Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2014: C


Caballé, Montserrat
Born 12 April 1933  (Barcelona, Spain)
Opera singer, who famously sung 'Barcelona' with Freddie Mercury, which became the signature tune of the 1992 Olympics.
[Picture of Montserrat Caballé]


Caesar, Sid Sid Caesar is no longer with us
Born 8 September 1922  (Yonkers, New York, USA)

Died 12 February 2014  (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Age at death: 91  (read death notice)
'50s and '60s comedian and star of American TV. Later appeared in a diverse range of films, including Grease and Cannonball Run II.
[Picture of Sid Caesar]


Caine, Michael
Born 14 March 1933  (Bermondsey, London, England)
Legendary British actor, still turning in award-winning performances.
[Picture of Michael Caine]


Cairney, John
Born 16 February 1930  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Scottish actor who apeared in the original Titanic film 'A Night to Remember'.
[Picture of John Cairney]


Calatrava, Santiago
Born 28 July 1951  (Benimámet, Valencia, Spain)
Spanish architect and sculptor. Winner of the 1999 Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts.
[Picture of Santiago Calatrava]


Calaway, Mark
Born 24 March 1965  (Houston, Texas, USA)
Professional wrestler known as 'The Undertaker'.
[Picture of Mark Calaway]


Caldow, Eric
Born 14 May 1934  (Cumnock, Scotland)
Former Scotland and Rangers international footballer.
[Picture of Eric Caldow]


Cale, John
Born 9 March 1942  (Garnant, Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, Wales)
One of only two survivors of proto-punk legends The Velvet Underground, following Lou Reed's death in 2013.
[Picture of John Cale]


Callaghan, Nigel
Born 12 September 1962  (Singapore)
Ex-footballer. Former Watford FC and Derby County winger.
[Picture of Nigel Callaghan]


Callan, Alan Alan Callan is no longer with us
Born 1 August 1946  (London, England)

Died 27 May 2014  (London, England)

Age at death: 67  (read death notice)
Businessman, filmmaker, musician & administrator.
[Picture of Alan Callan]


Callow, Simon
Born 15 June 1949  (London, England)
Stage, TV & film actor, starring in several Merchant Ivory productions. Has a tendency to play Charles Dickens at the drop of a hat.
[Picture of Simon Callow]


Cameron, David
Born 9 October 1966  (London, England)
Conservative Party leader and Prime Minster of the UK since May 2010. Formed a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats, the first in the UK for over 60 years. It'll end in tears, not sure whose though...
[Picture of David Cameron]


Cameron, Earl
Born 8 August 1917  (Pembroke, Bermuda)
Pioneering actor who helped raised the profile of black actors in the UK in the 1960s.
[Picture of Earl Cameron]


Campbell, Glen
Born 22 April 1936  (Billstown, Arizona, USA)
Country singer who his just as infamous for alcohol, cocaine and violence as he is for 'Rhinestone Cowboy'.
[Picture of Glen Campbell]


Campbell, Jane
Born 19 April 1959  (Kingston Hill, Surrey, England)
Disability campaigner, now Baroness Campbell of Surbiton.
[Picture of Jane Campbell]


Campbell, Menzies
Born 22 May 1941  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Former Olympic runner and holder of the British 100 metres record who later became Lib Dem leader, but it wasn't a great success.
[Picture of Menzies Campbell]


Campbell, Naomi
Born 22 May 1970  (Streatham, London, England)
Maid-beater, ex-Grange Hill extra & supermodel.
[Picture of Naomi Campbell]


Campbell, Tracyanne
Born 18 May 1974  (Scotland)
Founding member, guitarist and singer of Glasgow-based indie-pop band Camera Obscura.
[Picture of Tracyanne Campbell]


Campo, Ivan
Born 21 February 1974  (San Sebastian, Spain)
Bubble-haired former midfielder for the Spanish national team. Also played for Real Madrid and er...Ipswich Town.
[Picture of Ivan Campo]


Canestri, Giovanni
Born 30 September 1918  (Castelspina, Italy)
Roman catholic cardinal. Archbishop of Genoa from 1987-1995.
[Picture of Giovanni Canestri]


Canfield, Mary Grace Mary Grace Canfield is no longer with us
Born 3 September 1924  (Rochester, New York, USA)

Died 15 February 2014  (Santa Barbara, California, USA)

Age at death: 89  (read death notice)
Actress best known for playing the butter-fingered carpenter Ralph Monroe in the US sitcom 'Green Acres'. Despite the name and the profession, she was a female character!
[Picture of Mary Grace Canfield]


Cannon, Nick
Born 8 October 1980  (San Diego, California, USA)
Actor and rapper who is married to Mariah Carey.
[Picture of Nick Cannon]


Cant, Brian
Born 12 July 1933  (Ipswich, Suffolk, England)
Legendary children's TV presenter, whose face should be instantly recognisable to anyone in the UK between the ages of 25-50. Also a serious actor, mostly on stage.
[Picture of Brian Cant]


Cantrell, Jerry
Born 18 March 1966  (Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, USA)
Los Angeles residing musician, singer and songwriter, former lead guitarist for grunge act Alice in Chains.
[Picture of Jerry Cantrell]


Capron, Brian
Born 11 February 1947  (Eye, Suffolk, England)
Actor, remembered as the devious Richard Hillman in 'Coronation Street'.
[Picture of Brian Capron]


Carbajal, Antonio
Born 7 June 1929  (Mexico City, Mexico)
Former Mexico national goalkeeper. One of only 2 players to have appeared in five World Cups.
[Picture of Antonio Carbajal]


Card, Orson Scott
Born 24 August 1951  (Richland, Washington, USA)
Science fiction author.
[Picture of Orson Scott Card]


Cardin, Pierre
Born 6 July 1922  (Venice, Italy)
French fashion designer, known, if anything, for designing the bubble dress.
[Picture of Pierre Cardin]


Cardinale, Claudia
Born 15 April 1938  (Tunis, Tunisia)
Actress of 1960s and 1970s Italian cinema, who starred in some films by Luchino Visconti and Sergio Leone. Was named among one of the 50 most beautiful actresses in film history. Today she is an outspoken activist for women's and gay rights.
[Picture of Claudia Cardinale]


Carey, George
Born 13 November 1935  (London, England)
Former Archbishop of Canterbury, between 1991 & 2002.
[Picture of George Carey]


