Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2013: H


Hack, Margherita Margherita Hack is no longer with us
Born 12 June 1922  (Florence, Italy)

Died 29 June 2013  (Trieste, Italy)

Age at death: 91  (read death notice)
Astrophysicist astronomer and writer.
[Picture of Margherita Hack]


Hackman, Gene
Born 30 January 1930  (San Bernardino, California, USA)
Prolific American actor.
[Picture of Gene Hackman]


Haf, Heulwen
Born in Corwen, Denbighshire, Wales  (exact date unknown)
Television presenter and alternative therapist. Born 1944.
[Picture of Heulwen Haf]


Haggard, Merle
Born 6 April 1937  (Bakersfield, California, USA)
Country music singer & songwriter.
[Picture of Merle Haggard]


Hagon, Garrick
Born 27 September 1939  (London, England)
Best known as Biggs Darklighter from 'Star Wars' - Darklighter was Luke Skywalker's best pal that became a pilot.
[Picture of Garrick Hagon]


Haitink, Bernard
Born 4 March 1929  (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Dutch violinst and conductor.
[Picture of Bernard Haitink]


Håkansson, Kicki
Born in Sweden  (exact date unknown)
Swedish beauty queen, the first to win "Miss World" in 1951. Born 1929.
[Picture of Kicki Håkansson]


Halim Of Kedah, Abdul
Born 28 November 1927  (Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia)
Sultan of Kedah since 1958. Served as the elected monarch of Malaysia from 1970-75.
[Picture of Abdul Halim Of Kedah]


Hall, Albert P.
Born 10 November 1937  (Boothton, Alabama, USA)
American character actor, best known as Chief Phillips in 'Apocalypse Now'.
[Picture of Albert P. Hall]


Hall, John
Born 21 March 1933  (Ashington, Northumberland, England)
Businessman and former majority shareholder of Newcastle United FC.
[Picture of John Hall]


Hall, Monty
Born 25 August 1923  (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
Host of various American game shows, well-known (over there, at least) for presenting 'Let's Make a Deal'.
[Picture of Monty Hall]


Hall, Scott
Born 20 October 1958  (Chuluota, Florida, USA)
WWF (and others) wrestler, known under a plethora of aliases, including "Razor Ramon".
[Picture of Scott Hall]


Hall, Stuart
Born 25 December 1929  (Hyde, Greater Manchester, England)
Uniquely eloquent sports reporter and one-time host of 'It's a Knockout'. Guilty of 13 counts of indecent assault in 2013.
[Picture of Stuart Hall]


Hall, Tom T
Born 25 May 1936  (Olive Hill, Kentucky, USA)
Bluegrass singer and songwriter.
[Picture of Tom T Hall]


Hall, Willie
Born 8 August 1950  (Memphis, Tennessee, USA)
Drummer, best remembered for his drumming in 'The Blues Brothers'.
[Picture of Willie Hall]


Hallenga, Kristin
Born 5 October 1985  (Daventry, Northamptonshire, England)
Won a Pride of Britain award in October 2009 that highlighted her brave fight against Stage IV Breast cancer.
[Picture of Kristin Hallenga]


Halliwell, Geri
Born 6 August 1972  (Watford, Hertfordshire, England)
"Ginger Spice" - the oldest member of the Spice Girls.
[Picture of Geri Halliwell]


Hallyday, Johnny
Born 15 June 1943  (Cité Malesherbes, Paris, France)
France's most famous rock singer.
[Picture of Johnny Hallyday]


Halprin, Anna
Born 13 July 1920  (place of birth unknown)
Experimental dancer. Diagnosed with colon cancer in 1972 but still with us...
[Picture of Anna Halprin]


Halsey, Mark
Born 8 July 1961  (Bolton, Lancashire, England)
Premier League referee.
[Picture of Mark Halsey]


Halvorsen, Stein Grieg
Born 19 October 1909  (Kristiana, Norway)
Norwegian actor, best known for his stage work. Best known in Norway though.. A UK Obit seems pretty unlikely.
[Picture of Stein Grieg Halvorsen]


Hamad Al Thani, Khalifa bin
Born 17 September 1932  (Rayyan, Qatar)
Emir of Qatar from 1972-1995 before being deposed by his son.
[Picture of Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani]


Hamad bin Abdullah Al Thani, Mohammed bin
Born in Qatar  (exact date unknown)
Brother of deposed former Emir of Qatar Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani and former Minister of Education. Born 1929.
[Picture of Mohammed bin Hamad bin Abdullah Al Thani]


Hambling, Maggi
Born 23 October 1945  (Sudbury, Suffolk)
Controversial sculptor and painter, known for her "Scallop" work in honour of Sir Benjamin Britten.
[Picture of Maggi Hambling]


Hamill, Dorothy
Born 26 June 1956  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Winner of the ladies' 1976 figure skating Winter Olympic Gold.
[Picture of Dorothy Hamill]


Hamilton, Diddy David
Born 10 September 1938  (Manchester, England)
DJ and TV presenter. Now plies his trade as the matchday compere at Fulham FC.
[Picture of Diddy David Hamilton]


