Derby Dead Pool 2021: Drop Forty

The celebs you think won't see 2022...

Total dropped in 2021...16!

Pos Celeb Picture # Teams
1 Prince Philip
Liz's hubby
[Picture of Prince Philip] 173
2 Tom Parker
very Wanted singer in the DDP
[Picture of Tom Parker] 134
3 Jimmy Carter
[Picture of Jimmy Carter] 132
4 Tom Smith
Northampton Saints Prop host
[Picture of Tom Smith] 130
5 Rush Limbaugh
Political pundit/gobshite.
[Picture of Rush Limbaugh] 123
6 Linda Nolan
Loose Woman
[Picture of Linda Nolan] 118
7 Olivia Newton-John
Pop star and 'Grease' actress
[Picture of Olivia Newton-John] 97
8 Sarah Harding
Girls Aloud singer
[Picture of Sarah Harding] 95
9 James Whale
Radio host as big as a...
[Picture of James Whale] 92
9 George Alagiah
[Picture of George Alagiah] 92
11 Leon Spinks
Boxing Legend
[Picture of Leon Spinks] 91
12 Shannen Doherty
'Charmed' actress
[Picture of Shannen Doherty] 89
12 Bill Turnbull
'BBC Breakfast' host
[Picture of Bill Turnbull] 89
14 David Gulpilil
'Walkabout' actor
[Picture of David Gulpilil] 84
15 Prunella Scales
Sybil Fawlty
[Picture of Prunella Scales] 78
16 Dick Van Dyke
Song-and-dance man
[Picture of Dick Van Dyke] 72
17 Yoo Sang-Chul
2002 World Cup star
[Picture of Yoo Sang-Chul] 69
17 Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Former pontiff
[Picture of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI] 69
17 Leslie Phillips
[Picture of Leslie Phillips] 69
=20 Bob Dole
Losing '96 US election candidate
[Picture of Bob Dole] 64
=21 Henry Kissinger
Realpolitik fan
[Picture of Henry Kissinger] 62
22 Jimmy Greaves
Footballer/pundit/social drinker
[Picture of Jimmy Greaves] 61
23 Betty White
Golden Girl
[Picture of Betty White] 59
=24 Billy Connolly
Big Yin
[Picture of Billy Connolly] 54
=25 Dai Davies
ironically named footballer
[Picture of Dai Davies] 51
=26 Larry King
TV presenter, always met the deadline...
[Picture of Larry King] 50
26 Greg Gilbert
Delays' frontman
[Picture of Greg Gilbert] 50
=28 Mikhail Gorbachev
Mr. Glasnost
[Picture of Mikhail Gorbachev] 49
28 Angela Lansbury
your TV gran
[Picture of Angela Lansbury] 49
30 Yoko Ono
singer/activist/married to some Beatle
[Picture of Yoko Ono] 46
31 Bob Barker
US gameshow host
[Picture of Bob Barker] 44
=32 Tim Bilton
TV chef
[Picture of Tim Bilton] 43
=33 Carlos Menem
Argentine president
[Picture of Carlos Menem] 42
=34 Rolf Harris
Ruined TV career/sex abuser
[Picture of Rolf Harris] 41
=34 Floyd Little
Everyones favourite NFLer since Dec 2020
[Picture of Floyd Little] 41
36 Doddie Weir
Scottish Rugby legend
[Picture of Doddie Weir] 39
37 Gerd Mueller
World Cup winner/football legend
[Picture of Gerd Müller] 38
38 Queen Elizabeth II
[Picture of Queen Elizabeth II] 37
39 Susan Bayh
A politician's wife
[Picture of Susan Bayh] 35
39 Jerry Lee Lewis
Great Balls of Fire
[Picture of Jerry Lee Lewis] 35

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