Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2007: H


Habré, Hissène
Born in Faya-Largeau, Chad  (exact date unknown)
Former President of the central African nation of Chad, born in 1942. Came to power with a coup in 1982 and was himself ousted in 1990. Presently in exile in Senegal, awaiting legal charges for politically-motivated murder, torture and plain genocide against ethnic Chadian groups.
[Picture of Hissène Habré]


Hackman, Gene
Born 30 January 1930  (San Bernardino, California, USA)
Prolific American actor.
[Picture of Gene Hackman]


Haddad, Munir
Date and place of birth unknown
Iraqi judge, a witness of Saddam Hussein's execution and member of the Iraqi Appeals Court which sentenced him to die.
[Picture of Munir Haddad]


Hagman, Larry (Died in 2012)
Born 21 September 1931  (Fort Worth, Texas, USA)
Son of famous actress Mary Martin. His own career took off when he took the part of Major Anthony Nelson in the '60s US sitcom "I Dream of Jeannie", and he went on to star as J.R. Ewing in "Dallas" and "Knots Landing". An active anti-smoking campaigner, he's nevertheless not averse to the odd drink or ten, and needed a liver transplant in 1995 due to cirrhosis. Has reportedly been hitting the bottle again over the past couple of years.
[Picture of Larry Hagman]


Haig, Alexander (Died in 2010)
Born 2 December 1924  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Former US Secretary of State & Chief of Staff, and a former top military commander.
[Picture of Alexander Haig]


Halford, Rob
Born 25 August 1951  (Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, England)
Heavy Metal singer, lead singer of Judas Priest.
[Picture of Rob Halford]


Hall, Daryl
Born 11 October 1946  (Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA)
Singer & songwriter, one half of Hall & Oates.
[Picture of Daryl Hall]


Hall, Monty
Born 25 August 1923  (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
Host of various American game shows, well-known (over there, at least) for presenting "Let's Make a Deal".
[Picture of Monty Hall]


Hall, Stuart
Born 25 December 1929  (Hyde, Greater Manchester, England)
Uniquely eloquent sports reporter and one-time host of "It's a Knockout".
[Picture of Stuart Hall]


Haller, Helmut (Died in 2012)
Born 21 July 1939  (Augsburg, Germany)
West German footballer, played in three World Cups, including the 1966 Final, where he nicked the ball at the end of the game and kept it for himself for over 30 years. Had a heart attack in December 2006.
[Picture of Helmut Haller]


Hamilton, Andy (Died in 2012)
Born 26 March 1918  (Port Maria, Jamaica)
Jazz saxophonist and composer.
[Picture of Andy Hamilton]


Hamilton, Bobby
Born 29 May 1957  (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
NASCAR motor-racing driver and team owner. Died 7/1/2007, but no UK obit as yet.
[Picture of Bobby Hamilton]


Hamilton, Corey Duane
Born 1 January 1969  (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
American Death Row inmate. Executed 9 Jan 2007, no UK obit.
[Picture of Corey Duane Hamilton]


Hamilton, Laird John
Born 2 March 1964  (San Francisco, California, USA)
Not a Scottish nobleman, but an American surfer and occasional film star, who apparently used to be "one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world" according to People magazine.
[Picture of Laird John Hamilton]


Hamilton, Lewis
Born 7 January 1985  (Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England)
F1 driver, the first black driver in Formula 1 history.
[Picture of Lewis Hamilton]


Haniyeh, Ismail
Born in Al-Shati, Gaza, Palestine  (exact date unknown)
Prime Minister of Palestine and member of Hamas. Born Jan 1963.
[Picture of Ismail Haniyeh]


Hanover, Prince Ernst August of
Born 26 February 1954  (Hanover, Germany)
Husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco. Renowned for his foul temper, and has a conviction for GBH.
[Picture of Prince Ernst August of Hanover]


Harald V of Norway, King
Born 21 February 1937  (Skaugum, Oslo, Norway)
The first King of Norway to be born in the country since 1370. Acceded to the throne on the death of his father, Olav V, in 1991. Was a member of several of Norway's Olympic sailing teams. In September 2003 it was announced that he has bladder cancer.
[Picture of King Harald V of Norway]


Harbison, Edward
Born 28 June 1955  (Tennesee, USA)
American Death Row inmate.
[Picture of Edward Harbison]


