it's probably a good thing that she took her first husband's name instead when going professional.
[Picture of Katie Boyle]


Boynton Robinson, Amelia
Born 18 August 1911  (Savannah, Georgia, USA)
Leader of the American Civil Rights Movement in Selma, Alabama.
[Picture of Amelia Boynton Robinson]


Bozizé, Francois
Born 14 October 1946  (Mouila, Gabon)
President of the Central African Republic for 10 years before being driven out of power in 2013..
[Picture of Francois Bozizé]


Brabham, Jack Jack Brabham is no longer with us
Born 2 April 1926  (Hurstville, Sydney, Australia)

Died 19 May 2014  (Gold Coast, Australia)

Age at death: 88  (read death notice)
3 times Formula 1 champion. First F1 racer to be knighted, still drives in historic races, although mostly retired. In good health, but now completely deaf.
[Picture of Jack Brabham]


Bradlee, Ben Ben Bradlee is no longer with us
Born 26 August 1921  (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

Died 21 October 2014  (Washington, D.C., USA)

Age at death: 93  (read death notice)
Editor of the Washington Post from 1965-91. Has the truly bizarre middle name of Crowninshield.
[Picture of Ben Bradlee]


Bradshaw, Terry
Born 2 September 1948  (Shreveport, Louisiana, USA)
Former NFL quaterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
[Picture of Terry Bradshaw]


Brady, Ian
Born 2 January 1938  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Moors Murderer, in prison since 1966, having been caught just 4 weeks after the death penalty for murder was abolished in the UK. Made various efforts to legally "die" in prison by refusing food, all failed. Now rumoured to have dementia.
[Picture of Ian Brady]


Brady, James James Brady is no longer with us
Born 29 August 1940  (Centralia, Illinois, USA)

Died 4 August 2014  (Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

Age at death: 73  (read death notice)
Former White House press secretary to Ronald Reagan, who was left permanently disabled when an assassination attempt on Reagan saw him shot in the head.
[Picture of James Brady]


Brady, Nicholas F.
Born 11 April 1930  (New York City, New York, USA)
Secretary of the Treasury under Presidents Reagan and Bush Snr.
[Picture of Nicholas F. Brady]


Brady, Sarah
Born 6 February 1942  (Missouri, USA)
Advocate of gun control ever since her husband Jim was seriously wounded in the 1981 assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. Now suffering from lung cancer.
[Picture of Sarah Brady]


Braithwaite, E. R.
Born 27 June 1920  (Georgetown, Guyana)
Guyanese author whose book based on his experiences as a black teacher in a poor, working class London school, 'To Sir, With Love' was later made into a film starring Sidney Poitier
[Picture of E. R. Braithwaite]


Bramall, Edwin
Born 18 December 1923  (Bushfield, Hampshire, England)
Also known as Baron Bramall, an ex-Army bigwig - former Chief of the General Staff & Chief of the Defence Staff.
[Picture of Edwin Bramall]


Branagh, Kenneth
Born 10 December 1960  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Acclaimed actor and director from stage, TV and film.
[Picture of Kenneth Branagh]


Brand, Jo
Born 3 May 1957  (Hastings, East Sussex, England)
Comedienne & broadcaster, often on TV comedy panel shows.
[Picture of Jo Brand]


Brand, Russell
Born 4 June 1975  (Grays, Essex, England)
TV presenter & comic who is nowhere near as funny as he thinks he is.
[Picture of Russell Brand]


Brandauer, Klaus Maria
Born 22 June 1943  (Bad Aussee, Austria)
Austrian actor known for his role as Largo in the sort-of Bond film 'Never Say Never Again'.
[Picture of Klaus Maria Brandauer]


Brandon, Tony
Born 12 December 1933  (Poole, Dorset, England)
Radio presenter and comedian.
[Picture of Tony Brandon]


Brandreth, Gyles
Born 8 March 1948  (Wuppertal, Germany)
TV personality and something of a polymath - writer, presenter, producer, biographer, you name it. Was even a Conservative MP and junior minister at one time.
[Picture of Gyles Brandreth]


Branson, Richard
Born 18 July 1950  (Sharnley Green, Surrey, England)
Entrepreneur since the age of 16, when he started a national student magazine. Now boss of the Virgin records/banking/airline/mobile phones/etc empire.
[Picture of Richard Branson]


Brass, Tinto
Born 26 March 1933  (Venice, Italy)
Italian filmmaker of the somewhat soft-porn kind.
[Picture of Tinto Brass]


Brauner, Artur
Born 1 August 1918  (Lodz, Poland)
Polish film producer, most notably of the British childen's film 'Black Beauty' in 1971.
[Picture of Artur Brauner]


