Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2012: N


Nadir, Asil
Born 1 May 1941  (Lefka, Cyprus)
Turkish-Cypriot businessman, who fled the UK in 1993, after he was charged with false accounting and fraud when chief executive of Polly Peck. Returned to Britain to face the music in 2010.
[Picture of Asil Nadir]


Nagasaki, Kendo
Born 19 October 1946  (Stoke-on-Trent, England)
Born Peter Thornley, was the mysterious, samurai-dressed wrestler usually on ITV's 'World of Sport' programme with Big Daddy and the like. Now there's a wrestler I have bloody well heard of!
[Picture of Kendo Nagasaki]


Nagle, Kel
Born 21 December 1920  (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Golfer, won the Open Championship in 1960.
[Picture of Kel Nagle]


Najihah, Tuanku
Born 1 September 1924  (Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia)
Malaysian Royal, Queen of a large area in Malaysia.
[Picture of Tuanku Najihah]


Nakasone, Yasuhiro
Born 27 May 1918  (Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, Japan)
Former Prime Minister of Japan, known for pushing through the privatisation of state-owned companies and the breakup of Japan National Railways.
[Picture of Yasuhiro Nakasone]


Napoles, José
Born 13 April 1940  (Santiago, Cuba)
Cuban-born Mexican boxer. World champion in the Welterweight division from 1969-75.
[Picture of José Napoles]


Nash, Graham
Born 2 February 1942  (Blackpool, Lancashire, England)
Singer and songwriter with the Hollies and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
[Picture of Graham Nash]


Nasrallah, Hassan
Born 30 August 1960  (Burj Hammud, Beirut, Lebanon)
Shi'a cleric and head of Hezbollah.
[Picture of Hassan Nasrallah]


Nasseri, Mehran Karimi
Born in Masjed Soleiman, Iran  (exact date unknown)
Iranian refugee who lived at Terminal 1 of Charles de Gaulle airport in France for 17 years.
[Picture of Mehran Karimi Nasseri]


Nastase, Ille
Born 19 July 1946  (Bucharest, Romania)
One of Romania's most famous sports stars. US and French Open tennis champion in the 1970s.
[Picture of Ille Nastase]


Natividad, Kitten
Born 14 February 1963  (Ciudad Juárez, Mexico)
Busty actress of Russ Meyer films fame.
[Picture of Kitten Natividad]


Navratilova, Martina
Born 18 October 1956  (Prague, Czechoslovakia)
Czech born, but US citizen. Legendary female tennis player, one of the most successful tennis players in history.
[Picture of Martina Navratilova]


Nazarbayev, Nursultan
Born 6 July 1940  (Chemolgan, Kazakhstan)
President of Kazakhstan since it's independence in 1991. Was re-elected with a 95.54% share of the vote in 2011. Hmmm…
[Picture of Nursultan Nazarbayev]


Neal, John
Born 3 April 1932  (County Durham, England)
Former Chelsea, Wrexham & Middlesbrough manager, also a player with Aston Villa & Swindon amongst others. Quit Chelsea due to ill-health back in 1985.
[Picture of John Neal]


Neiman, LeRoy LeRoy Neiman is no longer with us
Born 8 June 1921  (Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA)

Died 20 June 2012  (New York City, New York, USA)

Age at death: 91  (read death notice)
Artist, mainly of sports figures.
[Picture of LeRoy Neiman]


Neiwland, Gary
Born 4 September 1966  (Melbourne, Australia)
Retired Australian cyclist.
[Picture of Gary Neiwland]


Nelson, Willie
Born 30 April 1933  (Fort Worth, Texas, USA)
Country & Western guitarist and singer-songwriter. Wrote 'Crazy', which was a hit for Patsy Cline and 'Always On My Mind', made famous by Elvis Presley and the Pet Shop Boys. Busted for cannabis possession in November 2010.
[Picture of Willie Nelson]


Nena, (singer)
Born 24 March 1960  (Hegen, Germany)
German pop singer, whose Cold War era single '99 Luftballoons' became a massive hit in 1983.
[Picture of (singer) Nena]


Netanyahu, Benjamin
Born 21 October 1949  (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Prominent & controversial politician in Israel, the current prime minister, his 2nd time in the job.
[Picture of Benjamin Netanyahu]


Netanyahu, Benzion Benzion Netanyahu is no longer with us
Born 25 March 1910  (Warsaw, Poland)

