Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2013: D


da Silva, Luiz Inácio Lula
Born 6 October 1945  (Garanhuns, Brazil)
President of Brazil from 2003 to 2010.
[Picture of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva]


Dagan, Meir
Born 30 January 1945  (Somewhere between Russia and Poland!)
Israeli commander, once head of the feared Mossad organisation.
[Picture of Meir Dagan]


Daily, Bill
Born 30 August 1927  (Des Moines, Iowa, USA)
Comedian and actor best known as Larry Hagman's sidekick Tony Nelson in the 1960s cult classic 'I Dream of Jeannie'.
[Picture of Bill Daily]


Daker, David
Born in Bilston, England  (exact date unknown)
Familiar character actor whose known role was as Harry Crawford in the 1980s series 'Boon' with the late Michael Elphick. Born c.1937.
[Picture of David Daker]


Dale, Alan
Born 6 May 1947  (Dunedin, New Zealand)
Depending on your age/TV likes - Jim Robinson in 'Neighbours' or Bradford Meade in 'Ugly Betty'. Rather worryingly for Dale, three of his best known characters have died of heart-attacks...
[Picture of Alan Dale]


Dale, Dick
Born 4 May 1937  (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
Surf-rock guitarist.
[Picture of Dick Dale]


Dale, Jim
Born 15 August 1935  (Rothwell, Northamptonshire, England)
Actor, one of the few living stars of Carry On, whose Carry On legend status was severely damaged when he appeared in the woeful Carry on Columbus.
[Picture of Jim Dale]


Dallas, Hugh
Born 26 October 1957  (Allanton, near Shotts, Scotland)
Former SPL referee who resigned as the SFA Referee Development Officer in November 2010 after making inappropriate comments about Pope Benedict XVI through the snide's charter that is Twitter.
[Picture of Hugh Dallas]


Dalton, Timothy
Born 21 March 1946  (Colwyn Bay, Wales)
Actor, the 4th man to play James Bond on screen.
[Picture of Timothy Dalton]


Daltrey, Roger
Born 1 March 1944  (Hammersmith, London, England)
Rock singer, lead singer of The Who. Occasional actor as well.
[Picture of Roger Daltrey]


Damone, Vic
Born 12 June 1928  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Italian-American easy-listening singer.
[Picture of Vic Damone]


Dana, Bill
Born 5 October 1924  (Quincy, Massachusetts, USA)
Comedian and writer, known in the U.S. For his "José Jiménez" character on television.
[Picture of Bill Dana]


Dangi, Chandra Bahadur
Born 30 November 1939  (Kalimati, Salyan District, Nepal)
The World's shortest man as recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2012.
[Picture of Chandra Bahadur Dangi]


Daniel, Jamie
Born in Glasgow, Scotland  (exact date unknown)
Scottish gang leader, now stricken with cancer. Born 1958.
[Picture of Jamie Daniel]


Danielle, Suzanne
Born 14 January 1957  (London, England)
Actress, wife of golfer Sam Torrance.
[Picture of Suzanne Danielle]


Daniels, Paul
Born 6 April 1938  (Middlesbrough, England)
Magician and generally ubiquitous light-entertainment TV celebrity, the lowest point in whose career (and let's face it, it has a lot of competition) was probably presenting the late 1980s kids' TV programme 'Wizbit'. An eight-foot rabbit named Willy and a three-foot cone-shaped creature starring alongside a four-foot toupée-wearing conjuror...truly, truly dreadful.
[Picture of Paul Daniels]


Danneels, Godfried
Born 4 June 1933  (Kanegem, Tielt, Belgium)
Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels from 1979-2010.
[Picture of Godfried Danneels]


Darby, Kim
Born 8 July 1947  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Actress best known for her role as Mattie Ross in the classic 1969 western 'True Grit'.
[Picture of Kim Darby]


Darren, James
Born 8 June 1936  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Actor & singer - a teen idol, who later had a recurring role in 'TJ Hooker'.
[Picture of James Darren]


Darrieux, Danielle
Born 1 May 1917  (Bordeaux, France)
French singer & movie actress, who made some films in America.
[Picture of Danielle Darrieux]