Hamilton, Guy
Born 16 September 1922  (Paris, France)
French-born British filmmaker, who worked with Carol Reed on 'The Third Man', before having a successful career as a director, particularly of the James Bond films.
[Picture of Guy Hamilton]


Hamilton, Tom
Born 31 December 1951  (Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA)
Bassist with rock band Aerosmith.
[Picture of Tom Hamilton]


Hamm-Brücher, Hildegard
Born 11 May 1921  (Essen, Germany)
German politician. Former member of the FDP and was their presidential candidate in 1994. Left the party in 2002.
[Picture of Hildegard Hamm-Brücher]


Hammond, Mona
Born in Tweeside, Clarendon, Jamaica  (exact date unknown)
Veteran actress on British TV/stage - perhaps best known for playing Blossom in EastEnders. Born 1931.
[Picture of Mona Hammond]


Hammond, Richard
Born 19 December 1969  (Sollihull, West Midlands, England)
Middling TV presenter who hit the headlines when he crashed a jet-powered car & sustained brain injuries. Made a rapid recovery and is back co-presenting Top Gear & testing more cars out.
[Picture of Richard Hammond]


Hamner, Jr., Earl
Born 10 July 1923  (Schuyler, Virginia, USA)
Writer and producer. Creator of 1970s hit series 'The Waltons'.
[Picture of Earl Hamner, Jr.]


Hancock, Herbie
Born 12 April 1940  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Seminal jazz pianist and bandleader who was instrumental in mixing other genres such as soul and funk as well as crossing over in to mainstream pop with the hit single 'Rockit' in 1983.
[Picture of Herbie Hancock]


Hancock, Sheila
Born 22 February 1933  (Blackgang, Isle of Wight, England)
Actress in TV & film, and widow of John Thaw.
[Picture of Sheila Hancock]


Haney, Big Mags Big Mags Haney is no longer with us
Born in Stirlingshire, Scotland  (exact date unknown)

Died 19 August 2013  (Larbert, Falkirk, Scotland)

Age at death: 70  (read death notice)
Drug-dealing, lowlife, violent scum of a Granny, whose brood have subsequently followed her lead and turned to crime. Has terminal lung cancer. Born 1943.
[Picture of Big Mags Haney]


Haniyeh, Ismail
Born 29 January 1948  (Al-Shati, Gaza, Palestine)
Prime Minister of Palestine and member of Hamas. Born Jan 1963.
[Picture of Ismail Haniyeh]


Hankey, Ted
Born 20 February 1968  (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England)
Darts player, former BDO World Champion in 2000 and 2009. Suffered a stroke in 2012.
[Picture of Ted Hankey]


Hannity, Sean
Born 30 December 1961  (New York City, New York, USA)
US TV host (on political issues) and political commentator.
[Picture of Sean Hannity]


Hansen, Beck
Born 8 July 1970  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Better known as just "Beck", the singer and songwriter.
[Picture of Beck Hansen]


Hansen, Thor
Born 23 June 1947  (Oslo, Norway)
Top poker player, one of Norway's best. Has terminal cancer.
[Picture of Thor Hansen]


Haqqani, Jalaluddin
Born in Paktia Province, Afghanistan  (exact date unknown)
Leader of the Haqqani network of insurgents fighting against the US/Nato presence in Afghanistan. Born 1950.
[Picture of Jalaluddin Haqqani]


Hara, Setsuko
Born 17 June 1920  (Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan)
Veteran Japanese film actress.
[Picture of Setsuko Hara]


Harald V of Norway, King
Born 21 February 1937  (Skaugum, Oslo, Norway)
The first King of Norway to be born in the country since 1370. Acceded to the throne on the death of his father, Olav V, in 1991. Was a member of several of Norway's Olympic sailing teams. In September 2003 it was announced that he has bladder cancer.
[Picture of King Harald V of Norway]


Hardegen, Reinhard
Born 18 March 1913  (Bremen, Germany)
German U-Boat captain, responsible for the sinking of 22 Allied ships in World War Two. You've sunk my battleship!
[Picture of Reinhard Hardegen]


Hardiman, Terrence
Born 6 April 1937  (Forest Gate, London, England)
Actor, known for his role as 'The Demon Headmaster'
[Picture of Terrence Hardiman]


Harding, Sarah
Born 17 November 1981  (Ascot, Berkshire, England)
Slapper. Also a member of Girls Aloud when she isn't out getting drunk.
[Picture of Sarah Harding]


Hardy, Jeff
Born 31 August 1977  (Cameron, North Carolina, USA)
Yet another wrestler.
[Picture of Jeff Hardy]


Hardy, Robert
Born 29 October 1925  (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England)
Veteran actor, best known as the vet Siegfried Farnon in 1970s TV drama 'All Creatures Great and Small', as well as playing Winston Churchill on many occasions.
[Picture of Robert Hardy]


Hark, Tsui
Born 2 February 1951  (Saigon, Vietnam)
Hong Kong based film director, producer and screenwriter, who had most success in the 1980's.
[Picture of Tsui Hark]


Harmer, John L.
Born 29 April 1934  (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)
Former state senator and Lt. Governor of California from 1974-1975.
[Picture of John L. Harmer]


Harper, Charlie
Born 25 May 1944  (London, England)
Singer with punk rockers UK Subs.
[Picture of Charlie Harper]