Braxton, Toni
Born 7 October 1967  (Severn, Maryland, USA)
Sultry R&B singer. Massive in the 1990s but whose career hit the skids in the last decade or so.
[Picture of Toni Braxton]


Breivik, Anders Behring
Born 13 February 1979  (Oslo, Norway)
Far right killer of 77 Norwegians in a terrorist attack in 2011. Jailed for 21 years in 2012.
[Picture of Anders Behring Breivik]


Bremer, Arthur
Born 21 August 1950  (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Janitor convicted in 1972 for the attempted assassination of US presidential candidate George Wallace. Released in 2007.
[Picture of Arthur Bremer]


Brendel, Alfred
Born 5 January 1931  (Loucná nad Desnou, Czech Republic)
Austrian pianist, artist, poet and author.
[Picture of Alfred Brendel]


Brickell, Katie
Born 9 July 1983  (Haywards Heath, Sussex, England)
Young lady who was denied a smear test for cervical cancer as she was "too young" for the test, but now her disease is incurable.
[Picture of Katie Brickell]


Bridger, Mark
Born 6 November 1965  (Carshalton, London, England)
Wales-based Englishman, sentenced to life imprisonment for the abduction and murder of five-year-old April Jones in 2012. Has six children by four women himself.
[Picture of Mark Bridger]


Briggs, Asa
Born 7 May 1921  (Keighley, West Yorkshire, England)
British historian and academic, a particular specialist on the Victorian era.
[Picture of Asa Briggs]


Briggs, Johnny
Born 5 September 1935  (Battersea, London, England)
British TV & film actor, most famous as Mike Baldwin in 'Coronation Street'
[Picture of Johnny Briggs]


Briggs, Nicholas
Born 29 September 1961  (London, England)
Actor who has voiced the Daleks and the Cybermen since the the revival of 'Doctor Who' in 2005.
[Picture of Nicholas Briggs]


Brimley, Wilford
Born 27 September 1934  (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)
Heavy-set, superbly-moustachioed US actor in TV, films & commercials.
[Picture of Wilford Brimley]


Brinkman, Elco
Born 5 February 1948  (Dirksland, The Netherlands)
Dutch Christian Democratic politician. Member of the senate and former Minister for Farewell…er Welfare.
[Picture of Elco Brinkman]


Britt, Glenn Glenn Britt is no longer with us
Born in New Jersey, USA  (exact date unknown)

Died 11 June 2014  (New York City, New York, USA)

Age at death: 65  (read death notice)
Chairman and CEO of Time Warner Cable until his retirement in 2014 due to his cancer treatment after 41 years. One of the richest people worldwide according to Forbes. Born around 1948.
[Picture of Glenn Britt]


Brittan, Leon
Born 25 September 1939  (London, England)
Former British cabinet minister. Resigned in 1986 during the "Westland affair".
[Picture of Leon Brittan]


Britton, Joe
Born 7 October 1911  (place of birth unknown)
Chelsea pensioner. Grandson of Henry Britton, original coxwain of the James Stevens No. 14 lifeboat.
[Picture of Joe Britton]


Britton, Tony
Born 9 June 1934  (Birmingham, England)
Actor, mainly on stage but also in 'Don't Wait Up' on TV. Father of Fern Britton.
[Picture of Tony Britton]


Broadis, Ivor
Born 18 December 1922  (Isle of Dogs, London, England)
Former England player & Carlisle United manager.
[Picture of Ivor Broadis]


Brock, Dave
Born 20 August 1941  (Isleworth, Middlesex, England)
Electric guitar, synthesizer, bass and oscillators player. Co-founder of space rock group Hawkwind.
[Picture of Dave Brock]


Brodien, Marshall
Born 10 July 1934  (USA)
Clown and magician, performed as Wizzo the Wizard in several different TV shows since 1968. Sells now magic toys (No imagination required...).
[Picture of Marshall Brodien]


Brokken, Corry
Born 3 December 1932  (Breda, Netherlands)
Dutch singer and winner of the 1957 Eurovision Song Contest.
[Picture of Corry Brokken]


Bronson, Charles
Born 6 December 1952  (Luton, Bedfordshire, England)
Notorious prisoner, who has little in common with the late actor except the 'tache. Originally jailed for armed robbery, now for some violent escapades during his prison stay, including an attempt to poison a cell neighbour. Born Michael Gordon Peterson.
[Picture of Charles Bronson]


Brooke, Edward
Born 26 October 1919  (Washington, D.C., USA)
One of the few African-American Republicans elected to the US Senate.
[Picture of Edward Brooke]