Darrow, Henry
Born 15 September 1933  (New York City, New York, USA)
Puerto-Rican American actor best known for his role as Manolito Montoya in 'The High Chaparral'.
[Picture of Henry Darrow]


Darski, Adam
Born 10 June 1977  (Gdynia, Poland)
Lead singer of Polish death metal band Behemoth.
[Picture of Adam Darski]


Dass, Ram
Born 6 April 1931  (Bosron, Massachusetts, USA)
American hippie author. Converted to Hinduism from Judaism in 1967. Born Richard Alpert.
[Picture of Ram Dass]


Davenport, Nigel Nigel Davenport is no longer with us
Born 23 May 1928  (Shelford, Cambridgeshire, England)

Died 25 October 2013  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 85  (read death notice)
Prolific film and television actor. Son Jack is also a successful actor.
[Picture of Nigel Davenport]


Davi, Robert
Born 26 June 1953  (Astoria, New York, USA)
Pock-marked actor turned jazz singer.
[Picture of Robert Davi]


Davidson, Jaye
Born 21 March 1968  (Riverside, California, USA)
American-born British actor best remembered for his performance in 'The Crying Game' for which he was nominated for best supporting actor.
[Picture of Jaye Davidson]


Daviđsson, Kristján
Born 28 July 1917  (Reykjavik, Iceland)
Icelandic artist. Died in May 2013 but no obit.
[Picture of Kristján Daviđsson]


Davies, Dave
Born 3 February 1947  (Muswell Hill, London, England)
Younger brother of Ray and fellow member of the Kinks.
[Picture of Dave Davies]


Davies, Diana
Born 20 July 1936  (Manchester, England)
Actress who appeared in both 'Coronation Street' and Emmerdale Farm' over the years.
[Picture of Diana Davies]


Davies, Ray
Born 21 June 1944  (Muswell Hill, London, England)
Legendary songwriter and lead singer of The Kinks.
[Picture of Ray Davies]


Davies, Richard
Born 25 January 1926  (Dowlais, Wales)
Welsh-born Welsh actor from Wales. Always played the Welsh bloke.
[Picture of Richard Davies]


Davies, Ron Ron Davies is no longer with us
Born 25 May 1942  (Holywell, Flintshire, Wales)

Died 24 May 2013  (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)

Age at death: 70  (read death notice)
Former Southampton FC and Wales centre forward.
[Picture of Ron Davies]


Davies, Windsor
Born 28 August 1930  (Canning Town, London, England)
English-born but Welsh-bred thespian who over-acted his way through dreadful '70s sitcom 'It Ain't Half Hot, Mum' and the cringeworthy 'Never The Twain'.
[Picture of Windsor Davies]


Davis, Ann B.
Born 3 May 1926  (Schenectady, New York, USA)
Veteran film actress.
[Picture of Ann B. Davis]


Davis, Clive
Born 4 April 1932  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Music producer, founder & long time head of Arista Records.
[Picture of Clive Davis]


Davis, Dickie
Born 22 January 1922  (Birmingham, England)
Former striker for Sunderland AFC.
[Picture of Dickie Davis]


Dawkins, Richard
Born 26 March 1941  (Nairobi, Kenya)
Noted and controversial evolutionary biologist. When he dies, if there's a hint of a pearly gate in front of him, he's in shit streak!
[Picture of Richard Dawkins]


Dawn, Liz
Born 8 November 1939  (Leeds, Yorkshire, England)
Star of Coronation Street for many years, playing gobby fishwife Vera Duckworth. Diagnosed with emphysema in 2004.
[Picture of Liz Dawn]


Dawson, Ronnie
Born 5 June 1932  (Dublin, Rep of Ireland)
Former Ireland and British Lions rugby union international. Captained the Lions on the 1959 tour of Australia & New Zealand.
[Picture of Ronnie Dawson]


Day, Doris
Born 3 April 1924  (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)
One of America's most prolific actresses of the 1950s and '60s, born Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff. After the death of her third husband, Marty Melcher, in 1968, she quit movies and turned to television and later to animal welfare.
[Picture of Doris Day]


Day, Muriel
Born 11 January 1942  (Newtownards, County Down, Northern Ireland)
Irish singer who was the first to represent the Emerald Isle in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965.
[Picture of Muriel Day]