Died 30 April 2012  (Jersulaem, Israel)

Age at death: 102  (read death notice)
Historian and father of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
[Picture of Benzion Netanyahu]


Nettles, John
Born 11 October 1943  (St Austell, Cornwall, England)
Actor, best known for his roles in 'Bergerac' and 'Midsomer Murders'. The Man In Black saw him as Octavius Caesar in 'Antony and Cleopatra' at the RSC don't you know!
[Picture of John Nettles]


Nettleton, John
Born 5 February 1929  (London, England)
Veteran character actor, perhaps best known as the wise cabinet secretary Sir Arnold Robinson in 'Yes, Minister'.
[Picture of John Nettleton]


Newell, Gabe
Born 3 November 1962  (place of birth unknown)
American video game executive.
[Picture of Gabe Newell]


Newhart, Bob
Born 5 September 1929  (Oak Park, Illinois, USA)
Stand-up comedian. Did a much talked-about (but rarely seen these days) routine called 'The Driving Instructor'.
[Picture of Bob Newhart]


Newman, Ruth
Date and place of birth unknown
Oldest survivor of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Born 1901.
[Picture of Ruth Newman]


Newmar, Julie
Born 16 August 1933  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Actress, best remembered as Catwoman in the 1960s television version of Batman.
[Picture of Julie Newmar]


Newton, Wayne
Born 3 April 1942  (Roanoke, Virginia, USA)
Singer & entertainer, almost exclusively based in Las Vegas.
[Picture of Wayne Newton]


Nguyen Giap, General Vo (Died in 2013)
Born 25 August 1911  (Quangbinh Province, Vietnam)
Vietnamese military leader who proved a real thorn in America's side.
[Picture of General Vo Nguyen Giap]


Nguyen Van Thien, Antoine
Born 13 March 1906  (Saigon, Vietnam)
The oldest living Roman Catholic bishop. Died in May 2012 but no obit.
[Picture of Antoine Nguyen Van Thien]


Nichols, Nichelle
Born 28 December 1932  (Robbins, Illinois, USA)
Actress, Lieutenant Uhura from 'Star Trek'.
[Picture of Nichelle Nichols]


Nicholson, Jack
Born 22 April 1937  (Neptune, New Jersey, USA)
Star of such films as 'Chinatown', 'About Schmidt' and the Michael Douglas-produced 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'.
[Picture of Jack Nicholson]


Nicklaus, Jack
Born 21 January 1940  (Columbus, Ohio, USA)
Golfer, one of the all-time greats of the sport.
[Picture of Jack Nicklaus]


Nicklinson, Tony Tony Nicklinson is no longer with us
Born 4 February 1954  (Goudhurst, Kent, England)

Died 22 August 2012  (Melksham, Wiltshire, England)

Age at death: 58  (read death notice)
Man suffering from "locked in syndrome", challenging the courts to allow him to die.
[Picture of Tony Nicklinson]


Nicole, (singer)
Born 25 October 1964  (Saarbrücken, Germany)
German folk-pop singer and winner of the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest.
[Picture of (singer) Nicole]


Niemeyer, Oscar Oscar Niemeyer is no longer with us
Born 15 December 1907  (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Died 5 December 2012  (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Age at death: 104  (read death notice)
Highly-influential Brazilian architect who pioneered the use of reinforced concrete, especially in building his country's new capital city, Brasilia.
[Picture of Oscar Niemeyer]


Nijmeijer, Tanja
Born in Denekamp, Netherlands  (exact date unknown)
Dutch woman who joined the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in 2002. Anything to get on Daddy's nerves...Born 1978.
[Picture of Tanja Nijmeijer]


Nikolaevna Telegina, Ludmila
Born 11 August 1937  (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)
Mother of former Ukraine president Yulia Tymoshenko.
[Picture of Ludmila Nikolaevna Telegina]


Nilsen, Dennis
Born 23 November 1945  (Fraserburgh, Scotland)
Serial killer, jailed for the murders of 15 young men and boys between 1978 and 1983.
[Picture of Dennis Nilsen]


Nimoy, Leonard
Born 26 March 1931  (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
Played pointy-eared Commander Spock in 'Star Trek', later directing 'Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home'.
[Picture of Leonard Nimoy]