Harper, Gerald
Born 15 February 1929  (London, England)
Actor, known for his titular roles in 'Adam Adamant Lives' and 'Hadleigh'.
[Picture of Gerald Harper]


Harrell, Rob
Date and place of birth unknown
Cartoonist and illustrator.
[Picture of Rob Harrell]


Harris, Damon Damon Harris is no longer with us
Born 17 July 1950  (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Died 18 February 2013  (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Age at death: 62  (read death notice)
Former member of The Temptations who can be heard on hits such as 'Papa Was a Rollin' Stone'.
[Picture of Damon Harris]


Harris, James
Born 28 May 1950  (Senatobia, Mississippi, USA)
Retired wrestler, best known as Kamala.
[Picture of James Harris]


Harris, Rolf
Born 30 March 1930  (Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
Cartoonist, TV presenter, singer, wobble-board player and general cult hero. Absolutely incredible to think he's in his 80s, as he still looks and sounds the same as ever. Dragged into the Operation Yewtree police investigation into sexual abuse by celebrities in 2013.
[Picture of Rolf Harris]


Harris, Wee Willie
Born 25 March 1933  (Bermondsey, London, England)
Rock and Roll singer, popular in the early days of the genre's explosion onto the pop charts.
[Picture of Wee Willie Harris]


Harry, Prince
Born 15 September 1984  (Paddington, London, England)
Member of the Royal Family, third in line to the throne. In 2008, he served on active frontline duty in Afghanistan. If he's on the frontline again, he'll be insurgent target number 1. His party antics at home might get him first, however...
[Picture of Prince Harry]


Harryhausen, Ray Ray Harryhausen is no longer with us
Born 29 June 1920  (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Died 7 May 2013  (London, England)

Age at death: 92  (read death notice)
Stop-motion animation genius, best known for the months of work that produced the swordfight with an army of skeletons in his 1963 masterpiece, 'Jason and the Argonauts'.
[Picture of Ray Harryhausen]


Hart, Bobby
Born 18 February 1939  (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
Songwriter, best known for his work with the Monkees and his writing partnership with Tommy Boyce.
[Picture of Bobby Hart]


Hart, Bret
Born 2 July 1957  (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Former wrestler, often known as 'The Hitman'.
[Picture of Bret Hart]


Hart, Freddie
Born 21 December 1926  (Loachapoka, Alabama, USA)
American country and gospel musician and songwriter.
[Picture of Freddie Hart]


Hart, Jimmy
Born 1 January 1944  (Jackson, Mississippi, USA)
Professional wrestling manager of the likes of Hulk Hogan known as "The Mouth of the South".
[Picture of Jimmy Hart]


Hartley, Alison
Date and place of birth unknown
BBC Essex presenter who has taken a sabbatical and is writing an online blog about her brain tumour, à la Ivan Noble. Born in October 1964.
[Picture of Alison Hartley]


Hartson, John
Born 5 April 1975  (Swansea, Wales)
Former Celtic and Wales footballer.
[Picture of John Hartson]


Harvey, Jamie
Born 15 August 1955  (Braehead, Glasgow, Scotland)
Veteran Scottish darts player, who has never really come close to winning the World Title.
[Picture of Jamie Harvey]


Harvey, Neil
Born 8 August 1928  (Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia)
Long running top order batsman for the Australian international cricket team.
[Picture of Neil Harvey]


Harvey, Peter Peter Harvey is no longer with us
Born 16 September 1944  (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

Died 2 March 2013  (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

Age at death: 68  (read death notice)
Australian journalist, who has also worked with the Guardian newspaper in the UK, as well as working on Australian TV.
[Picture of Peter Harvey]


Harwood, Ronald
Born 9 November 1934  (Cape Town, South Africa)
Author, playwright and screenwriter - wrote 'The Pianist'.
[Picture of Ronald Harwood]


Hass, Hans Hans Hass is no longer with us
Born 23 January 1919  (Vienna, Austria)

Died 16 June 2013  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 94  (read death notice)
Diver and documentarist.
[Picture of Hans Hass]


Hasselhoff, David
Born 17 July 1952  (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
Self-fancying star of 'Knight Rider' and 'Baywatch', whose move into anodyne pop ballads made him so ludicrously popular in Germany, of all places, that he even claims they played an important part in the reunification of the country.
[Picture of David Hasselhoff]


Hateley, Mark
Born 7 November 1961  (Wallasey, Merseyside, England)
Former England and Coventry City, AC Milan and Rangers forward with a dreadful mullet in his playing days.
[Picture of Mark Hateley]


Hattersley, Roy
Born 28 December 1932  (Sheffield, Yorkshire, England)
Former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, who bumbled his way through 9 years of opposition government without actually doing much.
[Picture of Roy Hattersley]


Hatton, Ricky
Born 6 October 1978  (Stockport, Cheshire, England)
Boxer, former light welterweight champion of the World.
[Picture of Ricky Hatton]


Havelange, João
Born 8 May 1916  (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
President of FIFA from 1974-98 and member of the International Olympic Committee.
[Picture of João Havelange]


Havens, Richie Richie Havens is no longer with us
Born 21 January 1941  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Died 22 April 2013  (Jersey City, New Jersey, USA)

