Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2008: P


Page, Anita Anita Page is no longer with us
Born 4 August 1910  (Flushing, New York, USA)

Died 6 September 2008  (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Age at death: 98  (read death notice)
Actress, born Anita Pomares, who was a star of the silver screen in the 1920s and 1930s, playing opposite the likes of Joan Crawford, Buster Keaton and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. She returned to acting some sixty years after retiring, but she's in a permanent retirement now...
[Picture of Anita Page]


Page, Bettie Bettie Page is no longer with us
Born 21 April 1923  (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

Died 11 December 2008  (Los Angeles, California)

Age at death: 85  (read death notice)
Arguably the most famous pin-up model in history, who "disappeared" from the public eye in 1957. The reclusive nature of her subsequent life helped to fuel her status as a cult icon.
[Picture of Bettie Page]


Page, Greg
Born 16 January 1972  (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Australian musician and children's TV entertainer. Stopped working due to ill health in November 2006.
[Picture of Greg Page]


Page, Greg (Died in 2009)
Born 25 October 1958  (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)
WBA heavyweight boxing champion in 1984-1985. Suffered brain damage in a fight in 2001, and has had numerous health problems ever since.
[Picture of Greg Page]


Page, Jimmy
Born 9 January 1944  (Heston, Middlesex, England)
Guitarist, member of the Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin.
[Picture of Jimmy Page]


Paget, George Charles Henry Victor, 7th Marquess Of Anglesey (Died in 2013)
Born 8 October 1922  (Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire)
British Peer of the Realm.
[Picture of 7th Marquess Of Anglesey Paget, George Charles Henry Victor]


Painting, Norman (Died in 2009)
Born 23 April 1924  (Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England)
Actor who has played the part of Phil Archer in BBC Radio 4's soap "The Archers" since 1950. And he's a vice-president of the Tree Council, apparently.
[Picture of Norman Painting]


Paisley, Rev Ian
Born 6 April 1926  (Armagh, Northern Ireland)
Loud-mouthed leader of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party and loud-mouthed leader of Northern Ireland's Free Presbyterian Church. Not to be confused with his son - Ian Paisley, Jnr. - who is also a member of the DUP.
[Picture of Rev Ian Paisley]


Palmer, Arnold
Born 10 September 1929  (Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA)
Golf maestro, whose business interests include Arnold Palmer Enterprises, the Palmer Course Design Company, the Arnold Palmer Golf Management Company, and the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy (idea for a film). He also helped raise money for the foundation of Orlando's Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Women.
[Picture of Arnold Palmer]


Panozzo, Chuck
Born 20 September 1948  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Bassist, member of the band The Styx. Currently living with the AIDS virus.
[Picture of Chuck Panozzo]


Pardo, Don
Born 22 February 1918  (Westfield, Massachusetts, USA)
US radio & television announcer for over 60 years.
[Picture of Don Pardo]


Parker, Edna Edna Parker is no longer with us
Born 20 April 1893  (Johnson County, Indiana, USA)

Died 26 November 2008  (Shelbyville, Indiana, USA)

Age at death: 115  (read death notice)
Was the oldest recognised person in the World until her death.
[Picture of Edna Parker]


Parker Bowles, Camilla
Born 17 July 1947  (Plumpton, Sussex, England)
Prince Charles's wrinkly bit on the side.
[Picture of Camilla Parker Bowles]


Parkinson, Sir Michael
Born 28 March 1935  (Cudworth, South Yorkshire, England)
Jovial Northern TV chat show host.
[Picture of Sir Michael Parkinson]


Parton, Dolly
Born 19 January 1946  (Sevierville, Tennessee, USA)
Country music singer whose name was used for the first cloned sheep because its genetic material was taken from a mammary gland.
[Picture of Dolly Parton]


Patch, Harry (Died in 2009)
Born 17 June 1898  (Combe Down, Bath, England)
WWI veteran. Gave vivid recollections in several documentaries, notably BBC's "The Trench".
[Picture of Harry Patch]


Patrick, Danica
Born 25 March 1982  (Beloit, Wisconsin, USA)
Top female racing driver - in the US based IRL single-seater series.
[Picture of Danica Patrick]


Patten, Marguerite
Born 4 November 1915  (Bath, Somerset, England)
Cooking writer and arguably the first TV celebrity chef.
[Picture of Marguerite Patten]