Carle, Eric
Born 25 June 1929  (Syracuse, New York, USA)
Children's author and illustrator best known for the 1969 book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.
[Picture of Eric Carle]


Carlisle, Mary
Born 3 February 1912  (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
Former film child actress & singer.
[Picture of Mary Carlisle]


Carlsson  , Erik
Born 5 March 1929  (Trollhättan, Sweden)
Swedish rally driver, nicknamed "Carlsson on the roof" because of his habit of regularly rolling his car onto it's roof. You'd have to be Swedish to really get the joke...
[Picture of Erik Carlsson  ]


Carlucci, Frank
Born 18 October 1930  (Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA)
US Secretary of Defense from 1987-1989.
[Picture of Frank Carlucci]


Carluccio, Antonio
Born 19 April 1937  (Vietri sul Mare, Italy)
Chubby restaurateur behind the eponymous Carluccio's chain. Born 1937.
[Picture of Antonio Carluccio]


Carlyle, Robert
Born 14 April 1961  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Scottish actor. Best known for his roles in 'The Full Monty' and 'Trainspotting'.
[Picture of Robert Carlyle]


Carman, (singer)
Born 19 January 1950  (Trenton, New Jersey, USA)
Christian music artist and evangelist. Born Carmelo Dominic Licciardello.
[Picture of (singer) Carman]


Carmichael, John
Born 5 October 1930  (Melbourne, Australia)
Pianist, composer and music therapist. Wrote the Concierto folklorico.
[Picture of John Carmichael]


Carne, Judy
Born 27 April 1939  (Northampton, Northamptonshire, England)
English born actress, who found fame in US TV as part of the 'Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In' team. Was once married to Burt Reynolds (I'm sure I've written that before).
[Picture of Judy Carne]


Carolgees, Bob
Born 12 May 1948  (Birmingham, England)
Comedian and puppeteer. First entered the public realm in the Saturday morning kids show behemoth 'Tiswas'. He went on to do numerous commercials for Hellmann's Mayonnaise. But he's chiefly known for having his hand up a dog's arse!
[Picture of Bob Carolgees]


Caron, Leslie
Born 1 July 1931  (Boulogne-sur-Seine, France)
French actress and dancer.
[Picture of Leslie Caron]


Carr, Alan
Born 14 June 1976  (Weymouth, Dorset, England)
Well, there's two schools of thought here. One says he's a popular, funny comedian. Others say he is an unoriginal, utterly annoying twat.
[Picture of Alan Carr]


Carr, Donald
Born 28 December 1926  (Wiesbaden, Germany)
Cricketer for Derbyshire & England.
[Picture of Donald Carr]


Carr, Jimmy
Born 15 September 1972  (Hounslow, Middlesex, England)
Tax-dodging comedian known for his laconic style.
[Picture of Jimmy Carr]


Carr, Pearl
Born 2 November 1923  (Exmouth, Devon, England)
One half of the famous UK musical act of the 1950s with Teddy Johnson.
[Picture of Pearl Carr]


Carrington, Desmond
Born 23 May 1926  (Bromley, Kent, England)
Broadcaster, almost exclusively on radio, for the past 50 years.
[Picture of Desmond Carrington]


Carrington, Peter
Born 6 June 1919  (London, England)
Former British Foreign Secretary, Secretary-General of NATO, and something equally high-ranking in the UN.
[Picture of Peter Carrington]


Carroll, Michael
Born 29 March 1983  (Swaffham, Norfolk, England)
Moronic self-styled "King of Chavs" who won £9.7m on the National Lottery in 2002 before pissing it all away in the usual fashion.
[Picture of Michael Carroll]


Carroll, Pat
Born 5 May 1927  (Shreveport, Louisiana, USA)
Actress - voice of the villanous Ursula in 'The Little Mermaid'.
[Picture of Pat Carroll]


Carroll, Ronnie
Born 18 August 1934  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Northern Irish singer and would-be politician.
[Picture of Ronnie Carroll]


Carroll, Ted
Date and place of birth unknown
Record label founder and manager of Irish rock legends Thin Lizzy.
[Picture of Ted Carroll]


Carrott, Jasper
Born 14 March 1945  (Acocks Green, Birmingham, England)
Comedian & game show presenter - real name Robert Davis.
[Picture of Jasper Carrott]


Cartagena, Joseph Antonio
Born 19 August 1970  (New York City, New York, USA)
Hip-hop singer, stage name Fat Joe or Fat Joe da Gangsta.
[Picture of Joseph Antonio Cartagena]


Carter, Jimmy
Born 1 October 1924  (Plains, Georgia, USA)
Peanut-farming President of the US of A from 1977-81.
[Picture of Jimmy Carter]


Carter, Rosalynn
Born 18 August 1927  (Plains, Georgia, USA)
Wife of former US President Jimmy Carter.
[Picture of Rosalynn Carter]


Carter, Rubin "Hurricane" Rubin
Born 6 May 1937  (Clifton, New Jersey, USA)

Died 20 April 2014  (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Age at death: 76  (read death notice)
Middleweight boxer whose 1967 conviction for triple murder was quashed in 1985. Was subject of Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane' in 1975.
[Picture of Rubin


Carville, James
Born 25 October 1944  (Carville, Louisiana, USA)
Political commentator and member of the US Democratic party as well as science professor. Lead strategist of Bill Clinton's first presidential candidacy campaign.
[Picture of James Carville]


Cary, Diana Serra
Born 26 October 1918  (Merced, California, USA)
Child actress of the 1920s.
[Picture of Diana Serra Cary]


Casadesus, Gisèle
Born 14 June 1914  (Paris, France)
Actress. Daughter of composer Henri Casadesus.
[Picture of Gisèle Casadesus]


Cash, Tommy
Born 5 April 1940  (Dyess, Arkansas, USA)
Singer-songwriter and younger brother of the Country legend Johnny Cash.
[Picture of Tommy Cash]


Cassidy, Natalie
Born 13 May 1981  (London, England)
Actress, played Sonia Fowler on 'EastEnders' and appeared in BBC2's 'Psychoville' among others.
[Picture of Natalie Cassidy]


Caston, Jan
Date and place of birth unknown
Jersey island-based writer. Author of 'Living with Cancer - The Year When Even The Dog Got Cancer', a book on her personal experiences with cancer. Bet you there's something wrong with her...
[Picture of Jan Caston]


