Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2009: U


Uderzo, Albert
Born 25 April 1927  (Fismes, Marne, France)
Comic book artist & scriptwriter, best known for his work on the Asterix books.
[Picture of Albert Uderzo]


Umarov, Doku
Born 13 April 1964  (Kharsenoi, Shatoy, Chechnya)
Chechen terrorist, self-styled President of Ichkeria & one of the few main rebels still battling on after Shamil Basayev's death in 2006.
[Picture of Doku Umarov]


Upward, Edward Edward Upward is no longer with us
Born 9 September 1903  (Romford, Essex, England)

Died 13 February 2009  (Pontefract, Yorkshire, England)

Age at death: 105  (read death notice)
Socialist novelist.
[Picture of Edward Upward]


Ure, Gudrun
Born 12 March 1926  (Campsie, Strathclyde, Scotland)
The "Supergran" of the 1980's TV show of the same name.
[Picture of Gudrun Ure]


Ure, Midge
Born 10 October 1953  (Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, Scotland)
Pop singer, the former lead singer behind Ultravox.
[Picture of Midge Ure]


Uribe, Manuel
Born 11 June 1965  (Monterrey, Mexico)
One of the fattest people in the world, who once topped the scales at 88 stone!
[Picture of Manuel Uribe]


Uttley, Linda
Born 26 October 1966  (place of birth unknown)
Former female international rugby union player. Died in 2009, but no obit yet.
[Picture of Linda Uttley]

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