Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2014: A


Aaker, Lee
Born 25 September 1943  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
1950s child actor, known as Rusty in the Rin Tin Tin film series.
[Picture of Lee Aaker]


Abbado, Claudio Claudio Abbado is no longer with us
Born 26 June 1933  (Milan, Italy)

Died 20 January 2014  (Bologna, Italy)

Age at death: 80  (read death notice)
Italian music conductor, one of the foremost conductors still around. Former conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra and former Music Director of La Scala in Milan.
[Picture of Claudio Abbado]


Abbas, Mahmoud
Born 26 March 1935  (Safed, Palestine)
President of the Palestinian Authority.
[Picture of Mahmoud Abbas]


Abbot, Russ
Born 16 September 1947  (Chester, Cheshire, England)
Comedian and actor. Born Russell Roberts, he was voted "funniest man on television" 5 times. If he was the funniest, then we'd hate to see who was the unfunniest. Also Pipe Smoker of the Year 2001, which might be more relevant to the DDP.
[Picture of Russ Abbot]


Abdel-Rahman, Omar
Born 3 May 1938  (Dakahlia, Cairo, Egypt)
Blind Muslim cleric and militant leader, currently serving life for plotting the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
[Picture of Omar Abdel-Rahman]


Abdul, Paula
Born 19 June 1962  (San Fernando, California, USA)
Dancer, singer and former judge on 'American Idol'.
[Picture of Paula Abdul]


Abdul Aziz, Salman bin
Born 31 December 1935  (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Minister of Defence and member of the House of Saud. Crown Prince in 2012.
[Picture of Salman bin Abdul Aziz]


Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem
Born 16 April 1947  (New York City, New York, USA)
US basketball player with the LA Lakers in the 1970s and 80s but he insists he's Roger Murdock, an airline co-pilot!
[Picture of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar]


Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, King
Born 1 August 1924  (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Became King of Saudi Arabia in August 2005, following the death of his half-brother, King Fahd.
[Picture of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia]


Abdulmutallab, Umar Farouk
Born 22 December 1986  (Lagos, Nigeria)
Convicted terrorist, known as the "Underwear bomber", who confessed to attempting a bomb detonation on Northwest Airline Flight 253 with plastic explosives hidden in his underwear in 2009.
[Picture of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab]


Abdusalamov, Magomed
Born 25 March 1981  (Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia)
Heavyweight boxer who suffered a brain injury after a fight with Mike Perez in November 2013.
[Picture of Magomed Abdusalamov]


Abercrombie, Neil
Born 25 June 1938  (Buffalo, New York, USA)
Governor of Hawaii since 2010.
[Picture of Neil Abercrombie]


Abrams, M. H.
Born 23 July 1912  (Long Branch, New Jersey, USA)
US literary critic. M. H. = Meyer Howard.
[Picture of M. H. Abrams]


Ackland, Joss
Born 29 February 1928  (North Kensington, London, England)
Distinguished and experienced actor, still working. His date of birth drastically reduces the chances of anyone collecting a "party pooper" bonus on him - bar 2016, of course!
[Picture of Joss Ackland]


Ackles, Jensen
Born 1 March 1978  (Dallas, Texas, USA)
Television actor, known from 'Days of Our Lives', 'Dark Angel' and 'Smallville'.
[Picture of Jensen Ackles]


Ackroyd, Peter
Born 5 October 1949  (London, England)
UK author, writer of London - The Biography.
[Picture of Peter Ackroyd]


Adair, Johnny "Mad Dog"
Born 27 October 1963  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Ulster paramilitary and "freedom fighter". After internal feuds within the faction, he moved to the UK in order to avoid assassination. Also partial to a spot of boozing, drug-taking and wife-beating.
[Picture of Johnny


Adam, Ken
Born 5 February 1921  (Berlin, Germany)
Former film set designer, most notably on the James Bond movies.
[Picture of Ken Adam]


Adams, Alberta Alberta Adams is no longer with us
Born 26 July 1917  (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)

Died 25 December 2014  (Dearborn, Michigan, USA)

Age at death: 97  (read death notice)
Blues singer with Chess records in the 1950s. Was still recording into her nineties.
[Picture of Alberta Adams]


Adams, Colette
Born in Northern Ireland  (exact date unknown)
Cancer-stricken wife of Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams.
[Picture of Colette Adams]


Adams, Gerry
Born 6 October 1948  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
President of the Irish Republican party Sinn Féin.
[Picture of Gerry Adams]


Adams, Julie
Born 17 October 1926  (Waterloo, Iowa, USA)
American actress.
[Picture of Julie Adams]


Adams, Maud
Born 12 February 1945  (Luleĺ, Sweden)
Actress. Twice a Bond Girl: Andrea Anders in 'The Man With The Golden Gun' and Octopussy in...er...well...'Octopussy'!
[Picture of Maud Adams]