Castro, Fidel
Born 13 August 1926  (Mayari, Cuba)
Lawyer and political activist who overthrew the military dictatorship of Cuba in 1959 and declared himself leader. A Marxist-Leninist and sworn enemy of the USA ever since the 1961 Bay of Pigs incident. Finally resigned from leadership in 2008.
[Picture of Fidel Castro]


Castro, Raúl
Born 3 June 1931  (Biran, Cuba)
Younger brother of Fidel Castro, who has been running the show in Cuba since Fidel fell ill in July 2006.
[Picture of Raúl Castro]


Cathy, S. Truett S. Truett Cathy is no longer with us
Born 14 March 1921  (Eatonton, Georgia, USA)

Died 8 September 2014  (Clayton County, Georgia, USA)

Age at death: 93  (read death notice)
Businessman. Founder of the Chick-fil-A fast food chain.
[Picture of S. Truett Cathy]


Causio, Franco
Born 1 February 1949  (Lecce, Italy)
Former left winger for Juventus and others, who won the FIFA World Cup with the Italian national team in 1982.
[Picture of Franco Causio]


Cavett, Dick
Born 19 November 1936  (Gibbon, Nebraska, USA)
Talk-show host in the US.
[Picture of Dick Cavett]


Cellier, Peter
Born in Hendon, Middlesex, England  (exact date unknown)
Actor who specialised in playing officious, establishment figures in series such as 'Yes, Minister'. Born 1928.
[Picture of Peter Cellier]


Cerati, Gustavo Gustavo Cerati is no longer with us
Born 11 August 1959  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Died 4 September 2014  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Age at death: 55  (read death notice)
Argentine rock singer-songwriter. In a coma since May 2010 after suffering a stroke.
[Picture of Gustavo Cerati]


Cerri, Franco
Born 29 January 1926  (Milan, Italy)
Italian jazz guitarist.
[Picture of Franco Cerri]


Ceulemans, Raymond
Born 12 July 1937  (Lier, Belgium)
Prolifically successful three-cushion billiards player.
[Picture of Raymond Ceulemans]


Chadwick, Rev. Owen
Born 20 May 1916  (Cambridge, England)
Professor, clergyman & theological historian.
[Picture of Rev. Owen Chadwick]


Chamberlain, Richard
Born 31 March 1934  (Beverly Hills, California)
Television & film actor in both the US & the UK. Gained fame as being a heart-throb, but later admitted that he is, in fact, gay. Now lives in Hawaii.
[Picture of Richard Chamberlain]


Chambers, Emma
Born 11 March 1964  (Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England)
Actress, best known as the dim-witted Alice Tinker in 'The Vicar of Dibley'. Was also Honey Thacker in 'Notting Hill'.
[Picture of Emma Chambers]


Champion, Marge
Born 2 September 1919  (Los Angeles, California)
Dancer and choreographer, mainly for MGM in the 1940s with her husband Gower Champion.
[Picture of Marge Champion]


Chan, Jackie
Born 7 April 1954  (Hong Kong)
Actor, stuntman, pop singer & film producer. His movies are often stark raving bonkers but hugely enjoyable all the same.
[Picture of Jackie Chan]


Chand, Karam
Born 10 November 1905  (Punjab, India)
One half of Britain's longest married couple with his wife Kartari.
[Picture of Karam Chand]


Channing, Carol
Born 31 January 1921  (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Broadway actress.
[Picture of Carol Channing]


Chapman, Mark David
Born 10 May 1955  (Fort Worth, Texas, USA)
The killer of John Lennon in 1980. Currently serving life imprisonment.
[Picture of Mark David Chapman]


Charlton, Bobby
Born 11 October 1937  (Ashington, Northumberland, England)
1966 World Cup-winning footballer and survivor of the 1958 Munich air crash.
[Picture of Bobby Charlton]


Charlton, Jack
Born 8 May 1935  (Ashington, Northumberland, England)
Wor Jackie' (actually christened John) who alongside his brother Bobby won the World Cup with England in 1966. Managed the Republic of Ireland to a glorious run of major championship appearances in the 1980s/90s.
[Picture of Jack Charlton]


Charlton, Michael
Born 1 May 1927  (Sydney, Australia)
Australian broadcaster, best known as reporter on British news programme 'Panorama' in the 1960s and 70s.
[Picture of Michael Charlton]


Charo, (singer)
Born 15 January 1951  (Murcia, Spain)
Born María Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Moquiere de les Esperades Santa Ana Romanguera y de la Najosa Rasten, Charo is a Spanish-American actress, singer and comedienne.
[Picture of (singer) Charo]


Chase, Leah
Born 6 January 1923  (Madisonville, Louisiana, USA)
New Orleans chef and author of several cookbooks, who advocates Creole cooking and owns a restaurant named "Dooky Chase", which was a well known gathering place for civil rights activists during the 1960s. Known as "Queen of Creole Cuisine".
[Picture of Leah Chase]


Chataway, Christopher Christopher Chataway is no longer with us
Born 31 January 1931  (London, England)

Died 18 January 2014  (London, England)

Age at death: 82  (read death notice)
Athlete turned newsreader and politician. Was the first winner of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1954 after breaking the world record in the 5000 metres.
[Picture of Christopher Chataway]


Chater, Geoffrey
Born 23 March 1921  (Barnet, Hertfordshire, England)
Character actor on British TV & film, on screen for more than 50 years. Also an accomplished stage actor.
[Picture of Geoffrey Chater]


Chaturvedi, Sudhakar
Born 20 April 1897  (Balepet, India)
Indian religious leader & scholar.
[Picture of Sudhakar Chaturvedi]


Chea, Nuon
Born 7 July 1926  (Voat Kor, Battambang, Cambodia)
Former "Brother Number 2" of the Khmer Rouge movement, Pol Pot's effective deputy.
[Picture of Nuon Chea]


Checker, Chubby
Born 3 October 1941  (Spring Gulley, South Carolina, USA)
Singer, famous for his hit singles 'The Twist' and 'Let's Twist Again'.
[Picture of Chubby Checker]


Chegwin, Keith
Born 17 January 1957  (Liverpool, Merseyside, England)
Gratingly jovial television presenter and recovering alcoholic.
[Picture of Keith Chegwin]