Day O'Connor, Sandra
Born 26 March 1930  (El Paso, Texas, USA)
Former member of the US Supreme Court.
[Picture of Sandra Day O'Connor]


de Bonafini, Hebe
Born 4 December 1928  (Ensenada, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina)
Argentine political activist.
[Picture of Hebe de Bonafini]


de Brún, Bairbre
Born 10 January 1954  (Dublin, Rep of Ireland)
Dublin-born Northern Ireland politician. Represented the province as an MEP before stepping down in 2012.
[Picture of Bairbre de Brún]


de Filippis, Maria Teresa
Born 11 November 1926  (Naples, Italy)
The first woman to race in Formula 1, in 1958.
[Picture of Maria Teresa de Filippis]


de Givenchy, Hubert
Born 21 February 1927  (Beauvias, France)
Fashion designer and founder of The House of Givenchy.
[Picture of Hubert de Givenchy]


de Havilland, Olivia
Born 1 July 1916  (Tokyo, Japan)
Sister of Joan Fontaine, but hasn't spoken to her since 1942. Actress who picked up the award-winning parts, largely as she wasn't the most glamorous girl on the block. Now retired and living in France.
[Picture of Olivia de Havilland]


De Jong, Piet
Born 3 April 1915  (Apeldoorn, Netherlands)
Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands between 1967-1971.
[Picture of Piet De Jong]


de Klerk, F. W.
Born 18 March 1936  (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Former President of South Africa from 1989-1994.
[Picture of F. W. de Klerk]


de la Huerta, Paz
Born 3 September 1984  (New York City, New York, USA)
Sultry actress from 'Broadwalk Empire'.
[Picture of Paz de la Huerta]


de la Parra, Adolfo
Born 8 February 1946  (Mexico City, Mexico)
Drummer with 60s rockers Canned Heat.
[Picture of Adolfo de la Parra]


de la Renta, Oscar
Born 22 July 1932  (Dominican Republic)
Fashion designer.
[Picture of Oscar de la Renta]


de la Rúa, Fernando
Born 15 September 1937  (Córdoba, Argentina)
President of Argentina from 1999-2001.
[Picture of Fernando de la Rúa]


De Low, Dorothy
Born 5 October 1910  (London, England)
England-born Australian table tennis player.
[Picture of Dorothy De Low]


De Niro, Robert
Born 17 August 1943  (New York City, New York, USA)
Big-name Hollywood actor, whose 60 or so films since the one which made his name ('Taxi Driver', 1976) have included numerous smash hits, plus a few, such as 'The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle', where he'd have been better advised to file the script in the bin.
[Picture of Robert De Niro]


de Oliveira, Manoel
Born 12 January 1908  (Oporto, Portugal)
Portuguese film director.
[Picture of Manoel de Oliveira]


de Tommaso, Carmen
Born 31 August 1909  (Châteauroux, France)
French fashion designer, known as Madame Carmen.
[Picture of Carmen de Tommaso]


de Villeneuve, Justin
Born in London, England  (exact date unknown)
Born Nigel Davies, was the manager-boyfriend to sixies model Twiggy before their separation in 1973.
[Picture of Justin de Villeneuve]


de Wardener, Professor H. E. Professor H. E. de Wardener is no longer with us
Born 8 October 1915  (Paris, France)

Died 29 September 2013  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 97  (read death notice)
Nephrologist. That's a kidney expert to you and me.
[Picture of Professor H. E. de Wardener]


Deacon, John
Born 19 August 1951  (Leicester, England)
Quiet and enigmatic bass player and songwriter for rock giants Queen.
[Picture of John Deacon]


Deadman, Derek
Born in London, England  (exact date unknown)
Diminuitve, bag 'o spanners-faced TV actor from the likes of 'Never the Twain'.
[Picture of Derek Deadman]


Dean, John
Born 14 October 1938  (Akron, Ohio, USA)
Former White House Counsel to Richard Nixon. Became deeply involved in the Watergate Scandal. Now an author and political activist.
[Picture of John Dean]


Dean, Rev Reginald Rev Reginald Dean is no longer with us
Born 4 November 1902  (Tunstall, Staffordshire, England)

Died 5 January 2013  (Wirksworth, Derbyshire, England)