Brooke, Peter
Born 3 March 1934  (England)
Former Conservative MP and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.
[Picture of Peter Brooke]


Brooker, Natty
Born in England  (exact date unknown)
Musician, once of psychedelic rockers Spaceman 3. Died in April 2014 with absolutely no chance of an obit...
[Picture of Natty Brooker]


Brookes, Josh
Born 28 April 1983  (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Domestically and internationally known professional motorcycle road racer.
[Picture of Josh Brookes]


Brooking, Trevor
Born 2 October 1948  (Barking, Essex, England)
Elegant former West Ham Utd and England midfielder. Now part of the FA top brass.
[Picture of Trevor Brooking]


Brookner, Anita
Born 16 July 1928  (Herne Hill, London, England)
Author & art historian.
[Picture of Anita Brookner]


Brooks, James L.
Born 9 May 1940  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Film and television producer with an impressive resume, including 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', 'Taxi' and 'The Simpsons' on television and 'Terms of Endearment' and 'Jerry Maguire' in film, amongst others.
[Picture of James L. Brooks]


Brooks, Mel
Born 28 June 1926  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Comic actor and film director.
[Picture of Mel Brooks]


Brooks, Ray
Born 20 April 1939  (Brighton, East Sussex, England)
Actor who starred in Ken Loach's epochal TV play 'Cathy Come Home' but let's face it, he's the voice of 'Mr. Benn'!
[Picture of Ray Brooks]


Brooks, Rebekah
Born 27 May 1968  (Warrington, Lancashire, England)
Scarlet-haired, well-connected harridan and epicentre of the phone hacking scandal along with her shifty cohort Andy Coulson. Was editor of both The Sun and the News of the World before her spectacular fall from grace.
[Picture of Rebekah Brooks]


Brooks, Tony
Born 25 February 1932  (Dukinfield, Cheshire, England)
British motor racer known as the "racing dentist".
[Picture of Tony Brooks]


Brosnan, Pierce
Born 16 May 1953  (Drogheda, County Louth, Rep of Ireland)
Irish actor, forever known for playing James Bond in four films from 1995-2002.
[Picture of Pierce Brosnan]


Brough Clapp, Louise Louise Brough Clapp is no longer with us
Born 11 March 1923  (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)

Died 3 February 2014  (Vista, California, USA)

Age at death: 90  (read death notice)
Tennis player, 4 times Wimbledon singles champion.
[Picture of Louise Brough Clapp]


Brown, Bobby
Born 5 February 1969  (Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA)
R & B singer & dancer, whose litany of crimes is much too long to list here, but suffice to say, not many people think of him as "a nice boy".
[Picture of Bobby Brown]


Brown, Chris
Born 5 May 1989  (Tappahonnock, Virginia, USA)
Pop and R&B singer who got himself into hot water by assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.
[Picture of Chris Brown]


Brown, Diem Diem Brown is no longer with us
Born 12 June 1982  (place of birth unknown)

Died 14 November 2014  (New York City, New York, USA)

Age at death: 32  (read death notice)
TV personality.
[Picture of Diem Brown]


Brown, June
Born 16 February 1927  (Needham Market, Suffolk, England)
Actress who plays Dot Cotton in EastEnders.
[Picture of June Brown]


Brown, Maxine
Born 27 April 1932  (Campti, Louisiana, USA)
As you can see on the team player's list's name: A country singer.
[Picture of Maxine Brown]


Brown, Melanie
Born 29 May 1975  (Leeds, Yorkshire, England)
AKA Mel B or "Scary Spice". Mouthy member of the famous girl band whose weight has publically gone up and down rather like her drawers.
[Picture of Melanie Brown]


Brown, Orlando
Born 4 December 1987  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Actor, best known for his performances in Disney Channel series. As a rap singer, he sang the title song for 'That's So Raven', and played the title role as well. Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore!"
[Picture of Orlando Brown]


Brown, Ronald
Born 7 August 1926  (England)
Bishop of Birkenhead from 1974-1992.
[Picture of Ronald Brown]


Brown, Roy "Chubby"
Born 3 February 1945  (Grangetown, Middlesbrough, England)
Stand-up comedian, known for his flying helmet and fruity language. Real name Royston Vasey.
[Picture of Roy


Browning, Angela
Born 4 December 1946  (Reading, Berkshire, England)
Former conservative MP. Made a Baroness in 2010.
[Picture of Angela Browning]


Bruce, Jack Jack Bruce is no longer with us
Born 14 May 1943  (Glasgow, Scotland)

Died 25 October 2014  (Suffolk, England)