Age at death: 72  (read death notice)
Folk singer who opened the Woodstock festival in 1969.
[Picture of Richie Havens]


Hawke, Bob
Born 9 December 1929  (Bordertown, South Australia)
Prime Minister of Australia from 1983 to 1991.
[Picture of Bob Hawke]


Hawke, Hazel Hazel Hawke is no longer with us
Born 20 July 1929  (Perth, Australia)

Died 23 May 2013  (Hammondville, New South Wales, Australia)

Age at death: 83  (read death notice)
Wife of former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke. Announced in November 2003 that she has Alzheimer's, and then, 5 minutes later, announced that she has Alzheimer's.
[Picture of Hazel Hawke]


Hawking, Stephen
Born 8 January 1942  (Oxford, England)
Born on the 300th anniversary of Galileo's death. Whilst studying at Oxford, was diagnosed with a rare and progressive neuromotor disease, which has left him in a wheelchair, talking like a Dalek. Now a world-famous theoretical physicist who specialises in studying black holes, and wrote the incomprehensible 'A Brief History of Time'. Recent allegations suggest that he has been regularly assaulted by his carers over a lengthy period of time.
[Picture of Stephen Hawking]


Hawkins, Graham
Born 5 March 1946  (Darlaston, West Midlands, England)
Former Wolves manager and player, also played for Preston and Blackburn Rovers.
[Picture of Graham Hawkins]


Hawn, Goldie
Born 21 November 1945  (Washington, District of Columbia, USA)
Actress who got her first break as a regular performer on 'Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In', but had to wait a further decade before really making it big when she took the title role in 'Private Benjamin' (1980). Knocking on a bit now to play her trademark role as a dizzy blonde, she has only made a dozen films in the last 15 years, most of them minor hits.
[Picture of Goldie Hawn]


Hayes, Geoffrey
Born 13 March 1942  (Stockport, Cheshire, England)
Presenter of 'Rainbow' - the children's TV show, for aeons.
[Picture of Geoffrey Hayes]


Hayes, Melvyn
Born 11 January 1935  (London, England)
Gunner Beaumont in 'It Ain't Half Hot Mum', amongst other TV appearances.
[Picture of Melvyn Hayes]


Hayhoe, Barney Barney Hayhoe is no longer with us
Born 8 August 1925  (Croydon, Surrey, England)

Died 7 September 2013  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 88  (read death notice)
Former MP for Heston and Isleworth and Brentford and Isleworth from 1970-1992.
[Picture of Barney Hayhoe]


Hazare, Anna
Born 15 June 1937  (Bhingar, Bombay, India)
Social activist and anti-corruption hero of India, who has gone on a number of hunger strikes in protest.
[Picture of Anna Hazare]


Headon, Topper
Born 30 May 1955  (Bromley, Kent, England)
Drummer, best remembered for his time in The Clash.
[Picture of Topper Headon]


Healey, Denis
Born 30 August 1917  (Bradford, Yorkshire, England)
Bushy-eye browed Labour MP who rose to join Harold Wilson's Cabinet, then became Chancellor of the Exchequer, before taking his seat in the House of Lords in 1992 as Baron Healey of Riddlesden.
[Picture of Denis Healey]


Healy, Mary
Born 14 April 1918  (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)
Retired film actress.
[Picture of Mary Healy]


Heatherton, Joey
Born 14 September 1944  (Rockville Centre, New York, USA)
Actress, dancer and singer.
[Picture of Joey Heatherton]


Hebranko, Michael
Born 14 May 1953  (Canarsie, New York, USA)
Once one of the fattest people in the World and still a bit porky, to put it mildly. Died in July 2013 but no obit.
[Picture of Michael Hebranko]


Hechler, Ken
Born 20 September 1914  (Roslyn, New York, USA)
Former US Democrat representative for West Virginia.
[Picture of Ken Hechler]


Hedison, David
Born 20 May 1927  (Providence, Rhode Island, USA)
Veteran actor, in bucketloads of TV shows & films.
[Picture of David Hedison]


Hedren, Tippi
Born 19 January 1935  (New Ulm, Minnesota, USA)
Actress, star of 'The Birds' & 'Marnie' & mum of Melanie Griffith.
[Picture of Tippi Hedren]


Heenan, Bobby
Born 1 November 1940  (Beverly Hills, California, USA)
American pro-wrestler/manager, nicknamed "The Brain" for possibly ironic reasons.
[Picture of Bobby Heenan]


Hefner, Hugh
Born 9 April 1926  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Founder of Playboy magazine.
[Picture of Hugh Hefner]


Hegarty, Séamus
Born 26 January 1940  (Kilcar, Donegal, Rep of Ireland)
Former Bishop of Raphoe and Bishop of Derry.
[Picture of Séamus Hegarty]


Heimlich, Henry
Born 3 February 1920  (Wilmington, Delaware, USA)
American physician, he of the Heimlich Manoeuvre.
[Picture of Henry Heimlich]


Heinrich, Jutta
Born 4 April 1940  (Berlin, Germany)
German author.
[Picture of Jutta Heinrich]