Adams, Richard
Born 9 May 1920  (Newbury, Berkshire, England)
Author of 'Watership Down'.
[Picture of Richard Adams]


Adderley, Herb
Born 8 June 1939  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
American football cornerback for the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys in the 1960s and 1970s.
[Picture of Herb Adderley]


Adebolajo, Michael
Born 10 December 1984  (London, England)
British Islamic-fanatist of Nigerian descent. Murderer of British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich on in 2013. He was the guy with the knife who spoke to the cameras.
[Picture of Michael Adebolajo]


Adebowale, Michael
Born 6 May 1991  (London, England)
British Islamic-fanatist of Nigerian descent. Murderer of British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich in 2013. He went on discussion with a bystander just minutes after Rigby's death. One of the model school pupils who turned out to be ice cold killers.
[Picture of Michael Adebowale]


Adele, (singer)
Born 5 May 1988  (London, England)
Singer and current most successful recording artist in Britain, with massive sales of her first two albums, '19' and '21' respectively.
[Picture of (singer) Adele]


Adelson, Sheldon
Born 6 August 1933  (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
One of the richest men in the U.S., with an estimated wealth of $14bn. Spare us a dime, sir.
[Picture of Sheldon Adelson]


Adie, Kate
Born 19 September 1945  (Sunderland, England)
Fearless BBC journalist.
[Picture of Kate Adie]


Afewerki, Isaias
Born 2 February 1946  (Asamara, Eritrea)
Current, long time President of Eritrea.
[Picture of Isaias Afewerki]


Agca, Mehmet Ali
Born 9 January 1958  (Ismailli, Hekimhan, Malatya, Turkey)
Turkish gunman who attempted to kill Pope John Paul II in 1981. Currently serving time for an assassination attempt on someone else that actually did succeed.
[Picture of Mehmet Ali Agca]


Agustoni, Gilberto
Born 26 July 1922  (Schaffhausen, Switzerland)
Retired Roman Catholic Bishop and Cardinal-Deacon.
[Picture of Gilberto Agustoni]


Ahern, Lassie Lou
Born 25 June 1920  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Child actress in 1920s cinema. No, it's not the dog...
[Picture of Lassie Lou Ahern]


Ahlstedt, Börje
Born 21 February 1939  (Stockholm, Sweden)
Santa Claus-impersonating actor, mostly in Ingmar Bergman's films. So no comedic potential...
[Picture of Börje Ahlstedt]


Ahmed Abdullah, Abdullah
Born 1 January 1963  (Egypt)
Egyptian terrorist wanted for the 1998 American embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya.
[Picture of Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah]


'Ahome'e, Halaevalu Mata'aho
Born 29 May 1926  (Tonga)
Queen Mother of Tonga.
[Picture of Halaevalu Mata'aho 'Ahome'e]


Ahrens, Marlene
Born 27 July 1933  (Concepciňn, Chile)
Javelin thrower. Olympic silver medal winner in 1956 and only Chilean woman to win something at an Olympic Games. Won't lose this title during 2014 Winter Olympics, I reckon...
[Picture of Marlene Ahrens]


Aich, Manohar
Born 17 March 1913  (Tipperah, India)
Indian bodybuilder and three time Asia Games gold medalist. Mr. Universe, 1952.
[Picture of Manohar Aich]


Aichinger, Ilse
Born 1 November 1921  (Vienna, Austria)
Writer known for her accounts of persecution at the hands of the Nazis.
[Picture of Ilse Aichinger]


Aiken, Clay
Born 30 November 1978  (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)
2003 American Idol contestant and former Sir Robin-actor at the Monty Python Broadway-Musical 'Spamalot'. Also an activist for disabeled people, show host and singer-songwriter. To make it short: One of those TV celebrities again.
[Picture of Clay Aiken]


Ailes, Roger
Born 15 May 1940  (Warren, Ohio, USA)
President of Fox News Channel and former presidential media consultant. Worked for Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr and Giuliani, so he seems to be Republican supporter. You would never guess from their coverage...
[Picture of Roger Ailes]


Aimée, Anouk
Born 27 April 1932  (Paris, France)
Actress and former Mrs. Albert Finney.
[Picture of Anouk Aimée]


Aitken, Jonathan
Born 30 August 1942  (Dublin, Rep of Ireland)
Disgraced ex-cabinet minister.
[Picture of Jonathan Aitken]


Akabusi, Kriss
Born 28 November 1958  (London, England)
Soldier turned athlete who's greatest moment was his anchor leg for Great Britain's victorious 4 x 400m relay team in the 1991 World Championships.
[Picture of Kriss Akabusi]


Akaka, Daniel
Born 11 September 1924  (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)
Former senator for Hawaii (1990-2013) and first native Hawaiian ever to be so.
[Picture of Daniel Akaka]


