Derby Dead Pool 2009: List of the Missed

The following 'celebrities' have died this year, but weren’t picked by any team this year. However, they have all been chosen by teams in previous years. Hopefully by listing them here, it will alert players to non-eligible picks & to give those who are now gone their brief moment of fame on this site. The other reason for listing them here is that the teams who chose them can rue their bad luck or decisions!!


Name (click on link for biography)                                     Date of Death


Helen Suzman                                                                     1st January 2009

Carol Mitchell-Leon                                                            19th January 2009         

Kay Yow                                                                               24th January 2009  

Reg Gutteridge                                                                   24th January 2009 

Marie Glory                                                                          24th January 2009 

John Martyn                                                                         29th January 2009

Lukas Foss                                                                          1st February 2009

Aribert Heim                                                                        5th February 2009 ** 

Malcolm Toon                                                                     12th February 2009  

Horton Foote                                                                       4th March 2009 

Zbigniew Religa                                                                  8th March 2009 

Ali Bongo                                                                             8th March 2009 

Hank Locklin                                                                        8th March 2009 

Irving R Levine                                                                     27th March 2009 

Sir Paul Dean                                                                      1st April 2009 

Arne Andersson                                                                  1st April 2009

Richard Arnell                                                                      10th April 2009

Sir Eddie George                                                               18th April 2009

Dom DiMaggio                                                                   8th May 2009

E. Beatrice Riley                                                                 15th May 2009  

Gerard Jean-Juste                                                              27th May 2009  

Vincent O'Brien                                                                   1st June 2009     

Sam Butera                                                                         3rd June 2009  

David Carradine                                                                 3rd June 2009  

Huey Long                                                                           10th June 2009 

Tenniel Evans                                                                     10th June 2009

Lucia Lauria Vigna                                                             28th June 2009

Reader Harris                                                                     7th July 2009

Budd Schulberg                                                                  5th August 2009

Don Hewitt                                                                           19th August 2009

Simon Dee                                                                          29th August 2009

Keith Waterhouse                                                               4th September 2009

Army Archerd                                                                      8th September 2009

Ray Barrett                                                                          8th September 2009   

Alicia de Larrocha y de la Calle                                       25th September 2009

Sir John Crofton                                                                 3rd November 2009  

Max Robertson                                                                  20th November 2009

Maggie Jones                                                                    2nd December 2009

Paul Samuelson                                                                13th December 2009

Jack Denham                                                                    15th December 2009

Yegor Gaidar                                                                     16th December 2009

Edward Schillebeeckx                                                      23rd December 2009

Abdurrahman Wahid                                                         30th December 2009




** = Death Announced on this date


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