Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2018: E


Eadie, Bill
Born 27 December 1947  (Brownsville, Pennsylvania, USA)
Journeyman pro-wrestler, most famously as The Masked Superstar and Ax, one half (later third) of Demolition.
[Picture of Bill Eadie]


Earl Jones, James
Born 17 January 1931  (Arkabutla, Mississippi, USA)
Actor forever known as the voice of Darth Vader in the Star Wars series.
[Picture of James Earl Jones]


Eastham, George
Born 23 September 1936  (Blackpool, Lancashire, England)
Former Arsenal and Stoke City inside forward. Scored the winning goal in the 1972 League Cup final against Chelsea at the age of 35. Was a non-playing member of England's victoious 1966 World Cup squad.
[Picture of George Eastham]


Easton, Sheena
Born 27 April 1959  (Bellshill, North Lanakshire, Scotland)
Scottish singer who shot to fame when appearing in the proto-X Factor TV show 'The Big Time' in 1980 before recording a number of hit singles in the 1980s.
[Picture of Sheena Easton]


Eastwood, Clint
Born 31 May 1930  (San Francisco, California, USA)
College dropout son of a steelworker who made it big in spaghetti westerns and has been playing hard men ever since. Starred in the film which gave the DDP its name, so it will be truly ironic if he turns out to be a points scorer.
[Picture of Clint Eastwood]


Eaton, Bobby
Born 14 August 1954  (Huntsville, Alabama, USA)
Wrestler, part of the Midnight Express tag team.
[Picture of Bobby Eaton]


Ecclestone, Bernie
Born 28 October 1930  (St Peter South Elmham, Suffolk, England)
Short-arsed top dog in the Formula 1 world, with sole control of F1 media rights and an estimated personal fortune of 2.4 billion, which makes him the 3rd wealthiest living Briton.
[Picture of Bernie Ecclestone]


Echevarria, Emilio
Born 3 July 1944  (Mexico City, Mexico)
Mexican film actor.
[Picture of Emilio Echevarria]


Eckel, Horst
Born 8 February 1932  (Vogelbach, Germany)
Former West Germany international footballer, one of the team that won the 1954 FIFA World Cup.
[Picture of Horst Eckel]


Eddy, Duane
Born 26 April 1938  (Corning, New York, USA)
Guitarist known for his twanging style in such hits as 'Peter Gunn'.
[Picture of Duane Eddy]


Eden, Barbara
Born 23 August 1934  (Tucson, Arizona, USA)
Best remembered for her role as Jeannie in 'I Dream of Jeannie'.
[Picture of Barbara Eden]


Eden, Clarissa
Born 28 June 1920  (Kensington, London, England)
Niece of former PM, Sir Winston Churchill, widow of former PM, Sir Anthony Eden. Was only 36 years of age when her husband resigned & has outlived several of her PM spouse's successors since then.
[Picture of Clarissa Eden]


Eden, John
Born 15 September 1925  (Winton, Durham, England)
Former British MP, nephew of Sir Anthony Eden.
[Picture of John Eden]


Eden, Mark
Born 14 February 1928  (London, England)
Actor, still best known for his role as the devious Alan Bradley in 'Coronation Street'.
[Picture of Mark Eden]


Edmonds, Mike
Born in Chelmsford, Essex, England  (exact date unknown)
Actor, best remembered as Little Ron in 'Maid Marian & Her Merry Men' or as Logray in 'Return of the Jedi'.
[Picture of Mike Edmonds]


Edmonds, Noel
Born 22 December 1948  (Ilford, Essex, England)
Bearded TV presenter who spunked away a small fortune on his ill-advised Mr Blobby theme parks, managed to kill a contestant on his 'Late Late Breakfast Show', then amazed everyone by making an unlikely comeback with 'Deal or No Deal'.
[Picture of Noel Edmonds]