Akihito of Japan, Emperor
Born 23 December 1933  (Tokyo, Japan)
First son of Emperor Hirohito, acceded to the Imperial throne on the death of his father in 1989.
[Picture of Emperor Akihito of Japan]


Al Badawi, Jamal Ahmad Mohammad
Born 22 July 1960  (Yemen)
Yemeni terrorist, convicted for the bombing of the USS Cole in 2000. Currently on the run.
[Picture of Jamal Ahmad Mohammad Al Badawi]


Al Khalifa, Khalifa bin Salman
Born 24 November 1935  (Jasra, Bahrain)
Prime Minister of Bahrain since 1971, the longest serving one worldwide, and uncle of the current king of Bahrain. That's nepotism for you...
[Picture of Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa]


al-Adel, Saif
Born 11 April 1960  (Alexandria, Egypt)
Senior member of al-Qaeda, wanted in connection with the 1998 US Embassy bombings.
[Picture of Saif al-Adel]


Al-Ahmad Al Jaber Al-Sabah, Sheikh
Born 16 June 1929  (Kuwait City, Kuwait)
The current Emir of Kuwait.
[Picture of Sheikh Al-Ahmad Al Jaber Al-Sabah]


Al-Asiri, Ibrahim
Born 18 April 1982  (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Al-Qaeda bomb maker, alleged to be responsible for bombs in four major bomb plots in 2009, 2010 and 2012, including a suicide bomb for his brother (which was nice of him, I usually get a DVD for Xmas.). He sure to be a blast for the DDP as well.
[Picture of Ibrahim Al-Asiri]


al-Assad, Asma
Born 11 August 1975  (London, England)
First Lady of Syria and thus married to Bashar Al-Assad. I know women love a bastard but come on...
[Picture of Asma al-Assad]


Al-Assad, Bashar
Born 11 September 1965  (Damascus, Syria)
President of Syria since his father's death in 2000. Engaged in an interminable civil war since 2011.
[Picture of Bashar Al-Assad]


al-Assad, Maher
Born 8 December 1967  (Damascus, Syria)
Military leader and younger brother of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.
[Picture of Maher al-Assad]


al-Attas, Hamida
Born in Latakia, Syria  (exact date unknown)
Mother of the late Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden. Born 1934.
[Picture of Hamida al-Attas]


Alba, Jessica
Born 28 April 1981  (Pomona, California, USA)
Actress who first hit fame in 2000 in the series 'Dark Angel' before graduating to Hollywood.
[Picture of Jessica Alba]


Al-Baghdadi, Abu Bakr
Born in Samarra, Iraq  (exact date unknown)
An other Al-Qaeda terrorist. Also known (for those he really know him) as Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Samarri or Abu Dua or Dr. Ibrahim, leader of the Iraqi section of the terroristic network. Born 1971.
[Picture of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi]


Albanese, Licia Licia Albanese is no longer with us
Born 22 July 1909  (Bari. Italy)

Died 15 August 2014  (New York City, New York, USA)

Age at death: 105  (read death notice)
Famed former opera singer.
[Picture of Licia Albanese]


Al-Bashir, Omar
Born 1 January 1944  (Hosh Bannaga, Northern State, Sudan)
Current (and controversial) President of Sudan.
[Picture of Omar Al-Bashir]


Albert, Hans
Born 8 February 1921  (Cologne, Germany)
Philosopher and sociologist.
[Picture of Hans Albert]


Albert II, King
Born 6 June 1934  (Laeken, Belgium)
King of Belgium since 1993.
[Picture of King Albert II]


Albrecht, Karl Karl Albrecht is no longer with us
Born 20 February 1920  (Essen, Germany)

Died 16 July 2014  (Essen, Germany)

Age at death: 94  (read death notice)
Entrepreneur, who formed the discount supermarket chain Aldi, with his brother Theo in 1961.
[Picture of Karl Albrecht]


Albright, Lola
Born 20 July 1925  (Akron, Ohio, USA)
Model-turned actress, best known for her role as Edie Hart in the hit 1950s TV series 'Peter Gunn'.
[Picture of Lola Albright]


Albright, Madeleine
Born 15 May 1937  (Prague, Czechoslovakia)
Former US Secretary of State, the first woman in the role.
[Picture of Madeleine Albright]


Alderton, John
Born 27 November 1940  (Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England)
Amiable actor, star of 'Please Sir!' and other TV shows & comedies. Husband of Pauline Collins. Also the narrator of 'Fireman Sam'.
[Picture of John Alderton]


Al-Din Nasir Hunzai, Nasir
Born 15 May 1917  (Hyderabad Hunza, Pakistan)
Burushasky language writer and poet. Main topics of his work is the Islam, his main work was a Burushasky-German dictionary. The English one is in progress.
[Picture of Nasir Al-Din Nasir Hunzai]