Harriott, Ainsley
Born 28 February 1957  (Balham, London, England)
Larger-than-life celebrity chef, host of "Ready Steady Cook".
[Picture of Ainsley Harriott]


Harris, Rolf
Born 30 March 1930  (Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
Cartoonist, TV presenter, singer, wobble-board player and general cult hero. Absolutely incredible to think he's now in his late 70s, as he still looks and sounds the same as ever.
[Picture of Rolf Harris]


Harrison, Scott
Born 19 August 1977  (Bellshill, Lanarkshire, Scotland)
Scottish featherweight boxer, a World Champion, but also known for his run-ins on the wrong side of the law.
[Picture of Scott Harrison]


Harry, Prince
Born 15 September 1984  (Paddington, London, England)
Member of the Royal Family, third in line to the throne. In 2007, it was announced he will serve in Iraq, thus becoming insurgent target number 1.
[Picture of Prince Harry]


Harryhausen, Ray
Born 29 June 1920  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Stop-motion animation genius, best known for the months of work that produced the swordfight with an army of skeletons in his 1963 masterpiece, "Jason and the Argonauts".
[Picture of Ray Harryhausen]


Hart, Dolores
Born 20 October 1938  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
US film actress, often in musicals, who is now a nun.
[Picture of Dolores Hart]


Hart, Tony (Died in 2009)
Born 15 October 1925  (Maidstone, Kent, England)
Much-loved, somewhat camp TV artist and creator of Morph. "Oooh, passss me the rough-backed hessssian, Mr Bennett".
[Picture of Tony Hart]


Hartley, Alison
Date and place of birth unknown
BBC Essex presenter who has taken a sabbatical and is writing an online blog about her brain tumour, à la Ivan Noble.
[Picture of Alison Hartley]


Harvey, Brian
Born 8 August 1974  (London, England)
Former front man of boy band East 17, whose already stalled career sank to a new low when he appeared on Z-list TV programme "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here". In May 2005, he managed to fall out of his car and run himself over in a bizarre apparent suicide bid, prompting "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out From Under Here" jokes.
[Picture of Brian Harvey]


Harvey, Paul (Died in 2009)
Born 4 September 1918  (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
US radio personality - presenter of the daily "The Rest of the Story" show.
[Picture of Paul Harvey]


Harvey-Jones, Sir John (Died in 2008)
Born 16 April 1924  (London, England)
Flamboyant business guru and star of the TV series "The Troubleshooter".
[Picture of Sir John Harvey-Jones]


Harwell, Ernie (Died in 2010)
Born 25 January 1918  (Washington, Georgia, USA)
Baseball commentator & announcer.
[Picture of Ernie Harwell]


Hassel, Sven (Died in 2012)
Born 19 April 1917  (Frederiksborg, Denmark)
Danish Nazi soldier who wrote many books based on his & others' experiences during World War 2.
[Picture of Sven Hassel]


Hasselhoff, David
Born 17 July 1952  (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
Self-fancying star of 'Knight Rider' and 'Baywatch', whose move into anodyne pop ballads made him so ludicrously popular in Germany, of all places, that he even claims they played an important part in the reunification of the country.
[Picture of David Hasselhoff]


Havel, Vaclav (Died in 2011)
Born 5 October 1936  (Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic))
Political dissident and human rights activist who was imprisoned 4 times, spending almost 5 years behind bars for his views. Elected President of Czechoslovakia in 1989 and President of the Czech Republic in 1992.
[Picture of Vaclav Havel]


Havelange, João
Born 8 May 1916  (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
President of FIFA from 1974-98 and member of the International Olympic Committee.
[Picture of João Havelange]


Hawke, Hazel
Born 20 July 1929  (Perth, Australia)
Wife of former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke, born in 1929. Announced in November 2003 that she has Alzheimer's, and then, 5 minutes later, announced that she has Alzheimer's.
[Picture of Hazel Hawke]


Hawking, Stephen
Born 8 January 1942  (Oxford, England)
Born on the 300th anniversary of Galileo's death. Whilst studying at Oxford, was diagnosed with a rare and progressive neuromotor disease, which has left him in a wheelchair, talking like a Dalek. Now a world-famous theoretical physicist who specialises in studying black holes, and wrote the incomprehensible "A Brief History of Time". Recent allegations suggest that he has been regularly assaulted by his carers over a lengthy period of time.
[Picture of Stephen Hawking]


