Derby Dead Pool 2017: Drop Forty

Can 2017 keep up with the record pace of last year? This time the hits on the Drop 40 mean extra bonus points...

Total dropped in 2017...15![NEW RECORD]

Pos Celeb Picture # Teams
1Kirk Douglas
Hollywood actor
[Picture of Kirk Douglas]168
2Bruce Forsyth
[Picture of Bruce Forsyth]149
3Clive James
TV/Cultural critic
[Picture of Clive James]148
4Prince Philip
Duke of Edinburgh
[Picture of Prince Philip]142
5Rev Billy Graham
[Picture of Rev Billy Graham]124
6Leah Bracknell
Soap actrees ('Emmerdale')
[Picture of Leah Bracknell]121
7George H. W. Bush Sr
Ex-US President (1989-93)
[Picture of George H. W. Bush Sr]120
8Olivia de Havilland
Hollywood actress
[Picture of Olivia de Havilland]110
9Joost van der Westhuizen
Rugby international
[Picture of Joost van der Westhuizen]109
=10Glen Campbell
Country singer
[Picture of Glen Campbell]92
=10Gord Downie
Singer (The Tragically Hip)
[Picture of Gord Downie]92
=10Vera Lynn
War time singer
[Picture of Vera Lynn]92
13Paul Gascoigne
Ex-England international footballer
[Picture of Paul Gascoigne]83
14Jimmy Carter
Ex-US President (1977-81)
[Picture of Jimmy Carter]81
15Valerie Harper
TV Actress ("Rhoda")
[Picture of Valerie Harper]80
=16Errol Christie
[Picture of Errol Christie]73
=16Doris Day
[Picture of Doris Day]73
18Peter Sallis
Actor ('Last of the Summer Wine').
[Picture of Peter Sallis]70
19Ian Brady
Moors murderer
[Picture of Ian Brady]66
20Shannen Doherty
Actress ('Charmed')
[Picture of Shannen Doherty]59
21Queen Elizabeth II
UK Head of State
[Picture of Queen Elizabeth II]58
22Stephen Hawking
[Picture of Stephen Hawking]57
=23Robert Mugabe
President of Zimbabwe
[Picture of Robert Mugabe]56
=23Tony Booth
Actor ('Till Death Us Do Part').
[Picture of Tony Booth]55
25Donald Trump
US President
[Picture of Donald Trump]54
26Prunella Scales
Actress ('Fawlty Towers')
[Picture of Prunella Scales]52
27Nobby Stiles
Ex-England international midfielder
[Picture of Nobby Stiles]46
28Jerry Lewis
[Picture of Jerry Lewis]45
29Jimmy Snuka
Wrestler ("Superfly")
[Picture of Jimmy Snuka]45
=30King Michael Of Romania
Former monarch
[Picture of King Michael Of Romania]43
=30Peter Skellern
Singer-turned priest
[Picture of Peter Skellern]43
=32Colin Meads
All Black legend
[Picture of Colin Meads]42
=32Dick Van Dyke
[Picture of Dick Van Dyke]42
34Gordon Banks
Ex-England international goalkeeper
[Picture of Gordon Banks]41
=35Stan Lee
Comic book writer ('Spider-Man')
[Picture of Stan Lee]40
=35Stefan Karl Stefansson
Actor ('Lazy Town')
[Picture of Stefan Karl Stefansson]40
=35Mary Tyler Moore
Actress/TV executive
[Picture of Mary Tyler Moore]40
=35John Wetton
Prog rock bass player
[Picture of John Wetton]40
=39Val Kilmer
Hollywood Actor
[Picture of Val Kilmer]39
=39Denis Norden
Comedy scriptwriter and TV presenter
[Picture of Denis Norden]39

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