Cheney, Dick
Born 30 January 1941  (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA)
Former Vice-President of the USA, who was apparently the real "brains" in the White House. Has had years of heart trouble.
[Picture of Dick Cheney]


Chesney, Ronald
Date and place of birth unknown
Comedy scriptwriter, mainly remembered for 'On the Buses' and 'The Rag Trade'. Before that, he was a top harmonica soloist. Born 1920.
[Picture of Ronald Chesney]


Chespirito, (actor) (actor) Chespirito is no longer with us
Born 21 February 1929  (Mexico City, Mexico)

Died 28 November 2014  (Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico)

Age at death: 85  (read death notice)
Mexican screenwriter, actor, comedian, film director, television director, playwright, songwriter, and author, creator of the 'Chespirito', 'El Chapulín Colorado' and 'El Chavo del Ocho' television series. Born Roberto Gómez Bolaños.
[Picture of (actor) Chespirito]


Chin, Tsai
Born 30 November 1936  (Tianjin, China)
Chinese actress who appeard in the 'Fu Manchu' films with Christopher Lee.
[Picture of Tsai Chin]


Chindamo, Learco
Born in Milan, Italy  (exact date unknown)
The killer of headmaster Philip Lawrence in 1995 when aged 15. Now released. Born August 1980.
[Picture of Learco Chindamo]


Chirac, Jacques
Born 29 November 1932  (Paris, France)
Former President of France. Hated by most countries, but loved by his own.
[Picture of Jacques Chirac]


Chomsky, Noam
Born 7 December 1928  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Leading professor of linguistics, who has also written and lectured widely on subjects as diverse as philosophy and US foreign policy. Holds honorary degrees from over 20 universities.
[Picture of Noam Chomsky]


Chong, Tommy
Born 24 May 1938  (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
One half of the stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong.
[Picture of Tommy Chong]


Chung, Sammy
Born 16 July 1932  (Abingdon-on-Thames, Berkshire, England)
Former striker for Reading and Norwich City, later manager for Wolverhampton Wanderers and Doncaster Rovers.
[Picture of Sammy Chung]


Chuvalo, George
Born 12 September 1937  (Totonto, Ontario, Canada)
Retired heavyweight boxer.
[Picture of George Chuvalo]


Chwast, Seymour
Born 18 August 1931  (New York City, New York, USA)
Graphic designer, illustrator and type designer, founded the Push Pin Studios in 1954.
[Picture of Seymour Chwast]


Chyna, (wrestler)
Born 27 December 1970  (Rochester, New York, USA)
Former professional wrestler, now an actress.
[Picture of (wrestler) Chyna]


Chytilová, Vera Vera Chytilová is no longer with us
Born 2 February 1929  (Ostrava, Czech Rep)

Died 12 March 2014  (Prague, Czech Rep)

Age at death: 85  (read death notice)
Avant-garde Czech filmmaker.
[Picture of Vera Chytilová]


Ciampi, Carlo Azeglio
Born 9 December 1920  (Livorno, Tuscany, Italy)
Prime Minister of Italy 1993-4 and President from 1999-2006.
[Picture of Carlo Azeglio Ciampi]


Ciccolini, Aldo
Born 15 August 1925  (Naples, Italy)
[Picture of Aldo Ciccolini]


Civello, Chiara
Born 15 June 1975  (Rome, Italy)
Jazz pianist and singer-songwriter.
[Picture of Chiara Civello]


Clancy, Edward Edward Clancy is no longer with us
Born 13 December 1923  (Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia)

Died 3 August 2014  (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

Age at death: 90  (read death notice)
Roman Catholic cardinal and former Archbishop of Sydney.
[Picture of Edward Clancy]


Clark, Dave
Born 15 December 1942  (London, England)
Off of The Dave Clark Five. Will he end up in bit's and pieces?
[Picture of Dave Clark]


Clark, Petula
Born 15 November 1932  (Epsom, Surrey, England)
Singer and actress. Has suffered from depression.
[Picture of Petula Clark]


Clark, Ramsey
Born 18 December 1927  (Dallas, Texas, USA)
Laywer who was the Attorney General under President Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s before acting as devil's advocate for the likes of Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein. Mind you, if can work with LBJ, you can work with anyone...
[Picture of Ramsey Clark]


Clark, Roy
Born 15 April 1933  (Meherrin, Virginia, USA)
Influential country musician and the cohost of 'Hee Haw'. Still touring
[Picture of Roy Clark]


Clark, Steve
Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  (exact date unknown)
Tap dancer who formed a successful partnership with his brother Jack, who died in 2009. Born 1924.
[Picture of Steve Clark]


Clark, Baron Clark of Windermere, David
Born 19 October 1939  (Castle Douglas, Scotland)
Labour politician and former minister for the Cabinet Office under Tony Blair.
[Picture of David Clark, Baron Clark of Windermere]


Clarke, Allan
Born 5 April 1942  (Salford, Lancashire, England)
Singer with 1960s pop giants The Hollies.
[Picture of Allan Clarke]


Clarke, Derek Derek Clarke is no longer with us
Born 21 December 1912  (Longthorpe, Peterborough, Endland)

Died 10 February 2014  (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Age at death: 101  (read death notice)
Painter, inspired by Scottish and Irish landscape.
[Picture of Derek Clarke]


Clarke, Roy
Born 28 January 1930  (Austerfield, Yorkshire, England)
Sitcom producer & writer who has written 'Keeping Up Appearances' and 'Open All Hours' but is probably best known for 'Last of the Summer Wine' where he has written the same jokes for 30 years. The series finally had it's last drop of wine in 2010.
[Picture of Roy Clarke]


Clarke, Warren Warren Clarke is no longer with us
Born 26 April 1947  (Oldham, Lancashire, England)

Died 12 November 2014  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 67  (read death notice)
Lugubrious actor, best known for his role in the TV detective series 'Dalziel and Pascoe'.
[Picture of Warren Clarke]


Clarkson, Jeremy
Born 11 April 1960  (Doncaster, South Yorkshire)
Presenter of Top Gear, and columnist in the Times & The Sun. His frequently outspoken views have divided the UK, with some declaring him the last bastion of sense in the country, others saying...ahem...less nice things about him.
[Picture of Jeremy Clarkson]


Clary, Julian
Born 25 May 1959  (London, England)
Camp comedian, presenter and writer.
[Picture of Julian Clary]