Age at death: 110  (read death notice)
Britain's oldest man as of the end of 2011.
[Picture of Rev Reginald Dean]


DeCormier, Robert
Born 7 January 1922  (New Jersey, USA)
Music conductor and arranger.
[Picture of Robert DeCormier]


Dee, Ruby
Born 27 October 1924  (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Film actress & playwright (amongst other credits), the widow of actor Ossie Davis.
[Picture of Ruby Dee]


Dees, Rick
Born 14 March 1950  (Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
American comedian and radio personality.
[Picture of Rick Dees]


Degazon, Fred
Born 4 January 1913  (Castries, Saint Lucia)
First president of Dominica.
[Picture of Fred Degazon]


DeGeneres, Ellen
Born 26 January 1958  (Metairie, Louisiana, USA)
Comedian and actress who famously "came out" to Oprah Winfrey in 1997.
[Picture of Ellen DeGeneres]


Deif, Mohammed
Born in Khan Younis, Gaza, Palestine  (exact date unknown)
Commander of the military wing of Hamas, and suspected master bomb-maker. Target of several Israeli assassination attempts to date.
[Picture of Mohammed Deif]


Del Grande, Louis
Born 23 March 1943  (Union City, New Jersey, USA)
Canadian actor and writer best recognised from the "exploding head" scene in David Cronenburg's 1981 horror classic 'Scanners'.
[Picture of Louis Del Grande]


Del Monte, Bill
Born 22 January 1906  (San Francisco, California, USA)
Survivor of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 when only 3 months old.
[Picture of Bill Del Monte]


Del Potro, Juan Martin
Born 23 September 1988  (Tandil, Argentina)
Lanky Argentine tennis player, probably the best placed player to upset the Djokovic-Federer-Nadal-Murray axis that currently rules men's tennis.
[Picture of Juan Martin Del Potro]


del Toro, Benicio
Born 19 February 1967  (San German, Puerto Rico)
Oscar-winning Puerto Rican actor best known for his role in the 1995 cult classic 'The Usual Suspects'.
[Picture of Benicio del Toro]


Delaney, Kim
Born 29 November 1961  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Actress - Detective Russell in 'NYPD Blue'.
[Picture of Kim Delaney]


Delors, Jacques
Born 20 July 1925  (Paris, France)
President of the European Commission from 1985-95.
[Picture of Jacques Delors]


Demirel, Süleyman
Born 1 November 1924  (Islamköy, Atabey, Isparta, Turkey)
Turkish politician. Seven times Prime Minister and eventually president from 1993-2000.
[Picture of Süleyman Demirel]


Dench, Judi
Born 9 December 1934  (York, Yorkshire, England)
Actress, firstly in stage, then became famous in TV sitcoms, before appearing in an increasing number of feature films.
[Picture of Judi Dench]


Dennerly, Robert
Date and place of birth unknown
Former Plymouth Argyle FC vice-chairman. Born c.1948. Died in May 2013 but no obit.
[Picture of Robert Dennerly]


Denning, Chris
Born 10 May 1941  (London, England)
One of the original DJs at the start of Radio 1 in 1967. Later convicted for a series of child pornography/ assault charges.
[Picture of Chris Denning]


Dennis, Felix
Born in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England  (exact date unknown)
Magazine publisher, best known for Maxim.
[Picture of Felix Dennis]


Depardieu, Gérard
Born 27 December 1948  (Chateauroux, France)
Top French actor, who has acted in international films as well. Switched nationalities in 2012 to Russia for tax reasons, le berk...
[Picture of Gérard Depardieu]


Depp, Johnny
Born 9 June 1963  (Owensboro, Kentucky, USA)
Actor, often in kooky roles & beloved by many a female.
[Picture of Johnny Depp]


Derby-Lewis, Clive
Born 22 January 1936  (Cape Town South Africa)
Right-wing Afrikaaner politician, jailed for his part in the assassination of activist Chris Hani in 1993.
[Picture of Clive Derby-Lewis]


Derbyshire, Eileen
Born 6 October 1930  (Urmston, Manchester, England)
Actress, has played Emily Bishop in 'Coronation Street' since 1961.
[Picture of Eileen Derbyshire]


Derbyshire, John
Born 3 June 1945  (Northampton, England)
British born American conservative writer.
[Picture of John Derbyshire]