Hayes, Melvyn
Born 11 January 1935  (London, England)
Gunner Beaumont in "It Ain't Half Hot Mum", amongst other TV appearances.
[Picture of Melvyn Hayes]


Hays, Robert
Born 24 July 1947  (Bethesda, Maryland, USA)
Actor - played Ted Striker in "Airplane!" and "Airplane II: The Sequel".
[Picture of Robert Hays]


Hayward, Justin
Born 14 October 1946  (Swindon, Wiltshire, England)
Singer, guitarist & composer, member of "The Moody Blues".
[Picture of Justin Hayward]


Hazlehurst, Ronnie Ronnie Hazlehurst is no longer with us
Born 13 March 1928  (Dukinfield, Cheshire, England)

Died 1 October 2007  (St Peter Port, Guernsey, England)

Age at death: 79  (read death notice)
Television theme tune composer. Amongst his more famous works were "Are You Being Served?", "Last of the Summer Wine", "Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em", "To the Manor Born" and "Yes Minister".
[Picture of Ronnie Hazlehurst]


Hazlewood, Lee Lee Hazlewood is no longer with us
Born 9 July 1929  (Mannford, Oklahoma, USA)

Died 4 August 2007  (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Age at death: 78  (read death notice)
Country music singer. Hospitalized with kidney disease in 2006, and announced that he had terminal cancer.
[Picture of Lee Hazlewood]


Healey, Denis
Born 30 August 1917  (Bradford, Yorkshire, England)
Bushy-eyebrowed Labour MP who rose to join Harold Wilson's Cabinet, then became Chancellor of the Exchequer, before taking his seat in the House of Lords in 1992 as Baron Healey of Riddlesden.
[Picture of Denis Healey]


Healey, Edna (Died in 2010)
Date and place of birth unknown
Wife of Denis Healey. Born 1918.
[Picture of Edna Healey]


Hedren, Tippi
Born 19 January 1935  (New Ulm, Minnesota, USA)
Actress, star of "The Birds" & "Marnie" & mum of Melanie Griffith.
[Picture of Tippi Hedren]


Heenan, Bobby
Born 1 November 1940  (Beverly Hills, California, USA)
American pro-wrestler/manager, nicknamed "The Brain" for possibly ironic reasons.
[Picture of Bobby Heenan]


Heesters, Johannes (Died in 2011)
Born 5 December 1903  (Netherlands)
Musical performer.
[Picture of Johannes Heesters]


Hefner, Hugh
Born 9 April 1926  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Founder of Playboy magazine.
[Picture of Hugh Hefner]


Heim, Aribert (Died in 1992)
Born 28 June 1914  (Bad Radkersburg, Austria)
Nazi concentration camp doctor, guilty of unspeakable atrocities. Escaped in 1962, and was believed to have lived in South America. But it emerged that hed died in Egypt in 1992.
[Picture of Aribert Heim]


Heimlich, Henry
Born 3 February 1920  (Wilmington, Delaware, USA)
American physician, he of the Heimlich Manoeuvre.
[Picture of Henry Heimlich]


Hekmatyar, Gulbuddin
Born in Kunduz, Afghanistan  (exact date unknown)
Afghan warlord, a former Prime Minister of the country under the Taliban rule. Born 1947.
[Picture of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar]


Helms, Jesse (Died in 2008)
Born 18 October 1921  (Monroe, North Carolina, USA)
Senator from North Carolina.
[Picture of Jesse Helms]


Helmsley, Leona Leona Helmsley is no longer with us
Born 4 July 1920  (Ulster, New York, USA)

Died 20 August 2007  (Greenwich, Connecticut, USA)

Age at death: 87  (read death notice)
Billionaire businesswoman, rival of Donald Trump. She was jailed for tax evasion in 1989, serving two years in prison.
[Picture of Leona Helmsley]


Henderson, Florence
Born 14 February 1934  (Dale, Indiana, USA)
US Actress, best known for her role as Carol Brady in "The Brady Bunch".
[Picture of Florence Henderson]