Age at death: 71  (read death notice)
Former front man of Cream, who also wrote most of their songs. Underwent a liver transplant in October 2003, after being diagnosed with cancer of the liver.
[Picture of Jack Bruce]


Brumley, Kenneth
Born in Texas, USA  (exact date unknown)
One of the World's heaviest men, tipping the scales at 73 stone! Born 1968.
[Picture of Kenneth Brumley]


Bruna, Dick
Born 23 August 1927  (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Dutch illustrator and creator of the popular cutesy rabbit Miffy.
[Picture of Dick Bruna]


Bruner, Jerome
Born 1 October 1915  (New York City, New York, USA)
Cognitive psychologist.
[Picture of Jerome Bruner]


Bruno, Frank
Born 16 November 1961  (Hammersmith, London, England)
Former WBC world heavyweight boxing champion and pantomime dame. Lost the plot somewhat after his wife left him, and was sectioned to a mental hospital in September 2003, although he was later released.
[Picture of Frank Bruno]


Brunson, Doyle F.
Born 10 August 1933  (Fisher County, Texas, USA)
Veteran poker player and champion.
[Picture of Doyle F. Brunson]


Bryan, Dora Dora Bryan is no longer with us
Born 7 February 1924  (Southport, Lancashire, England)

Died 23 July 2014  (Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, England)

Age at death: 90  (read death notice)
Chirpy blonde British actress. Won a BAFTA for 'A Taste of Honey' (1961).
[Picture of Dora Bryan]


Bryson, Jill
Born 11 February 1961  (Glasgow, Scotland)
One half of Glasgow's 1980s New Wave duo Strawberry Switchblade.
[Picture of Jill Bryson]


Brzezinski, Zbigniew
Born 28 March 1928  (Warsaw, Poland)
Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor from 1977-1981.
[Picture of Zbigniew Brzezinski]


Buck, Linda B.
Born 29 January 1947  (Seattle, Washington, USA)
American biologist who won the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her work on olfactory receptors.
[Picture of Linda B. Buck]


Buckley, James L.
Born 9 March 1923  (New York City, New York, USA)
Former New York senator and District judge.
[Picture of James L. Buckley]


Buell, Ryan
Born 8 July 1982  (Corry, Pennsylvania, USA)
American paranormal investigator.
[Picture of Ryan Buell]


Bueno, Maria
Born 11 October 1939  (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Brazillian mutiple grand slam tennis champion.
[Picture of Maria Bueno]


Buffett, Warren
Born 30 August 1930  (Omaha, Nebraska, USA)
American businessman & author, the 2nd richest person in the world, according to Forbes magazine in 2006. Also an ace ukulele player.
[Picture of Warren Buffett]


Buffon, Lorenzo
Born 19 December 1929  (Majano, Italy)
Former AC Milan and Italy international footballer.
[Picture of Lorenzo Buffon]


Bugliosi, Vincent
Born 18 August 1934  (Hibbing, Minnesota, USA)
American attorney, best known as the prosecuting counsel against Charles Manson et all in 1969 for the Tate-LaBianca murders.
[Picture of Vincent Bugliosi]


Bujold, Geneviève
Born 1 July 1942  (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Actress. Won a Golden Globe for the title role in 'Anne of the Thousand Days'.
[Picture of Geneviève Bujold]


Bulger, James "Whitey"
Born 3 September 1929  (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
One of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. Charges against him include 18 counts of murder, plus racketeering, money laundering, and breaking wind on the Sabbath in Tennessee.
[Picture of James


Bulloch, Jeremy
Born 16 February 1945  (Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England)
Actor best known for his role as the bounty hunter Boba Fett in the 'Star Wars' franchise.
[Picture of Jeremy Bulloch]


Bunton, Emma
Born 21 January 1976  (London, England)
Baby Spice from the 1990s girl band phenomenon the Spice Girls. Currently a radio presenter on Heart FM.
[Picture of Emma Bunton]


Buppha Devi, Princess Norodom
Born 8 January 1943  (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
Officially Her Royal Highness Samdech Reach Botrei Preah Ream Norodom Buppha Devi. Half-sister of the current king and daughter of Norodom Sihanouk.
[Picture of Princess Norodom Buppha Devi]


Burbidge, Margaret
Born 12 August 1919  (Davenport, England)
[Picture of Margaret Burbidge]


Burdon, Eric
Born 11 May 1941  (Walker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England)
Former lead singer of The Animals.
[Picture of Eric Burdon]


Burgess, Sonny
Born 28 May 1931  (Newport, Arkansas, USA)
Rockabilly singer and guitarist.
[Picture of Sonny Burgess]


Burhanuddin, Syedna Mohammed Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin is no longer with us
Born 6 March 1915  (Surat, Gujarat, India)