Heinz Kerry, Teresa
Born 5 October 1938  (Lourenço Marques, Mozambique)
Philanthropist wife of former US Presidential candidate John Kerry and widow of Heinz food company heir (and US senator) H. John Heinz III.
[Picture of Teresa Heinz Kerry]


Helberg, Simon
Born 9 December 1980  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Best known as Howard in the cult hit 'The Big Bang Theory' along with other TV shows.
[Picture of Simon Helberg]


Helders, Gerard
Born 9 March 1905  (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Dutch minister in the 1950s and the oldest living politician in the World until his death early in 2013. No obit.
[Picture of Gerard Helders]


Hellwig, James Brian
Born 16 June 1959  (Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA)
Better known as Warrior, the former WWF Wrestler of the 1980's and 1990's.
[Picture of James Brian Hellwig]


Henderson, Anna
Born 4 March 1900  (Georgia, USA)
One of the oldest Americans still alive.
[Picture of Anna Henderson]


Henderson, Florence
Born 14 February 1934  (Dale, Indiana, USA)
US Actress, best known for her role as Carol Brady in 'The Brady Bunch'.
[Picture of Florence Henderson]


Henley, Drewe
Date and place of birth unknown
British actor who appeared in 'Star Wars' before leaving the profession due to manic depresssion. Born 1940.
[Picture of Drewe Henley]


Henman, Tim
Born 6 September 1974  (Oxford, England)
Nice-but-crap British Tennis player.
[Picture of Tim Henman]


Henriksen, Tage
Born 8 April 1925  (Rosklide, Denmark)
Competed in the 1948 Olympic Games, won a rowing gold medal.
[Picture of Tage Henriksen]


Henry, Ron
Born 17 August 1934  (London, England)
Former Tottenham Hotspur footballer and member of their famous "Double" winning side in 1961.
[Picture of Ron Henry]


Henson, Nicky
Born 12 May 1945  (London, England)
Film & TV actor, most recently in 'EastEnders' in the UK and 'Syriana' in the US.
[Picture of Nicky Henson]


Herbig, George
Born 2 January 1920  (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)
Astronomer, who along with a colleague, discovered the Herbig-Haro objects; bright patches of nebulosity excited by bipolar outflow from a star being born. Or summat. Anyway he died in October 2013 but the obit has fallen into a black hole…
[Picture of George Herbig]


Herd, David
Born 15 April 1934  (Hamilton, Scotland)
Former Scottish football international who played for Manchester United and Arsenal.
[Picture of David Herd]


Herman, Jerry
Born 10 July 1931  (New York City, New York, USA)
American composer & lyricist, mostly for Broadway shows.
[Picture of Jerry Herman]


Herr, Michael
Born in Syracuse, New York, USA  (exact date unknown)
Writer and war correspondent. Co-wrote the script for 'Full Metal Jacket'.
[Picture of Michael Herr]


Herz-Sommer, Alice
Born 26 November 1903  (Prague, Czeh Rep)
Czech piano player, considered the oldest Holocaust survivor in the World.
[Picture of Alice Herz-Sommer]


Heseltine, Michael
Born 21 March 1933  (Swansea, Wales)
One-time prime mover in the Tory party, known as 'Tarzan'.
[Picture of Michael Heseltine]


Heti, Sheila
Born 25 December 1976  (Toronto, Ontatio, Canada)
Canadian author.
[Picture of Sheila Heti]


Hickson, Dave Dave Hickson is no longer with us
Born 30 October 1929  (Salford, Greater Manchester, England)

Died 8 July 2013  (Chester, England)

Age at death: 83  (read death notice)
Footballer, one of a select band that have played for all three Merseyside league clubs.
[Picture of Dave Hickson]


Hielscher, Margot
Born 29 September 1919  (Berlin, Germany)
Singer who represented West Germany in two consecutive Eurovision Song Contests in the 1950s.
[Picture of Margot Hielscher]


Higgins, Bertie
Born 8 December 1944  (place of birth unknown)
American singer-songwriter who is a direct descendant of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe of "Sturm und Drang" repute.
[Picture of Bertie Higgins]


Higgins, Jack
Born 27 July 1929  (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England)
Bestselling author, real name Harry Patterson. Best known for his rollicking, riveting thrillers.
[Picture of Jack Higgins]


Higgins Clark, Mary
Born 27 December 1927  (New York City, New York, USA)
Highly successful suspense author.
[Picture of Mary Higgins Clark]


Higgs, Peter
Born 29 May 1929  (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England)
Eminent theoretical physicist.
[Picture of Peter Higgs]


Hill, Clint
Date and place of birth unknown
Secret Service agent who was in the motorcade at the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Born 1932.
[Picture of Clint Hill]


Hill, Dusty
Born 19 May 1949  (Dallas, Texas, USA)
Lead singer of ZZ Top.
[Picture of Dusty Hill]


Hill, Eric
Born 7 July 1927  (London, England)
Children's author best known for the creation of Spot the Dog.
[Picture of Eric Hill]


Hill, Harry
Born 1 October 1964  (Woking, Surrey, England)
High-collared, fully qualified doctor and comedian, best known for his TV Burp show reviewing the best and worst of British TV.
[Picture of Harry Hill]


Hill, Jimmy
Born 22 June 1928  (London, England)
Prominent-chinned football commentator.
[Picture of Jimmy Hill]