Aldiss, Brian
Born 18 August 1925  (East Dereham, Norfolk, England)
Reknowned British science fiction author.
[Picture of Brian Aldiss]


Aldrin, Buzz
Born 20 January 1930  (Montclair, New Jersey, USA)
Second man on the Moon, who has always claimed he'd have been the first if it wasn't for the fact that the only door of the lunar lander was on Neil Armstrong's side.
[Picture of Buzz Aldrin]


Alegría, Claribel
Born 12 May 1924  (Estelí, Nicaragua)
Essayist, novelist, journalist and poet. Major voice in Central American contemporary literature.
[Picture of Claribel Alegría]


Alemán, Fedora
Born 11 October 1912  (Caracas, Venezuela)
Opera singer.
[Picture of Fedora Alemán]


Alex, Magic
Born 5 May 1942  (Athens, Greece)
Electronics engineer for the Beatles in the 1960s and car customiser for Jordan's King Hussein. Later became managing director of Alcom Ltd, a specialist in electronic communications and security. Born Yanni Alexis Mardas.
[Picture of Magic Alex]


Alexander, Jean
Born 24 February 1926  (Liverpool, England)
Best known as Hilda Ogden in 'Coronation Street'.
[Picture of Jean Alexander]


Al-Fayed, Mohammed
Born 27 January 1929  (Bakos, Alexandria, Egypt)
Owner of Harrods and former owner of Fulham FC. Not overly popular in many quarters, but at least he lives in Switzerland now.
[Picture of Mohammed Al-Fayed]


Al-Golani, Abu Mohammad
Born in Syria  (exact date unknown)
Aleppo-based leader of al-Nusra-Front, an Al-Qaeda branch operating in Syria. One of those Islamic fanatic terrorists, again, but nothing really known about him. Was announced dead in 2013, later denied by Al-Qaeda. Same old song again...
[Picture of Abu Mohammad Al-Golani]


Al-Hawsawi, Mustafa
Born 5 August 1968  (Jiddah, Saudi-Arabia)
Well... just an other Jihadist again, this time accused of being the Al-Qaeda financier of the attacks of September 11. In custody since 2006.
[Picture of Mustafa Al-Hawsawi]


Ali, Asha
Born 7 June 1980  (Ethiopia)
Swedish (yes, Swedish) pop and soul singer-songwriter.
[Picture of Asha Ali]


Ali, Muhammad
Born 17 January 1942  (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)
Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, ditched his "slave name" in 1964. Won an Olympic gold boxing medal at age 18 and went on to become world heavyweight champion on three occasions. Now suffering from Parkinson's Disease.
[Picture of Muhammad Ali]


Ali El-Hoorie, Ali Saed Bin
Born 10 July 1965  (Qatif, Saudi Arabia)
Terrorist indicted by the US for the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia.
[Picture of Ali Saed Bin Ali El-Hoorie]


Ali Hammadi, Mohammed
Born 13 June 1964  (Lebanon)
Alleged member of Hezbollah, involved in the hijacking of TWA Flight 847 in 1985.
[Picture of Mohammed Ali Hammadi]


Ali Zardari, Asif
Born 21 July 1956  (Nawabshah, Pakistan)
Widower of Benazir Bhutto, who announced that he would nominally head her party whilst their son is at university in England. Then became insurgent target number 1 when he became President of the country in 2008.
[Picture of Asif Ali Zardari]


Alicia of Bourbon-Palma, Princess
Born 13 November 1917  (Vienna, Austria)
Spanish infanta and heir to the throne of Navarre.
[Picture of Princess Alicia of Bourbon-Palma]


Alizée, (singer)
Born 21 August 1984  (Ajaccio, Corsica)
Singer. 'Moi…Lolita'.
[Picture of (singer) Alizée]


Al-Khatib, Moaz
Born in Damascus, Syria  (exact date unknown)
Syrian oppositional leader. First president of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. Born 1960.
[Picture of Moaz Al-Khatib]


Allam, Assem
Born 11 August 1939  (Egypt)
Yorkshire-based businessman and owner of Premier League team Hull City. Or Hull Tigers, as he wants to call them...
[Picture of Assem Allam]


Allen, Marty
Born 22 March 1922  (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
Stand-up comedian and actor, far better known across the Atlantic than here in the UK.
[Picture of Marty Allen]


Allen, Paul
Born 21 January 1953  (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Entrepreneur and philanthropist. Co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates
[Picture of Paul Allen]


Allen, Woody
Born 1 December 1935  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Comedy film actor/writer/director, born Allen Stewart Konigsberg.
[Picture of Woody Allen]


Alley, Kirstie
Born 12 January 1951  (Wichita, Kansas, USA)
Actress, best known for her role as Rebecca Howe in 'Cheers'.
[Picture of Kirstie Alley]


