Derby Dead Pool 2015: List of the Lost

The following 'celebrities' have died this year, but haven't got the required UK obituary as far as we can see, so no points have been awarded as yet.

Please let us know if you spot an obit for one of these people (or even just a passing mention of their death) in a British national news source.

Acceptable sources include (but are not limited to): BBC News, Independent, Guardian, Telegraph, Observer, Reuters UK, Huffington Post UK.

Internet news sites (MSN, Yahoo etc) are now accepted as long as they are the UK version.
We do not accept: Local or regional British newspapers, special interest media (e.g. Snooker Weekly or whatever), non-UK media, blogs, or Wikipedia!!

Obits must reach us by 1st January 2016 in order to qualify; any which aren't published or discovered until after New Years Day don't count, regardless of when the person in question croaked.

Name (click for biography) Date of death
Jason Wingreen 25th December 2015
Rolf Bossi 22nd December 2015
Vernon Jenkins 18th December 2015
Buddy Moreno 29th November 2015
Nick Bockwinkel 14th November 2015
M0niqu3 Atkin5 29th October 2015
Leon Bibb 23rd October 2015
Maggie Karner 25th September 2015
Alex Monchak 12th September 2015
Egon Sundberg 4th September 2015
Jennifer Glass 11th August 2015
Josef Scheungraber 22nd July 2015
Günter Fronius 21st July 2015
Helen F. Holt 12th July 2015
Miriam Schapiro 20th June 2015
Roberto Levingston 17th June 2015
Magnus Härenstam 13th June 2015
James Varda 13th June 2015
Jamie Lee Jepson 1st June 2015
Elisabeth Wiedemann 27th May 2015
Margaret Dunning 17th May 2015
John Stephenson 15th May 2015
Mar Dinkha IV 26th March 2015
Jørgen Ingmann 21st March 2015
Gerda van der Kade-Koudijs 19th March 2015
Cesar Covo 9th March 2015
Evelyn Middleton 7th March 2015
Evelyn Furtsch 5th March 2015
Harold "Hercules" Johnson 19th February 2015
Eileen Essell 15th February 2015
Jeffrey Segal 5th February 2015
Alexander Vraciu 29th January 2015
Isabel Rosado 13th January 2015
Bernard Joseph McLaughlin 5th January 2015
Ahuti Prasad 4th January 2015
Géry Leuliet 1st January 2015

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