Hill, Vince
Born 16 April 1937  (Coventry, England)
Big Band singer. According to his website, he is "instantly recognised as one of Britain's best-known and most successful singing stars", but frankly we wouldn't know him if we fell over him.
[Picture of Vince Hill]


Hillenbrand, Laura
Born 15 May 1967  (Fairfax, Virginia, USA)
Author, writer of 'Seabiscuit: An American Legend' which was later adapted for film.
[Picture of Laura Hillenbrand]


Hiller, Arthur
Born 22 November 1923  (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
Award-winning film director, who directed 'Tobruk', 'The Out-of-Towners' and 'Love Story' amongst others.
[Picture of Arthur Hiller]


Hills, Barry
Born 2 April 1937  (place of birth unknown)
Successful horse trainer.
[Picture of Barry Hills]


Hill-Wood, Peter
Born 25 February 1936  (Kensington, London, England)
Businessman and former chairman of Arsenal FC. Stepped down as chairman in 2013.
[Picture of Peter Hill-Wood]


Hilton, Paris
Born 17 February 1981  (New York, New York, USA)
Spoilt rich kid from the Hilton hotel family, and inadvertent porn star.
[Picture of Paris Hilton]


Hilton, Perez
Born 23 March 1978  (Miami, Florida, USA)
Celebrity blogger, noted for 'outing' celebrities.
[Picture of Perez Hilton]


Himmler, Gudrun "Puppi"
Born 8 August 1929  (Munich, Germany)
Daughter of Heinrich Himmler. Now runs a retirement home for ex-Waffen SS members.
[Picture of Gudrun


Hinch, Derryn
Born 9 February 1944  (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
Australian media personality & journalist, mostly on the radio. Suffering from inoperable cancer.
[Picture of Derryn Hinch]


Hinckley, Jr., John
Born 29 May 1955  (Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA)
Attempted to kill Ronald Reagan in 1981 in a wacky attempt to win Jodie Foster's love. Suffice to say, it didn't work (on both counts), and Hinckley is now a long-term resident in a mental hospital.
[Picture of John Hinckley, Jr.]


Hindle, Madge
Born 19 May 1938  (Blackburn, Lancashire, England)
Character actress who often portrayed slightly stressed women. Was in Coronation Street from 1976-1980.
[Picture of Madge Hindle]


Hinds, Anthony Anthony Hinds is no longer with us
Born 19 September 1922  (London, England)

Died 30 September 2013  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 91  (read death notice)
Film producer who worked at the Hammer film company which was founded by his father. Born 1922.
[Picture of Anthony Hinds]


Hines, Frazer
Born 22 September 1944  (Horsforth, Yorkshire, England)
Actor who is best known as Jamie McCrimmon in 'Doctor Who' and Joe Sugden in 'Emmerdale Farm'.
[Picture of Frazer Hines]


Hines, Ronald
Born 20 June 1929  (London, England)
Long serving British Actor on TV.
[Picture of Ronald Hines]


Hitchcock, Patricia
Born 7 July 1928  (London, England)
Daughter of Alfred Hitchcock, who appeared in his films as a youngster, before turning to film production.
[Picture of Patricia Hitchcock]


Hoare, Mike
Born in India  (exact date unknown)
Mad Mike Hoare was a Irish mercenary who was involved in a number of military activities in Africa and launched a failed coup in the Seychelles. Born 1920.
[Picture of Mike Hoare]


Hodel, Donald
Born 23 May 1935  (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Cabinet member in the Reagan era.
[Picture of Donald Hodel]


Hodges, Charles
Born 28 December 1943  (Edmonton, London, England)
Chas of Chas n' Dave "fame".
[Picture of Charles Hodges]


Hoffman, Dustin
Born 8 August 1937  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Diminutive actor with a reputation for being difficult to work with. Has played a wide range of roles in his 80 or so movie and TV appearances, including a crippled street hustler in 'Midnight Cowboy', a cross-dressing actor in 'Tootsie' and an autistic bloke in 'Rain Man'.
[Picture of Dustin Hoffman]


Hogan, Hulk
Born 11 August 1953  (Augusta, Georgia, USA)
Born Terry Gene Bollea. Professional wrestler since 1978. A part in 'Rocky III' and a move to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) made him a star, and he proceeded to be at the centre of wrestling's transition from slightly suspect minority sport to multi-billion dollar camp pantomime spectacle.
[Picture of Hulk Hogan]


Hogan, Paul
Born 8 October 1939  (Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia)
Australian star of 'Crocodile Dundee' and 'The Paul Hogan Show'.
[Picture of Paul Hogan]


Holbrook, Hal
Born 17 February 1925  (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Veteran US actor, mostly on stage, but with some memorable film appearances too.
[Picture of Hal Holbrook]


Holbrook, Terry
Born 6 December 1945  (Walsall, West Midlands, England)
Former football and Premier league referee in the 1980's and 1990's.
[Picture of Terry Holbrook]


Holden, Amanda
Born 16 February 1971  (Bishop's Waltham, Hertfordshire, England)
Former actress-turned-judge on Britain's Got Talent. I do use the term actress loosely though...
[Picture of Amanda Holden]


