Derby Dead Pool - 2017

Golden Slumbers ended David Quantick's Showbiz Pals 4-year reign as champion with a new points record,
helped in part by the new Drop 40 bonus...

Bruce Forsyth

Brucie thought that 2017 was a great year for the DDP...

DDP 2017 - Teams: 543 Hits: 254

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The Man In Black's final year as host was another vintage one for the obit writers. Deaths included Lord Snowden, Mary Tyler Moore, John Hurt, Alan Simpson, Gerald Kaufman, Chuck Berry, Colin Dexter, Martin McGuinness, Ian Brady, Roger Moore, Gregg Allman, John Noakes, Manuel Noriega, Peter Sallis, Adam West, Helmut Kohl, Brian Cant, Michael Bond, Martin Landau, Hywell Bennett, Robert Hardy, Glen Campbell, Bruce Forsyth, Jerry Lewis, Holger Czukay, Peter Hall, Harry Dean Stanton, Jake Lamotta, Tony Booth, Liz Dawn, Hugh Hefner, Fats Domino, Charles Manson, Rodney Bewes, David Cassidy, Christine Keeler, Johnny Hallyday and Keith Chegwin.

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