Died 17 January 2014  (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Age at death: 98  (read death notice)
The 52nd Da'i al-Mutlaq of the Dawoodi Bohras, a religious group of Indian Muslims.
[Picture of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin]


Burke, James
Born 22 December 1936  (Derry, Northern Ireland)
Scientist, historian & TV presenter - presented 'Tomorrow's World'.
[Picture of James Burke]


Burke Charvet, Brooke
Born 8 September 1971  (Hartford, Connecticut, USA)
Model and TV personality.
[Picture of Brooke Burke Charvet]


Burnel, Jean-Jacques
Born 21 February 1952  (London, England)
Bass player and songwriter with new wave band The Stranglers.
[Picture of Jean-Jacques Burnel]


Burnett, Carol
Born 26 April 1933  (San Antonio, Texas, USA)
Red-haired comedienne, best known for her eponymous variety show.
[Picture of Carol Burnett]


Burney, Mike Mike Burney is no longer with us
Born 1 November 1944  (Birmingham, England)

Died 13 November 2014  (Walsall, West Midlands, England)

Age at death: 70  (read death notice)
Jazz saxophonist. Worked for Roy Wood's Wizzard.
[Picture of Mike Burney]


Burns, Allan
Born 18 May 1935  (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
Television producer and writer, who co-created 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' with James L. Brooks.
[Picture of Allan Burns]


Burns, Jake
Born 21 February 1958  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Singer and guitarist with Northern Irish punk band Stiff Little Fingers.
[Picture of Jake Burns]


Burns, Pete
Born 5 August 1959  (Port Sunlight, Cheshire, England)
Androgynous front person of '80s electropopsters Dead Or Alive.
[Picture of Pete Burns]


Burtt, Ben
Born 12 July 1948  (Jamesville, New York, USA)
Sound designer on 'Star Wars' and thus the creator of the familiar R2-D2 bleeps and yelps, as well the throbbing sound of the lightsabers and the distinctive breathing of Darth Vader.
[Picture of Ben Burtt]


Bush, Barbara
Born 8 June 1925  (Rye, New York, USA)
The wife of George Bush snr, not the namesake daughter of George W. Bush.
[Picture of Barbara Bush]


Bush, Jr., George W.
Born 6 July 1946  (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
43rd President of the United States. Somehow made it through 8 years in the job, but as the man himself once said: "They misunderestimated me."
[Picture of George W. Bush, Jr.]


Bush, Sr., George H. W.
Born 12 June 1924  (Milton, Massachusetts, USA)
President of the USA from 1989-93. Son George also took the reigns.
[Picture of George H. W. Bush, Sr.]


Bushfield, Rory
Born 30 May 1983  (Balzac, Alberta, Canada)
Professional skier and star of several reality television programmes, lately on 'Splash!' It's about er...diving?
[Picture of Rory Bushfield]


Buster, Prince
Born 28 May 1938  (Kingston, Jamaica)
Ska & reggae singer, a legend in his own country. Born plain old Cecil Campbell.
[Picture of Prince Buster]


Butkus, Dick
Born 9 December 1942  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Former Chicago Bears Linebacker.
[Picture of Dick Butkus]


Butler, Bill
Born 7 April 1921  (Cripple Creek, Colorado, USA)
Cinematographer. 1976 nominee for the Academy Award for Best Cinematography for 'One Flew Over The Cookoo's Nest' together with Haskell Wexler.
[Picture of Bill Butler]


Buxton, Angela
Born 16 August 1934  (Liverpool, England)
Former tennis player, who won the women's doubles title at both the French Championships and Wimbledon in 1956 with Althea Gibson. First British woman ever to reach a Wimbledon final.
[Picture of Angela Buxton]


Buydens, Anne
Born 13 May 1930  (Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany)
Officially a producer, but better known as wife of Kirk Douglas and step-mother of Michael.
[Picture of Anne Buydens]


Buzzi, Ruth
Born 24 July 1936  (Westerly, Rhode Island, USA)
Comedienne and actress on film, stage and television.
[Picture of Ruth Buzzi]


Bynes, Amanda
Born 3 April 1986  (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)
Actress in US teen movies & television show host.
[Picture of Amanda Bynes]


Byrne, Gay
Born 5 August 1934  (Dublin, Republic of Ireland)
Respected veteran Irish broadcaster, presenter of 'The Late Late Show' for 37 years.
[Picture of Gay Byrne]


Byrnes, Edd
Born 30 July 1933  (New York City, New York, USA)
Actor from the 1950s TV series '77 Sunset Strip'.
[Picture of Edd Byrnes]

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