Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2018: X


XCX, Charli
Born 2 August 1992  (Cambridge, UK)
Popstress whose career is already seemingly on the down swing at the age of 25. "Boom Clap" was good though.
[Picture of Charli XCX]


Xi, Xi
Born in Shanghai, China  (exact date unknown)
One of China's most popular poets and writers. Born 1938.
[Picture of Xi Xi]


Xia, Liu
Born 1 April 1961  (Beijing, China)
Widow of 2010 Nobel Prize Winner Liu Xiabao.
[Picture of Liu Xia]


Xishun, Bao
Born 6 December 1951  (Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China)
The world's second tallest man, at 7'9" (2.36m). Hit the headlines in December 2006 when he used his long arms to retrieve pieces of plastic from the stomachs of two ailing dolphins at an aquarium.
[Picture of Bao Xishun]

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