Alliata, Topazia
Born 5 September 1913  (Palermo, Sicily, Italy)
Sicilian princess, artist and art dealer.
[Picture of Topazia Alliata]


al-Liby, Anas
Born 30 March 1964  (Tripoli, Libya)
Al-Qaeda terrorist, indicted by the US for the 1998 US embassy bombings in East Africa.
[Picture of Anas al-Liby]


Allison, Mose
Born 11 November 1927  (Tippo, Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, USA)
Jazz and blues pianist and singer.
[Picture of Mose Allison]


Alliss, Peter
Born 28 February 1931  (Berlin, Germany)
Golfer, golf course designer & long-time golf commentator for the BBC and others.
[Picture of Peter Alliss]


al-Masri, Abu Hamza
Born 15 April 1958  (Alexandria, Egypt)
Blind, one-armed and loopy Muslim cleric, currently in jail for inciting racial hatred.
[Picture of Abu Hamza al-Masri]


Al-Mughassil, Ahmed Ibrahim
Born 26 June 1967  (Qatif, Saudi Arabia)
Terrorist indicted by the US for the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia.
[Picture of Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Mughassil]


Al-Munawar, Muhammad Ahmed
Born 21 May 1965  (Kuwait)
Indicted for the hijack of the Pan Am Flight 73 in 1986.
[Picture of Muhammad Ahmed Al-Munawar]


Al-Nasser, Abdelkarim Hussein Mohamed
Born in Al Ihsa, Saudi Arabia  (exact date unknown)
Alleged leader of the terrorist organization, Saudi Hizballah. Wanted by the FBI.
[Picture of Abdelkarim Hussein Mohamed Al-Nasser]


Alonso Martinez, Alicia
Born 21 December 1920  (Havana, Cuba)
Cuban ballerina.
[Picture of Alicia Alonso Martinez]


Alpert, Herb
Born 31 March 1935  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Trumpeter and record company executive. The A in A&M Records and the man responsible for (or should that be "guilty of"?) signing The Carpenters.
[Picture of Herb Alpert]


Alton, Roger
Born 20 December 1942  (Oxford, England)
Former editor of The Observer newspaper. Now with the Times. Odd fact: Alton is married to comedienne Helen Lederer.
[Picture of Roger Alton]


Al-Turki, Wadoud Muhammad Hafiz
Born 21 June 1955  (Baghdad, Iraq)
One of the FBI's most wanted terrorists.
[Picture of Wadoud Muhammad Hafiz Al-Turki]


Al-Umari, Husayn Muhammad
Born in Jaffra, Palestine  (exact date unknown)
Wanted terrorist known as "The Bomb Man". Which one? Born 1936.
[Picture of Husayn Muhammad Al-Umari]


Alway, Renee
Born 29 April 1986  (Michigan, USA)
Fashion model and 'America's Next Top Model' contestant. Arrested in July 2013 for multiple offences, including drug possession, burglary, theft and fraud. Doesn't look particularly well-fashioned after shaving her head for a court appearance.
[Picture of Renee Alway]


al-Wuhayshi, Nasir
Born in Yemen  (exact date unknown)
One of the inexhaustible members of the terrorist group Al Qaeda.
[Picture of Nasir al-Wuhayshi]


Al-Yacoub, Ibrahim Salih Mohammed
Born 16 October 1966  (Qatif, Saudi Arabia)
Terrorist indicted by the US for the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia.
[Picture of Ibrahim Salih Mohammed Al-Yacoub]


al-Zawahiri, Ayman
Born 19 June 1951  (Maadi, Egypt)
One of bin Laden's deputies in Al-Qaeda, about whom recent whereabouts are sketchy.
[Picture of Ayman al-Zawahiri]


Ames, Ed
Born 9 July 1927  (Malden, Massachusetts, USA)
Singer & actor.
[Picture of Ed Ames]


Amge, Jyoti
Born 18 December 1993  (Nagpur, India)
The World's smallest woman as of December 2011.
[Picture of Jyoti Amge]


Amin, Salwa
Born 29 May 1988  (Charleston, West Virginia, USA)
Member of MTV's reality TV-show 'Buckwild' about young criminal adults in the rural areas of West Virginia, who was arrested in 2013 for drug abuse.
[Picture of Salwa Amin]


Amir, Yigal
Born 23 May 1970  (Herzliya, Israel)
The man who assassinated Yitzhak Rabin.
[Picture of Yigal Amir]


Amos, John
Born 27 December 1939  (Newark, New Jersey, USA)
Actor, known for 'Good Times' and 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'.
[Picture of John Amos]


Ampem II, Nana Afua Kobi Serwaa
Born in Ghana  (exact date unknown)
Queen Mother of the Ashanti people in Ghana, West Africa. Born in either 1912 or 1913.
[Picture of Nana Afua Kobi Serwaa Ampem II]