Dern, Bruce
Born 4 June 1936  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Actor, best known for playing complete fruitcakes on the silver screen.
[Picture of Bruce Dern]


Derringer, Rick
Born 5 August 1947  (Fort Recovery, Ohio, USA)
Rock guitarist who worked with the Winter brothers and Steely Dan amongst others.
[Picture of Rick Derringer]


DeVito, Danny
Born 17 November 1944  (Neptune, New Jersey, USA)
Pint-sized actor, now director & producer. Best known TV wise for 'Taxi' - in films he appeared in 'Twins' and 'Batman Returns'.
[Picture of Danny DeVito]


Devlin McAliskey, Bernadette
Born 23 April 1947  (Cookstown, Tyrone, Northern Ireland)
Northern Irish republican and civil rights activist who became the youngest woman ever to be elected to the UK Parliament in 1969 aged just 21.
[Picture of Bernadette Devlin McAliskey]


Devonshire, The Duchess of
Born 31 March 1920  (Asthall Manor, Oxfordshire, England)
Deborah Mitford, youngest and sole survivor of the famous Mitford sisters. Was married to the late Duke of Devonshire for over 60 years; just to be different, they lived in Derbyshire.
[Picture of The Duchess of Devonshire]


Devoto, Howard
Born 15 March 1952  (Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England)
Original lead singer for punk band Buzzcocks before leaving in 1977 to form Magazine.
[Picture of Howard Devoto]


Dewani, Shrien
Born in Bristol, Somerset, England  (exact date unknown)
Accused of killing his newlywed wife in a suspicious attack in South Africa, and then has claimed "illness" ever since. Born 1979.
[Picture of Shrien Dewani]


Dexter, Colin
Born 29 September 1930  (Stamford, Lincolnshire, England)
Author, creator of 'Inspector Morse'.
[Picture of Colin Dexter]


Dexter, Ted
Born 15 May 1935  (Milan, Italy)
Italian born, but very English cricketer, a successful test player who later became a broadcaster, then a selector.
[Picture of Ted Dexter]


Di Stefano, Alfredo
Born 4 July 1926  (Barrancas, Argentina)
Acknowledged as one of the greatest footballers ever. Enjoyed a fruitful partnership with Ferenc Puskas at Real Madrid, during which the club won the European Cup 5 times in a row, from 1956-60.
[Picture of Alfredo Di Stefano]


Diamond, Michael "Mike D"
Born 20 November 1965  (New York City, New York, USA)
Founder member of legendary hip-hop outfit the Beastie Boys.
[Picture of Michael


Diaz, Justino
Born 29 January 1940  (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Puero Rican opera singer.
[Picture of Justino Diaz]


Dick, Andy
Born 21 December 1965  (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)
Extremely controversial American comic actor, who hosts his own radio show called 'The Shit Show'.
[Picture of Andy Dick]


Dick, Derek
Born 25 April 1958  (Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland)
Better known as "Fish", lead singer of the 80s prog rock band Marillion.
[Picture of Derek Dick]


Dickens, Little Jimmy
Born 19 December 1920  (Bolt, West Virginia, USA)
Diminuitive country and western singer. Has played at the Grand Ole Opry for over 60 years.
[Picture of Little Jimmy Dickens]


Dickinson, David
Born 16 August 1941  (Cheadle Heath, Cheshire, England)
Orange TV antiques expert. At least one DDPer thinks he should be looking for a "cheap as chips" coffin this year.
[Picture of David Dickinson]


Dicks, Terrance
Born 10 May 1935  (East Ham, Essex, England)
Writer and producer forever known for his association with 'Doctor Who'. Script editor of the show from 1968-1974 and author of over 100 spin-off novelisations.
[Picture of Terrance Dicks]


Dickson Wright, Clarissa
Born 28 June 1947  (St John's Wood, London, England)
Born Clarissa Theresa Philomena Aileen Mary Josephine Agnes Elsie Trilby Louise Esmerelda Dickson Wright, which is going to be hell to carve onto a gravestone. One of the Two Fat Ladies (Celebrity chefs), so it's going to be hell to put her in the grave.
[Picture of Clarissa Dickson Wright]