Paul, Les (Died in 2009)
Born 9 June 1915  (Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA)
Guitarist and one of the most important figures in the development of modern electric guitars and recording techniques.
[Picture of Les Paul]


Paul Shan Kuo Hsi, Cardinal (Died in 2012)
Born 3 December 1923  (Puyang, Henan, China)
Former Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church in China.
[Picture of Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo Hsi]


Pausch, Randy Randy Pausch is no longer with us
Born 23 October 1960  (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Died 25 July 2008  (Chesapeake, Virginia, USA)

Age at death: 47  (read death notice)
Computer Science professor & lecturer who announced he had terminal pancreatic cancer in 2007, which killed him in July 2008.
[Picture of Randy Pausch]


Pavle, Patriarch (Died in 2009)
Born 11 September 1914  (Kucanci, Croatia)
Serbian religious leader of the Serbian Orthodox church.
[Picture of Patriarch Pavle]


Pavlow, Muriel
Born 27 June 1921  (Lee, Kent, England)
Veteran British actress of stage, screen & TV.
[Picture of Muriel Pavlow]


Payne, Keith
Born 30 August 1933  (Ingham, Queensland, Australia)
VC holder, who won it during the Vietnam war. Also fought in Korea and Dhofar.
[Picture of Keith Payne]


Peacock, David
Born 24 May 1945  (Ponders End, Middlesex, England)
Dave of the snooker-loving, Tottenham Hotspur supporting, Cockney musical duo, Chas n' Dave
[Picture of David Peacock]


Pei, I. M.
Born 26 April 1917  (Guangzhou, China)
Architect - has designed all sorts of stuff, including the Louvre Pyramid in Paris.
[Picture of I. M. Pei]


Born 23 October 1940  (Tres Coracoes, Brazil)
Legendary Brazilian footballer - many say the greatest player ever.
[Picture of Pelé]


Pell, Claiborne (Died in 2009)
Born 22 November 1918  (New York, New York, USA)
Senator of Rhode Island from 1961-97, fondly remembered by generations of US college students for introducing "Pell Grants" in 1973.
[Picture of Claiborne Pell]


Pendleton, Austin
Born 27 May 1940  (Warren, Ohio, USA)
Actor, now more a theatre director. Possibly best known for his role in "Catch 22".
[Picture of Austin Pendleton]


Penn, June
Born in Brighton, East Sussex, England  (exact date unknown)
Astrologer in TV & radio. Born around 1928.
[Picture of June Penn]


Pepper, Sergeant Stan
Date and place of birth unknown
Chelsea Pensioner. Born 1920. The Sergeant Pepper of "Lonely Hearts Club Band" fame.
[Picture of Sergeant Stan Pepper]


Percival, Lance
Born 26 July 1933  (Sevenoaks, Kent, England)
First famous in "That Was The Week That Was". Later in a whole host of TV shows & films.
[Picture of Lance Percival]


Pérez de Cuéllar, Javier
Born 19 January 1920  (Lima, Peru)
Former secretary-general of the UN, 1982-91.
[Picture of Javier Pérez de Cuéllar]


Pérez Rubalcaba, Alfredo
Born 28 July 1951  (Solares, Cantabria, Spain)
Current Interior Minister in the Spanish Government.
[Picture of Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba]


Peron, Isabel
Born 4 February 1931  (La Rioja, Argentina)
Third wife of Juan, former President of Argentina & Isabel herself was President between 1974 & 1976.
[Picture of Isabel Peron]


Perot, Ross
Born 27 June 1930  (Texarkana, Texas, USA)
Billionaire American businessman, who also ran for Presidency of the United States in 1992 & 1996.
[Picture of Ross Perot]


Perry, Emily Emily Perry is no longer with us
Born 28 June 1907  (Torquay, Devon, England)

Died 20 February 2008  (Twickenham, Middlesex, England)

Age at death: 100  (read death notice)
Better known as "Madge Allsop" - Dame Edna Everage's long suffering sidekick.
[Picture of Emily Perry]


Perry, Jimmy
Born 9 September 1923  (Barnes, London, England)
English comedy writer, originally an actor, but then, along with David Croft, wrote & produced many of Britain's favourite sitcoms.
[Picture of Jimmy Perry]