Holland, Jeffrey
Born 17 July 1946  (Walsall, Staffordshire, England)
Actor, best remembered as Spike in hit 1980s sitcom 'Hi-de-Hi'.
[Picture of Jeffrey Holland]


Hollingdale, Paul
Born 30 March 1938  (Brighton, Sussex, England)
Former radio presenter, who was the first voice ever heard on Radio 2.
[Picture of Paul Hollingdale]


Hollings, Ernest
Born 1 January 1922  (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)
Former US Senator for South Carolina from 1966-2005.
[Picture of Ernest Hollings]


Hollingworth, Clare
Born 10 October 1911  (Knighton, Powys, Wales)
Former journalist who made her name as a war correspondent during WWII.
[Picture of Clare Hollingworth]


Holloway, Julian
Born 24 June 1944  (Watlington, Oxfordshire, England)
Actor, a mainstay of the 'Carry On' movies. Also father of Sophie Dahl, the model.
[Picture of Julian Holloway]


Holm, Ian
Born 12 September 1931  (Goodmayes, Essex, England)
Respected stage and film actor - played Bilbo Baggins in the 'Lord of the Rings' films and the rather shifty android Ash in the 1979 classic 'Alien'.
[Picture of Ian Holm]


Holman, Eddie
Born 3 June 1946  (Norfolk, Virginia, USA)
Gospel, pop & R & B singer, whose best known hit was 'Hey There, Lonely Girl'
[Picture of Eddie Holman]


Holmes, Clint
Born 9 May 1946  (Bournemouth, Dorset, England)
Singer, who now works as an entertainer in Las Vegas. Had a few hits in the 1970's, long based in the US despite his place of birth.
[Picture of Clint Holmes]


Holmes, James
Born 13 December 1987  (San Diego, California, USA)
Weird but sadly, deranged nutter who killed 12 people in a shooting spree at a cinema in Aurora, Colorado in 2012.
[Picture of James Holmes]


Holmes, Paul
Born 29 April 1950  (Hawkes Bay, New Zealand)
Veteran New Zealand Radio and TV broadcaster. Died in February 2013 but no obit.
[Picture of Paul Holmes]


Honecker, Margot
Born 17 April 1927  (Halle, Germany)
Widow of ex-East German dictator Erich. Also a politician in her own right, she now lives in Chile.
[Picture of Margot Honecker]


Honoré, Jean Marcel
Born 13 August 1930  (Saint-Brice-en-Coglès, France)
French Roman catholic cardinal. Died in February 2013 but no obit.
[Picture of Jean Marcel Honoré]


Hook, Winnie
Born 14 February 1906  (San Francisco, California, USA)
One of the few survivors of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Died in June 2013 but no obit.
[Picture of Winnie Hook]


Hopkin, Mary
Born 3 May 1950  (Pontardawe, Glamorgan, Wales)
Folk singer, whose career hit its zenith in the late 1960's.
[Picture of Mary Hopkin]


Horn, Roy
Born 3 October 1944  (Nordenham, Germany)
One half of the camp spectacle that is Siegfried & Roy. Was mauled on stage by one of their trademark white tigers in October 2003, allegedly after it mistook a big-haired woman in the front row for a lion and tried to drag him away from her. He suffered multiple injuries, serious blood loss and a stroke, and spent 3 months in hospital; the show has been cancelled indefinitely.
[Picture of Roy Horn]


Horne, Marilyn
Born 16 January 1934  (Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA)
American opera singer, now suffering from cancer.
[Picture of Marilyn Horne]


Horner, Yvette
Born 22 September 1922  (Tarbes, France)
Scary looking (albeit these days, she was a catch in her youth) accordion player.
[Picture of Yvette Horner]


Horovitz, Adam
Born 31 October 1966  (South Orange, New Jersey, USA)
Better known as Ad-Rock, one of the two surviving Beastie Boys.
[Picture of Adam Horovitz]


Horsley, John
Born in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, England  (exact date unknown)
Prolific character actor, mostly on sitcoms, including most notably, 'Reginald Perrin' and 'You Rang M'Lord?'. Born 1915.
[Picture of John Horsley]


Hoskins, Bob
Born 26 October 1942  (Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England)
Actor, who has cornered the market in playing short-arse Cockney geezers.
[Picture of Bob Hoskins]


Houllier, Gérard
Born 3 September 1947  (Therouanne, France)
An undistinguished football player who has nevertheless become a successful manager, running the French national side, taking Paris St Germain (and later Olympique Lyonnais) to the French league title, and leading Liverpool to various trophies in the early Noughties.
[Picture of Gérard Houllier]


Houston, Glyn
Born 24 October 1926  (Rhondda Valley, Wales)
Welsh actor, in numerous TV series over the years.
[Picture of Glyn Houston]


Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce, Francis Francis Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce is no longer with us
Born 9 March 1912  (Cambridge, England)

Died 24 March 2013  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 101  (read death notice)
Retired British diplomat. Was Governor of the Bahamas from 1968-1972.
[Picture of Francis Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce]


Howard, John
Born 26 July 1939  (Sydney, Australia)
Former Australian Prime Minister.
[Picture of John Howard]