Amstell, Simon
Born 29 November 1979  (Gants Hill, Essex, England)
Sharp-witted comedian. Presenter of 'Popworld', 'Never Mind the Buzzocks' and 'Grandma's House'.
[Picture of Simon Amstell]


Anastacia, (singer)
Born 17 September 1973  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Pop singer ('I'm Outta Love', 'One Day In Your Life'). Has had Crohn's disease since the age of 13, and also battled breast cancer in 2003.
[Picture of (singer) Anastacia]


Anderson, John B.
Born 15 February 1922  (Rockford, Illinois, USA)
Former US congressman who ran for President of the United States in 1980 as an independent.
[Picture of John B. Anderson]


Anderson, Michael
Born 30 January 1920  (London, England)
English film director of 'The Dam Busters' and 'Logan's Run' among others.
[Picture of Michael Anderson]


Anderson, Pamela
Born 1 July 1967  (Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada)
One of the great intellectuals of our time, and part-time model, actress and sex symbol.
[Picture of Pamela Anderson]


Andersson, Bibi
Born 11 November 1935  (Stockholm, Sweden)
Swedish actress, primarily in Ingmar Bergman films.
[Picture of Bibi Andersson]


Andersson, Harriet
Born 14 February 1932  (Stockholm, Sweden)
Ingmar Bergman-film actress.
[Picture of Harriet Andersson]


Andress, Ursula
Born 19 March 1936  (Ostermundigen, Switzerland)
Actress & sex symbol, best known for her sultry performance in Dr. No.
[Picture of Ursula Andress]


Angélil, René
Born 16 January 1942  (Montréal, Canada)
Singer, entertainment manager and husband of Céline Dion, regarded as being the driving force behind her success. The sod.
[Picture of René Angélil]


Angelini, Fiorenzo
Born 1 August 1916  (Rome, Italy)
Italian cardinal, Titualr of Messene from 1956-1991. Died in November 2014 but no obit.
[Picture of Fiorenzo Angelini]


Angell, Roger
Born 19 September 1920  (New York City, New York, USA)
Baseball writer for The New Yorker.
[Picture of Roger Angell]


Angelou, Maya Maya Angelou is no longer with us
Born 4 February 1928  (St Louis, Missouri, USA)

Died 28 May 2014  (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA)

Age at death: 86  (read death notice)
Eminent US literary figure - poet, actress and civil rights veteran.
[Picture of Maya Angelou]


Angelyne, (actress/singer)
Born 20 June 1958  (Radomsko, Poland)
Model, self-proclaimed actress and most popular blonde in Los Angeles. Nearly nothing is known about her. Seems to be born in Poland or Idaho (where's the difference?). We only know her favourite car: a pink Chevrolet. Born either 1958 or 1938!
[Picture of (actress/singer) Angelyne]


Anh, Le Duc
Born 1 December 1920  (Thua Thięn-Hue Province, Vietnam)
President of Vietnam from 1992-97.
[Picture of Le Duc Anh]


Aniston, John
Born 24 July 1934  (Crete, Greece)
Actor father of the rather more famous Jennifer.
[Picture of John Aniston]


Anthony, Casey
Born 19 March 1986  (Warren, Ohio, USA)
American who hit the headlines there when she was charged with the murder & appalling treatment of her daughter Caylee in 2008.
[Picture of Casey Anthony]


Apostol, Eugenia
Born 29 September 1925  (Sorsogon, Philippines)
Publisher, whose political publications helped cause the downfall of two Filipino presidents.
[Picture of Eugenia Apostol]


Applegate, Christina
Born 25 November 1971  (Hollywood, California, USA)
American actress & comedienne who has suffered from & beaten breast cancer.
[Picture of Christina Applegate]


Appleyard, Bob
Born 27 June 1924  (Bradford, Yorkshire, England)
Former England fast bowler.
[Picture of Bob Appleyard]


Aragonés, Sergio
Born 6 September 1937  (Sant Mateu, Castellón, Spain)
Spanish-born Mexican cartoonist for Mad magazine.
[Picture of Sergio Aragonés]


arap Moi, Daniel
Born 2 September 1924  (Sacho, Baringo, Kenya)
President of Kenya from 1978-2002. Still dogged by controversies stemming from his time in office.
[Picture of Daniel arap Moi]


Arbour, Al
Born 1 November 1932  (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)
Ice hockey player. More successful as coach and executive for the New York Islanders.
[Picture of Al Arbour]


Archer, Jeffrey
Born 15 April 1940  (London, England)
Habitual liar, novelist and former Conservative Party deputy chairman. Convicted of perjury and perverting the course of justice in 2001.
[Picture of Jeffrey Archer]


Aristarain, Adolfo
Born 19 October 1943  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Screenwriter and film director.
[Picture of Adolfo Aristarain]


Armani, Giorgio
Born 11 July 1934  (Piacenza, Italy)
Fashion designer and founder of the hugely successful Armani brand label.
[Picture of Giorgio Armani]


