Derby Dead Pool 2018: Drop Forty

Can 2018 break last year's record?

Total dropped in 2018...14!

Pos Celeb Picture # Teams
1 Leah Bracknell
Soap actress ('Emmerdale')
[Picture of Leah Bracknell] 173
2 Kirk Douglas
Hollywood actor
[Picture of Kirk Douglas] 147
3 George H. W. Bush Sr
Ex-US President (1989-93)
[Picture of George H. W. Bush Sr] 145
4 Prince Philip
Duke of Edinburgh
[Picture of Prince Philip] 132
5 Clive James
TV/Cultural critic
[Picture of Clive James] 130
6 John McCain
US Senator
[Picture of John McCain] 119
7 Rev Billy Graham
[Picture of Rev Billy Graham] 118
8 Vera Lynn
War time singer
[Picture of Vera Lynn] 96
9 Robert Mugabe
Ex-President of Zimbabwe
[Picture of Robert Mugabe] 95
10 Olivia de Havilland
Hollywood actress
[Picture of Olivia de Havilland] 90
11 Stefan Karl Stefansson
Actor ('Lazy Town')
[Picture of Stefan Karl Stefansson] 89
12 Nobby Stiles
Ex-England international midfielder
[Picture of Nobby Stiles] 86
13 Doris Day
[Picture of Doris Day] 77
14 Jimmy Carter
Ex-US President (1977-81)
[Picture of Jimmy Carter] 76
15 Valerie Harper
TV Actress ('Rhoda')
[Picture of Valerie Harper] 73
=16 Patrick Cryne
Football chairman
[Picture of Patrick Cryne] 66
=16 Tessa Jowell
[Picture of Tessa Jowell] 66
=18 Fernando Ricksen
Dutch ex-footballer
[Picture of Fernando Ricksen] 63
=18 Rayya Elias
Spouse of author Elizabeth Gilbert
[Picture of Rayya Elias] 63
20 Greg Gilbert
Singer (Delays)
[Picture of Greg Gilbert] 61
21 Linda Nolan
Singer (Nolans)
[Picture of Linda Nolan] 57
=22 Olivia Newton-John
Actress/Singer ('Grease')
[Picture of Olivia Newton-John] 55
=22 Paul Gascoigne
Ex-England international footballer
[Picture of Paul Gascoigne] 55
24 Devin Lima
Singer (LFO)
[Picture of Devin Lima] 54
=25 Liam Miller
Ex-Rep of Ireland international footballer
[Picture of Liam Miller] 50
=25 Marieke Vervoort
[Picture of Marieke Vervoort] 50
=25 Catherine Nevin
"Black Widow" murdereress
[Picture of Catherine Nevin] 50
28 Prunella Scales
Actress ('Fawlty Towers')
[Picture of Prunella Scales] 47
29 Dick Van Dyke
[Picture of Dick Van Dyke] 46
30 Simon Ricketts
[Picture of Simon Ricketts] 45
31 Jill Gascoine
Actress ('The Gentle Touch')
[Picture of Jill Gascoine] 44
32 Donald Trump
US President
[Picture of Donald Trump] 40
=33 Leslie Phillips
[Picture of Leslie Phillips] 37
=33 Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
[Picture of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI] 37
=33 Stephen Hawking
[Picture of Stephen Hawking] 37
36 Jimmy Greaves
Ex-England international striker
[Picture of Jimmy Greaves] 36
37 Stan Lee
Comic book writer ('Spider-Man')
[Picture of Stan Lee] 35
=38 Betty White
Actress ('The Golden Girls')
[Picture of Betty White] 34
=38 Denis Norden
Comedy scriptwriter and TV presenter
[Picture of Denis Norden] 34
=38 Henry Kissinger
Former US Secretary of State
[Picture of Henry Kissinger] 34
=38 Queen Elizabeth II
UK Head of State
[Picture of Queen Elizabeth II] 34

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