Perry, Lee 'Scratch'
Born 20 March 1936  (St Mary's, Jamaica, West Indies)
Barely sane but hugely influential reggae man.
[Picture of Lee 'Scratch' Perry]


Pertwee, Bill (Died in 2013)
Born 21 July 1926  (Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England)
British comedy actor, who, despite landing the part of Bert Hodges in "Dad's Army", has never been as famous as his thesp cousin Jon.
[Picture of Bill Pertwee]


Pesky, Johnny
Born 27 September 1919  (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Another former baseball star turned manager.
[Picture of Johnny Pesky]


Peters, Mike
Born 25 February 1959  (Prestatyn, Wales)
Lead singer of The Alarm.
[Picture of Mike Peters]


Phelps, Fred Waldron
Born 13 November 1929  (Meridian, Mississippi, USA)
Pastor of a controversial independent US church, a well-known (in the US anyhow) hater of homosexuals & their rights.
[Picture of Fred Waldron Phelps]


Phelps, John 
Date and place of birth unknown
Twice World Champion of Hairdressing, says Google. Born 1956 & died in 2008, but no obituary as of yet.
[Picture of John Phelps]


Philbin, Regis
Born 25 August 1931  (New York City, New York, USA)
Talk show host, game show host & presenter - on a host of shows since the 1960's & one of America's most famous & most popular TV personalities.
[Picture of Regis Philbin]


Philip, Prince
Born 10 June 1921  (Corfu, Greece)
Gaffe-prone "Phil the Greek" also has Danish and German blood.
[Picture of Prince Philip]


Phillips, Leslie
Born 20 April 1924  (Tottenham, London, England)
Comic actor who inherited the "Doctor in..." role from Dirk Bogarde and appeared in a number of the "Carry on..." films. Apparently he also plays the voice of "The Sorting Hat" in the "Harry Potter" movies, whatever that means.
[Picture of Leslie Phillips]


Phillips, Siân
Born 14 May 1933  (Betws, Carmathenshire, Wales)
Veteran British actress of stage, screen & TV.
[Picture of Siân Phillips]


Phoumsavanh, Nouhak Nouhak Phoumsavanh is no longer with us
Born 9 April 1914  (Moukdahane, Laos)

Died 9 September 2008  (Vientiane, Laos)

Age at death: 94  
Laotian politician, former President of Laos and ex-revolutionary & Communist Party official.
[Picture of Nouhak Phoumsavanh]


Piggott, Lester
Born 5 November 1935  (Wantage, Berkshire, England)
Unusually tall (5'8") jockey, nine times winner of the Epsom Derby, who was often lampooned for his odd speech impediment, and did time for tax evasion.
[Picture of Lester Piggott]


Pillinger, Colin
Born 9 May 1943  (Bristol, England)
Scientist, who launched an ambitious attempt to launch a British exploration module on Mars. Like a lot of things in Britain today - it didn't work - it crashed...
[Picture of Colin Pillinger]


Pincher, Chapman
Born 29 March 1914  (India)
Journalist & novelist, an expert on spy & espionage.
[Picture of Chapman Pincher]


Pingping, He (Died in 2010)
Born 3 July 1988  (Inner Mongolia, China)
One of the smallest people in the world, just 2 feet & 4 inches high.
[Picture of He Pingping]


Pinter, Harold Harold Pinter is no longer with us
Born 10 October 1930  (Hackney, London, England)

Died 24 December 2008  (London, England)

Age at death: 78  (read death notice)
Ground-breaking playwright ("The Caretaker" and "The Birthday Party" being his best-known works), stage director, and screenwriter (e.g. "The Last Tycoon" and "The French Lieutenant's Woman"). Having originally trained as an actor, he even popped up in the odd film or two.. A campaigner for leftist political causes (despite accepting a CBE and a Companionship of Honour from the Queen), the heavy smoker died after a long battle with ill-health in 2008.
[Picture of Harold Pinter]


Pipe, Martin
Born 29 May 1945  (Wellington, Somerset, England)
Horse trainer, one of the most successful in the history of British racing.
[Picture of Martin Pipe]


Piper, 'Rowdy' Roddy
Born 17 April 1954  (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
Born Roderick George Toombs, Piper is another former pro wrestler. Always claimed he was Scottish, despite having never set foot in Scotland in his life. Just as well too, considering he once thought that wearing a checked skirt would pass as a kilt.
[Picture of 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper]