Nixon, Agnes
Born 10 December 1927  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
TV producer and creator of long-running soap opera 'All My Children'.
[Picture of Agnes Nixon]


Nixon, Cynthia
Born 9 April 1966  (New York City, New York, USA)
Actress best known for her role as Miranda in 'Sex in the City'. Came out as a lesbian in 2004.
[Picture of Cynthia Nixon]


Noakes, John
Born 6 March 1934  (Halifax, Yorkshire, England)
Beloved British children's TV presenter of the past - famous for Blue Peter, which he co-presented for 12 years, still the longest anyone has presented the programme.
[Picture of John Noakes]


Noble, James
Born 5 March 1922  (Dallas, Texas, USA)
Actor, played the daffy Governor Eugene Gatling in 1980s U.S. Sitcom 'Benson'.
[Picture of James Noble]


Noguchi, Thomas
Born 4 January 1927  (Japan)
Former Chief Medical Officer for the County of Los Angleles and coroner on the deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Robert F. Kennedy. Any conspiracy theorists out there may consider that this is the man to talk to…
[Picture of Thomas Noguchi]


Nolan, Linda
Born 23 February 1959  (Dublin, Republic of Ireland)
Member of the Nolan Sisters, and a singer in her own right, occasional TV presenter as well.
[Picture of Linda Nolan]


Noll, Ingrid
Born 29 September 1935  (Shanghai, China)
Chinses-born German thriller writer.
[Picture of Ingrid Noll]


Noone, Peter
Born 5 November 1947  (Davyhulme, Lancashire, England)
Perky lead singer of Herman's Hermits. Dunno who Herman is though…
[Picture of Peter Noone]


Norden, Denis
Born 6 February 1922  (Hackney, London, England)
Clipboard-wielding comedy scriptwriter, "raconteur" and presenter of TV programmes such as 'It'll Be All Right on the Night' and 'Denis Norden's Laughter File'.
[Picture of Denis Norden]


Noriega, Manuel
Born 11 February 1934  (Panama City, Panama)
Former military dictator of Panama, deposed by the US Army in 1989 for his drug dealing & is still in jail.
[Picture of Manuel Noriega]


Norrington, Roger
Born 16 March 1934  (Oxford, Oxfordshire, England)
Conductor, led the judging panel on the BBC2 reality talent TV series 'Maestro'.
[Picture of Roger Norrington]


Norris, Chuck
Born 10 March 1940  (Ryan, Oklahoma, USA)
The straight-to-video actor and martial artist.
[Picture of Chuck Norris]


North, Peter
Born 11 May 1957  (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
Porn actor.
[Picture of Peter North]


Norton, Graham
Born 4 April 1963  (Dublin, Republic of Ireland)
Absurdly camp Irish television presenter & comedian.
[Picture of Graham Norton]


Nott, John
Born 1 February 1932  (Bideford, Devon, England)
What most people remember of John Nott is an interview with Robin Day - Day asked Nott whether the public should believe the retiring MP's statements on defence cuts, since Day thought Nott was a "here today, gone tomorrow politician". Nott then stood up, threw down his microphone, called the interview "ridiculous", and promptly walked off set. He was also Secretary of State for Defence and for Trade but no-one ever remembers that...
[Picture of John Nott]


Novak, Kim
Born 13 February 1933  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Actress, best remembered for her role in 'Vertigo'.
[Picture of Kim Novak]


Nuesslein-Volhard, Christiane
Born 20 October 1942  (Magdeburg, Germany)
Biologist and co-winner of the 1995 Nobel Prize for her work on embryonic development.
[Picture of Christiane Nuesslein-Volhard]


Nujoma, Sam
Born 12 May 1929  (Ongandjera, Namibia)
First president of Namibia, from 1990-2005.
[Picture of Sam Nujoma]


Numan, Gary
Born 8 March 1958  (London, England)
Influential electro-rock musician who hit the big time in the late 1970s, suffered a career decline before being rehabilitated as a pioneer.
[Picture of Gary Numan]


Nykanen, Matti
Born 17 July 1963  (Jyväskylä, Finland)
Olympic ski-jumping champion of the 1980s, who has since done time for attempted manslaughter, worked as a stripper, had 4 marriages that each lasted just 2 years, and recorded pop songs called 'Hi Hi, I'm Your Samurai' and 'Only A Ski Jumper Truly Knows'.
[Picture of Matti Nykanen]

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