Didion, Joan
Born 5 December 1934  (Sacramento, California, USA)
Writer and journalist.
[Picture of Joan Didion]


Dill, Diana
Born 22 January 1923  (Hamilton, Bermuda)
Actress & former wife of Kirk Douglas.
[Picture of Diana Dill]


Dimmock, Peter
Born 6 December 1920  (London, England)
Former Head of the BBC's Outside Broadcasts, which included sport and big public events, like The Queen's Coronation. Also the first presenter of 'Grandstand'.
[Picture of Peter Dimmock]


Dine, Jim
Born 16 June 1935  (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)
American pop artist.
[Picture of Jim Dine]


Dinkins, David
Born 10 July 1927  (Trenton, New Jersey, USA)
The only African American to hold the office of Mayor of New York, which Dinkins did from 1990-1993.
[Picture of David Dinkins]


Diouf, Abdou
Born 7 September 1935  (Louga, Senegal)
President of Senegal from 1981-2000. A veritable blink of an eye compared to a lot of African leaders...
[Picture of Abdou Diouf]


Dixon, Jill
Born in England  (exact date unknown)
Actress. Born 1935.
[Picture of Jill Dixon]


Djokovic, Novak
Born 22 May 1987  (Belgrade, Serbia)
Likeable tennis champion with the bog brush hair. Six times a grand slam champion including Wimbledon in 2011.
[Picture of Novak Djokovic]


Docherty, Tommy
Born 24 August 1928  (Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland)
Scottish international footballer and outspoken football manager.
[Picture of Tommy Docherty]


Dodd, Ken
Born 8 November 1927  (Liverpool, England)
End-of-the-pier stand-up comedian turned TV star and surprisingly successful singer. Not remotely funny to anyone under the age of about 70. Will this be the year he says "tatty bye" for the last time?
[Picture of Ken Dodd]


Dodds, Billy
Born 5 February 1969  (New Cumnock, Scotland)
Former striker for Dundee, Aberdeen, Dundee United and Rangers, amongst others, and now a broadcaster for BBC Scotland.
[Picture of Billy Dodds]


Doerr, Bobby
Born 7 April 1918  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Major League Baseball player. Second baseman for the Boston Red Sox.
[Picture of Bobby Doerr]


Dogg, Snoop
Born 20 October 1971  (Long Beach, California, USA)
Gangsta rapper, born Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.
[Picture of Snoop Dogg]


Doherty, Pete
Born 12 March 1979  (Liverpool, England)
Former lead singer of The Libertines, now with Babyshambles. His addictions to heroin and crack have made his behaviour increasingly random, self-centred and downright tedious.
[Picture of Pete Doherty]


Dole, Bob
Born 22 July 1923  (Russell, Kansas, USA)
Veteran US politician, former Presidential candidate back in 1996.
[Picture of Bob Dole]


Doll, Dora
Born 19 May 1922  (Berlin, Germany)
French actress.
[Picture of Dora Doll]


Domino, Fats
Born 26 February 1928  (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)
American rock 'n' roll star.
[Picture of Fats Domino]


Don Baker, Joe
Born 12 February 1936  (Groesbeck, Texas, USA)
Actor, best known for his role as Jack Wade in 'Goldeneye'.
[Picture of Joe Don Baker]


Doncaster, Neil
Born in Devon, England  (exact date unknown)
Chief Executive of the Scottish League since 2009. Born 1970.
[Picture of Neil Doncaster]


Donleavy, J. P.
Born 23 April 1926  (New York City, New York, USA)
America-born Irish author of the realist school of literature.
[Picture of J. P. Donleavy]


Doocey, Dee
Born 2 May 1948  (Dublin, Rep of Ireland)
Liberal Democrat peer.
[Picture of Dee Doocey]


Doonican, Val
Born 3 February 1927  (Waterford, Republic of Ireland)
Cardigan-wearing crooner, who for many years had a large, mainly geriatric, fan base.
[Picture of Val Doonican]


Doré, Edna
Born in Bromley, Kent, England  (exact date unknown)
Veteran British actress, probably best remembered for playing Frank Butcher's Mum in 'EastEnders'. Born 1921.
[Picture of Edna Doré]


d'Ormesson, Jean
Born 16 June 1925  (Paris, France)
French novelist.
[Picture of Jean d'Ormesson]


