Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2018: Y


Yaghmaei, Kourosh
Born 3 December 1946  (Shahrud, Semnan, Iran)
Iranian rock musician whose career was undermined by the Iranian Revolution of 1979.
[Picture of Kourosh Yaghmaei]


Yamaguchi, Yusuke
Born 5 May 1958  (Tokyo, Japan)
Served as "Yamaguchi-San", the completely non-racist caricature of Kai-en-Tai in the WWE. Swung around a samurai sword and threatened to "choppy-choppy your pee-pee".
[Picture of Yusuke Yamaguchi]


Yancik, Derek
Date and place of birth unknown
High school American football coach who made headlines after "inspiring" Tom Brady to something or other. Died May 2018 but no obit.
[Picture of Derek Yancik]


Yang, Chen-Ning
Born 1 October 1922  (Hefei, Anhui, China)
Chinese born American physicist.
[Picture of Chen-Ning Yang]


Yarosh, Danika
Born 1 October 1998  (Morristown, New Jersey, USA)
Young actress, starred in the "Heroes" reboot.
[Picture of Danika Yarosh]


Yarwood, Mike
Born 14 March 1941  (Stockport, Cheshire, England)
British impressionist, famed for his impression of Harold Wilson, not been on TV in ages.
[Picture of Mike Yarwood]


Yasokichi, Konishiki
Born 31 December 1963  (Oahu, Honolulu County, Hawaii, USA)
Hawaiian-born Sumo wrestler nicknamed "The Dump Truck".
[Picture of Konishiki Yasokichi]


Yavin, Haim
Born 10 September 1932  (Bytom, Poland)
Israel's leading news anchor for 40 years.
[Picture of Haim Yavin]


Yeager, Chuck
Born 13 February 1923  (Myra, West Virginia, USA)
World War II flying ace, who later became a test pilot for the US Air Force and is credited with being the first person to break the sound barrier.
[Picture of Chuck Yeager]


Yeats, Ron
Born 15 November 1937  (Aberdeen, UK)
Former Liverpool captain, a key lieutenant for the Bill Shankly's all-conquering 1960s side.
[Picture of Ron Yeats]


York, Michael
Born 27 March 1942  (Fulmer, Buckinghamshire, England)
Classy actor, star of 'Cabaret', 'Logan's Run' and the Austin Powers trilogy.
[Picture of Michael York]


Young, Barbara
Born 9 February 1936  (Brighouse, West Yorkshire, England)
Actress. Played the gossipy Sandie Hargreaves in Channel 5's only soap opera 'Family Affairs'.
[Picture of Barbara Young]


Young, John John Young is no longer with us
Born 24 September 1930  (San Francisco, California, USA)

Died 5 January 2018  (Houston, Texas, U.S.)

Age at death: 87  (read death notice)
American astronaut, the ninth to walk on the Moon's surface, in 1972.
[Picture of John Young]


Young, Neil
Born 12 November 1945  (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Singer/songwriter, famous both as part of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and also in his own right. Survived a brain aneurysm in 2005, and is now back touring, his fifth decade of doing so.
[Picture of Neil Young]


Youngs, Tiffany
Date and place of birth unknown
Wife of Leicester Tigers captain Tom Youngs, suffering from terminal brain cancer.
[Picture of Tiffany Youngs]


Yousafzai, Malala
Born 12 July 1997  (Mingora, Pakistan)
Youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate, an advocate for women's rights in Muslim countries.
[Picture of Malala Yousafzai]


Youyou, Tu
Born 30 December 1930  (Ningbo, China)
Nobel Prize-winning Chinese chemist and educator.
[Picture of Tu Youyou]

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