Clary, Robert
Born 1 March 1926  (Paris, France)
French born American actor, best known for his role as Corporal LeBeau in 'Hogan's Heroes'.
[Picture of Robert Clary]


Clausen, Alf
Born 28 March 1941  (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
Film and television composer.
[Picture of Alf Clausen]


Clayton, Edward
Born 9 October 1940  (Sheffield, Staffordshire, England)
Actor, known from 1960s soap 'Crossroads'.
[Picture of Edward Clayton]


Cleary, Beverly
Born 16 April 1916  (McMinnville, Oregon, USA)
Writer of novels & short stories for children. One of her characters, Ramona, had a TV series adaptation in the 1980's.
[Picture of Beverly Cleary]


Cleese, John
Born 27 October 1939  (Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England)
Legendary comedian, member of Monty Python, who has more latterly found fame in the US.
[Picture of John Cleese]


Clegg, John
Born in Murree, Pakistan  (exact date unknown)
Actor, best known as Gunner Graham in 1970s sitcom 'It Aint Half Hot Mum'. Born 1934.
[Picture of John Clegg]


Clegg, Nick
Born 7 January 1967  (Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, England)
Leader of the Liberal Democrats since 2007 and now Deputy Prime Minister after forming a coalition with David Cameron's Conservatives after the rather inconclusive General Election in May 2010.
[Picture of Nick Clegg]


Clemence, Ray
Born 5 August 1948  (Skegness, England)
Former Liverpool FC, Tottenham Hotspur and England goalkeeper.
[Picture of Ray Clemence]


Clemens, Brian
Born 30 July 1931  (Croydon, Surrey, England)
British TV producer & screenwriter, most notably for 'The Avengers'.
[Picture of Brian Clemens]


Cleverley, Tom
Born 12 August 1989  (Basingstoke, England)
Much maligned midfielder for Manchester United and England's national team.
[Picture of Tom Cleverley]


Clifford, Max
Born 6 April 1943  (Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England)
Publicist to the rich and famous, and to those who want to achieve both in 15 minutes. Sent down for 8 years for sexual assault in May 2014.
[Picture of Max Clifford]


Clijsters, Kim
Born 8 June 1983  (Bree, Belgium)
Retired professional tennis player.
[Picture of Kim Clijsters]


Clinton, Bill
Born 19 August 1946  (Hope, Arkansas, USA)
Sax-playing ex-US President (1993-2001).
[Picture of Bill Clinton]


Clinton, George
Born 22 July 1940  (Kannapolis, North Carolina, USA)
Funk & soul musician & keyboard player, well known for his flamboyant style & hair.
[Picture of George Clinton]


Clinton, Hillary
Born 26 October 1947  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Former First Lady of the United States, current Senator & 2008 Presidential Candidate. Wife of Bill.
[Picture of Hillary Clinton]


Close, Brian
Born 24 February 1931  (Rawdon, Yorkshire, England)
Former English Test cricketer. Also enjoyed an unusually long career (1948-77) in county cricket.
[Picture of Brian Close]


Clout, Ismena Ismena Clout is no longer with us
Born 7 September 1974  (England)

Died 15 September 2014  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 40  (read death notice)
Another one of those successful women-cum cancer sufferers-cum bloggers. See Lisa Lynch et al.
[Picture of Ismena Clout]


Coachman, Alice Alice Coachman is no longer with us
Born 9 November 1923  (Albany, Georgia, USA)

Died 14 July 2014  (Albany, Georgia, USA)

Age at death: 90  (read death notice)
Athlete - first black woman ever to win Olympic gold, in 1948.
[Picture of Alice Coachman]


Coburn, Tom
Born 14 March 1948  (Caspar, Wyoming, USA)
Current U.S. senator from Oklahoma.
[Picture of Tom Coburn]


Cocker, Joe Joe Cocker is no longer with us
Born 20 May 1944  (Sheffield, Yorkshire, England)

Died 22 December 2014  (Colorado, USA)

Age at death: 70  (read death notice)
Rock & blues singer with gravelly voice. Will this be the year where he goes "up where he belongs"?
[Picture of Joe Cocker]


Coe, David Allan
Born 5 September 1939  (Akron, Ohio, USA)
Outlaw country music singer, best known for 'Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile', 'The Ride' and 'Longhaired Redneck'. The last one seem to be a personal prescription.
[Picture of David Allan Coe]


Cohen, Stanley
Born 17 November 1922  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
American biochemist & Nobel Prize winner.
[Picture of Stanley Cohen]


Cole, Ashley
Born 20 December 1980  (Stepney, London, England)
Greedy & vastly over-rated footballer. Retired from international football in 2014.
[Picture of Ashley Cole]


Cole, George
Born 22 April 1925  (Tooting, London, England)
British actor, best known for his role as dodgy car dealer Arthur Daley in 'Minder'.
[Picture of George Cole]


Cole, Stephanie
Born 5 October 1941  (Solihull, Warwickshire, England)
Veteran actress who first hit fame in 1982 in the series 'Tenko' before playing Diana Trent in 'Waiting for God'. Currently part of the 'Doc Martin' ensemble.
[Picture of Stephanie Cole]


Coleman, Jaz
Born 26 February 1960  (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England)
Lead singer of post-punk band Killing Joke.
[Picture of Jaz Coleman]


Colley, Kenneth
Born 7 December 1937  (Manchester, England)
Recognisable, sad-eyed character actor. Played Admiral Piett in two 'Star Wars' films and was the mysterious "accordian man" in the classic BBC drama 'Pennies from Heaven' in 1978.
[Picture of Kenneth Colley]


Collins, Bud
Born 17 June 1929  (Lima, Ohio, USA)
Veteran US tennis commentator.
[Picture of Bud Collins]


Collins, Gerry Gerry Collins is no longer with us
Date and place of birth unknown

Died 2 March 2014  (Greystones, County Wicklow, Rep of Ireland)

Age at death: 57  (read death notice)
Terminally ill Irishman who featured in an anti-smoking campaign in 2011.
[Picture of Gerry Collins]


Collins, Joan
Born 23 May 1933  (London, England)
Mutton-dressed-as-lamb actress, veteran of over 80 films spanning half a century, not to mention 'Dynasty'. Random fact: her first husband Maxwell Reed tried to sell her to an Arab sheik for £10,000, just seven months after their wedding in 1952.
[Picture of Joan Collins]


