Derby Dead Pool 2016: List of the Lost

The following 'celebrities' have died this year, but haven't got the required UK obituary as far as we can see, so no points have been awarded as yet.

Please let us know if you spot an obit for one of these people (or even just a passing mention of their death) in a British national news source.

List of acceptable new sources are (BBC*):

  • (that's UK in general, not it's component parts - England, Scotland, Wales, NI etc)

  • *This excludes local news pages on the website.


  • (this also excludes local news pages)
  • The notice of death must be in written English. Video links are only accepted if the strapline mentions the celebs passing. We do not accept: Huffington Post UK, MSN UK, Yahoo UK, Scotsman, Herald Scotland, Daily Record, STV and UTV.
    Local or regional British newspapers, special interest media (e.g. Snooker Weekly or whatever), non-UK media, blogs, or Wikipedia!!

    Obits must reach us by 1st January 2017 in order to qualify; any which aren't published or discovered until after New Years Day don't count, regardless of when the person in question croaked.

    Name (click for biography) Date of death
    Huston Smith 30th December 2016
    Cr@1g Ly0n5 14th December 2016
    St3v3n M0nk5 11th December 2016
    Brockway McMillan 3rd December 2016
    L0uise C00k November 2016
    Luis Alberto Monge 29th November 2016
    S@r@h Sw1nd3ll5 26th November 2016
    Jay Wright Forrester 16th November 2016
    Luigi Caccia Dominioni 13th November 2016
    Marc Sleen 6th November 2016
    Yawar Hayat Khan 3rd November 2016
    Bobby Bragg 25th October 2016
    Frans Tutuhatunewa 22nd October 2016
    Helen Kelly 14th October 2016
    Tony Adamowicz 10th October 2016
    Zara Nutley 8th October 2016
    Pierre Tchernia 8th October 2016
    Ch@nn@n P3trid3s 3rd October 2016
    Ralph V Whitworth 29th September 2016
    Jannes Eiselen 19th September 2016
    Bill Glassford 19th September 2016
    Clarence Brooks 16th September 2016
    Jackie Storrar 14th September 2016
    Salme Katajavuori 8th September 2016
    Lindsay Tuckett 5th September 2016
    Yang Jingnian 4th September 2016
    Jacqueline Pagnol 22nd August 2016
    Piet De Jong 27th July 2016
    Carl Falck 23rd July 2016
    Ray Wilson 21st July 2016
    M@rk Nurth3n 12th July 2016
    Eudoxie Baboul 1st July 2016
    J@ck W3ll5 27th June 2016
    Clare Atkinson 22nd June 2016
    Bryan Wiedmeier 7th June 2016
    Hermann Scheipers 2nd June 2016
    Maj Axelsson 31st May 2016
    Corry Brokken 31st May 2016
    Tom M Apostol 8th May 2016
    Isao Tomita 5th May 2016
    Thomas W Libous 3rd May 2016
    W3ndy H0lt 30th April 2016
    Lord Tanamo 19th April 2016
    Walter Kohn 19th April 2016
    Charles J. Pilliod Jr 18th April 2016
    Rudolf Wessely 15th April 2016
    Major Erich Rudorffer 8th April 2016
    Hendrikje Fitz 7th April 2016
    Luise Schapp 7th April 2016
    Jean-Pierre Coffe 29th March 2016
    P@ul Mo0re 5th March 2016
    H3l3n Hutch1ns0n 2nd March 2016
    Majestik Magnificent 19th February 2016
    Alish@ B@rnett February 2016
    Andre Timb3rl@ke-Ev@ns 26th January 2016
    4ng3l@ Syk35 11th January 2016
    Tony Beard 7th January 2016
    Ruth Leuwerik 7th January 2016
    Kitty Kallen 7th January 2016
    4ndy H@w0rth 3rd January 2016
    Michel Delpech 2nd January 2016

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