Pitman, Rosemary (Died in 2009)
Born in Northumberland, England  (exact date unknown)
Current wife of Andrew Parker Bowles, the former husband of Camilla Parker-Bowles, who is now Duchess of Cornwall, after her marriage to Prince Charles. To make things go round in a full circle (ish), Pitman's former husband was brother-in-law to the uncle of Diana, Princess of Wales, former wife of... Prince Charles! Born in 1940.
[Picture of Rosemary Pitman]


Pitt-Brown, Tallulah
Born 4 June 1978  (place of birth unknown)
Young actress. Played a young Dot Branning in an EastEnders flashback spin-off.
[Picture of Tallulah Pitt-Brown]


Pleshette, Suzanne Suzanne Pleshette is no longer with us
Born 31 January 1937  (New York, New York, USA)

Died 19 January 2008  (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Age at death: 70  (read death notice)
American actress, mostly on TV. Widow of Tom Poston. Lost her battle with lung cancer in 2008.
[Picture of Suzanne Pleshette]


Plews, Nigel Nigel Plews is no longer with us
Born 5 September 1934  (Nottingham, England)

Died 19 October 2008  (Nottingham, England)

Age at death: 74  (read death notice)
Former test cricket umpire & policeman.
[Picture of Nigel Plews]


Plummer, Christopher
Born 13 December 1929  (Toronto, Canada)
Canadian film, stage & TV actor, still, despite some recent high-profile performances in "Syriana" and "The Insider", perhaps best known for his role in "The Sound of Music."
[Picture of Christopher Plummer]


Pohl, Frederik (Died in 2013)
Born 26 November 1919  (Texas, USA)
Writer, publisher & literary agent.
[Picture of Frederik Pohl]


Poitier, Sidney
Born 20 February 1927  (Miami, Florida, USA)
Black actor who grew up in the Bahamas as the son of a "dirt farmer", according to IMDb, though what one of those is, is anyone's guess. Anyway, he emigrated to the US and went on to become a leading movie star of the 1950s and '60s, taking lead roles in, among others, "To Sir, With Love" and "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner".
[Picture of Sidney Poitier]


Pollack, Sydney Sydney Pollack is no longer with us
Born 1 July 1934  (Lafayette, Indiana, USA)

Died 26 May 2008  (Pacific Palisades, California, USA)

Age at death: 73  (read death notice)
Originally an actor, then a movie director, although continued acting in his own movies. Won an Academy Award for Out of Africa.
[Picture of Sydney Pollack]


Ponticelli, Lazarre Lazarre Ponticelli is no longer with us
Born 7 December 1897  (Alenso, Piacenza, Italy)

Died 12 March 2008  (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France)

Age at death: 110  (read death notice)
One of the few surviving veterans from World War 1 remaining at the start of 2008.
[Picture of Lazarre Ponticelli]


Pop, Iggy
Born 21 April 1947  (Muskegon, Michigan, USA)
Former frontman of The Stooges, but also successful as a solo artist. Born James Jewell Osterberg Jr, he got his nickname from another of his old bands, The Iguanas. Celebrated for being a pioneer of stage-diving and crowd-walking, and for taking industrial quantities of heroin.
[Picture of Iggy Pop]


Postlethwaite, Pete (Died in 2011)
Born 7 February 1945  (Warrington, Cheshire, England)
Stage, screen & TV actor - "Brassed Off", "Martin Chuzzlewit" etc.
[Picture of Pete Postlethwaite]


Powell, Colin
Born 5 April 1937  (New York, New York, USA)
US Army general who worked under Bush I during Gulf War I, and later became Secretary of State under Bush II, taking the country into Gulf War II. Underwent surgery for prostate cancer in December 2003. Cannot pronounce his own name.
[Picture of Colin Powell]


Powers, Gladys Gladys Powers is no longer with us
Born 10 May 1899  (London, England)

Died 22 August 2008  (Abbottsford, British Columbia, Canada)

Age at death: 109  (read death notice)
Was one of the last surviving WW1 veterans, and the only woman surviving until her death in August 2008.
[Picture of Gladys Powers]


Pratchett, Terry
Born 28 April 1948  (Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England)
Author of the "Discworld" Sci-fi series. Announced in 2007 that he has a very rare form of early onset Alzheimer's.
[Picture of Terry Pratchett]