Howe, Darcus
Born in Trinidad and Tobago  (exact date unknown)
Controversial broadcaster, writer and activist. If he was to die this year, he'd probably blame Whitey. Born 1943.
[Picture of Darcus Howe]


Howe, Geoffrey
Born 20 December 1926  (Port Talbot, Wales)
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer between 1979 & 1983. One of Margaret Thatcher's closest allies, his resignation from her cabinet in 1990 not only brought her downfall a few weeks later, but was one of the finest resignation speeches of all time.
[Picture of Geoffrey Howe]


Howell, David
Born 18 January 1936  (London, England)
Currently a Minister of State in the coalition government but was a member of Margaret Thatcher's government in the 1980s.
[Picture of David Howell]


Howell, Peter
Date and place of birth unknown
Veteran actor.
[Picture of Peter Howell]


Howes, Sally Ann
Born 20 July 1930  (London, England)
Actress, played Truly Scrumptious in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'.
[Picture of Sally Ann Howes]


Howman, Karl
Born 13 December 1952  (Woolwich, London, England)
Genial comic actor, best known for Jacko in 'Brush Strokes' and for the Flash TV ads.
[Picture of Karl Howman]


Hubel, David H. David H. Hubel is no longer with us
Born 27 February 1926  (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

Died 22 September 2013  (Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA)

Age at death: 87  (read death notice)
1981 Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine and Physiology for his work on neurobiology.
[Picture of David H. Hubel]


Hudd, Roy
Born 16 May 1936  (Croydon, Surrey, England)
Actor & comedian on TV, theatre, radio & film - one of the more popular names from music hall past still around today.
[Picture of Roy Hudd]


Hudson, Ann
Date and place of birth unknown
Grandmother of pop star Katy Perry. Born c.1921.
[Picture of Ann Hudson]


Hughes, Nerys
Born 8 November 1941  (Rhyl, Denbighshire, Wales)
Actress/presenter/entertainer, who starred in 'The Liver Birds'.
[Picture of Nerys Hughes]


Hughes, Shirley
Born 16 July 1927  (West Kirby, England)
Children's author and illustrator.
[Picture of Shirley Hughes]


Hume, John
Born 18 January 1937  (Londonderry, Northern Ireland)
Former leader of the SDLP and joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1998. In 2010 was voted 'Ireland's Greatest' person, despite being born in Northern Ireland.
[Picture of John Hume]


Humperdinck, Engelbert
Born 2 May 1936  (Madras, India)
British singer, born Arnold Dorsey. Famously beat the Beatles to No 1 in 1967 with 'Please Release Me'. Cheesy but very popular, like Quavers.
[Picture of Engelbert Humperdinck]


Humphries, Barry
Born 17 February 1934  (Kew, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Australian comic actor of Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson fame.
[Picture of Barry Humphries]


Hunt, Marsha
Born 17 October 1917  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Blacklisted Hollywood actress.
[Picture of Marsha Hunt]


Hunt, Roger
Born 20 July 1938  (Golborne, Lancashire, England)
Liverpool F.C's all-time leading league goalscorer and one of the heroes of England's 1966 World Cup win.
[Picture of Roger Hunt]


Huntley, Ian
Born 31 January 1974  (Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England)
School caretaker who murdered two 10-year-old girls in Soham, Cambridgeshire, in August 2002. Was sentenced in December 2003 to two terms of life imprisonment, and it was revealed after his trial that he had previously been accused of a string of sex crimes. Some DDPers feel that his chances of survival in prison aren't looking too good...
[Picture of Ian Huntley]


Hurd, Douglas
Born 8 March 1930  (Marlborough, Wiltshire, England)
Former diplomat, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary under the Thatcher and Major governments, but all that most people know (or care) about him is that his name is rhyming slang for a third-class university degree.
[Picture of Douglas Hurd]


Hurley, Charlie
Born 4 October 1936  (Cork, Rep of Ireland)
Legendary and hugely popular former Sunderland FC player and Reading FC manager.
[Picture of Charlie Hurley]


Hurley, Elizabeth
Born 10 June 1965  (Basingstoke, Hampshire, England)
Model and actress, ex-girlfriend of Hugh Grant, now wife to Shane Warne, who has turned him from slobbering overweight Aussie to trim metro-sexual doll-like TV presenter. They always want to change you, don't they?
[Picture of Elizabeth Hurley]


Hussein, Waris
Born 9 December 1938  (Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India)
Television and film director. Directed the first ever 'Doctor Who' serial in 1963.
[Picture of Waris Hussein]


Hutchinson, Billy
Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland  (exact date unknown)
Leader of the Progressive Unionist Party. Born 1955.
[Picture of Billy Hutchinson]


Hyams, Harry
Born 2 January 1928  (London, England)
Reclusive property developer, who made his fortune by finding office space for blue-chip companies in London in the 1960's.
[Picture of Harry Hyams]


Hynde, Chrissie
Born 7 September 1951  (Akron, Ohio, USA)
Singer, former lead singer of The Pretenders.
[Picture of Chrissie Hynde]


Hynes, Ron
Born 7 December 1950  (St John's, Newfoundland, Canada)
Canadian folk and country singer, best known for his hit 'Sonny's Dream'.
[Picture of Ron Hynes]

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