Edmunds, Dave
Born 15 April 1944  (Cardiff, Wales)
Welsh guitarist and singer who straddled the various scenes and fads of the 1970s, coming away intact with hits such as 'I Hear You Knocking' and 'Girls Talk'.
[Picture of Dave Edmunds]


Edrich, John
Born 21 June 1937  (Blofield, Norfolk, England)
Former Surrey & England cricketer.
[Picture of John Edrich]


Edwardes, Michael
Born 11 October 1930  (South Africa)
South Africa-born businessman, Chief Executive of the beleaguered British Leyland car company from 1977-82.
[Picture of Michael Edwardes]


Edwards, Dennis Dennis Edwards is no longer with us
Born 3 February 1943  (Fairfield, Alabama, USA)

Died 1 February 2018  (Chicago, USA)

Age at death: 74  (read death notice)
Soul singer who replaced David Ruffin as the Temptations' frontman in 1968.
[Picture of Dennis Edwards]


Edwards, Eddie "The Eagle"
Born 5 December 1963  (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England)
Maverick plasterer, who is still the UK's greatest ever ski-jumper - a true throwback to the original Olympic ideals.
[Picture of Eddie


Edwards, Elaine
Date and place of birth unknown
Actress who played Shprintze in hit musical film 'Fiddler on the Roof' in 1971.
[Picture of Elaine Edwards]


Edwards, Glynn Glynn Edwards is no longer with us
Born 2 February 1931  (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Died 23 May 2018  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 87  (read death notice)
Actor, a regular on British TV & was married to comic actress Yootha Joyce.
[Picture of Glynn Edwards]


Edwards, Jorge
Born 29 June 1931  (Santiago, Chile)
Chilean novelist and ambassador.
[Picture of Jorge Edwards]


Edwards, Michael
Born 29 April 1938  (London, UK)
Poet and academic, the first English-born individual to join the Academie Francaise.
[Picture of Michael Edwards]


Edwards, Nicholas Nicholas Edwards is no longer with us
Born 25 February 1934  (London, England)

Died 17 March 2018  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 84  (read death notice)
Baron Crickhowell. Was Secretary of State for Wales in the Thatcher government.
[Picture of Nicholas Edwards]


Eigen, Manfred
Born 9 May 1927  (Bochum, Germany)
Biophysical chemist and 1967 Nobel laureate in Chemistry for his work on measuring fast chemical reactions.
[Picture of Manfred Eigen]


Ekladios, Sheri
Date and place of birth unknown
This year's "tragic parent has last Christmas with their child" pick. Died in February 2018 but no obit.
[Picture of Sheri Ekladios]


Ekland, Britt
Born 6 October 1942  (Stockholm, Sweden)
Actress, in film & TV, a former Bond Girl. Former wife of Peter Sellers.
[Picture of Britt Ekland]


Elder, Lee
Born 14 July 1934  (Dallas, Texas, USA)
African-American golfer, the first PoC to play in the Ryder Cup, qualify for the Masters and to play non-segregated events in South Africa.
[Picture of Lee Elder]


Elgar, Avril
Born 1 April 1932  (Halifax, UK)
Stage, screen and radio actress, played Mildred's sister Ethel in "George and Mildred".
[Picture of Avril Elgar]


Elias, Rayya Rayya Elias is no longer with us
Born in Aleppo, Syria  (exact date unknown)

Died 4 January 2018  (Frenchtown, New Jersey, USA)

Age at death: 57  (read death notice)
Musician, writer and current squeeze of 'Eat, Pray, Love' empowerment guru Elizabeth Gilbert.
[Picture of Rayya Elias]


Elizabeth II, Queen
Born 21 April 1926  (London, England)
Queen of the UK, basically. Not a popular DDP pick, possibly because her late mother's longevity suggests she may have 20 years left in her yet.
[Picture of Queen Elizabeth II]


Elliott, Barry Barry Elliott is no longer with us
Born 24 December 1941  (Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England)

Died 5 August 2018  (Rotherham, UK)