Dorodova, Zoya
Born 15 April 1940  (Russia)
Member of the band Buranovskiye Babushki, the so-called "Russian gannies" who represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012.
[Picture of Zoya Dorodova]


Dorst, Tankred
Born 19 December 1925  (Sonneberg, Thuringia, Germany)
German playwright.
[Picture of Tankred Dorst]


dos Santos, José Eduardo
Born 28 August 1942  (Luanda, Angola)
President of Angola since 1979.
[Picture of José Eduardo dos Santos]


Dotrice, Michele
Born 27 September 1948  (Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England)
Actress still best known today for her role as Betty, the long-suffering wife of Michael Crawford's iconic Frank Spencer in 'Some Mothers Do ’Ave ’Em'. Was married to Edward Woodward from 1987 till his death in 2009.
[Picture of Michele Dotrice]


Dougal, Stuart
Born 6 November 1962  (place of birth unknown)
Scottish former football referee.
[Picture of Stuart Dougal]


Douglas, Angela
Born 29 October 1940  (Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, England)
Actress who appeared in several 'Carry On' films in the 1960s. Widow of actor Kenneth More.
[Picture of Angela Douglas]


Douglas, Kirk
Born 9 December 1916  (New York, New York, USA)
Born Issur Danielovitch Demsky. Has appeared in over 100 films, spanning almost 60 years, and still going. Father of Michael.
[Picture of Kirk Douglas]


Douglas, Michael
Born 25 September 1944  (New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA)
Followed his father Kirk into films, and was a moderately successful actor for 20 years until 'Fatal Attraction' really launched him into superstardom in 1987, quickly followed by 'Wall Street' and 'Basic Instinct'. Somehow managed to pull Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is exactly 25 years his junior.
[Picture of Michael Douglas]


Douglas, Roy
Born 12 December 1907  (Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England)
Composer of classical music.
[Picture of Roy Douglas]


Douglas-Scott-Montagu, Edward
Born 20 October 1926  (London, England)
Peer whose 1954 conviction for gross indeceny was one of the most high profile convictions for homosexuality until its lifting as a criminal offence in 1967.
[Picture of Edward Douglas-Scott-Montagu]


Downs, Hugh
Born 14 February 1921  (Akron, Ohio, USA)
American broadcaster, producer and game show host.
[Picture of Hugh Downs]


Downs, Jane
Born 22 January 1935  (Bromley, Kent, England)
Actress who was married to TV smoothies Gerald Harper and Terrance Alexander.
[Picture of Jane Downs]


Dr. John, (musician)
Born 21 November 1940  (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)
Quirky rhythm and blues singer, whose 1968 debut album 'Gris-Gris' bacame a cult classic. Born Malcolm John Rebennack, Jr.
[Picture of (musician) Dr. John]


Droese, Mike
Born 3 October 1970  (Lodi, California, USA)
Retired professional wrestler.
[Picture of Mike Droese]


Drury, James
Born 18 April 1934  (New York City, New York, USA)
Actor, star of US 1960s Western series 'The Virginian'.
[Picture of James Drury]


Du Cann, Edward
Born 28 May 1924  (Oxford, England)
Tory MP for Taunton for 31 years, and former head of the influential backbench 1922 Committee.
[Picture of Edward Du Cann]


Dua, Abu
Born in Samarra, Iraq  (exact date unknown)
Reputed head of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Born 1971.
[Picture of Abu Dua]


Dubs, Alf
Born 12 December 1932  (Prague, Czechoslovakia)
Former MP for Battersea & one of the children saved from the Nazi's by Sir Nicholas Winton.
[Picture of Alf Dubs]


Duff, Mickey
Born 7 June 1929  (Krakow, Poland)
Ex-boxer turned boxing promoter. Real name Monek Prager.
[Picture of Mickey Duff]


Dugdale, William
Born 29 March 1922  (Merevale, Warwickshire, England)
Former chairman of Aston Villa.
[Picture of William Dugdale]


Dukakis, Michael
Born 3 November 1933  (Brookline, Massachusetts, USA)
Former Democrat govenor of Massachusetts, who unsuccessfully ran for President in 1988.
[Picture of Michael Dukakis]