Prescott, John
Born 31 May 1938  (Prestatyn, Wales)
Gaffe-prone, yokel-punching, croquet-playing, cocktail stick-waggling, senior Labour politician, deputy Prime Minister from 1997-2007.
[Picture of John Prescott]


Prescott, Steve (Died in 2013)
Born 26 December 1973  (St. Helens, Merseyside, England)
Ex-St Helens rugby league player, now battling cancer.
[Picture of Steve Prescott]


Previn, Andre
Born 6 April 1930  (Berlin, Germany)
Conductor, composer & pianist of real distinction. However all he is likely to be remembered for is being lambasted by Eric Morecambe. When Previn takes Morecambe to task for playing "all the wrong notes", Eric drags Previn by his jacket & says "I'm playing all the RIGHT notes, but not necessarily in the right order." Genius.
[Picture of Andre Previn]


Price, Katie 'Jordan'
Born 22 May 1978  (Newport, Wales)
Surgically-enhanced "glamour" model and general waste of space Z-list "celebrity".
[Picture of Katie 'Jordan' Price]


Price II, Charles H (Died in 2012)
Born 1 April 1931  (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)
Businessman & former US ambassador to Belgium & Great Britain.
[Picture of Charles H Price II]


Priebke, Erich (Died in 2013)
Born 29 July 1913  (Hennigsdorf, Brandenburg, Germany)
Nazi war criminal, a member of the SS, who would've lived life out peacefully if he hadn't foolishly taken part in a TV interview in 1994 about his war crimes. To cut a long story short, he's now the oldest prisoner in Europe.
[Picture of Erich Priebke]


Priest, Pat
Born 15 August 1936  (Bountiful, Utah)
Marilyn Munster in "The Munsters".
[Picture of Pat Priest]


Priestley, Dennis
Born 16 July 1950  (Mexborough, South Yorkshire, England)
Multiple darts champion.
[Picture of Dennis Priestley]


Prior, James
Born 11 October 1927  (Brampton, Sussex, England)
Politician, former Employment & Northern Ireland Secretary.
[Picture of James Prior]


Proby, PJ
Born 6 November 1938  (Houston, Texas, USA)
Rock music singer and songwriter & sometime actor.
[Picture of PJ Proby]


Protopopov, Oleg
Born 16 June 1932  (St .Petersburg, Russia)
Figure skater, gold medal winner in the 1964 & 1968 Olympics.
[Picture of Oleg Protopopov]


Prowse, David
Born 1 July 1935  (Bristol, England)
Former weightlifting champion who played the body of Darth Vader in the first three (or last three, depending how you look at it) "Star Wars" films. Famously annoyed to discover that George Lucas had got James Earl Jones to do the voice, without bothering to tell him. And even when the evil tyrant was unmasked in "The Return of the Jedi", Lucas got a third actor (Sebastian Shaw) to play Lord Vader's face.
[Picture of David Prowse]


Prudhomme, Paul
Born 13 July 1940  (Opelousas, Louisiana, USA)
Rotund American chef, best known for his Cajun cooking.
[Picture of Paul Prudhomme]


Putin, Vladimir
Born 7 October 1952  (Leningrad (now St Petersburg again), Russia)
President of Russia, former head of the FSB (the federal security services), and before that a KGB agent in East Germany. A big fan of sambo (a Russian martial art), he was Leningrad sambo champion on a number of occasions.
[Picture of Vladimir Putin]


Putnam, George
Born 14 July 1914  (Breckenridge, Minnesota)
Former US news reporter & talk show host on both radio & TV. Died 2008, no obituary yet.
[Picture of George Putnam]


Pym, Francis Francis Pym is no longer with us
Born 13 February 1922  (Abergavenny, Wales)

Died 7 March 2008  (Sandy, Bedfordshire, England)

Age at death: 86  (read death notice)
Tory MP from 1961-87, who also held various Cabinet posts under the Heath and Thatcher governments.
[Picture of Francis Pym]


Pynchon, Thomas
Born 8 May 1937  (Glen Cove, New York, USA)
Extremely reclusive author. In fact, the only times his voice has ever been broadcast is via three episodes of "The Simpsons".
[Picture of Thomas Pynchon]

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