Henson, Nicky
Born 12 May 1945  (London, England)
Film & TV actor, most recently in "EastEnders" in the UK and "Syriana" in the US.
[Picture of Nicky Henson]


Hermon, Sir John (Died in 2008)
Born 23 November 1928  (Northern Ireland)
Ex-Chief Constable of the RUC.
[Picture of Sir John Hermon]


Hernández, Cruz Cruz Hernández is no longer with us
Born 3 August 1878  (El Salvador)

Died 8 March 2007  (San Agustin, El Salvador)

Age at death: 128  (read death notice)
Retired midwife who was claimed by her family and friends to be 128 years old at the time of her death in March 2007. If true, this would have made her the oldest recorded person ever, beating her nearest rival, Jeanne Calment, by 6 years. However, no conclusive documentary evidence of her birthdate has ever been produced.
[Picture of Cruz Hernández]


Heseltine, Michael
Born 21 March 1933  (Swansea, Wales)
One-time prime mover in the Tory party, known as 'Tarzan'.
[Picture of Michael Heseltine]


Heston, Charlton (Died in 2008)
Born 4 October 1924  (Evanston, Illinois, USA)
Chisel-featured star of 150 films and TV series, among them "The Ten Commandments", "Ben Hur" and "The Planet of the Apes". Now a sad, shambling shadow of his former self who fronts the American National Rifle Association, believes that it is "man's God-given right" to own guns, and makes a point of organising NRA rallies in towns where multiple shootings have recently occurred.
[Picture of Charlton Heston]


Hewitt, Don (Died in 2009)
Born 14 December 1922  (New York, New York, USA)
TV news producer, founder of the "60 Minutes" show.
[Picture of Don Hewitt]


Hickson, Simon
Date and place of birth unknown
One half (with Trevor Neal) of Saturday morning kids' TV duo Trev & Simon.
[Picture of Simon Hickson]


Higgins, Alex (Died in 2010)
Born 18 March 1949  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Irish snooker player. Famously volatile, a heavy drinker and smoker. Known as "Hurricane" due to his rapid style of play, which he adopted because he was trying to finish the frame before last orders.
[Picture of Alex Higgins]


Hill, Henry (Died in 2012)
Born 11 June 1943  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Mobster turned FBI informant. The film "Goodfellas" is based on his life.
[Picture of Henry Hill]


Hill, Jimmy
Born 22 June 1928  (London, England)
Prominent-chinned football commentator.
[Picture of Jimmy Hill]


Hill, Paddy Joe
Date and place of birth unknown
One of the Birmingham Six.
[Picture of Paddy Joe Hill]


Hill, Phil (Died in 2008)
Born 20 April 1927  (Miami, Florida, USA)
Former F1 driver, World Champion in 1961.
[Picture of Phil Hill]


Hill, Steven
Born 24 February 1922  (Seattle, Washington, USA)
American actor - Adam Schiff in "Law and Order".
[Picture of Steven Hill]


Hillary, Sir Edmund (Died in 2008)
Born 20 July 1919  (Auckland, New Zealand)
First person to climb Mount Everest.
[Picture of Sir Edmund Hillary]


Hilton, Paris
Born 17 February 1981  (New York, New York, USA)
Spoilt rich kid from the Hilton hotel family, and inadvertent porn star.
[Picture of Paris Hilton]


Himmler, Gudrun 'Puppi'
Born 8 August 1929  (Munich, Germany)
Daughter of Heinrich Himmler, born 1929. Now runs a retirement home for ex-Waffen SS members.
[Picture of Gudrun 'Puppi' Himmler]


Hinckley, Gordon B. (Died in 2008)
Born 23 June 1910  (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)
Head of the Church of Latter Day Saints, aka the Mormons.
[Picture of Gordon B. Hinckley]


Hinckley, John
Born 29 May 1955  (Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA)
Attempted to kill Ronald Reagan in 1981 in a wacky attempt to win Jodie Foster's love. Suffice to say, it didn't work (on both counts), and Hinckley is now a long-term resident in a mental hospital.
[Picture of John Hinckley]


Hockney, David
Born 9 July 1937  (Bradford, Yorkshire, England)
British artist, now based in California, whose (largely autobiographical) work is often described as Pop Art, although he himself has consistently shunned this label.
[Picture of David Hockney]