Collins, Justin Lee
Born 28 July 1974  (Bristol, England)
Shaggy-haired comedian, known for his 'Friday Night Project' TV show with Alan Carr. Greatly amused the public with his dodgy relationship troubles for which he ended up in court in 2012.
[Picture of Justin Lee Collins]


Collins, Michael
Born 31 October 1930  (Rome, Italy)
Apollo 11 command module pilot - orbited the Moon while his colleagues Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin got all the glory of landing and walking on it. Spent over 4 days in the Van Allen radiation belts.
[Picture of Michael Collins]


Colón, Míriam
Born 20 August 1936  (Ponce, Puero Rico)
Puerto Rican actress who formed the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater in New York City.
[Picture of Míriam Colón]


Coltrane, Robbie
Born 30 March 1950  (Rutherglen, Scotland)
Large Scottish comedian who has achieved the rare feat of making the transition from stage to TV to serious big-screen roles, having appeared in two James Bond films and the three Harry Potter ones to date.
[Picture of Robbie Coltrane]


Conchita Alonso, María
Born 29 June 1957  (Cienfuegos, Cuba)
Cuban-born Venezuelan-raised three time Grammy Award-nominated singer/songwriter and actress.
[Picture of María Conchita Alonso]


Condé, Alpha
Born 4 March 1938  (Boké, Guinea)
President of Guinea since 2010.
[Picture of Alpha Condé]


Connell, Lisa
Born 11 April 1979  (London, England)
Woman with an inoperable brain tumour who has spent £40,000 on plastic surgery so she could look like Demi Moore.
[Picture of Lisa Connell]


Connelly, Tracey
Date and place of birth unknown
Scumbag mother who allowed her baby son to be brutually treated by her boyfriend and his brother, leading to his death in 2007. She was subsequently jailed. Born 1981.
[Picture of Tracey Connelly]


Connery, Sean
Born 25 August 1930  (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Actor, director and producer. Worked as a coffin-polisher before becoming the first James Bond and playing him in 7 films. Knighted in 2000.
[Picture of Sean Connery]


Connolly, Billy
Born 24 November 1942  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Scottish stand-up comedian, who has also acted, sung & done TV presenting. Well known for his dishevelled appearance and saying the word "jobby" a lot.
[Picture of Billy Connolly]


Connors, Mike
Born 15 August 1925  (Fresno, California, USA)
American actor, played Joe Mannix in 'Mannix'. Born Kreker Ohanian.
[Picture of Mike Connors]


Conquest, Robert
Born 15 July 1917  (Malvern, Worcestershire, England)
British historian and author, particularly on the subject of Russian history.
[Picture of Robert Conquest]


Conrad, Robert
Born 1 March 1930  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Actor turned radio host.
[Picture of Robert Conrad]


Conran, Terence
Born 5 October 1931  (London, England)
Fashion designer and restaurateur.
[Picture of Terence Conran]


Convit, Jacinto Jacinto Convit is no longer with us
Born 11 September 1913  (Caracas, Venezuela)

Died 12 May 2014  (Caracas, Venezuela)

Age at death: 100  (read death notice)
Venezuelan physician and scientist, known for developing a vaccine to fight leprosy and his studies to cure different types of cancer. Recipient of the Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research in 1987. OK, and now in Spanish...
[Picture of Jacinto Convit]


Conway, Tim
Born 15 December 1933  (Willoughby, Ohio, USA)
American character actor who appeared alongside Ernest Borgnine in the sitcom McHale's Navy.
[Picture of Tim Conway]


Cook, Iain
Born in Scotland  (exact date unknown)
Guitarist, composer, and record producer , member of Glasgow-based synthpop trio Chvrches as well as the rock band The Unwinding Hours. Born in 1974.
[Picture of Iain Cook]


Cook, Paul
Born 20 July 1956  (London, England)
Drummer, most notably with the Sex Pistols.
[Picture of Paul Cook]


Cook, Robin
Born 4 May 1940  (New York City, New York, USA)
Physician and author of books on medicine and public health.
[Picture of Robin Cook]


Cook, Roger
Born 6 April 1943  (New Zealand)
Rotund journalist, best known for his 'Cook Report' investigative TV show.
[Picture of Roger Cook]


Cooke, Sidney
Born 18 April 1927  (England)
Convicted paedophile as featured in the satirical TV show 'Brasseye'.
[Picture of Sidney Cooke]


Cooley, Denton
Born 22 August 1920  (Houston, Texas, USA)
Pioneering heart surgeon, best known for performing the first successful heart transplant in the United States.
[Picture of Denton Cooley]


Cooper, Alice
Born 4 February 1948  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Make-up clad "master of shock rock". Born Vincent Damon Furnier, but changed his and his band's name to Alice Cooper in the late '60s, apparently because he believes he is a reincarnation of a 17th-century witch of that name.
[Picture of Alice Cooper]


Cooper, George A.
Born 7 March 1925  (Leeds, Yorkshire, England)
Character actor who's been in everything from 'Grange Hill' to 'Doctor Who'.
[Picture of George A. Cooper]


Cooper, Ivan
Born in Killaloo, Londonderry, Northern Ireland  (exact date unknown)
Founder member of the Social Democratic and Labour Party in Northern Ireland. Led the peace march which resulted in the "Bloody Sunday" shootings in 1972. Born January 1944.
[Picture of Ivan Cooper]


Cope, Kenneth
Born 14 April 1931  (Liverpool, England)
Actor, either best known as Marty Hopkirk in 'Randall & Hopkirk Deceased', Jed Stone in 'Coronation Street' or Cyril Carter in 'Carry on Matron', depending on your viewing tastes.
[Picture of Kenneth Cope]


Coppola, Anton
Born 21 March 1917  (New York City, New York, USA)
Conductor and uncle of film director Frances Ford Coppola.
[Picture of Anton Coppola]


Coppola, Francis Ford
Born 7 April 1939  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Legendary film director of 1970s classics such as 'The Godfather'. 'The Conversation' and 'Apocalypse Now'.
[Picture of Francis Ford Coppola]


Corbett, Ronnie
Born 4 December 1930  (Edinburgh, Scotland)
The pint-sized one of the Two Ronnies.
[Picture of Ronnie Corbett]


Corden, James
Born 17 June 1978  (High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England)
Rotund actor and comedian who hit paydirt in the TV series 'Gavin & Stacey' as Smithy.
[Picture of James Corden]