Age at death: 73  (read death notice)
One half, along with his brother Paul, of the Chuckle Brothers children's "entertainment" duo.
[Picture of Barry Elliott]


Elliott, Ramblin' Jack
Born 1 August 1931  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Hugely influential folk singer, a major influence on both Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. Got his nickname due to his habit of telling long, unending anecdotes.
[Picture of Ramblin' Jack Elliott]


Ellis, Deadly Doug Deadly Doug Ellis is no longer with us
Born 3 January 1924  (Chester, Cheshire, England)

Died 11 October 2018  (Sutton Coldfield, UK)

Age at death: 94  (read death notice)
Former chairman of Aston Villa football club.
[Picture of Deadly Doug Ellis]


Ellis, Greg
Born 21 March 1968  (Wigan, Lancashire, England)
Voice actor. Went missing for 4 days in 2016.
[Picture of Greg Ellis]


Ellison, Harlan Harlan Ellison is no longer with us
Born 27 May 1934  (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

Died 27 June 2018  (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Age at death: 84  (read death notice)
Science fiction author.
[Picture of Harlan Ellison]


Ellsberg, Daniel
Born 7 April 1931  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Former military analyst for the RAND corporation who released the "Pentagon Papers" in 1971, outlining US decision-making during the Vietnam war.
[Picture of Daniel Ellsberg]


Ely, Ron
Born 2 June 1938  (Hereford, Texas, USA)
Actor, one of the former "Tarzan's".
[Picture of Ron Ely]


Eman, Susanne
Date and place of birth unknown
Former world's fattest woman whose attempts at becoming the world's largest bride were stymied when her husband left her at the alter. Presumably she didn't run after him.
[Picture of Susanne Eman]


Emerick, Louis
Born 11 June 1963  (Liverpool, England)
Actor best known as Mick Johnson in 'Brookside' and PC Walsh in 'Last of the Summer Wine'.
[Picture of Louis Emerick]


Emerson, Roy
Born 3 November 1936  (Blackbutt, Queensland, Australia)
One of the all time great tennis players. Held the record for the most grand slam singles titles for many years until being surpassed by Pete Sampras.
[Picture of Roy Emerson]


Emery, Ralph
Born 10 March 1933  (McEwen, Tennessee, USA)
American country music disc jockey and TV host.
[Picture of Ralph Emery]


Emin, Tracey
Born 3 July 1963  (Croydon, Kent, England)
Controversial artist & photographer.
[Picture of Tracey Emin]


Eminem, (rapper)
Born 17 October 1972  (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)
[Picture of (rapper) Eminem]


Engle, Joe
Born 26 August 1932  (Chapman, Kansas, USA)
Nasa astronaut, the last living pilot for the X-15 programme.
[Picture of Joe Engle]


Englert, Francois
Born 6 November 1932  (Brussels, Belgium)
Co-winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics.
[Picture of Francois Englert]


Enquist, P. O.
Born 23 September 1934  (Hjoggbole, Skelleftea, Vasterbotten, Sweden)
Swedish author. Wrote 'The Visit of the Royal Physician'. Does he need a physician too?
[Picture of P. O. Enquist]


Enya, (Singer)
Born 17 May 1961  (Gweedore, Ireland)
Ireland's biggest-selling solo artist who spends most of her life cloistered up in her castle. Provided the official soundtrack to the 9/11 attacks with "Only Time".
[Picture of (Singer) Enya]


Epstein, Michael A.
Born 18 May 1921  (place of birth unknown)
British pathologist, one of the team that discovered the Epstein-Barr virus in 1964.
[Picture of Michael A. Epstein]


Erdman, Jean
Born 20 February 1916  (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)
Modern dance choreographer.
[Picture of Jean Erdman]


Erdogan, Recep Tayyip
Born 26 February 1954  (Istanbul, Turkey)
Prime Minister of Turkey since 2003.
[Picture of Recep Tayyip Erdogan]