Hofmann, Albert (Died in 2008)
Born 11 January 1906  (Baden, Switzerland)
Chemist who, in 1938, became the first to synthesize LSD, although he was unaware of its hallucinogenic properties until 1943, when he had a trip after accidentally ingesting a small amount of it. Fifteen years later, he did the future hippy generation another favour when he produced psilocybin, which was to become the active ingredient of magic mushrooms.
[Picture of Albert Hofmann]


Hogan, Hulk
Born 11 August 1953  (Augusta, Georgia, USA)
Born Terry Gene Bollea. Professional wrestler since 1978. A part in "Rocky III" and a move to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) made him a star, and he proceeded to be at the centre of wrestling's transition from slightly suspect minority sport to multi-billion dollar camp pantomime spectacle.
[Picture of Hulk Hogan]


Hoiby, Sven Olav Sven Olav Hoiby is no longer with us
Born 14 November 1936  (Kristiansand, Norway)

Died 21 March 2007  (Kristiansand, Norway)

Age at death: 70  
Father of Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway and gossip magazine favourite, not least because he married a stripper half his age.
[Picture of Sven Olav Hoiby]


Holbrook, Hal
Born 17 February 1925  (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Veteran US actor, mostly on stage, but with some memorable film appearances too.
[Picture of Hal Holbrook]


Holder, Noddy
Born 15 June 1946  (Walsall, Staffordshire, England)
Slade front man-turned-actor.
[Picture of Noddy Holder]


Holliman, Earl
Born 11 September 1928  (Delhi, Louisiana, USA)
Veteran US actor, often in Western films & TV shows.
[Picture of Earl Holliman]


Hollingworth, Clare
Born 10 October 1911  (Knighton, Powys, Wales)
Former journalist who made her name as a war correspondent during WWII.
[Picture of Clare Hollingworth]


Holm, Celeste (Died in 2012)
Born 29 April 1919  (New York, New York, USA)
Film actress;- "All About Eve", "Gentleman's Agreement" etc.
[Picture of Celeste Holm]


Holm, Ian
Born 12 September 1931  (Goodmayes, Essex, England)
Actor - played Bilbo Baggins in the "Lord of the Rings" films.
[Picture of Ian Holm]


Holness, Bob (Died in 2012)
Born 12 November 1928  (Vryheid, Natal, South Africa)
Presenter of cult TV quiz "Blockbusters". Once played James Bond in a South African radio dramatisation of "Moonraker". Good job it wasn't televised.
[Picture of Bob Holness]


Honeycombe, Gordon
Born 27 September 1936  (Karachi, India)
Indian-born but British TV newsreader who has now emigrated to Australia.
[Picture of Gordon Honeycombe]


Hope, Delores (Died in 2011)
Born 27 May 1909  (The Bronx, New York, USA)
Former singer and widow of the late Bob Hope, having been married to him for 69 years.
[Picture of Delores Hope]


Hopkins, Sir Anthony
Born 31 December 1937  (Margam, Port Talbot, Wales)
Film, TV & stage actor, best known for being Hannibal Lecter in 3 films.
[Picture of Sir Anthony Hopkins]


Hopper, Dennis (Died in 2010)
Born 17 May 1936  (Dodge City, Kansas, USA)
Film actor who starred in, as well as directing and co-writing, the 1969 classic "Easy Rider".
[Picture of Dennis Hopper]


Horn, Roy
Born 3 October 1944  (Nordenham, Germany)
One half of the camp spectacle that is Siegfried & Roy. Was mauled on stage by one of their trademark white tigers in October 2003, allegedly after it mistook a big-haired woman in the front row for a lion and tried to drag him away from her. He suffered multiple injuries, serious blood loss and a stroke, and spent 3 months in hospital; the show has been cancelled indefinitely.
[Picture of Roy Horn]


Horne, Lena (Died in 2010)
Born 30 June 1917  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Jazz singer who sang 'Stormy Weather' and was a pioneer among African-American performers. Singing in the Cotton Club by the age of 16.
[Picture of Lena Horne]


Horne, Marilyn
Born 16 January 1934  (Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA)
American opera singer, now suffering from cancer.
[Picture of Marilyn Horne]