Armfield, Jimmy
Born 21 September 1935  (Denton, Manchester, England)
Former Blackpool & England footballer, now a very popular radio commentator & broadcaster.
[Picture of Jimmy Armfield]


Armstrong, Billie Joe
Born 17 February 1972  (Oakland, California, USA)
Vocalist with punk rockers Green Day.
[Picture of Billie Joe Armstrong]


Armstrong-Jones, Antony
Born 7 March 1930  (London, England)
Lord Snowdon, celebrity photographer and former husband of Princess Margaret.
[Picture of Antony Armstrong-Jones]


Arnett, Peter
Born 13 November 1934  (Riverton, New Zealand)
Journalist who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1966 for his reports from Vietnam. Worked for CNN from 1981-1999.
[Picture of Peter Arnett]


Arnold, Jen
Date and place of birth unknown
Neonatologist with dwarfism, whose life with her similarly height-challenged husband was the subject of reality TV show 'The Little Couple'. Born 1974.
[Picture of Jen Arnold]


Arns, Paulo Evaristo
Born 14 September 1941  (Forquilhinha, Santa Catarina, Brazil)
Archbishop of Sao Paulo from 1970-1998. Now the most senior cardinal (Protopriest) in the Roman Catholic church.
[Picture of Paulo Evaristo Arns]


Arpaio, Joe
Born 14 June 1932  (Springfield, Massachusetts, USA)
Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. A controversial figure, accused of abusing his powers. Became famous for accusing Barack Obama for having forged his birth certificate during his first election 2008. Sounds a bit like a Jealous Joey.
[Picture of Joe Arpaio]


Ar-Rahayyal, Muhammad Abdullah Khalil Hussa
Born 27 November 1965  (Lebanon)
Indicted for the hijack of the Pan Am Flight 73 in 1986.
[Picture of Muhammad Abdullah Khalil Hussa Ar-Rahayyal]


Arrow, Kenneth
Born 23 August 1921  (New York City, New York, USA)
Influential Nobel Prize-winning economist.
[Picture of Kenneth Arrow]


Arsan, Emmanuelle
Born 19 January 1932  (Bangkok, Thailand)
Novelist and actress, creator of the erotic fiction character Emmanuelle.
[Picture of Emmanuelle Arsan]


Artemiev, Eduard
Born 30 November 1937  (Novosibirsk, Russia)
Electronic music composer of the 70s sci-fi classic 'Solaris'.
[Picture of Eduard Artemiev]


Arthur, James
Born 2 March 1988  (Middlesbrough, England)
2012 'X-Factor' winner who always looks like he's got a pole stuck up his arse.
[Picture of James Arthur]


Ashbrook, Jean
Born 21 September 1934  (Newark, Ohio, USA)
Former U.S. congress member and widow of John M. Ashbrook.
[Picture of Jean Ashbrook]


Asherson, Renée Renée Asherson is no longer with us
Born 19 May 1915  (Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, England)

Died 30 October 2014  (London, England)

Age at death: 99  (read death notice)
Actress, widow of Robert Donat.
[Picture of Renée Asherson]


Ashley, Brooke
Born 5 May 1973  (Daegu, South Korea)
HIV-positive pornographic film actress who was filmed having sex with her boyfriend, who is also HIV-positive. Wah!
[Picture of Brooke Ashley]


Ashmore, Edward
Born 11 December 1919  (Queenstown, Ireland)
A former Admiral of the Fleet, the most senior Royal Navy position there is.
[Picture of Edward Ashmore]


Askwith, Robin
Born 12 October 1950  (Southport, Lancashire, England)
Actor best known for his starring role in a series of "sex comedies" in the 1970s.
[Picture of Robin Askwith]


Asner, Ed
Born 15 November 1929  (Kansas City, Kansas, USA)
US actor, who has mostly appeared in TV programmes such as 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'. Recently provided the voice of old curmudgeon Carl in Pixar animated tearfest 'Up'.
[Picture of Ed Asner]


Aspel, Michael
Born 12 January 1933  (London, England)
Host of 'This Is Your Life' and 'Antiques Roadshow'.
[Picture of Michael Aspel]


Aspinall, Warren
Born 13 September 1967  (Wigan, England)
Midfielder and Forward for Wigan Athletic, Everton, Aston Vila and others. Speaks openly about his alcohol and gambling problems. If I've heard that once...
[Picture of Warren Aspinall]


Assange, Julian
Born 3 July 1971  (Townsville, Queensland, Australia)
Controversial Australian journalist and internet activist, whose WikiLeaks website regularly release confidential documents and communications from the U.S. and other governments.
[Picture of Julian Assange]


Assia, Lys
Born 3 March 1926  (Lenzburg, Aargau, Switzerland)
Swiss singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1956. Real name: Rosa Mina Schärer.
[Picture of Lys Assia]


