Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2010: V


Vajpayee, Atal Bihari
Born 25 December 1924  (Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India)
Prime Minister of India, first for a brief spell in 1996, and then again from 1998-2004.
[Picture of Atal Bihari Vajpayee]


Vale, Jerry
Born 8 July 1932  (Bronx, New York, USA)
Singer, fomer barbershop singer, who had a number of hits in the 1950s & 1960s.
[Picture of Jerry Vale]


Vallquist, Gunnel
Born 19 June 1918  (Stockholm, Sweden)
Swedish writer and translator, most notably of Marcel Proust's 'In Search of Lost Time'.
[Picture of Gunnel Vallquist]


Van Buren, Abigail (Died in 2013)
Born 4 July 1918  (Sioux City, Iowa, USA)
Agony aunt (born Pauline Esther Friedman) who wrote the long-running "Dear Abby" column which was syndicated to a number of US newspapers. Her twin sister, Esther Pauline Friedman (clearly their parents were somewhat short of inspiration when it came to names), was also an agony aunt.
[Picture of Abigail Van Buren]


van der Meer, Simon (Died in 2011)
Born 24 November 1925  (The Hague, Netherlands)
Physicist and winner of the Nobel Prize in 1984.
[Picture of Simon van Der Meer]


van der Stoel, Max
Born 3 August 1924  (Voorschoten, Netherlands)
Dutch former minister of state.
[Picture of Max van der Stoel]


Van Doren, Mamie
Born 6 February 1931  (Rowena, South Dakota, USA)
Actress & former sex symbol.
[Picture of Mamie Van Doren]


Van Dyke, Dick
Born 13 December 1925  (West Plains, Missouri, USA)
Actor and TV presenter who is best known in America for "The Dick Van Dyke Show", and on this side of the pond for his butt-clenchingly awful attempt at a Cockney accent in "Mary Poppins".
[Picture of Dick Van Dyke]


Van Dyke, Leroy
Born 4 October 1929  (Mora, Missouri, USA)
Country singer who hit the charts with 'Walk On By' (not the Burt Bacharach song) in 1962.
[Picture of Leroy Van Dyke]


van Hoogstraten, Nicholas
Born 25 February 1945  (Shoreham, East Sussex, England)
Property tycoon, absolute crook and once Britain's youngest millionaire, born in 1946. Constantly employing less-than-legal "business practices", on one occasion he was convicted of ordering a grenade attack on a business associate, and was subsequently described as a "self-styled emissary of Beelzebub" by a judge. In 1999 business rival Mohammed Raja sued him for fraud, so Mr van Hoogstraten (he invented the "van" bit, incidentally) paid two henchmen to "teach Mr Raja a lesson". This lesson involved shooting Mr Raja in the face and stabbing him, resulting in his death. After spending one year of a ten-year sentence for manslaughter, the devil's landlord got out on a technicality in December 2003 and is probably now a marked man. Just in case you needed any further evidence of his despicable nature, he has described Robert Mugabe as "100% decent and incorruptible".
[Picture of Nicholas van Hoogstraten]


van Kesteren, Anne-Marie
Born in Netherlands  (exact date unknown)
Wife of Manchester United and Netherlands goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar. Born 1973.
[Picture of Anne-Marie van Kesteren]


Van Patten, Joyce
Born 9 March 1934  (New York City, New York, USA)
Actress, sister of Dick Van Patten and once married to Martin Balsam.
[Picture of Joyce Van Patten]


Vanderbilt, Gloria
Born 20 February 1924  (New York, New York, USA)
Became a multi-millionaire heiress at just 15 months old, and later became an artist, actress & socialite.
[Picture of Gloria Vanderbilt]


Varallo, Francisco Francisco Varallo is no longer with us
Born 5 February 1910  (La Plata, Argentina)

Died 30 August 2010  (La Plata, Argentina)

Age at death: 100  (read death notice)
The only surviving player from the first football World Cup Final in 1930, when he played for Argentina in their 4-2 defeat against Uruguay.
[Picture of Francisco Varallo]


Vaughan, Peter
Born 4 April 1923  (Wem, Shropshire, England)
TV actor - played Grouty, the Mr. Big of Slade prison in "Porridge".
[Picture of Peter Vaughan]


Vaughn, Robert
Born 22 November 1932  (New York, New York, USA)
Actor, best known for either his role in 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E' or to British audiences nowadays in the TV show 'Hustle'. He is also the only surviving member of The Magnificent Seven.
[Picture of Robert Vaughn]


Ventura, Jesse
Born 15 July 1951  (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
Professional wrestler turned politician.
[Picture of Jesse Ventura]


Ventura, Viviane
Born 5 December 1947  (London, England)
Actress and socialite, born in London but brought up in Colombia.
[Picture of Viviane Ventura]


Versace, Donatella
Born 2 May 1955  (Reggio di Calabria, Italy)
Fashion designer, head of the Versace clothing empire.
[Picture of Donatella Versace]


Vidal, Gore (Died in 2012)
Born 3 October 1925  (West Point, New York, USA)
Essayist, novelist, playwright and outspoken political commentator. Co-wrote the script for the classic 1959 film "Ben-Hur", but was denied the credit for it.
[Picture of Gore Vidal]


Videla, Jorge Rafael (Died in 2013)
Born 21 August 1925  (Mercedes, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Former President of Argentina between 1976 & 1981, and the man who lead the military junta which specialised inhuman rights abuses, tortures & "disappearances". Now under house arrest.
[Picture of Jorge Rafael Videla]


Vigoda, Abe
Born 24 February 1921  (New York, New York, USA)
Tall, well-built character actor, noted for his roles as mobster Sal Tessio in "The Godfather" and Det. Sgt. Fish in "Barney Miller". Was erroneously declared dead in the early 1980s.
[Picture of Abe Vigoda]


Vincent, Jan-Michael
Born 15 July 1944  (Denver, Colorado, USA)
Despite a successful Hollywood career throughout the '60s & '70s, Vincent is more likely to be remembered for his portrayal of the vigilante Stringfellow Hawke who kept the US safe during the '80s using only a state-of-the-art attack helicopter known as Airwolf. America's diminished impunity to the whims of megalomaniacs may be at the root of Vincent's subsequent decline into alcoholism and drug abuse.
[Picture of Jan-Michael Vincent]


von Daniken, Erich
Born 14 April 1935  (Zofingen, Aargau, Switzerland)
Author & UFO/alien fan.
[Picture of Erich von Daniken]


von Habsburg, Otto (Died in 2011)
Born 20 November 1912  (Reichenau, Austria)
Crown Prince of Austria.
[Picture of Otto von Habsburg]


von Ribbentrop, Rudolf
Born 11 May 1921  (Wiesbaden, Germany)
German SS officer and son of foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop.
[Picture of Rudolf von Ribbentrop]


von Sydow, Max
Born 10 April 1929  (Lund, Skane, Sweden)
Swedish actor, who has achieved fame both at home and abroad.
[Picture of Max von Sydow]

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