Derby Dead Pool 2011: Drop Forty

There are over 2,500 celebs picked in this years DDP. Here are forty or so of the most popular picks...

1 Margaret Thatcher
Half the DDP reckon there is no alternative...
[Picture of Margaret Thatcher]
2 Zsa Zsa Gabor
Hasn't got a leg to stand on.
[Picture of Zsa Zsa Gabor]
3 Abdelbaset Al Megrahi
Many still keeping the faith with the Lockerbie bomber.
[Picture of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi]
4 Michael Douglas
Fatally attracted 195 DDP punters.
[Picture of Michael Douglas]
5 Ronnie Biggs
Planning one last escape?
[Picture of Ronnie Biggs]
6 Kirk Douglas
Will this be ace in the hole in 2011?
[Picture of Kirk Douglas]
7 Aretha Franklin
D.E.A.T.H. Find out what it means...
[Picture of Aretha Franklin]
8 Fidel Castro
Many will have a cigar when Fidel finally calls it quits.
[Picture of Fidel Castro]
9 Nelson Mandela
May have a short walk to the crematorium this year.
[Picture of Nelson Mandela]
10 Ariel Sharon
Settling down for a more permanent coma...
[Picture of Ariel Sharon]
11 Kim Jong-Il
Quite literally went on a train to Hell...
[Picture of Kim Jong-Il]
12 Rev Billy Graham
We're all praying for you, Billy...
[Picture of Rev Billy Graham]
13 Elizabeth Taylor
Liz went for a Burton in March...
[Picture of Elizabeth Taylor]
=14 Christopher Hitchens
Mother Teresa had been waiting a while to catch up with you...
[Picture of Christopher Hitchens]
=14 Seve Ballesteros
It was a case of one stroke too many on the 7th, of May...
[Picture of Seve Ballesteros]
16 Betty Ford
No more rehabilitation for this one...
[Picture of Betty Ford]
17 Prince Philip
One gaffe too far for the Prince?
[Picture of Prince Philip]
18 Muhammad Ali
Could Ali be the "greatest" hit of 2011?
[Picture of Muhammad Ali]
19 Patrick Moore
May end up closer to the stars come December...
[Picture of Patrick Moore]
20 Peter Falk
Peter Falk had Alzheimer's disease.
[Picture of Peter Falk]
21 Paul Gascoigne
The way he's going it could a bod on the Tyne...
[Picture of Paul Gascoigne]
22 Oscar Niemeyer
Age could be the architect of his downfall...
[Picture of Oscar Niemeyer]
=23 Nancy Reagan
Won't be the first first lady to fall this year.
[Picture of Nancy Reagan]
=23 Stephen Hawking
Will Hawking finally confront the mind of God?
[Picture of Stephen Hawking]
=25 Clive Dunn
Dunn's not panicking yet.
[Picture of Clive Dunn]
=25 Mickey Rooney
Mickey's still not been pulped.
[Picture of Mickey Rooney]
27 Ernest Borgnine
Ernest won't be master of his domain for ever...
[Picture of Ernest Borgnine]
28 Yitzhak Shamir
The "I thought he died years ago" pick.
[Picture of Yitzhak Shamir]
29 Geoffrey Hughes
Could be gone in a Heartbeat.
[Picture of Geoffrey Hughes]
30 Eli Wallach
A good, bad or ugly pick, depending on what happens this year.
[Picture of Eli Wallach]
31 Denis Healey
Will it be from red box to pine box for Den?
[Picture of Denis Healey]
=32 Penny Marshall
Are her Happy Days numbered?
[Picture of Penny Marshall]
=32 Richard Attenborough
Dickie die do?
[Picture of Richard Attenborough]
=32 Jerry Lewis
We could hear the final toll for the bellboy...
[Picture of Jerry Lewis]
=32 Eric Sykes
May end the year as stiff as a plank.
[Picture of Eric Sykes]
=32 Bruce Forsyth
Nice to have seen him, to have seen him nice?
[Picture of Bruce Forsyth]
37 Dick Cheney
Dick's dicky ticker could be his undoing.
[Picture of Dick Cheney]
=38 Anna Wing
All set to outlast all the original Eastenders cast at this rate...
[Picture of Anna Wing]
=38 Vera Lynn
Whatever happens, I'm sure we'll meet again some sunny day.
[Picture of Vera Lynn]
=40 Lindsay Lohan
She has to be careful not fall into the Death trap.
[Picture of Lindsay Lohan]
=40 Danny Baker
Will Danny pass St. Peter's doorstep challenge when the time comes?
[Picture of Danny Baker]

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