Astin, John
Born 30 March 1930  (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
Actor - starred as Gomez Addams in 'The Addams Family', and has mainly appeared in TV comedies since.
[Picture of John Astin]


Astley, Rick
Born 6 February 1966  (Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, England)
Shy and retiring singer who had phenomenal success with the hit single 'Never Gonna Give You Up', the biggest selling UK single of 1987. Later became a phenomenon of a different kind as that single became part of an internet meme known as 'Rickrolling'.
[Picture of Rick Astley]


Astrid of Norway, Princess
Born 12 February 1932  (Villa Solbakken, Oslo, Norway)
Older sister of Norway's King Harald. Also in the line of succession to the British throne.
[Picture of Princess Astrid of Norway]


Athaiya, Bhanu
Born 28 April 1929  (Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India)
Indian costume designer who won an Oscar for her work on 'Gandhi' in 1983.
[Picture of Bhanu Athaiya]


Athill, Diana
Born 21 December 1917  (Norfolk, England)
Literary editor who for the time had a eyebrow raising number of affairs with various authors.
[Picture of Diana Athill]


Atkins, Ronald
Born 13 June 1916  (England)
Former MP for Preston North on two occasions, 1966-70 and 1974-79.
[Picture of Ronald Atkins]


Atkinson, Big Ron
Born 18 March 1939  (Liverpool, England)
Former Manchester United manager turned TV pundit who was slung out in 2004 for racist comments heard off air.
[Picture of Big Ron Atkinson]


Attenborough, David
Born 8 May 1926  (London, England)
Broadcaster, author, naturalist and also ex-Controller of BBC2. Brother of Sir Richard.
[Picture of David Attenborough]


Attenborough, Richard Richard Attenborough is no longer with us
Born 29 August 1923  (Cambridge, England)

Died 24 August 2014  (London, England)

Age at death: 90  (read death notice)
Oscar-winning film director, general luvvie, and brother of Sir David.
[Picture of Richard Attenborough]


Atwa, Ali
Born in Lebanon  (exact date unknown)
Lebanese terrorist, wanted by the US government for the hijacking of TWA Flight 847 in 1985. Born 1960.
[Picture of Ali Atwa]


Atwood, Margaret
Born 18 November 1939  (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Author and poet. Wrote the 'The Handmaid's Tale'.
[Picture of Margaret Atwood]


Aubret, Isabelle
Born 7 April 1938  (Lille, France)
French singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1962 with 'Un premier amour' (A First Love).
[Picture of Isabelle Aubret]


Audran, Stéphane
Born 8 November 1932  (Versailles, France)
French film actress.
[Picture of Stéphane Audran]


Auel, Jean M.
Born 18 February 1936  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Author, best known for the 'Earth's Children' set of novels set in prehistoric times.
[Picture of Jean M. Auel]


Auerbach, Frank
Born 19 April 1931  (Berlin, Germany)
German-born British artist. A bit like Lucien Freud, really.
[Picture of Frank Auerbach]


Austin, Richard
Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA  (exact date unknown)
Writer known for libertarian science fiction and interest in cybernetics. Long serving MC of the Archon multigenre convention in Collinsville, Illinois. Born Victor Woodward Milán in 1954.
[Picture of Richard Austin]


Averbakh, Yuri
Born 8 February 1922  (Kaluga, Russia)
Current oldest living chess grandmaster.
[Picture of Yuri Averbakh]


Axel, Gabriel Gabriel Axel is no longer with us
Born 18 April 1918  (Aarhus, Denmark)

Died 9 February 2014  (Bagsvćrd, Denmark)

Age at death: 95  (read death notice)
Danish film director, whose film 'Babettes' Feast' won the Oscar for best Foreign Language film in 1987.
[Picture of Gabriel Axel]


Axelsson, Maj
Born 13 May 1928  (Eskilstuna, Sweden)
Swedish-born widow of 'Dallas' star Larry Hagman.
[Picture of Maj Axelsson]


Ayers, Bill
Born 26 December 1944  (Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA)
Education theorist and Vietnam war opposer. One of those left behind...
[Picture of Bill Ayers]


Aylwin, Patricio
Born 26 November 1918  (Vina del Mar, Chile)
Former President of Chile.
[Picture of Patricio Aylwin]


Ayres, Pam
Born 14 March 1947  (Stanford in the Vale, Berkshire, England)
Humorous poet, often on TV.
[Picture of Pam Ayres]


Aziz, Tariq
Born 28 April 1936  (Tel Keppe, Iraq)
One of the more familiar faces of Saddam Hussein's bunch of henchmen, and one of the few still alive! Former foreign minister, now languishing in jail.
[Picture of Tariq Aziz]


Aznavour, Charles
Born 22 May 1924  (Paris, France)
Watery-eyed French crooner.
[Picture of Charles Aznavour]

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