Erekat, Saeb
Born 28 April 1955  (Abu Dis, Palestine)
Palestinian diplomat who helped agree the Oslo Accords with Israel. That worked.
[Picture of Saeb Erekat]


Eriksson, Carl-Erik
Born 20 May 1930  (Stockholm, Sweden)
Olympic bobsledder for Sweden, first person to compete in six Olympic Games (1964-84). Flag bearer for Sweden in 1976 at Innsbruck.
[Picture of Carl-Erik Eriksson]


Ermey, R. Lee R. Lee Ermey is no longer with us
Born 24 March 1944  (Emporia, Kansas, USA)

Died 15 April 2018  (Santa Monica, California, USA)

Age at death: 74  (read death notice)
US marine, turned actor - best known for his role as Sgt. Hartman in 'Full Metal Jacket'. Now also a military historian.
[Picture of R. Lee Ermey]


Erskine, Carl
Born 13 December 1926  (Anderson, Indiana, USA)
Baseball pitcher for the Brooklyn (then Los Angeles) Dodgers.
[Picture of Carl Erskine]


Erskine, Kenneth
Born 1 July 1963  (London, UK)
The so-called "Stockwell Strangler", a notorious serial killer who terrorised London during the 1980s, sexually assaulting and strangling numerous pensioners.
[Picture of Kenneth Erskine]


Esaki, Leo
Born 12 March 1925  (Osaka, Japan)
Nobel Prize-winning Japanese physicist.
[Picture of Leo Esaki]


Essebsi, Beji Caid
Born 29 November 1926  (Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia)
President of Tunisia since December 2014. Who says politicians have to be young?
[Picture of Beji Caid Essebsi]


Estensen, Elizabeth
Born 10 August 1949  (Stockton-on-Tees, UK)
Actress who came to fame thanks to her appearance in Willy Russell works. She has played Diane Sugden in "Emmerdale" since 1999.
[Picture of Elizabeth Estensen]


Estevez, Emilio
Born 12 May 1962  (Staten Island, New York, USA)
Brat Pack actor who apparently has the best wages-to-box-office ratio of any leading man in Hollywood history. Get him in the MCU lads.
[Picture of Emilio Estevez]


Etheridge, Melissa
Born 29 May 1961  (Leavenworth, Kansas, USA)
Female rock singer & songwriter. Has suffered & recovered from cancer.
[Picture of Melissa Etheridge]


Eure, Wesley
Born 17 August 1951  (Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA)
Actor, singer, author, producer, director, charity fundraiser, and lecturer, best known as Michael Horton in 'Days of Our Lives'.
[Picture of Wesley Eure]


Evans, Chris
Born 1 April 1966  (Warrington, UK)
Ginger TV and radio host who we all liked for 18 months in the 1990s and we've been paying for it ever since.
[Picture of Chris Evans]


Evans, Lee
Born 25 February 1947  (Madera, California, USA)
Olympic 400m champion in 1968 and held the World record in the event for nearly twenty years. Has the same birthday as his namesake, the rubber-faced comedian.
[Picture of Lee Evans]


Evans, Linda
Born 18 November 1942  (Hartford, Connecticut, USA)
US actress, best known for playing Krystle Carrington in 'Dynasty' in the 1980s.
[Picture of Linda Evans]


Evans, Nicholas
Born 26 July 1950  (Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England)
Screenwriter, author and journalist, known for 'The Horse Whisperer'. Had a kidney transplant from a donation by his daughter in 2011 following a mushroom poisoning in 2008. Who on the DDP cooked the meal?
[Picture of Nicholas Evans]


Everett, Mark Oliver
Born 10 April 1963  (Virginia, USA)
AKA "E", maverick singer and songwriter for US indie band Eels.
[Picture of Mark Oliver Everett]


Everly, Don
Born 1 February 1937  (Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, USA)
The elder of the famous Everly Brothers singing group.
[Picture of Don Everly]

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