Corey, E. J.
Born 12 July 1928  (Methuen, Massachusetts, USA)
Organic chemist and recipient of the 1990 Nobel prize in chemistry "for his development of the theory and methodology of organic synthesis".
[Picture of E. J. Corey]


Corey, Professor Irwin
Born 29 July 1914  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
American stand-up comedian and frequent game show panellist.
[Picture of Professor Irwin Corey]


Corman, Roger
Born 5 April 1926  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Influential low budget film director who made a series of cult films snd encouraged a generation of film directors such as Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese as well as actors Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro among many others.
[Picture of Roger Corman]


Cornwell, Bernard
Born 23 February 1944  (London, England)
Author of historic novels. Most notable for the novels on Napoleonic era rifleman Richard Sharpe.
[Picture of Bernard Cornwell]


Cornwell, Hugh
Born 28 August 1949  (London, England)
Vocalist and guitarist for new wave band The Stranglers from 1974-1990.
[Picture of Hugh Cornwell]


Corona, Juan
Born in Autlán, Jalisco, Mexico  (exact date unknown)
Mexican serial killer, jailed in 1973 for the murders of 25 labourers in California. Born c. 1934.
[Picture of Juan Corona]


Corran, Andrew
Born 25 November 1936  (Norwich, England)
First-class cricketer and former captain of Nottinghamshire CCC.
[Picture of Andrew Corran]


Corri, Adrienne
Born 13 November 1930  (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Actress, best known for her appearance in Stanley Kubrick's 'A Clockwork Orange'.
[Picture of Adrienne Corri]


Corrigan-Maguire, Máiread
Born 27 January 1944  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Formed the Community of Peace People in Northern Ireland with Betty Williams and together they won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977.
[Picture of Máiread Corrigan-Maguire]


Cortese, Valentina
Born 1 January 1923  (Milan, Italy)
Actress, who appeared alongside the likes of James Stewart and Spencer Tracy.
[Picture of Valentina Cortese]


Cosby, Bill
Born 12 July 1937  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Long-standing, squeaky-clean, inexplicably popular US comic.
[Picture of Bill Cosby]


Cosgrave, Liam
Born 13 April 1920  (Dublin, Republic of Ireland)
Former Taoiseach of Ireland between 1973 & 1977.
[Picture of Liam Cosgrave]


Costa, Mary
Born 5 April 1930  (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)
Actress, the voice of Princess Aurora in the Disney classic 'Sleeping Beauty'.
[Picture of Mary Costa]


Costner, Kevin
Born 18 January 1955  (Lynwood, California, USA)
Two-time Academy Award winning actor and director, known for playing the main characters in 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves', 'Dances with Wolves', 'The Bodyguard' and 'Tin Cup'.
[Picture of Kevin Costner]


Cottier, Georges
Born 25 April 1922  (Céligny, Switzerland)
Swiss cardinal in the roman catholic church.
[Picture of Georges Cottier]


Court, Margaret
Born 16 July 1942  (Perth, Australia)
One of the top women tennis players of the 1960s. Now a controversial figure due to her views on homosexuality in the game.
[Picture of Margaret Court]


Courtenay, Tom
Born 25 February 1937  (Hull, Yorkshire, England)
British actor, knighted in 2001. His heyday was in the 1960s, but still pops up in films to this day.
[Picture of Tom Courtenay]


Cousy, Bob
Born 9 August 1928  (New York City, New York, USA)
Retired NBA basketball player for Boston Celtics and Cincinnati Royals.
[Picture of Bob Cousy]


Covay, Don
Born 24 March 1938  (Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA)
American R&B singer.
[Picture of Don Covay]


Cowell, Simon
Born 7 October 1959  (Brighton, East Sussex, England)
Record producer & TV talent judge, he of the scathing putdowns & high trousers.
[Picture of Simon Cowell]


Coyne, Tom
Born in South Shields, Durham, England  (exact date unknown)
Ex-BBC Midlands presenter. Born 1930
[Picture of Tom Coyne]


Cozart, Keith
Born 15 August 1995  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Rapper, stage name Chief Keef.
[Picture of Keith Cozart]


Craig, Daniel
Born 2 March 1968  (Chester, England)
Actor, the sixth (and some might the best) to play James Bond.
[Picture of Daniel Craig]


Craig, Wendy
Born 20 June 1934  (Sacriston, County Durham, England)
English actress, best known for her sitcom roles, most notably 'Butterflies'.
[Picture of Wendy Craig]


Craig, Yvonne
Born 16 May 1937  (Taylorville, Illinois, USA)
Best remembered as Batgirl in the 1960's version of 'Batman'.
[Picture of Yvonne Craig]


Cramer, Dettmar
Born 4 April 1925  (Dortmund, Germany)
Former football coach for Japan, Egypt, USA and Thailand as well as several German clubs such as Hertha BSC Berlin and Bayern Munich, who he led to the European Cups in 1975 and 1976.
[Picture of Dettmar Cramer]


Craven, Kathy Kathy Craven is no longer with us
Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka  (exact date unknown)

Died 18 August 2014  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 44  (read death notice)
Cancer-ridden Wimborne mother of three and coincidentally sister of singer Beverley Craven. Born c.1970. Died in 2014, which was referenced by her sister in a Daily Mail article so the date of death will be when this was published until we know exactly when...
[Picture of Kathy Craven]


Crawford, Cindy
Born 20 February 1966  (DeKalb, Illinois, USA)
Successful American supermodel turned actress.
[Picture of Cindy Crawford]


Creator, Lord
Born in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago  (exact date unknown)
Influential figure of the Jamaican calypso and soca music scene. Born Kentrick Patrick c.1940.
[Picture of Lord Creator]


Cribbins, Bernard
Born 29 December 1928  (Oldham, Lancashire, England)
Actor & comedian, a veteran of 'Carry On' films. Holds the record for most story-tellings on 'Jackanory'. Recently played Wilf Mott in 'Doctor Who'.
[Picture of Bernard Cribbins]


Cristal, Linda
Born 23 February 1934  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Retired actress. Born Marta Victoria Moya Burgess.
[Picture of Linda Cristal]


Croft, Olly
Born 17 November 1929  (place of birth unknown)
Founder of the British Darts Organisation.
[Picture of Olly Croft]