Duke, Geoff
Born 29 March 1923  (St Helens, Lancashire, England)
Former World Motorcycle champion and five times winner of the Isle of Man TT.
[Picture of Geoff Duke]


Dullea, Keir
Born 30 May 1936  (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Actor, forever known as astronaut David "Dave" Bowman in Stanley Kubrick's epic 1968 film '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Funny to think we're a decade passed that now and no monolith to be found...
[Picture of Keir Dullea]


Dunagan, Donnie
Born 16 August 1934  (San Antonio, Texas, USA)
The voice of the young Bambi in the famously sentimental film. Left Hollywood behind afterwards for a career in the Marines.
[Picture of Donnie Dunagan]


Dunaway, Faye
Born 14 January 1941  (Bascom, Florida, USA)
Actress, in films for over 40 years now.
[Picture of Faye Dunaway]


Duncan, Jock
Born in New Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland  (exact date unknown)
Scottish traditional folk singer. Born 1925.
[Picture of Jock Duncan]


Dundas, David
Born 2 June 1945  (Oxford, England)
Musician. Provided the memorable themes for Channel 4 and TV-am.
[Picture of David Dundas]


Dunham, Jeff
Born 18 April 1962  (Dallas, Texas, USA)
Comedian and ventriloquist, best known for his painfully unfunny "Achmed the Dead Terrorist" routine.
[Picture of Jeff Dunham]


Dunlop, John L.
Born 10 July 1939  (Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England)
Horse trainer who trained two Derby winners.
[Picture of John L. Dunlop]


Dunlop, Michael
Born 10 March 1988  (Ballymoney, Northern Ireland)
Northern Irish motorcyclist.
[Picture of Michael Dunlop]


Dunlop, William
Born 23 July 1985  (Ballymoney, Northern Ireland)
Northern Irish motorcyclist. Brother of Michael.
[Picture of William Dunlop]


Dunn, Carola
Born 14 November 1946  (place of birth unknown)
British-born American crime writer of the "Miss Daisy" set of novels.
[Picture of Carola Dunn]


Dunne, Murphy
Born in Chicago, Illinois, USA  (exact date unknown)
Keyboardist as featured in 'The Blues Brothers'. Born 1942.
[Picture of Murphy Dunne]


Dunst, Kirsten
Born 30 April 1982  (Point Pleasent, New Jersey, New York)
Actress, first gained fame as a child actress in 'Interview with a Vampire' before appearing in the 'Spider-Man' trilogy.
[Picture of Kirsten Dunst]


Dupieux, Quentin
Born 14 April 1974  (Paris, France)
French electronic musician best known under the name of Mr Oizo.
[Picture of Quentin Dupieux]


Durbin, Deanna Deanna Durbin is no longer with us
Born 4 December 1921  (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Died 30 April 2013  (Paris, France)

Age at death: 91  (read death notice)
Canadian singer and actress who had fame in the 1930s before withdrawing from public life in 1950.
[Picture of Deanna Durbin]


Durham, Geoffrey
Born 22 July 1949  (East Molesey, Surrey, England)
Magician, often known professionally as 'The Great Suprendo'.
[Picture of Geoffrey Durham]


Duva, Lou
Born 28 May 1922  (New York, New York, USA)
Long-time boxing trainer & manager.
[Picture of Lou Duva]


Duvalier, Jean-Claude
Born 3 July 1951  (Port-Au-Prince, Haiti)
Former leader of Haiti, son of the notorious "Papa Doc" Duvalier.
[Picture of Jean-Claude Duvalier]


Duvall, Robert
Born 5 January 1931  (San Diego, California, USA)
US movie actor & director, in countless films since 1962.
[Picture of Robert Duvall]


Duvall, Shelley
Born 7 July 1949  (Houston, Texas, USA)
Actress, best known for her role in Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining'.
[Picture of Shelley Duvall]


Dyer, Deborah Anne
Born 3 August 1967  (London, England)
AKA Skin, the lead singer of 90s rock band Skunk Anansie.
[Picture of Deborah Anne Dyer]


Dylan, Bob
Born 24 May 1941  (Duluth, Minnesota, USA)
Legendary folk singer with an annoying voice. Still touring.
[Picture of Bob Dylan]

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