Horsley, John
Born in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, England  (exact date unknown)
Profilic character actor, mostly on sitcoms, including most notably, "Reginald Perrin" and "You Rang M'Lord?". Born 1920
[Picture of John Horsley]


Houston, Glyn
Born 24 October 1926  (Rhondda Valley, Wales)
Welsh actor, in numerous TV series over the years.
[Picture of Glyn Houston]


Houston, Whitney (Died in 2012)
Born 9 August 1963  (East Orange, New Jersey, USA)
Singer who claims to have been influenced by soul and R&B, and indeed is the daughter of gospel/blues singer Cissy Houston and niece of Dionne Warwick, although to listen to her brand of anodyne mass-market pop, you'd never guess. Has a famously rocky marriage to fellow singer Bobby Brown, and was erroneously reported dead in September 2001.
[Picture of Whitney Houston]


Howard, Michael
Born 7 July 1941  (Llanelli, Wales)
Barrister and Tory MP, who was Home Secretary in John Major's government, and in November 2003 was elected leader of the Conservative Party.
[Picture of Michael Howard]


Howe, Geoffrey
Born 20 December 1926  (Port Talbot, Wales)
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer between 1979 & 1983. One of Margaret Thatcher's closest allies, his resignation from her cabinet in 1990 not only brought her downfall a few weeks later, but was one of the finest resignation speeches of all time.
[Picture of Geoffrey Howe]


Howe, Gordie
Born 31 March 1928  (Floral, Saskatchewan, Canada)
Former top ice hockey player, a legend in North America.
[Picture of Gordie Howe]


Hsue-shen, Tsien (Died in 2009)
Born 11 December 1911  (Hangzhou, China)
Rocket scientist, a former key player in the US & Chinese space programmes.
[Picture of Tsien Hsue-shen]


Hughes, Lindsey Lindsey Hughes is no longer with us
Born 4 May 1949  (Swanscombe, Kent, England)

Died 26 April 2007  (London, England)

Age at death: 57  (read death notice)
Historian - one of the foremost experts on Russian history.
[Picture of Lindsey Hughes]


Humperdinck, Engelbert
Born 2 May 1936  (Madras, India)
British singer, born Arnold Dorsey. Cheesy but very popular, like Quavers.
[Picture of Engelbert Humperdinck]


Humphries, Barry
Born 17 February 1934  (Kew, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Australian comic actor of Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson fame.
[Picture of Barry Humphries]


Huntley, Ian
Born 31 January 1974  (Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England)
School caretaker who murdered two 10-year-old girls in Soham, Cambridgeshire, in August 2002. Was sentenced in December 2003 to two terms of life imprisonment, and it was revealed after his trial that he had previously been accused of a string of sex crimes. Some DDPers feel that his chances of survival in prison aren't looking too good...
[Picture of Ian Huntley]


Hurd, Douglas
Born 8 March 1930  (Marlborough, Wiltshire, England)
Former diplomat, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary under the Thatcher and Major governments, but all that most people know (or care) about him is that his name is rhyming slang for a third-class university degree.
[Picture of Douglas Hurd]


Hurst, Lee
Born in London, England  (exact date unknown)
Comedian, mostly in stand-up, but also remembered for a magnificent two-minute salvo in "They Think It's All Over", which he was on for some years before ill-health meant he had to leave the show. Born 1963.
[Picture of Lee Hurst]


Hurt, John
Born 22 January 1940  (Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England)
Actor - "A Man For All Seasons", "I, Claudius", "The Elephant Man", etc etc.
[Picture of John Hurt]


Hutton, Betty Betty Hutton is no longer with us
Born 26 February 1921  (Battle Creek, Michigan, USA)

Died 11 March 2007  (Palm Springs, California, USA)

Age at death: 86  (read death notice)
Film actress whose career peaked in the early 1950s with leading roles in "Annie Get Your Gun" and "The Greatest Show on Earth".
[Picture of Betty Hutton]


Huxley, Sir Andrew
Born 22 November 1917  (Hampstead, London, England)
Nobel Prize-winning physiologist and biophysicist.
[Picture of Sir Andrew Huxley]


Hynde, Chrissie
Born 7 September 1951  (Akron, Ohio, USA)
Singer, former lead singer of "The Pretenders".
[Picture of Chrissie Hynde]

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