Crosby, David
Born 14 August 1941  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
One third of Crosby, Stills & Nash, and indeed one quarter of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
[Picture of David Crosby]


Crosby, Norm
Born 15 September 1927  (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
US stand-up comedian, often on television.
[Picture of Norm Crosby]


Crow, Bob Bob Crow is no longer with us
Born 13 June 1961  (Shadwell, London, England)

Died 11 March 2014  (London, England)

Age at death: 52  (read death notice)
Old school left-wing trade union General Secretary of the rail union RMT.
[Picture of Bob Crow]


Crow, Sheryl
Born 11 February 1962  (Kennett, Missouri, USA)
American blues rock singer. Overcame breast cancer in 2006.
[Picture of Sheryl Crow]


Crowe, Katherine Katherine Crowe is no longer with us
Born in Beckenham, Kent, England  (exact date unknown)

Died 7 May 2014  (Isle of Man)

Age at death: 39  (read death notice)
Terminally ill singer who in late 2012 attempted to top the UK singles chart with her recording of Charlie Chaplin's 'Smile'. Born April 1975.
[Picture of Katherine Crowe]


Crowe, Martin
Born 22 September 1962  (Henderson, New Zealand)
Former New Zealand cricket international.
[Picture of Martin Crowe]


Cruickshank, John
Born 20 May 1920  (Aberdeen, Scotland)
The last surviving recipient of the Victoria Cross for air action in WWII.
[Picture of John Cruickshank]


Cruise, Tom
Born 3 July 1962  (Syracuse, New York, USA)
One time decent enough actor, now a complete weirdo. Still acting, and producing a range of absurd foreign accents in films like 'Far and Away' and 'Valkyrie'.
[Picture of Tom Cruise]


Crumb, Robert
Born 30 August 1934  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Cartoonist, creator of "Fritz, the Cat" and "Mr. Natural".
[Picture of Robert Crumb]


Cruz, Penélope
Born 28 April 1974  (Madrid, Spain)
Actress. Besides being the first Spanish actress in history to receive an Academy Award and the first Spanish actress to receive a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she was married to Academy Award winner Javier Bardem and romantically connected to Tom Cruise.
[Picture of Penélope Cruz]


Cruz, Ted
Born 22 December 1970  (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Junior U.S. senator from Texas since 2013.
[Picture of Ted Cruz]


Crystal, Billy
Born 14 March 1948  (New York City, New York, USA)
Jewish comedic actor, whose main work these days seems to be the presentation of the Academy Awards.
[Picture of Billy Crystal]


Culkin, Macaulay
Born 26 August 1980  (New York City, New York, USA)
Child actor who found fame in the 'Home Alone' film series before predictably drifting into relative obscurity.
[Picture of Macaulay Culkin]


Cumberbatch, Benedict
Born 19 July 1976  (London, England)
One of Britain's most successful actors, known for his performance as Sherlock Holmes in the hit television series 'Sherlock'. Works also on stage, screen and as a voice actor.
[Picture of Benedict Cumberbatch]


Cumia, Anthony
Born 26 April 1961  (place of birth unknown)
Together with Gregg "Opie" Hughes co-host of the radio talk show 'The Opie & Anthony Show'.
[Picture of Anthony Cumia]


Cummings, Bart
Born 14 November 1927  (Glenelg, South Australia)
Hugely successful racehorse trainer.
[Picture of Bart Cummings]


Cummins, Peggy
Born 18 December 1925  (Prestatyn, Denbighshire, Wales)
Wales-born Irish actress.
[Picture of Peggy Cummins]


Cundell, Pamela
Born 15 January 1926  (Croydon, Surrey, England)
Best known as Mrs Fox in 'Dad's Army'.
[Picture of Pamela Cundell]


Cunningham, Roseanna
Born 27 July 1951  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Current Scottish minister for Community Safety.
[Picture of Roseanna Cunningham]


Cunningham, Walter
Born 16 March 1932  (Creston, Iowa, USA)
Former Astronaut. Manned the lunar module on Apollo 7 in 1968.
[Picture of Walter Cunningham]


Cuomo, Mario
Born 15 June 1932  (New York City, New York, USA)
Governor of New York from 1983-1994.
[Picture of Mario Cuomo]


Currie, Austin
Born 11 October 1939  (Tyrone, Northern Ireland)
Politician, who served in both the Northern Ireland Assembly in the 1970s as well as the Dáil Éireann from 1989-2002.
[Picture of Austin Currie]


Curry, Tim
Born 19 April 1949  (Grappenhall, Warrington, England)
Actor specialising in villainous roles such as Dr. Frank N. Furter in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'.
[Picture of Tim Curry]


Curtis, Lettice Lettice Curtis is no longer with us
Born 1 February 1915  (Denbury, Devon, England)

Died 21 July 2014  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 99  (read death notice)
Female aviator who recieved belated gratitude for her efforts in WWII in 2008.
[Picture of Lettice Curtis]


Curtis, Simon
Born 11 March 1960  (London, England)
Film, stage and TV director ('My Week with Marilyn', 'Cranford').
[Picture of Simon Curtis]


Custer, Dorothy
Born 30 May 1911  (Idaho, USA)
Amateur stand-upcomedian and harmonicist, whose only two appearances on Jay Leno's tonight show made her a public figure and started her career as television personality. She made a base-jump at the age of 102. Other Grannies jump to eternity at that age!
[Picture of Dorothy Custer]


Cuthbert, Betty
Born 20 April 1938  (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Four-time Olympic gold medallist, sprint star of the 1956 Games.
[Picture of Betty Cuthbert]


Cutler, Jay
Born 3 August 1973  (Sterling, Massachusetts, USA)
Bodybuilder, who won the Mr. Olympia competition four times.
[Picture of Jay Cutler]


Cutugno, Toto
Born 7 July 1943  (Fosdinovo, Italy)
Singer-songwriter, known for "L'Italiano".
[Picture of Toto Cutugno]


Cygan, Pascal
Born 29 April 1974  (Lens, France)
Former Lille OSC and Arsenal FC central defender.
[Picture of Pascal Cygan]


Cyrus, Miley
Born 23 November 1992  (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
Sugary star of the Hannah Montana TV series and daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus. Now trying too hard to cultivate a "raunchy" image and has seemingly introduced the phrase "twerking" into mainstream parlance.
[Picture of Miley Cyrus]

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